“How to Rest”

「休暇の過ごし方」 (Kyuuka no Sugoshikata)

A Day Off in a Fantasy World:

It takes guts for a series as slow as Grimgar to have an episode dedicated to the characters taking a day off. I’ve previously stated that I don’t mind when a series is slow – in fact, I often prefer it that way – but damn, even this episode felt like it was pushing me close to the edge. Honestly, I’d say it was the first episode where I could feel myself drifting off. Part of that comes down to the easygoing mood prevalent throughout most of the episode, but there were parts where I could tell this was padded material that wasn’t really going anywhere. I wouldn’t say this episode was boring, it just wasn’t especially interesting. It’s nice seeing everyone enjoying the simplicities of life, but there always seemed to be a balance between the action and the mellowness that was missing this time around.

One scene that did happen that I wish didn’t was the exchange between Haru and his class teacher. Her name may be Barbara, but she might as well be called Walking Tits and Ass, because that’s all she is. I’m sure some viewers (likely the main target demographic) got a kick out of this scene, but for me it was a tremendous step down from everything we’ve gotten this past month. There have been complaints about the hints of fanservice in Grimgar which I haven’t focused on that much, but when Barbara enters the scene, that’s all you can remember. She may have encouraged Haru and answered his question and proved how capable a fighter she is, but the whole thing felt so cliché and ham-fisted, especially after episodes of realistic violence, sombre grieving, and genuine affection for the traumas the characters have suffered through. In comparison, this exchange was cheap and almost insulting, and a sorry reminder that this is a LN anime at the end of the day.

Haru and Mary:

Now for the good! Haru and Mary got plenty of scenes this week. I’ve heard that some of them were anime original or extended when compared to the source material, but they were the highlight of the week for me. I did say I was part of the Haru x Yume ship early on, but I go back on my word; I like them as friends, and find it funny how oblivious Yume is half of the time, but there’s serious chemistry between Haru and Mary. For some strange reason I was reminded of Kumiko and Reina from Hibike! Euphonium (am I opening a can of worms here?), in that they’re not “official” but their interactions feels so honest and heartfelt, as both characters understand what each other is going through.

I don’t think full-blown romance is going to happen, and part of me would like things to remain the way they are – but there’s an undeniable air to Haru and Mary’s scenes that is missing with any other characters. Mary especially has developed greatly these past few episodes, and seeing her open up is both rewarding and heartwarming. I just hope that doesn’t disappear when she’s confronted with a familiar raid that continues to haunt her.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This review may seem more negative than usual, but I didn’t hate this episode. Though, at the same time, I didn’t love it. I enjoyed particular scenes a great deal and was irritated by others, and at the end of it all not much actually happened. It was a risky move to have an episode about (almost) nothing when people already complain that nothing happens. I usually ignore those remarks, but I would say this time they wouldn’t be mistaken. At least next week looks to be more exciting, as we move on from goblins to knolls, as they return to the place where Mary lost three of her friends. I can’t see them securing victory at their current skill level, but it should be interesting to see how the team’s emotions come into play here.


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    1. I was onboard the SS Yume ship, but it caught fire and I, along with half of the passengers, jumped in to the ocean waters. Luckily for us, the SS Mary ship was there to rescue us.

      1. I read LN but still not understand why people tend to force yume x haru, Grimgar romance is sub plot (imo), so I want to know where chapter and volume at LN that emphasize yume x haru ?

        P.S. I always vote for Mary, she is cool and level headed (but easily stress) her seiyu have similar voice like KanaHana anyway

      1. busy trying to tell us that yume x ranta is the natural pairing aren’t they…

        again.. I’m gonna make the point that i see no reason why some of these guys don’t look beyond their immediate group for romantic liaison…

      2. Honestly if Ranta x Yume happens, my head will implode. There is nothing but one-sided attraction going on in that pairing. I don’t get why they always try to force a pairing with a character as unpalatable as Ranta. Yume is better off with some person outside of the party now that the Haru x Yume ship has collided with the Mary iceberg.

      3. I might be alone, or at least one of the few, that actually like Ranta, and would be okay with him going for Yume. Ranta has toned down considerably compared to the beginning where he was just an obnoxious douche. He still acts douchey from time to time, but he’s definitely growing as a character. I think he’ll only keep improving as a character, but we’ll see. I don’t see them getting together any time soon though, so I don’t think we have to worry. If it does happen, it would be in the later volumes or something. Perhaps because I like seeing Hal and Mary together more has something to do with it as well, haha.

