「夏祭りとほたると…/夏祭りとサヤと…」 (Natsu Matsuri to Hotaru to… / Natsu Matsuri to Saya to…)
“Summer Festivals and Hotaru and… / Summer Festivals and Saya and…”

Hotaru finally wins a game and Tou-kun discovers a talent, but Saya—and through her, us—is still the winner of the day.

Shipping You-chan x Tamai-chan Furiously!

Not every character needs to be with someone. It’s clear that, because Coconutsu exists, You-san was married (or at least involved) with a lady at some point, but he doesn’t need a woman now. Being a single father is fine, especially since he seems to be such a good (albeit goofy) one. With that said, I’m shipping You-san x Tamai-chan furiously! Their fighting, making up, and then going out for drinks together shows such a comfortable relationship. Even if it’s not romantic, damn if it isn’t fuwa-fuwa.

Hotaru Finally Wins a Game

The funny thing is that, no matter how amusing Hotaru is, she’s not what I’m looking forward to each episode. She has always seemed to have to least depth of the main characters; with Hotaru, the crazy you see is what you get. So why is it that her not having ever been to a festival before, but having practiced katanuki to mastery, so intrigued me? I couldn’t decide if it hinted at her being neglected or spoiled, and that mystery provides a touch of depth to the otherwise what-you-see-is-what-you-get Hotaru. Plus, it was nice to see her actually win a game. She probably should have challenged Coconutsu to a katanuki duel. Next time.

Tou-kun’s Surprising Star

By the same token, there was a pleasant hint of depth in Tou-kun this week. Not in his katanuki failure; that was the obvious joke, and while it was funny, it was still obvious. It was when he offered to help You-san with the monja stand, because he wanted to give back. Not that it surprised me he would do something like that; in fact, once it was just him and You-san, I wouldn’t expect anything less. I just didn’t expect him to be left behind with You-san. It was a nice note.

Also, him being a monja master is just fun. No real reason behind it, it’s just fun. I like seeing people enjoying their work.

It’s Still All About That Saya

But the star of the episode was still Saya, and by extension, Coconutsu. True, Coconutsu still blushed over Hotaru earlier, but when he does it with Saya, there’s less of a physical appearance/lust vibe to it, and more friendship, personality, and love (whether romantic or not quite, there’s definitely love there). And You-san reading the atmosphere and helping his son (and Saya) out by letting Coconutsu go … good guy papa is good! *thumbs up*

I cheered when Coconutsu finally complimented Saya on her outfit; after she brought up his outfit, I was holding my breath until he finally did it. I loved it when they laughed together. I squeed when Saya was doing the same. And when she remembered the past, and Coconutsu proved that he hasn’t changed … it’s almost like anemoia, the nostalgia for a time you’ve never known. Only here it’s the nostalgia for a character’s experiences we never knew took place until just now, and it still feels warm and fluffy.

Waifu her. Waifu her right now, Coconutsu! Or at least date her. I shudder to think that this series might expire without any serious advancement on the Coconutsu x Saya front, even though I assume that’ll be the case. Come ooooon. DO IT, COCONUTSU! Saya best girl.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Hotaru finally wins a game, Tou-kun is a monja master, but Saya still steals the show #dagashikashi 07

Random thoughts:

  • Americans created cotton candy machines and candy apples. Often this is said more as a joke than anything serious, but I think it can rightly be said this time: America, fuck yeah! *shovels cotton candy into his face*

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  1. Tou-kun finally found himself a new light. He’s no longer just a comedy relief, good for him.

    Coconuts & Hotaru’s vast knowledge of dagashi, Saya’s skills in games, and now, Tou-kun as a monja master.

  2. The part of the date when Saya says “I´m enjoying this so much”! reminds me when Nozaki makes rice and curry for Chiyo in GSNK.

    Fuuny how the episodes with less Hotaru have been the best so far. Happy for Tou, happy for You and maybe they should start working in a Saya nendoroid right now.

    1. Oh goodness, if that happens, I’d be tempted to get both Hotaru and Saya’s Nendoroids plus a KanColle Yamato Nendoroid and once I have those three, do a little seiyuu joke with the Arpeggio Takao Nendoroid that I have…

      But since I’m still searching for Nendoroid number 466 (and Madoka help me if there’s an upcoming Rory Mercury Nendoroid), the best thing I could hope for at the moment is a seiyuu connection parody of those preview screencaps featuring the aforementioned shipgirls.

  3. Probably my most favorite episode to date because nobody in the cast got the short end of the stick, and in terms of execution managed to give Saya and Hotaru equal screentime. Let’s see:

    – Yoh got to spend time with Tamai and run a successful stand.
    – Hotaru gets to enjoy a festival and becomes 5000 yen richer.
    – Kokonotsu gets to enjoy the festival and as a bonus got to see a serious and quiet Hotaru.
    – Saya gets to spend time with Kokonotsu and relive a childhood memory. It was a nice touch revealing that’s where that big goldfish came from. Shows how much Saya treasures it.
    – Despite losing some cash, Toh wasn’t on the receiving end of Saya’s beating, showed how good a friend he is by covering for Kokonotsu, AND discovered a talent.

    Yeah everyone was happy in this episode. Wishful thinking but hope we see more of Tamai. Whether she reminds me of a grown-up Saya or Hotaru I just can’t decide.

  4. I was thinking to myself when Coconuts was saying Americans having Candy Apples in the fall/winter is weird that 1. Harvest for Apples is mostly in the Fall so it makes sense to have them then. 2. If Americans invented the concept then there way of doing it was the original way and therefore the Japanese way is weird. So there!

