「戦場のワルキューレ」 (Senjo no Warukyure)
“Battlefield of the Valkyries”

When you think about it, it’s amazing how fast time flies. The last main line Macross series (Frontier) made its debut on this day some 8 years ago, and even counting its alternative version movies, it’s been over five years since we saw something substantial regarding the franchise. Thankfully the wait is finally over, and after sorting through some 8000+ people for their newest talent, Macross Δ (a.k.a. Macross Delta) arrives as the newest entry to the long running and much beloved franchise.

Set in 2067, Macross Δ arrives eight years after the events of Macross Frontier, and takes place in “a remote part of the galaxy.” The first episode brings us to the planet of Al Shahal, and with it, an introduction to a new cast led by Immelman Hayate (Uchida Yuuma) and Wion Freyja (voiced by the winner of the auditions, Suzuki Minori). What we get is the realization that humanity’s now dealing with a mysterious condition known as Var Syndrome, and amid all the sudden violence caused by those infected, the all female Tactical Sound Unit Walkure arrive to counteract its effects using the power of their songs (and epic transformations). As the mysterious Kingdom of Wind deploy their Aerial Knights (in their fancy new SV-262 Drakens), a fated meeting leads Hayate into the cockpit of a Valkyrie, and the rest as they say is history.

Needless to say, it’s the general formula we’ve come to expect from Macross in regards to introductory episodes, with a few tweaks to make Δ stand out from its counterparts. The most interesting facets of this first episode end up being in those small differences (and in some cases, similarities to other series he’s helmed before), and if there’s one thing that seems quite clear to me, it’s that Kawamori Shoji’s utilizing his recent experiences to power the development of Macross Δ.

Granted, many of the aspects were actually discussed by Kawamori himself—ranging from the use of planets to contrast the space-oriented aspects of Frontier to a renewed focus on Valkyrie vs. Valkyrie comba we haven’t seen since the days of Macross Plus and Macross Zero—but when you get down to the ship designs, the CG used to animate them, and the levitating flyers used by the Walkure, there’s certainly a link to be drawn to the creations he made for AKB0048. If you’ll remember, Kawamori helmed the second season of AKB0048 just three years ago, and as someone who’s followed him through virtually all of his series, it’s certainly a nostalgic touch that adds much to the enjoyment of this first episode.

That said, it’s pretty amazing how much they actually set up here with a mere 20 minutes to work with. There’s a few more minutes here due to the omission of the opening sequence (a bummer given how great those tend to be for this franchise), but we get not only the introduction of what seems to be two of the three members of (you have to expect a triangle from this in the future) our main trio, but also the two major factions at play, some of the members present in both factions, and enough about the general background/setting to set the stage. Given that we started out with Hayate receiving his pink slip and Freyja arriving as the unwanted stowaway, the fact that it rarely felt rushed is nothing short of impressive—doubly so when you consider the action packed second half and the how much time they gave to the development of Hayate and Freyja’s initial friendship.

It remains to be seen how things will hold up for a series that seems (emphasis on seems) a bit more over the top than previous iterations, but it’s a good start for a series that I really want to succeed as a die-hard Macross fan, and I’ll take that any day. It’ll take a bit longer for me to judge whether or not the music here’ll end up on the same level as its predecessor in Frontier, but Suzuki Minori arrives as a promising new talent capable of carrying the series, and the rest of the Walkure certainly appear capable of holding their own with their songs. The fact that Minori is reminiscent of previous talent Nakajima Megumi bodes well as a solid foundation to build with, and if the past has been any indication we’ll be asking “how do they find these talents?” by the time it’s all said and done.

Here’s looking forward to more deculture in the coming weeks, and another journey filled with love triangles (apparently we’ll be getting multiple this time around), catchy songs, and epic Valkyrie combat.

Author’s Note: I will be returning from my hiatus to blog Macross Δ on a weekly basis.


ED Sequence

ED: 「いけないボーダーライン」 (Ikenai Borderline) by Walkure (ワルキューレ)



  1. Good first episode.
    Looks like they’re all singing themselves this time, aren’t they?
    You gotta check, that Hayatw pic that you linked to, Zephyr.
    Btw. welcome back!