        (Or Hal ends up going on the harem route, which I wouldn’t be surprised but I wouldn’t really like that direction)

    1. also..

      It takes guts for a series as slow as Grimgar to have an episode dedicated to the characters taking a day off

      in all other Animes or on the Desk of others Anime Directors, this here
      would be only good for Storyboard or first rough sketch and coloring, but you know what?. it perfectly fits here. because all parts that count (characters, enemy’s, Armor and so on) are better drawing, and these Watercolor backgrounds do not feel out of place (in a time of CG backgrounds and such). i praise their guts, and seems like it works

  1. Bamboo Blade Cat
    1. To me this show became Aria in a fantasy setting with small action elements. This episode was the one that really made me think of it as another Aria.

      Beautful backgrounds, nice songs, little quarrels and everyday life. Seeing it like this I don’t have any problem whatsoever with the pacing, they could go even slower.

  2. you know… that whole bar scene was kinda sloppy…

    i spent the entire thing going… Haru.. surely you’re not just going to brazenly mention the mines so soon after getting Mary a little out of her…. oh there he goes…

    well at least they’re not going to mention the giant kobold that kille… oh for fucks sake.

    and then…

    predictably this leads into a chase and apologise sequence that was really unecessary and serves to tell us that Haru x Mary needs more alone time.

    really. come on.

    Aside from that.. i quite enjoyed the rest of the episode ^^ – NB: are the mines really their only other option… i mean where are all these other parties heading off to..

    1. I suppose in Haru’s defense, he’s never been that observant when it came to things like that, as he’s certainly slow on the uptake. But agreed, really a boneheaded move on his part.

      Bamboo Blade Cat
    2. For anime adaptation that’s been pretty good about keeping the important points and improving on some of the source’s shortcomings, this episode was bit of an odd one out. In short the talkabout going to the mines was handled more tactfully in the LN while anime amped up the drama with a chase scene. Personally I didn’t mind the way the anime did it but I do prefer the way it went in LN.

      I kind of get why the events were changed though. They have 3 episodes left to adapt almost a whole volume (or 2 and a half if they’re planning to do a decent epilogue I think), so they’ll have to cut things (they did some smart cutting in this episode too, for the record). On the other hand, they could have shortened the original scene instead of replacing it with a chase scene.

      As for why they “need” to go to the mines, the LN doesn’t go in to too much detail on alternate hunting grounds. Anyways, about half of this is assumption on my part but basically the kobolds are second easiest prey after goblins. The other parties have “graduated” from goblins and kobolds and moved on to whatever is more profitable with higher risk involved (except those who are also hunting goblins and kobolds, of course).

    3. It seems to me that it just slipped out. Basically he spoke without thinking there, and tried to backpedal afterward…only to be foiled by Ranta who said it was a good idea. ._.

    4. @defunkt_bots: Honestly, I had the exact same reaction. The show did kind of make a big deal about Haru wanting to know/understand Mary (incl. her past), and then proactively going about that including including two flashbacks as to what happened at the mine. I was stunned that Haru “just forgot” about the whole thing, and yes, it did strike me as some manufactured feels/more angst. What Juan posted below just reinforces that impression. Seems anime went on it’s own and played it up. :/

  3. I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to deal with Haru’s teacher again. Apologies to her fans out there, but I find her to be a absolutely hideous and thoroughly disgusting person.

      1. I’ll say. The original looks kind of boney. I bet she’s got really sharp elbows. They also had to simplify the design to make it easier to animate, but I think it’s also an aesthetic improvement. Mary’s appearance is more iconic whereas it’s a tad busy in the light novel version.

  4. Overall I liked the episode but the changes they did to Mary this episode as compared to the LN really bug me. I don’t think you need to be an LN reader to notice it either.

    In the LN Mary is actually the one who suggest to Haru that they go to the mines when he consults her and when he mentions it to the rest of the group she “seems” normal enough but in a later conversation Haru and her have they talk pretty much like in the Anime.

    The problem is that the way they depicted it in Anime is very out of character for Mary. We all understand that there is trauma there, the show has a lot of that, but the thing is from everything we know about Mary she is the kind of person to take things like this into consideration and also the kind of person who wants to solve things herself and borrow as little as possible from others. Mary has been in this world longer and lost her friends “a while ago” so the reaction in the LN which inspire more a quite determination instead of the Anime’s shock and lost seems a lot more appropriate both in character and considering her circumstances.

