「この凍えそうな季節に二度目の死を!」 (Kono Kogoe-souna Kisetsu ni Futatabime no shi o!)
“A Second Death in This Freezing Season”

The episode in which KonoSuba pulls off heartfelt, for just a second.

Kazuma’s Tsundere Complaining

Kazuma has managed to subsist as the show’s one comedic foil, and also as the resident complainer-in-chief—a role which would usually annoy, but since he has so many legitimate issues to complain about, hasn’t so far. That doesn’t mean that this episode wasn’t wise, though. This episode softened Kazuma’s gripes and gave him resolve, of a sort, which is essential to keeping a reasonable guy like him on the “Kill the Maou” track.

I’m impressed that KonoSuba executed on heartfelt. I didn’t expect it, which is part of the reason it worked. Kazuma was recapping everything that had happened, which I thought was odd since we didn’t need a recap yet … and then the soundtrack cut off, and a tear rolled down his cheek. Turns out, the recap wasn’t for us; it was for him. For a guy who seems like he would be content with the easy life, especially if he allowed Eris (Suwa Ayaka) to reincarnate him in an affluent family in Japan, what motivation does he have? Turns out, Kazuma realizes what we all had figured out: even if his friends are crazy, they are good people, and loyal friends. (With the sometimes exception of Aqua.) Wanting to spend a little bit more time with them is understandable, and it gives him a reason to stay in the world.

The Real Heroine Revealed

Not that I actually think Eris is the heroine of the show—that’s still clearly Aqua, with Megumin and Darkness batting next—when it comes to Kazuma’s interest, it looks like Eris is more his type. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about it, other than that Kazuma proclaiming a goddess he will presumably only meet again upon dying is interesting. That feels like the kind of thing that cold subtley change the contours of the story, which could be a good thing.

In the meantime, KonoSuba is funny, KonoSuba made me feel Kazuma’s feelings, and KonoSuba is full of friendship. To quote an old McDonald’s ad: You deserve a break today. No wait no wrong one.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The show can do funny. We know that. What about surprisingly heartfelt? Turns out it can do that too #konosuba 07

Random thoughts:

  • Kazuma’s little response lines (“Kazuma desu” “Kazuma dayo”) never fail to make me laugh, and I’m not entirely sure why. Something about his disregard for the normal flow of conversation and his companion’s space to speak, perhaps. Either way, hah!
  • Megumin’s legs are covered more in her normal getup than in her snow getup. Though in fact, all of her clothing choices were as odd as her name this time. Not that I’m complaining.
  • They didn’t need to stop to explain how the Winter Shogun came about, unless they later reveal it was Mitsurugi’s fault. In which case, I can’t wait for Kazuma to find out.
  • But seriously, Darkness is hopeless. In the best way. Waku waku~
  • “I don’t mind if they’re [breast] pads.” An anime hero who isn’t just looking for big boobs? Gasp! Another points for Kazuma.
  • Megumin was crying, and both her and Darkness were happy to see Kazuma return, d’aaaawww! Friendship. I love friendship ;_;

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  1. The recap bit was really well done. Props to the animators for making everything get quiet and subtle as Kazuma feels his way around a revelation that creeps up on him as well as the audience. (Of course, that isn’t going to stop him from wishing for the simple life. A lot.)

    The snow outfits were simultaneously absolutely adorable and completely impractical. Which… well, that’s Konosuba in a nutshell.

      1. Now that you mention it, it’s no wonder I like Megumin.

        Adorable and impractical, just like my littlest girl – and just like Kazuma does with Megumin, I get to carry her around whenever she gets tired and sleepy-eyed.

  2. -deadpan “Kazuma desu”
    -“why nobody is hunting those snow sprites anyway?”
    -would LOL so hard if Mitsurugo was responsibel for the Snow shogun…
    -they are crazy but I miss them moment
    -“I dont care about the pads”

  3. And I thought Eris was that angel in episode 1 that sent Kazuma and Aqua off. With Aqua’s personality, shown in how she treated Eris, I have a feeling they were more than happy to send Aqua away. Eris really looked like an honest to goodness benevolent goddess and I also liked her. Guess Aqua still holds some level of power and authority since Eris was still afraid of her. Now Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Lol, nice find. Now someone need to do Dango Daikozoku with Snow Fairies.

      I will add some of my thought about the episode itself:

      Comedy worked really well with heartwarming moments if done right. Fun things most likely would turn into precious memories afterall, and comedies are mostly about fun things.

      I rarely liked how some past romcom decided to put serious/heartfelt moment (mostly in the ending), most of the times because it just felt forced and jarring… However, I really like how they pull it in KonoSuba because:

      1. It’s sudden. Somewhere in the middle of the series where most comedies won’t pull a reflection episode. Not even the casts are expecting this.

      2. The tone is right. Nothing extremely dramatic, he just did a mistake and died. Kazuma did not went extremely emotional, he just realized that he had a good time all this time, and that is really effective.

      3. The crew are genuinely close to each other, especially since Megumin and Darkness are simply very depending (both functionally and emotionally) on Kazuma. He might not realize it, but so far he’s extremely reliable despite of his frequent protests and tsukkomi. Those two girls make a nice contrast between their own reaction and Aqua’s (which handled life and death matter everyday before sent to this world).

    2. @Techim

      Haha, that was great! Nice find.


      Agreed. Forced dramatic endings for the sake of a dramatic ending often don’t work (though sometimes they do), but the unexpected and understated nature of this one worked well.

  4. Didn’t think a male character could make me go d’awwww this season, and especially not in this series, but here we have it. It was a pretty effective moment, and it’s not hard to see why Kazuma feels that way – difficult as his life may be, hardship breeds comraderie. Always nice to see a comedy show work a moment like that in there naturally too (especially considering how hamfisted some comedies can be with them).

    Of course, Aqua had to ruin the moment eventually, but that’s to be expected of her. Her berating of the poor goddess was amongst the episode’s funniest bits, so I’m not complaining.

    Also Megumin’s outfit reminds me of what the main characters are wearing in Grimgar’s opening. Thinking about that show, a crossover between the two would be hilarious – the tonal clash would shatter worlds.

  5. HalfDemonInuyasha
      1. @WingFreedom
        Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Very funny and sweet.

    Kazuma your letting your nuts (the three girls) mess up your genre savvy. Normally you would think you would wonder why is this quest so easy before you left on it.

    1. That’s one of the benefits of comedy—you can get away with some idiocy because “lawl comedy,” and we’ll let it pass. Not too much, but definitely more than a more drama-focused show can get away with. The downside being that you have to be genuinely funny all the time, and that’s hard.

  7. They didn’t need to stop to explain how the Winter Shogun came about, unless they later reveal it was Mitsurugi’s fault. In which case, I can’t wait for Kazuma to find out.

    It actually somewhat foreshadow what’s to come. The Japanese people theyAqua sent over to this world are the worst is a theme

  8. I love this series, I’ve just watched the first 4 episodes and it’s so funny. Especially when that Dark Knight guy appears because he’s super mad that someone has been hitting his castle with explosion magic over and over for days. I love the sense of humor in this show, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  9. Megumin’s winter gear looks almost exactly like the outfit Yuffie wore in Dirge of Cereberus to hide her identity.

    Also I think that even if Kazuma beats the demon king and gets the chance to go back to his world, that Megumin and Darkness will find some way to join him, most likely as new neighbors or as childhood friends. Basically even if he does get reincarnated he won’t be able to get rid of those two following him around….


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