      1. I want Mirage Fallyna Jenius to become Hayate Immelman’s girlfriend in the future.

        Freyja Wion is too pure to date someone, and Mikumo Guynemer might go up in the big idol concert in the sky and become Center Nova!

    1. I’m definitely going with the superior elf waifu. Looking at the history of Macross, she’s the most likely to win. Just hope they won’t think to deviate from the formula in this anime.

      P.s: Welcome back Zephyr. Missed your posts.

  2. After watching the pre-airing months ago I’m already a Mikumo fan. Ikenai Borderline has been stuck in my head ever since hearing the full song. I love it that much, so I’m hoping the other songs will be just as good. I’m also interested to see how this goes, seeing we got our first idol unit in Macross, not to mention three factions. Between the Delta Squadron, Aerial Knights, and Walkure…this is shaping to be quite a large scale love triangle.

    1. Indeed. The interesting part is that they’re promising multiple triangles this time, and I’ll say, if you consider the triangles we’ve gotten historically just between the main trio, this’ll be quite something.

      1. I guess one of the most obvious is between Hayate, Frejya, and Mirage. But yeah we’ll never know what ships the studio is going to be planning for this one. It’s going to be more interesting how any pair-ups is going to happen between the Aerial Knights and Walkure since it seems the former have something against Walkure.

    2. So the feeling I had that the idols and the bishonen pilots from the mysterious faction will get into some love drama wasn’t far-fetched after all?

      Count me in as a Mikumo fan in this episode. No plane, and yet she was more badass than the other characters combined. Can’t say the songs caught my interest, but that “Ikenai Borderline”… That I liked.

      1. Macross is about love and songs after all so your speculation isn’t far-fetched at all. An all-girl idol group and a squad of bishounen pilots? Something is bound to happen. Though I don’t think it’ll be any time soon as from this episodes, the Aerial Knights seem to have something against Walkure. As for other songs, a preview of the opening song, “Bokura no Senjou,” came out before and that sounded pretty catchy too.

    3. GIRI GIRI AIIIIIIIII! is stuck on my head as well

      From what is shown, Mikumo is pretty much Sheryl 2.0 so of course she’s badass. Come to think of it, if Sheryl was a Walkure Idol, she would be unstoppable.

      1. Oh man I can’t imagine what would happen if Sheryl really was in Walkure. Not sure if that’s gonna happen though on account of who knows where the Frontier ship is right now. Would be nice if there were cameos since Delta is set just 8 years after Frontier so Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl should still be around.

    1. Indeed. It was nice to see a Jenius name again, but I’m not too sure if she’s actually related to the ones we’ve known so far or just a name tribute/reference at this moment. Last I checked, there weren’t any other members of the family that we haven’t met yet, so we’ll see.

      1. According to the Macross wikia, Mirage is granddaughter of Max and Milia and Mylene’s niece. I just wonder why she can have Jenius surname cause Max and Milia only had daughters. Probably they had a son later in the story after Macross 7.

    1. It’s not magical girl at all. Macross uses alien technology and this is no different. Their transformations uses holographic imaging which was often used in Macross Frontier.

      1. I think he mentioned it more like a figure of speech. Still it’s a fact that it looks like a magical girl show. I also would’ve been more happy if it had a bit more mature feeling to it.

    2. All I kept thinking…. Songstress Job Class….. just saying! O___o

      But yes if this is science we need a lecture on this because then you have floating discs and the healing power of music….. soft science it is.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. When Zeph said the series was over the top… I couldn’t help but think “But it’s not even as over the top as Macross 7”

      Macross 7 was a hard nut to crack into, so far the first episode here has been easier to swallow, but I’d have waited it out a few episodes just like I did 7. Ultimately that paid off for me (hard core fire bomber fan to this day <3)

      1. Well, I emphasized “seems,” because one of the things I’ve been noticing is how there seems to be a decent amount of backlash regarding how they did things here.

        As for me personally, I don’t see it as particularly different compared to some of the previous iterations we’ve gotten, especially when you consider the craziness that was Macross 7, and the fancy upgraded CGI and performances we got for Frontier, so I’m generally in agreement with you there.

  3. I guess Im the only one thats facepalming on the direction Macross just took.

    While the songs are just as you’d expect from Macross, genki girl power ruins the entire experience for me. Its like forcefully shoving the IdolM@ster character into a Ghost In The Shell storyline.