    1. @Juan: Appreciate the info. Seems the anime changed some things, and from what I can tell from what you wrote about the LN, seems the anime changes were not for the better. :/

      1. I think that over all they’ve been doing a goof job with the adaptation. Its natural to expect some changes. It’s just that this one with Mary was too out of character and stood out like a sore thumb.

    2. At any rate, all we can do now is patiently watching how the anime will turn out, and hoping that they will set up everything properly for season 2. That is *major spoiler*
      Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Barbara is definitely… “unique” in Grimgar’s cast with how sexualized she is. Worst character design in the show by far. Too bad really, I don’t actually mind her as a character that much, but those clothes are just hideous.

  6. Surely, that was an uneven episode even with the slower pace than usual. I am fine with the day off (but a tad too quiet for my taste) but thr fanservice one with Barbara left me baffled. I mean, what’s Haruhiro’s spider look like?

    And oh, Death flags everywhere

  7. Maybe I’m the weird one here but I’m appreciating the animator that puts a lot of details that made them looks like people that actually lives there. The way Haru brush his teeths while scratching his feets with his other foot, the way Mogzo makes tea, the way Marry read books. Well it’s charming for me since I found it rare seeing characters in anime actually behaving like real people, usually they’re idealized and become walking action tropes, though I bet a lot of people find it boring and “there’s nothing happen there”.

  8. I usually don’t do this since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but whereas I was merely annoyed before, now, your lie actually irritated me.

    “There have been complaints about the hints of fanservice in Grimgar which I haven’t focused on that much”.
    YOU haven’t focused that much? Really?

    You bring it up in your review of Episode 1:
    “I would have liked less of the boob and ass shots, but I can at least accept that it’s framed through Haruhiro’s eyes. We often see panning shots as he ogles the various girls he encounters, while Ranta appears more blatant, not shy when voicing his thoughts on big boobs and flat chests.”

    As well as Episode 2:
    “…though I must admit, I wasn’t too fond of the episode ending on your typical ‘peeking on the girls in the bathhouse‘ scene. At least we never got to see it on-screen (though perhaps the new OVA – titled Episode 2.5 – will focus on that).”

    You devote 2 full paragraphs in your review of Episode 3, which is too long to quote here.

    A slighter complaint, but still brought up in the review of episode 5:
    “Better yet, they shared an innocent hug that felt completely natural and devoid of dodgy intentions; for once in anime, a boy and a girl hugged each other out of kindness and grief. Of course, Shihoru had to take a peak at them and freak out over it, but prior to that it was just a simple embrace that both of them needed.”

    Continuing in Episode 6:
    “It’s those inserts that remind me that we’re watching anime… and you can’t be watching anime without some ass shots and boob jokes! (sigh)”

    And now Episode 9.

    So please explain how you “haven’t focused on that much” if it’s in 6 of your 9 reviews.

    No offense, but is this your first anime?

    Other than Episode 9, which I’ll give you was quite blatant, this series is extremely tame in the fanservice department. On a scale of 0-10 where I consider something like “Record of Lodoss War” to be a 0 with no fanservice and something like “To Love Ru” to be a 10 (does not include actual hentai), this show would probably be a 2, with those scenes from episode 9 probably being a 4.
    I don’t think a 2 merits a complaint on almost every single episode.

    1. It’s strange that you think me mentioning the fanservice in my previous posts equates to me complaining about them. To make it more clear, I’ll go over each remark I made.

      Episode 1: This was the opening episode. The ass shots were obvious, so I wasn’t going to ignore them. People were talking about them (some negatively so) but as you quote, I said that I accept that it was framed through Haru’s eyes, as he’s our main POV. That isn’t complaining, that’s pointing out what’s clearly happening on-screen for the first time, and me saying “I’m kind of okay with it this way”.

      Episode 2: That’s barely two sentences that are again, not that negative. I’m focusing more on how stereotypical the scene is while praising the series for not actually showing what happened. No complaints.

      Episode 3: I did dedicate two paragraphs to the peeping shots, but that’s because that was a sizeable portion of the episode, and so my coverage reflected that. But again, I ended it by praising when it came to Haru’s POV, as I think that’s a smart way to give us fanservice. Perhaps complaining, but I’m still remaining positive.

