「名誉に値段はつけられない, ビクトリア島緊急追撃戦 I」 (Meiyo ni Nedan wa Tsukerarenai, Bikutoriatou Kinkyuu Tsuigekisen I)
“You Can’t Put a Price on Honor, The Critical Running Battle on Victoria Island I”

After last week’s episode and how much it drained from me, I wasn’t sure what to expect this week. Amazingly, it looks like the story is still pushing forward with just a few stumbles getting in its way.

A Civil War

Man, who would have ever thought we’d see the Legitimate Kingdom fighting with each other? Seriously though, some crazy things went on this week. Starting with the big reveal at the end since that’s freshest in my memory, I’m not sure how I feel about this huge army of Objects suddenly appearing from the depths of the ocean. Besides the obvious problems with the physics around moving multiple ton objects that silently, there’s absolutely no way something this big could have been kept secret from people like Frolaytia! I mean, there are limits to how much bureaucracy can hide!

Some Thoughts About the Episode

So, for the most part, this episode felt like a huge setup for whatever the story has in store for us in the coming weeks. And that means, that in terms of substance, not much really happened! Like, we had some fanservice from our beloved Princess Melinda and the always merciful Frolaytia, but everything else felt very unsubstantial. I guess it was somewhat cool to see the enemy use some different tactics compared to what we’ve seen, but if Qwenthur can figure out your plan before you’ve done it, you have to step your game up!

I guess what I’m trying to get at, is that so far this arc isn’t really doing it for me. However, it wasn’t all that bad because..

Looking Ahead

Luckily, after getting through the post and thinking about things, not everything was all that bad. With a majority of the setup out of the way, next week’s episode should hopefully be full of action and amazing Qwenthur moments that makes Heavy Object worth watching. If not, I hope we at least get to see some more Frolaytia since her absence has been noted (I’ve given up on seeing the princess for more than a few moments outside Baby Magnum)!

Catch you guys next week!




  1. “The name’s Slicker. City Slicker.”

    I absolutely love the names of the villains in this show. Stilts went on about how terrible these names are, but I think they’re purposely making them sound as ridiculous as possible and I personally love it.

    “Honeysuckle, meet City Slicker.”
    Try saying that with a straight face.

    1. It should be noted that most (if not all?) last names in the show, ridiculous as they may sound, are based on names of cocktails. So they’re not just taking random words, but as you said it’s probably not meant to sound serious either.

    1. also i wondering, where they can get this much money, to build these Expensive Objects.. here is 7 of them. Do they have this much Money lying around? No wonder the anti-peace faction want to keep the money flow for them running

    2. Making (or wanting) one’s country to be strong isnt being a nazi (that sentiment can be shared with Nationalists or Facists), but by applying racism into the equation you get Nazism (or National Socialism)…

      Just nitpicking really.

      1. National Socialist German Workers’ Party was sort of a propaganda name. As the union movement was strong during this period saying you were for the worker was in. Socialism is a very broad term going from complete government control of everything to the mild version the US has with Social Security and Medicare. But the Nazi were for the power of the rich and corporations and the use of the government to insure this though national pride movement excluding the other. Yes Italy, Spain and the smaller government were less oriented on the jews but all were anti communist, anti democratic and anti union even though that was in the name. Japan was basically the same a fascist government on national pride and industry control of the betters even though they did not call themselves fascist. All of them pick out groups to be inferior as a way to drive supporters but most just kill the active opposition and just enslave the lessor not going for true Genocide (I don’t count partial kills of groups Genocide you have to be trying to kill them all, man women and child)

        As long as the bad guy is shown to have way more support in the government or a secret other power backer I got no problem with the surprise force showing up. The secret backer is harder but it mainly requires more take over of the intelligence service than was thought. Yes they should have noticed the massive extra forces but if the person in charge of noticing and staff are compromised you don’t find out.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this huge army of Objects suddenly appearing from the depths of the ocean

    Well, submarines that got to the deepest part of the Ocean (around 10-13km deep) was a huge Sphere with a little bit of Air tanks around them, to hold the Water pressure (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariana_Trench). So in a way this is not impossible for them. The Cockpit has Air and heat support for this. So even our Little Princess could get very deep to the ocean ground…

    the only other problem i see here, is Money and where thy build these ones? Do they let them build all together at the same time? where are the build yards for them? and nobody noticed it? Oh well, it looks this way that same eye DO NOT WANTED to see it.. Conspiracy

    But, i agree with you. Very well Story arc. I applaud to the writer and team

    1. also (i try to use other names)

      This 2nd Object here. name it: Fubuki
      and the Princess Object call it: Kongo

      now combine these two names into Kancolle, and where Kongo saved Fubuki from sinking into deflecting (in this case her take the hit) the shoot. Like i do in WoT lately, where my Team pal was nearly dead with 7% HP left and i put myself in front of him, playing the Wall to not lose the Firepower on the Battlefield.

      This was not an sacrifice, this is real Teamplay. to hold the firepower alive.

      sorry, looks like my bad habit of Diesel-san is about to come back. But this is the last post for now, i swear

  3. The plasma gas thing was so obvious that I cringed when Qwenthur didn’t figure it out immediately. If they had set that up any harder they would’ve broken the 4th Wall.

    Also, once again, someone teach these two proper protocol for comms on a mission. The pizza joke was decent, though.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Heavy%20Object/Heavy%20Object%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2004.jpg


    No matter how small the role of the episode, Frolaytia is the best, lol.


    But wow…mechanic grandma…

    Sounds like she may be a bit more involved considering they went through the trouble of, besides the whole plasma gas bit, bringing up her family that just so happens to be living on the east side of the island.

  5. Heavy Object episodes are always a hit-or-miss for me, and this one was definitely a miss after a string of hits. I suppose my biggest gripe is (still) our duo’s banter. It breaks, rather than builds, tension and feels like time-wasting. The other gripe I have about this episode is Qwenthur failing to inform mission command or warn the elites bout the plasma gas.

    I’m sharing Takaii’s optimism here: now that the setup is out of the way, hopefully this (last?) arc will get better.

      1. you need an very strong magnetic cage to hold the Plasma in the air, if they touch the ground it do not work

        Like the in real Life Plasma reactor prototype with super cooled magnetic coils to hold it away from the borders

    1. I think nobody expects “heavy balls” lol-science to sound reasonable at all at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed unicorns flying next episode too. This show is so ridiculous.


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