    Its sickeningly positive for a show that is suppose to be about some virus or robots or some other crap.

    The singing and in the middle of a freaking battlefield was just ugh… I cant even see if the songs have any effect on the enemy.

    The fights were…. acceptable. It was less of the flying mechas and more on the singing idols…. oh by the way, dancing warmachines? really? How am I suppose to rationalize that?

    All in all, I find Macross delta a sad addition to the once amazing franchise. A shame really.

    1. Believe me you are not the only one. It’s been a very long time since I watched an anime and suddenly developed trigger fingers to fast forward scene by scene. Granted I could only muster to watch the first 15 or so minutes before zipping through it. To each its own, this is not for me.

      Might be a good time to revisit watching Macross Frontier.

      1. This wasn’t even as cringeworthy as Macross 7… and Macross 7 turned out to be amazing. Maybe give it one or two more episodes, keeping in mind that NONE of Walkyrie’s members is a main character in this series…

    2. ‘The singing and in the middle of a freaking battlefield was just ugh… I cant even see if the songs have any effect on the enemy.’

      It’s pretty clear it does. We saw the purple haired girl heal one of infected Zentradi and once the Aerial knights started attacking Walklure the infected Zentradi became active again. Presumably, their music suppresses or blocks out whatever is making them go insane.

      1. So, we have hier the “Black” and the “White” Side guys. So, now we need to know why they want to kill the Valkyrie.

        Inside my mind there are Pictures been born. But i hold it back this time

    3. Oh no, you aren’t! I watched the first episode some time ago on Youtube an read the comments. The first one was “What a good first episode of Sailor Moon!”. There was almost no positive comment for this (I’m not exaggerating here!), because of the idol-stuff you mentioned, the dancing holograms etc.
      Mahou Shoujo / Idolmaster in Macross…
      That being said,I like the music.

      1. If you’re only going by the negativity of the youtube comments sure. Everywhere else though, there’s actually quite a lot of positive reaction to the episode even among die-hard fans, and especially now that the actual episode 1 has been improved in some ways over the preview version seen last December.

    4. I find this an interesting comment, as I don’t personally see anything particularly different when put in general context with prior series such as 7 and Frontier.

      I mean, 7 arguably had a crazier beginning, and you could say the multi-person song group started out there. It certainly wasn’t as flashy as the stuff we saw here, but that’s also something you could attribute in part to the people behind this series now having access to better animation tools all around. We saw that in particular with Frontier, which was notably a pretty positive series in and of itself for the most part, and also featured singing on the battlefield (which also happened in prior series too).

      Given that, an argument can be made nothing fundamentally different per se, because it’s still ultimately about the power of song and its ability to make a difference and transcend language and other aspects of life, and the formula in general for the first episode was very similar to those of previous iterations (especially Frontier).

      That said, I will say that I can kind of see where you’re coming from, but perhaps it may just be a knee-jerk reaction in response to there being idol-like entities in an anime landscape that’s been filled with them…?

    5. This isn’t Macross + iM@S. This is Macross + AKB0048. Both shows which Kawamori has directed. One of the biggest positives of that show was that it was fully self-aware of how ridiculous it was. As for Macross, it has always embraced its more fantastic and over-the-top aspects (Macross 7 anyone?).

      Saying this is a step down to the franchise is silly, because there was always stuff like this. Even Frontier had a SKY SURFING MACROSS QUARTER with a singing idol! It even makes more sense here, because the the technology the Walkure Idols were directly forshadowed by Frontier.

    6. The Magiacal Idol Concert in the Middle of the Battlefield felt wierd honestly. Not as weird as Basara busting into the middle of a battlefield singing wierd, but still in the weird territory and I’m a Macross Fan.

      I can understand the need to keep civilians from panicking and at the same time using the song to negate the Varl Syndrome, but them not evacuating civilians from an active war zone is just mind boggling. 😛

      Am just happy to see the VF-31 Seigfried (which means the events of Macross 30 is canon ^_^)

    7. Sadly i share your opinion on this one, i was so excited to watch a new Macross entry and this episode reached levels of bullshitness that made me want to stop watching it halfway ! I also had to go have a look at Macross frontier just to be sure I still liked Macross.

      This is nowhere near Frontier, Zero, Plus… level for sure.