      Episode 5: Nothing about my statement is a complaint here. I clearly stated that I appreciated that scene because it wasn’t played for cheap thrills, but felt genuine and sincere. That’s a very positive remark.

      Episode 6: That was an attempt at a joke about anime cliches, not a serious criticism of Grimgar. Not the best zinger, I admit. Apologies if you didn’t laugh.

      Episode 9: Now, this is where it’s different. The fanservice was blatant and in your face and after several episodes of it being understated and acceptable (in my opinion), this felt almost offensively bad, and I didn’t like it. I didn’t praise it like I did every other time I focused on it, because I felt this time was a change from what we’d gotten before, which we seem to agree on.

      If you read my whole quote I say: “There have been complaints about the hints of fanservice in Grimgar which I haven’t focused on that much“. If it wasn’t clear that I was talking about the complaints, then I apologise, but that’s what I meant – not the fanservice itself, because, as you’ve pointed out, I did mention it from time to time. And honestly, I’m not being harsh on Grimgar’s ‘fanservice’. I typically don’t watch shows (except Prison School) that relish in their fanservicey ways, but I’m not going to pretend it isn’t there. If it happens and I don’t mind it, I’ll say that. But if, like in this episode, it does happen and I don’t like it, I will be much more critical of it.

      tldr: I was referring to me not focusing on the negative opinions/complaints about the fanservice, rather than me not speaking about it at all. I generally didn’t mind the fanservice scenes and even praised them for being used in creative ways.

      Also, this isn’t my first anime. I’ve also watched Death Note and Neon Genesis Evangelion, though haven’t got round to Code Geass just yet!

      1. I admit my “first anime comment” was snide, but that was just some venting in heat of the moment. I do wish to take it back.

        Regarding episode 9, I wholeheartedly admit it was blatant, and I’d even agree with your criticism of it, since it’s the most overt one in the series.

        I also admit, now that I re-read it, that sentence can be interpreted both the way you intended (where you talk about the actual complaints), and the way I read it (where it implies you haven’t complained). And I guess this nullifies my argument (and irritation) where I assumed this statement was a lie.

        However, without once again going into detail on every episode, I do want to bring up the “complaint” part. To me, a complaint is not necessarily “I HATE THIS! WORST THING EVER!” (which I know the internet now interprets any negative comments as), but more like “the food was slightly too salty” (so, you didn’t hate it, but there was something there you didn’t like about it). And this is what I was referring to in my quotes. You don’t state you hate it or anything like that, but you do mention the fanservice in a negative light, or as something you wish you wasn’t there. So technically, a complaint.

        So, to summarize, I do apologize for misinterpreting your original statement, however I do stand by mine that this is one of the tamest shows out there with regards to fanservice (notwithstanding episode 9), with no real need to complain about it.

      2. Misunderstanding aside, it appears we don’t disagree that much.

        As for me talking about fanservice in a negative light, that’s just due to me not being interested in sexy anime girls who exist to tantalize the audience. In future reviews (of any show) I will probably discuss fanservice/ecchi scenes if they affect my viewing of an episode. Thankfully, as we both agree, Grimgar isn’t that bad. This episode went a bit too far and felt off because of it, but hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

      3. The thing about the fanservice is that it’s so jarring. There’s a heartfelt conversation about grief, then a shot of Yume’s asscrack, then back to Yume crying. Is that fanservice even on screen long enough to titillate the pervs? It feels almost perfunctory, like there’s an actual guy in a suit standing over the animators telling them, “It’s a light novel adaptation so obviously you need tits and ass. Make sure 3% of all shots have either hooters or badonkadonk in them.”

  9. Where other MMORPG inspired anime move along the plot and get to the final destination with exciting moments and encounters, Grimgar does the unusual: it stops and contemplates.

    And it’s really something special considering the world they live in is harsh and unforgiving by nature. That would warrant constant action, but Grimgar instead chooses to immerse us in its calm, and gives us what the characters do and think within that calm. It’s more real this way, isn’t it?

    There is a video on YouTube that describes this better in cool detail. And it’s about Miyazaki. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nq7LPOopXho

  10. A pretty strange episode. I don’t really mind the scene with Barbara, I thought it was an amusing way not to just explain Haruhiro’s talents, but also get Haruhiro to think about romance. It was a bit jarring though, and it went for a little longer than necessary. I kinda liked her teasing about how Haruhiro should just go for all the girls, although I’m sure he won’t.

