「2週目の時間」 (Nishuume no Jikan)
“Round Two Time”

Damn, that wasn’t what I was expecting. Well, I sort of saw it coming, but it doesn’t make it any less scarier!


Oh, My, God. After last week’s debacle, I wasn’t sure what our beloved Bitch-sensei was going to do to make it up to her students. I mean, deceiving them and nearly killing them is a pretty serious offense no matter how you try to spin the facts afterwards. Amazingly, she somehow came back this week not only in perfect form, but as someone who totally deserves the title of Sensei. With her amazingly stylish “normal” people clothes and a reworked attitude there was little to call bitch this week. If anything, I hope that it stays like this since I’m really liking this new Irina.

On a side note, there was a slight update to the opening sequence this week. From what I caught, the Shinigami is facing us with his real face and Irina is IN HER NEW CLOTHING AND STARING STRAIGHT INTO KARASUMA-SENSEI’S EYES. Boy, there’s little I wouldn’t do to see a proper Irina x Karasuma happen…

Nagisa’s Mom

Okay, first off, holy shit. I try to avoid using such language in my posts, but I think this is one of the rare moments where it’s a pretty accurate description of both my feelings and what happened. Because last I checked, it wasn’t normal to repeatedly pound your child’s head into a table while yelling in excess of 150 or so decibels. Nor is it cool to push your unlived dreams and desires onto your next of kin, especially if it’s solely because they’re your kids! Man, it’s unbelievable the amount of stress and headaches (literally) Nagisa has probably endured throughout his life. But, if we’re being real here, I’d probably do the same thing if I were in his place. Not only because it’d be for the sake of my parents, the people who brought me into this world and cared for me; but out of the fear of bringing out such a terrifying beast.

Luckily, with a little help from Koro-sensei and a random assassin, it looks like Nagisa’s mom has eased up a little when it comes to controlling her baby boy. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to take another peek into Nagisa’s life and the positive changes that come from both a parent and their children growing up together. Hopefully.

Looking Ahead

Boy, if the show is ready to reveal why Nagisa looks like he does, I hope that means it’s ready to finally give us some information on Koro-sensei. Real, concrete facts about things like his past or just why he’s a giant yellow octopus. With the halfway point coming close each week, hopefully the story kicks it up a few notches since I’ve heard there’s a lot more material to cover. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week with a much quicker post. See you!

P.S. #Zootopia was freaking amazing.


End Card


  1. I thought the last episode was the best AssClass offering – I was delightfully wrong when I watched this one. LOL at Karma showing magazine to Nagisa about going to Thailand for cutting something off from him. I also how the parental issues were presented here.

  2. That was quite a dramatic episode, but it’s satisfying to see Nagisa finally breaking free from his mother’s clutches. No one has the right to dictate how you live your life.

    As unfair and rotten as it is, in some East Asian families even to this day, boys are preferred over girls, so it’s interesting to see the opposite in this case, though it’s no less revolting.

    I wasn’t surprised when it was revealed that Nakamura used to be a gifted student – for all her mischievous behaviour and whimsicality I’ve always thought that she’s quite astute.

    Also, Irina looks much more classy in her new apparel, in my opinion; like the new hairstyle.

    1. i have a headcanon that the reason Nagisa’s mom acted that way was because her parents acted that way to her, only the opposite. They wanted her to be like a boy. She wasnt allowed to have long hair, she had to has perfect grades, she couldnt dress the way she wanted with cute dress etc (all of this is surprisingly canon). Only, she failed. And feeling like she wasted her teenage life. She longed for the young life she wanted, so she live through nagisa. Down to forcing her preferred appearance on him.

      Obviously, it’s horrible. She’s horrible. But sadly, in my country (in East Asia) laying a hand like Nagisa’s mom did to Nagisa and choosing your children’s highschool, university (basically school life) is pretty common. It doesn’t make it normal but it is common. So many of my friends psychologically suffered from this. Hell, i suffered from this. Because society thought us if you didnt consider ‘pleasing your parents’ as your number one life goal, then you’re a bad children.

      sorry for the long post

    1. I just think she’s a mini-titan that ate Nagisa’s mom years ago when he was young. She felt guilty, and took responsibility to raise him. His dad didn’t leave because of her anger, she ate him. When she gets pissed her titan form comes to the surface. Seeing that behavior as he was growing up also explains Nagisa’s inherent bloodlust and ability to switch personalities at will.

      I’m pretty sure that’s 100% accurate.

    1. Yeah since Nagisa believes Karma wants to take him to one of those countries is to remove Nagisa’s “thing”. I understand the Thailand part, but I don’t understand the Morocco part.

  3. They left out a few scenes like: Show Spoiler ▼

    The next episode will be interesting since it involves crossdressing.

  4. Are they freaking serious?? The moral of this story is ‘reconcile with your abusive parents’? This is infuriating and wrong to a point I want to have a serious talk with those who gave green light for that. The way to deal with sick characters like that mum is removing such vermins from your life.


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