      1. How can anyone even say that after one episode? Sorry, but I think that’s ridiculous to outright say this series doesn’t compare to past entries after one episode. I’m assuming the series will be like 24-25 episodes long judging by the amount of Blu Ray/DVD volumes out there, there’s still a very long way to go.

      2. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll give it the 3eps treatment and comparison with other series goes for their 1st episode too but when the 1st episode that is supposed to introduce the show is a total mess, i don’t expect more from the rest, and after 3 eps if it’s still nonsense i’ll stop there.

  4. Do I need to watch any previous Macross anime to get this, or is this like Gundam in such that each series is completely disconnected from the one before other than the fact that they take place in the same universe?

    1. You could try watching the Macross: Do You Remember Love? Movie if you want to get a hang of the beginnings of the saga. Its an abridged version of the original Macross of the ’80s, and help you understand the influence of idols, love triangles, the Zentraedi, music and Valkyrie fighters in the story, as well as the history of a certain main character in Delta. Macross DYRL is an old movie, but really worth watching if you want to enjoy the Macross saga. You can start with Frontier as well, being more contemporary, but will be more enjoyable and easier to understand after seeing Macross DYRL, since Frontier alludes a lot to the movie.

    2. If we’re talking about strictly being able to watch this without watching anything else, then yes, you can.

      You’ll miss out a little bit on the references and things like what the Zentradi are and some of the past events if they reference them, but generally it’s a new cast with a new setting, so you’ll be meeting these guys and learning about what’s going on here at the same time as every one else here.

      Of course, you’ll get the full experience with some prior knowledge of other series, but it’s not a 100% requirement.

  5. Is it that big of a stretch to believe space-faring humans will have access to really advance holographic tech and shield drones? Remember Psycho-Pass already have quite an advance holographic system that can change your room, your cloth, and even your entire appearance on the fly. Even in the Macross series itself, holographic transformation is pretty common.

    1. FOr anyone who’s seen the Macross Frontier movies, especially Wings of Goodbye, they would see that they’ve been angling the magical girl transformation angle justified by advanced holographic technology for a while now – that final costume transformation with Sheryl was almost similar in flashiness to the Walkure ones, just without the background portrait.

    2. Do you mean like in real life? Because I think if humans aren’t wiped out somehow, we’d eventually reach a ridiculously advanced level of technology, even if it takes 1000s of years.

    1. I thought perhaps the idol focus comes from how insanely popular Love Live! is. If they can somehow tap into that audience, they’d probably make Macross Delta even more of a success.

    2. well, the producer has done akb0048 too. But i read here and there, that someones do not hope this is akb0048 just with macross mechas… I hope he found the right mix for his Ramen soup

  6. “but we get not only the introduction of what seems to be two of the three members of (you have to expect a triangle from this in the future) our main trio,”

    Isn’t it pretty much confirmed that the third character in the triangle is Mirage? I mean she’s shown as such in every piece of art/promotion and she’s even linked up with Freya and Hayate in this episode when they are in the alley.

    Glad to see Macross return though

  7. Woooo Macross is back baby!!!

    I’ll admit I cringed a bit when Walklure started singing in the middle of the battlefield, but soon adjusted to it, and I really enjoyed it once “Ikenai Borderline” started playing (can’t get it out of my head).

    Best part was definitely the aerial dogfight between the Delta platoon and the Aerial knights,
    The overall CG look of the mechs doesn’t seem to have chanced much since Frontier, but the animation is noticeably more fluid than before so that’s a plus.

    I’m liking Freyja a lot more than I thought I would. I’ve generally always routed for the older girls in Macross’ love triangles, but I could see myself routing for her just as much as Mirage. Not much to say about Hayate, but I love how he continues the proud and long time mecha tradition of “It all flys/drives the same”. Loading mech, Valkyrie Fighter, what the hell is the difference?

    Overall, a solid start to the newest entry of the Macross franchise, and I eagerly await the next episode.

  8. Far too much sparkly idols singing while stuff blowing up around them and far too little giant robot fights – my very reason for coming into this franchise to begin with. That’s still okay, but if the former just keep going up and making the latter insignificant, then no thanks. Idol anime numbs my brain easily, while transforming giant robots blasting each other works the opposite.

