「水の流れと人の行末」 (Mizu no Nagare to Hito no Yukue)
“Life is an Unknown Course”

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for Durarara!! and at the finale no doubt. Next week’s episode will bring us to the end of Durarara!! and finally drawing a close to happenings of Ikebukuro. It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 6 years since I finished the original anime and now the sequel is completed too. It’s like saying farewell to a kid that you’ve watched grow up to be an adult and even though I’m not as attached to the series as many others I’ve blogged, it’s been a longtime coming so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  • A large chunk of what happened this episode was centered around Mikado and he’s on everyone’s radar after the chaos he’s caused. A lot of the targeting was self-inflicted mind you. He has the Awakasu group after him, Masaomi and the police/general public. That’s a lot of eyes hunting for the Dollars, but what’s more dangerous is that people actually know that Mikado is the one responsible. So technically, the Awakasu group are already out looking for him. I can kind of see where he’s coming from – but I don’t agree with his approach. The gang has gotten so far out of his control that he can’t do anything about it anymore (and this was his solution). Mikado has had his fair share of excitement and now he’s leaving the Dollars as an “urban legend”.
  • I can go on a long rant about how delusional Mikado has gotten and his purpose of the Dollars has changed every which way since he formed this group. When we first learned about the Dollars in the original Durarara!! season, I always thought of Mikado as someone that guided the group for good and not “evil deeds”. Now that the name of the Dollars has been tainted, it’s like there’s nothing he can do to reverse it… so the next best thing is to obviously dissolve it and make it sound like it never happened. Or maybe he really does think that this is for the best for the city, in which case, what has he been smoking?! Can he not see the damage he’s already done?
  • Masaomi has done his best to convince his friend to think straight. I actually feel so bad for him because he’s trying so hard to make Mikado see the error of his ways and only gets rejected left, right and center. He even takes a bullet for him! Holy shi*t! If my best friend shot me, we just wouldn’t be friends anymore so Masaomi, you have a big heart my friend.
  • Airi and crew finally find Erika which is a bit of a random side story to me… not completely relevant but serves to bring the group back together. They’re confronted by Ran who has this fetish with beating everything up with a sludge hammer. D*mn this guy just doesn’t learn even though he’s already been sent to jail. Once a criminal, always a criminal?
  • Izaya and Shizuo run straight into the Saika army where they meet the Blue Scarves and Chikage in the middle of their combat. It’s funny how everyone just happens to be at the same place at the same time in the middle of a dangerous Saika army march. I don’t know why Takashi is so keen on getting Simon when Simon’s already barricaded the door to the restaurant. Takashi has a much better chance of escaping Shizuo now if he just, ran away; which I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.
  • The last duo is Kasane and Shinra who bump into each other as Shinra is looking for Celty. Even though Kasane confessed directly to Shinra, he rejects her by reinforcing how special Celty is for him. It’s not an act and it’s not because he’s forced to “look after her” by his father’s orders, it’s because he genuinely cares for her and loves her (despite all their challenges). From the first episode that introduced Celty’s past with Shinra, I always knew they were meant to be and this solidifies it for me. Their relationship is so crystal clear and I just hope and pray that they end up with their happily ever after. They fully deserve it.
  • So there’s a lot of small things here and there that I could’ve missed but I those are the points top of mind that I want to bring up. Like I said, next episode will be our finale for Durarara!! so don’t miss it folks! If you’ve been with me this entire time, I thank you immensely for putting up with my tardiness but also going through this convoluted set of characters with me. There are definitely a lot of pieces that I felt were unnecessary or elongated for no reason but we’ve made it through and now… I just can’t wait to see what happened to Mikado.

    Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: A little late to the party but OMFG!! CLIFFHANGER!! What are you doing to me. For the first time in a while, I’m actually excited to see how #drrr_anime will end. It’s been a good ride old friend.




      1. Honestly, I bet the author stopped caring about them in Ketsu and were like “fck it, they just don’t fit anywhere”. I’m wondering what happened to the little girl who tried to kill Shizuo before, she just up and vanished. I bet everyone will get a small cameo by the conclusive episode though.

    1. Takashi is after Tom, not Simon, no? and Takashi’s concern is probably not a temporary escape from Shizuo but a more permanent solution, hence still trying to get Tom in spite of Shizuo being right in front of him

      but holy crazp, Mikado’s insane

    2. Really glad you reviewed this Cherre. To bad the skipped season really drop the number of people commenting here.

      I hate that there is so much to resolve in one episode. I like a two or three episode long denouncement not the critic love of very short denouncements.

      Maybe more than one OVA I can hope.

      I loved all the twisted relationships and twisted love on this show.

      What happens to a our Yandere Stalker and Yandere Sister with Head loving brother three some? Do they live together in truly twisted love now that the girls have settled for both hanging on to him without trying to kill each other?

      Does Aoba get up with the twin sisters. Does the mafia princess continue to make school peace and love because everyone must obey her? And so many other side stories to resolve.

    3. Kujiragi really likes Shinra, huh? Kind of random, but ehh. Shinra’s a pure lady’s man.

      I’m going to miss this show. Sucks that there’s only one episode left. Even though we had three split cours, it sure went fast.

      1. I wouldn’t say it was random, Kujiragi specifically chose Shinra because he thought that a man who could genuinely love a monster or abnormality (in her eyes) like Celty, then maybe he can also look at her the same way. She was struggling to find meaning in her life, yet the meaning of “love” always alluded her, which made her want to claim a love of her own as well. Shinra being a smooth lady man also helps with her current infatuation with him, aha~


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