    Definitely seems the show is hinting at Ranta x Yume, Hal x Mary, at least right now with the pairings. Hopefully next episode progresses things a little faster, I’ve been pretty patient but even I can agree it’s moving very slow. If they end up having a traumatic experience inside, and then they have to retreat, I just hope it’s not another rest episode right after that before they take on the guy that killed Mary’s party.

    1. ChromeNova: Have to agree. Whatever ship there was for Haru x Yume it seems to have sailed with no passengers. Episode did seem to hint that Ranta is interested in Yume, but frankly, I wouldn’t ship Ranta with anyone.

  11. It wasn’t the worst episode for the series, but definitely wasn’t the best either. Agree with Samu that given the slow pacing (which I’ve thought has been a bit too slow the entire time), opening up with more SOL for about 1/2 the episode doesn’t help. We did just have a sort of climactic/”end of arc” type battle last episode so some downtime is warranted IMO. However, it dragged on too long, and what was there didn’t add much. I think a lot of it’s execution/what’s being done as well as simply “more SOL”. Yet another song insert/montage deal with feels more and more like padding. Yes, the background eye-candy is pretty, but IMO the show is too reliant upon that. It’s like every episode has one (or even two). It’s NOT always bad/inappropriate (e.g. Ep. 04 end), but overall used too often for too long. I also think the show still struggles with small talk. “Do you like birds?” (which I think was asked before), “Oh, you can smell the bread from here?”, etc. Not the strongest stuff, and time which could be better spent on more meaningful character depth/relationships (not even the shipping kind)/something. Also, yeah, keep it shorter and move things along.

    But it was shorter than I thought (was figuring on an entire episode), so a point there I guess. Like defunkt_bots above, I was dumbfounded the way Haru just conveniently forgot about Mary’s PTSD from what happened to her group in the mines. Struck me as a scripted way for more ruminated angst. I didn’t post the last couple of episodes (was behind watching), but one complaint I had with the last couple of episodes is that IMO the show milked Minato’s death for too long. I DO give credit for not glossing over things, but it lasted four, no it’s still kind of going on FIVE episodes later for a character who was around FOUR episodes. Honestly, I don’t want to hear about Manato anymore. I’d bet this death so far has more screen time than his character alive ever did. If LOTR spent the same proportional amount of time on Gandalf’s “death” – a person the characters have known all their lives vs. some unknown dude in a party banded together by convenience, the Two Towers would be called the Mourning of Gandalf.

    Mary’s PTSD hasn’t been given the same level of lengthy focus (yet), so I hope they keep that to an appropriate degree. Given what happened this episode and judging by Juan’s comment above, I can’t say I’m optimistic. Again, points/kudos for not being all hack ‘n slash, and not glossing over such things, but along with a bit too plodding, the show is too “Emo RPG” IMO. Just swings the “feels” pendulum too far the other way for too long – lacking the right balance.

    As for the last part, I think “Fanservice Sensei” works as a better nick. IMO, much worse that just “have some fanservice” is that it was a very jarring shift in tone IMO despite fade to black cut. Frankly, wasn’t the best fanservice IMO because the training was just so… odd. Sitting on or even a handstand on his stomach? O.o. Uh, OK? I like the fact that given they are still low level, the show doesn’t entirely ignore working on skills, training, equipment, etc. – especially since they are going to a potentially big step up in difficulty dungeon. But yeah, just too long, too WTF and in part annoying. Haru brings up the “lines” he saw (or whatever that was called). Great, wondered about that myself. “F. Sensei” says “Oh, everyone sees those” and… that’s about it. Uh, guys…WTF do they mean? Clearly she knows, AND she acted like they were no big deal so why not say what they are. Did I miss something because it sure feels that way. Maybe they are a big deal, in which case then fine.

    So mixed bag episode and I have some concern going forward for two reasons. First is Juan’s comment because that seems to indicate the show is going more “Emo RPG” than the LN, and from the brief synopsis given, LN is better. Second, next episode title is “I’m not fit to be a leader” which after reading my first thought was “Wait a minute. Haven’t we just done that theme ever since Manato died – including conversations with Minato’s ‘ghost'”? Are we going to have another Haru crisis of confidence already? I’m NOT expecting him to be super leader now (like some quick power up), but yeesh, can we have some breaks between moments of self-doubt/angst? Hasn’t aired yet, so maybe my concerns are unfounded. Hopefully.