  9. “Here’s looking forward to more deculture in the coming weeks, and another journey filled with love triangles (apparently we’ll be getting multiple this time around), catchy songs, and epic Valkyrie combat.”
    Is that why it’s called Δ?

    Enjoyed the episode and that cliffhanger strangely works even though I know they’ll survive. The Idol Rangers are kinda strange, it was an unexpected direction of Sheryl’s live concert technology. But what really baffles me is, what’s a Windr…something. That heart/star shaped hair extension is weirder than Ranka’s smartphone.

    There is something I finally noticed though. Ms. Jenius didn’t seem to get the right genes from her parents when it comes to piloting. Hope her family name doesn’t weight too heavy on her.

    This girl I like:
    Reacted the same way as her when I saw those Zentradi mechs.

    1. Delta.. its an triangle. We got shown 2 sides, but if i remember correct i think i saw and 3rd side in this Anime.. perhaps there is the meaning of Delta. 3 sides fighting each other

      1. Delta refers to triangles, and it’s been said there will be multiple love triangles… but we’ll likely see it’s meaning stressed pretty hard (keeping in mind that EVERY macross series that I can think of has had at least one triangle)

      2. Note also that Kawamori also mentioned the triangles are to emphasize the three major aspects of the Macross franchise in love triangles, Valkyries, and music as well.

    2. But what really baffles me is, what’s a Windr…something. That heart/star shaped hair extension is weirder than Ranka’s smartphone.

      Winder[e]mere. That hair thing is clearly part of Freyja’s biology – notice the cute musical sound it makes as it comes erect around 22:18 when she starts to sing?

      I’m guessing that Winderemere are some race or subspecies to which she belongs. The attackers are also clearly all Windermeran, since they’ve got similar cranial… appendages. Perhaps they’re from a colony ship that has engaged in human genetic engineering and enhancement, in the same way that the Galaxy engaged in cybernetic enhancement? If such modifications are criminal elsewhere, it could be the underlying cause of the conflict here. My prediction: in later episodes, Freyja will find herself caught in a triangle with her loyalty to her people on one side and her loyalty to Walkure on the other.

  10. Got to wonder why the names in the article are presented in Japanese fashion (surname first), when everything from the episode itself to the promotional material give the character’s names in the Western manner (given name first). It should be “Hayate Immelman” and “Freyja Wion”.

    1. It’s just the format we’ve used as the default thing when referring to voice actors, so I extend that to the characters themselves, at least in the introduction portion of the series.

      Afterwards you’ll probably just see me refer to them as Freyja or Hayate respectively.

    1. No worries. Haven’t gotten much this year to save for a DX Chogojin at some point in the future. Just a matter of being able to put in orders for either of the main designs before they sell out in 5 seconds.

  11. Probably worth noting that the first DVD/Blu Ray volume of this series which is out in July has English subtitles included.

    Anyways, I thought this was a good episode, I loved the song at the end, very catchy 🙂

  12. Freya = Nagisa, Mikumo=Chieri. That was all that went through my head. Hayate was just some random dude with no personality or drive. This felt like a reject-AKB0048 script vibe unfortunately. I hope it gets better. I love Macross, and Kawamori. I am not expecting this to be Frontier-status heart turning love triangle unfortunately.

    1. It’s all about finding yourself in the right situation to shine I say. Alto himself wasn’t exactly swimming in greatness at the beginning of Frontier either, so there’s certainly a lot of room to grow here, especially if he ends up signing up as the person who gets tasked with protecting Freyja in the future.

  13. Wow that (unseen from the preview) third dance sequence, shame Hayate got shot down due to some major distraction. Also, that full insert song in the end, quite the earworm.

    Macross Delta has a riot of a starter. Guaranteed for me to be watching this all the way to the end no matter how much of a drop it may have later on.

    1. Hmmm… I’d say when you consider the forward swept wings were used back as far back as Macross Plus and Frontier as well, they’re closer to his previous designs more than anything.

      1. It is not about certain design elements that was used before on other VFs (Forward-swept wing, by itself, is nothing special both in real life and in Marcross). It is the combination of many design elements that makes it a Yukikaze copy.