    You proved that he can be perceptive, even if his son only sees Saya as a friend (which is debateable I will admit) it is pretty obvious even to You that Saya has interest in his son, and good enough to let his son off to wander the festival with her. I highly approved. I also would love to see more Tamai. They had good chemistry together.

    Also, just want to say, I love the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows! Sonder is perhaps my favorite word.

    Gouka Ryuu
    1. To be fair, Coconutsu had enough cultural empathy to guess that Americans would find the Japanese habit of having candy apples at summer festivals weird, and Saya agreed.

      Definitely Vemödalen for me. I find it to be strangely uplifting, and freeing.

  5. Man, creating atmosphere really is one of Dagashi Kashi’s biggest strengths, surprisingly. Behind all the zany Hotaru antics and the candy trivia there’s a real heart to this show. I felt the nostalgia as well, even though I’ve never even been near anything resembling a festival like this, and it really draws you into the mood – it ensures these characters remain engaging even when they’re not specifically trying to be funny.

    And man, it’s rare to see a show that has two best girls. Cause dammit, I’m not gonna pick!

  6. Man I love every single character in this series but this episode but confirmed Saya is my favourite character!
    I used to go to those Japanese summer festivals and I remember the goldfish you scoop out from there die easily since they are treated more as a product than a pet. My ones didn’t last long unlike Saya’s.

  7. there’s so much genuine sincerity oozing from this ep (and this series in general) that i cant help but smile sometimes when watching this show. The moment that really got me was the scene where Saya couldnt contain the rush induced from the amount of fun she was having hanging out with koko at the festival. I dont know what it was, but just the way the show genuinely displayed that emotion from saya put a big smile on my face and i couldnt help but replay that moment in my mind. I think almost everyone can relate to a time that they were having so much fun or felt happiness so insurmountable that they couldnt handle it. it was nice seeing that on display here with Saya. No trying to deny it or act tsun about it; just pure honesty. It also nice to see koko and saya being able to have casual conversation. You get the vibe that these two really are friends and not just because the show says they are.

    1. Aye, I think everyone has been all giddy-happy at one time or another, especially where young love is concerned. I know I’ve had a few of those.

      You know, now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny—for all the self-insert male protagonists in so many anime, it’s actually Saya who is the most relateable in this one. Not that Coconutsu isn’t relateable himself, but even when I say things like how Coconutsu should waifu Saya, it’s not because I want Coconutsu to get the girl. It’s because I want Saya to get the boy. I don’t relate to Coconutsu’s obliviousness as much as I do Saya’s love-struck nervousness, giddiness, happiness, and all the rest.

      Of course, maybe that’s just me. I never had my parents pushing me into one profession over another, nor did I have a manic pixie dream girl crash into my life, but I’ve certainly been in love.

      1. “Not that Coconutsu isn’t relateable himself, but even when I say things like how Coconutsu should waifu Saya, it’s not because I want Coconutsu to get the girl. It’s because I want Saya to get the boy”

        exactly the way i feel. Nicely put

  8. Hotaru did say that she bought a lot of katanuki pieces for practice. And since she’s an heiress to a multi-million (or should that be billion?) yen sweets business, it probably isn’t too far-fetched to say that she was a sheltered ojou-sama with a lot of time at her hands at one point.

    Tou-kun having his “awakening” as a monja master and loving it… XD

    You-san: Shipper on Deck (trope!)

    And it’s heartwarming to know that the goldfish seen in Saya’s cafe isn’t just some living prop, but a present from Kokonotsu. Judging by its current size, Saya took real good care of it. But with Kokonotsu getting her another goldfish, she’s gonna need another fish bowl. (Or a bigger one and an aerator.)

    I was drawn to this show by Hotaru’s derpy-cute face, but with last week’s episode and this week’s episode, I’m now tempted to root for Saya (and not just because of her seiyuu connection with Arpeggio of Blue Steel‘s Takao)…

    On an off-topic note… Stilts, will you be writing an article about the Deadpool movie on your other blog?

    1. Hadn’t planned to write an article entirely about Deadpool, though I did refer to it in two of my last three posts (I assume that’s why you’re asking). Though, hm. I do have some things that would be fun to say on the movie’s tonal balance.

      Maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll send something out to my email list. I’ll see how I’m feeling about it t’morrow.

  9. Well, I learned something new. Goldfish can apparently actually live for up to 20 or 30 years in captivity- given a proper environment. Which means top-tier filtration systems, constant pH control, frequent cleaning (Like once every 3 days frequent or something) in a large fish tank (Apparently something like > 1:50 ratio per fish to gallons of water). Definitely no fishbowls, which seem to be seen as a cardinal sin by goldfish enthusiasts, but yeah, I never knew they were such long-lived fish.
    This geriatric goldfish apparently lived to a ripe old age of 24…

    1. hey that would be kinda interesting, I wouldnt say hotaru’s antics bring the show down but her antics dont have that level of appreciation as some of the other elements in this show

      1. Well, jokes aside, I don’t know if a simple correlation will do but what is the other variable? Changes in MAL score as against the episode count where there is a heavy screen time for Saya? Waaaah! Nevermind, geek be a geek. I’ll think of a way! 😀

    2. that’s actually a legit way to collect data on what the “perceived quality” each ep has when it focuses on saya. The comments can also be used as a variable too; positive vs negative comments

  10. I like Saya as much as the next guy but, I don’t appreciate the director skipping out on chapters just to squeeze out more filler screen time for Saya. Some key Hotaru development is being blatantly skipped for some reason and it’s kinda getting to me.

    As it stands now, this isn’t a faithful adaption whatsoever

    *Flame shield up*


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