  12. as sad as it is I probably giving the author too much credit. On Barbara, we have to remember what her main job is. She is a thief and a pretty good one at that if she has taking on the role of mentor for those joining her guild. one doesn’t get to be that good by not using all his/her tool at ones’ disposal. in this case her body its just one more tool for her to do her job. if you are to busy staring at her body it’s less likely you notice the hand liberating you of your purse. as a side note it look to me that the thief job is closely related to more of an old school ninja. and we all know what kunoichis are portrayed to be like in our current times. as I said at the beginning this is probably me giving the author too much credit. but stop and think about it for a min and you can see how a lone woman might try to survive in a world as gritty as this using everything she can to gain an advantage. you might think is jarring and unnecessary but remember we are looking trough Haruhiro eyes. (and that proves it works).

    1. Sorry, no. This just falls into the awful male fantasy/gaming/anime trope of having women dress outright lewdly as opposed to suggestively. A woman doesn’t have to be literally falling out of her clothes to distract a man (especially anime dudes), she can do that fully dressed, that’s the easy part. I’m all for empowerment through sexuality, but defending this is just absurd.

      Bamboo Blade Cat
      1. A real fast distraction it takes blatant skin like that. Anything you mentioned takes longer to take effect and does not work as well in low lighting. Anne Bonny a historical female pirate was said to go into combat topless to distract her foes, of course it was hot and humid and males often fought shirtless so it might have just been comfort.

      2. ^That was supposed to be in reply to jimmywolf. D’oh!

        But in reply to your comment, I guess you don’t know how women work. An attractive woman who knows how to use her sex appeal can distract any man without exposing herself like Barbara and get 10x the results and just as fast, lighting or low-lighting (think Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman – or any corresponding example). The male brain isn’t that complicated. Skin is great, but there’s so much more to seduction than that, it helps sure, but without knowing how to use your own presence, skin can be useless if you don’t know how to use your other tools.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      3. uhm ok i see your point and everyone going to have their own views on what makes a woman sexy and what not. I respect your opinion and all I ask is that you offer the same courtesy. I like to think after 35 years I gotten to know how the women in my region like to express themselves, which this might actually blow your mind, is completely different on how they act in yours! it comes down to differences in culture. so please next time you feel like putting someone down put yourself in their shoes and think on what made them say or do what they do. thank you.

      4. What region are you from where women don’t understand the subtleties seduction? I don’t think there’s a region where that exists to be honest. It’s only in the west where the average woman can freely choose to dress as provocatively as they’d like (for the most part and within certain limits), as other countries, they’re far more modest than their western counterparts. But that’s still confined to social settings, and not made up fantasy worlds where women dress provocatively to be thieves. Being a thief is about distraction and and going unnoticed. Someone like Barbara can only exist in the anime or movie world.

        Yes, everyone will have their opinion on what is sexy when it comes to women, but what that doesn’t take into account is what women themselves consider sexy, and what they think and know men will respond to in their experience, and it’s safe to say, anime tropes aren’t the first thing that comes to their mind. Those tropes were created by men for the most part, so thinking that’s a reasonable idea is just your opinion that’s been heavily influenced by male fantasy tropes, no matter what experience you have to back that up, that’s just not the rule. Only in anime do regular women dress like prostitutes and somehow dudes will think that’s perfectly realistic, though I’d think prostitutes have far more sense than some anime girls. Having seen enough red light districts myself while traveling, prostitutes do indeed have more sense than that, but then again they’re sex workers and not thieves ffs!

        Bamboo Blade Cat
    2. i agree with your thoughts an feel it odd that people dislike her. i personal love her, she a sadist an fits her role perfect. i personal love everything about the show an never notice what others nit pick animation, fan service, not following the LN. am very happy the show got made an look forward buy the BD when it out. want the LN also but have not found it on amazon yet so can’t comment how much better that version is.

    1. If you are Haru, why should you force yourself into that dilemma and not enjoy the finer things in life? Like YumexHaruXMary? Why should you have to choose one and not choose both?!

  13. Merry’s body language in this scene:
    She’s interested, Haru. If I was Manato’s ghost, I’d encourage Haru to go get her. Unless he has someone else in mind.