    2. It’s still the YF-30 Cronos. Excpet they changed the Delta type wings into swept wing design and also swapped out the heavy beam cannon for twin cannons. They still kept the back turret module, but made it modular (Cronos had a missle pod turret) ^_^

  14. Oh my God…“Ikenai Borderline”. The song is so full of sexual innuendo and yet the rhythm sounds so kick-ass. And I’d gladly listen to the full song on repeat. Can’t help but wonder what buff/s that song would give in the next Super Robot Wars game that features this series.

    As I watched this actual first episode of Macross Delta, I just realized what was missing with Aquarion Logos: the spirit of fun.

    In Logos‘ attempt to incorporate its own strange take on the concept/theme of words (“moji”), its presentation ended up rather boring to watch. Maybe because they tried to make it too serious, instead of having fun with it like say, Heavy Object. While Macross Delta‘s take on the idol singer has its own unique weirdness–idol singers with magical girl-like transformations that use music to soothe those infected by the Rage…err…Var Syndrome, its presentation is absolutely fun to watch.

    Anyway, this episode just turned Macross Delta from an anime I’m “cautiously watching” to a “must-watch.” Looking forward to see more of Mikumo (best Walkure so far), and Mirage–mainly because she’s an action girl, not to mention I’m curious of her exact relationship with Millia Fallyna Jenius (Daughter? Granddaughter, even?) and by extension, Macross 7‘s Mylene Flare Jenius. (Sister, perhaps?) Hope nobody gets strangled by the red string, though…

    1. about the “Borderline” music, yes indeed. i hearing it on repeat here, and it still has this “locomotive beat” that drivers keep forward

      like Gangster! and Dimension W OP Music

      The beat keeps pushing you.. (if you let it happen)

      but i admit, i understand…. nothing. But there is something in this.. perhaps the unusually instruments

    1. Still pretty busy here with work and the like, but there’s no way I could miss a series that only comes once nearly every decade. Been eyeing this since it was announced and doubly so after that .89 preview special.

  15. Anyone notice how the var syndrome outbreak was like in macross 2 where the zentradi would go berserk caused by the songtress of the mardukes… besides that it was a fun EP! got goosebumps from the later half of the show!

  16. Not sure right now what i’m more excited about, The fact Macross Delta is here or that Zephyr is back \o/

    WB man

    As far as episode goes, liking the music already, Max’s granddaughter \o/. MC not feeling him muc yet, maybe he’ll grow on me.

    So far i’m liking this 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      And yeah, we’ll see. He’s not exactly the most passionate to start right now, but I mean, he didn’t exactly have a great job he was doing at the time. Jumping into the Valkyrie was a push in the right direction though, and if past series have been any indication, that should be all he needs. Though I guess this time he’ll have more competition than ever with the dozen or so Wind Kingdom + Delta Squadron pilots to battle with.

  17. Did those idols go Sailor Moon or something… That entire scene was a big WTF for me. Transformations, stunts, holograms that turn solid somehow, and can block missiles, magical girl-style, singing right in the middle of a damn battlefield with no concern at all, posing mechas… I can’t remember frontier all that well, but I don’t think it pushed my willing suspension of belief that far. The only thing that made sense was when one of the bad guys had the common sense to shoot at them.

    weird d
    1. @singing right in the middle of a damn battlefield with no concern at all

      That’s Macross for you. I remember Frontier had lots of that. The second movie for example had Ranka and Sheryl singing on a stage on the Vajra Planet while an epic battle was taking place. Sure, a lot of that focus was on Alto..

    2. Well, the holograms aren’t actually turning solid themselves, they’re just 3D projections made by solid levitating shields that serve both as projectors and physical guards.

      For the most part, I’d it’s nothing out of the ordinary really though, especially if you look back at the recent Frontier and its movie counterparts. It’s just more flashy than it was before because of advancements in CG and other techniques at this point. The rest is still the core bit about songs affecting people and influencing the battlefield that we also saw in past ones like Macross 7 when you get down to it.

  18. Ep 02

    I want to talk a bit offtopic

    This City Ragna and the world they are in, reminds me of the WiiU Game xenoblade chronicles x

    Seems like the took some inspiration from the World. it was a nice game, but the GUI was a big downer for me. in time of mobile phones GUIs done with one thumb and gestures, this WiiU GUI was a big downer… But exploring the World was great.. i just played to see and explore new stuff..

    See, this is nothing about the anime, so do not worry

    GUI= Graphic User Interface in short the Menu


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