    Not sure there’s anyone else to ship in this series. Yume’s interest in romance seem to be the same as Moguzo’s. Even though she looks good with Haruhiro and Ranta obviously has a crush on her, I don’t think she’ll end up with anyone pretty soon.

  14. It is interning that a male teacher of a mortal art could go topless and the audience attracted to males would enjoy it but there would be no complaints. I do agree that Barbara should go topless to be more equal both as a fighter and in equal fan service. And that strap around the middle of the boobs would have to be magical, or glued on. Still I greatly enjoyed a women showing that she can be powerful and express her natural sexual side at the same side.

    I do understand someone not into females, or with conservative moral views not being into females being sexy not enjoying that part. But I call for equal fan service not reprising it, especially as reprising supports the view that sex is bad, violence is good. Yes fan service featuring males is not that interesting to me but am fine with shows with it.

    Still any group that wants to oppress women historically or current day wants them to cover up and be modest. A women pushing her sexual nature while doing something that requires skill, especially combat, is a threat to male control . The feminist theory that women can not be respected or considered competent at anything if they show their bodies seams logical but sometimes reality is counter intuitive both historically and in the current day. When something is counter intuitive assumptions are wrong or a hidden factor that overrides. One men are not mostly first impression driven men wait to see if the person can do the job or not to decide if that person is to be respected on the job. Men are not sub human in intelligence and can think a women is sexy and competent. Other harder to determine factors are in play, but world wide women tend to have more rights and more power when they can and do act in sexual way and dress in skimpy outfits.

    Right now women are fighting for the right to wear mini skirts in some countries against conservatives who also want to oppress women in many ways.

    1. Well… I understand that everyone can have a different take on these sorts of things, but if you think Barabara was created to embody the idea of a powerful woman who is comfortable with her sexuality, then honestly, you’re deluding yourself.

      Remember that this is a light novel at the end of the day. Consider the target audience. Think back to all the previous examples of ridiculous skimpy outfits for women warriors in many fantasy series. Barabara’s defining feature are her tits and her ass and how she shoves them in Haruhiro’s face while some exposition is spouted out.

      Let’s not pretend this is anything but a female character made to titillate the main demographic. This ain’t some well crafted character who comes paired with an important message. If you like her for what she is, then fine. But I had to be honest in my review and say that I don’t appreciate those characters and they do nothing for me. I think they are merely pure excuses to insert some extra ecchiness in order to fulfill a quota that seems to exist.

      Also, what topless male teachers are you talking about? There weren’t any in Grimgar, and there’s a difference between someone being topless/naked and them being sexual. A person/character can be fully clothed and still sexual. Equally, they can be topless/nude and not intended to be arousing. In Barabara’s case the fabric of her crop top is actually cut out so that her breasts would be exposed, if not for the tight piece of fabric/leather that covers her nipples. Her entire point is to be sexual, from the way her clothes are designed to the ridiculous poses she makes. You say that makes her a threat to male control and/or good at her job/class. I disagree. That just makes her easy jack-off material for those who get off on that sort of thing.

      Let’s not pretend there is more to this than meets the eye. This isn’t some commentary or support of #FreeTheNipple. It’s just fanservice.

    2. Wait. This escalated quickly.

      There can be scenes where women show skin and the viewers do not feel titillated at all (the latest episode of Shirayuki hime is the shining example) because they are not giving suggestive stares or positions that lure the male demographic to watch their respective shows. Barbara? See how she pounded Hal in the fan service scene? Oh God. That feels like dry humping you know.

      I don’t think feminism is strengthened with Barbara’s case for Samu’s reasons. In my two-cents, it actually objectified women. It’s a LN at the end of the day pal – written by someone whose in mind is to cater the males.

    1. Which was accordingly hailed as ‘a great design’ by the fanbase. Like I get it, if you take away the torso everything else looks goodie, but come on, ‘it’ draws way too much attention to itself.

  15. an episode of a slice of life series, where things normally happen quite slowly anyway, in which the characters take a day off =


    the only thing (and i mean the only thing that made it even remotely worthwhile watching) was the brief appearane of barbara-sensei.

  16. i didn’t see the deep and impassioned debate over barbara’s ‘sexy’ appearance initially. really? personally, i didn’t even notice her attire, i just find her a funny character and her interactions with haru amusing.

    but then again i’d forgotten why i’d stopped visiting this blog of late. i certainly haven’t missed these hipster pretensions.


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