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OP: 「逆転Winner」 (Gyakuten Winner) by ジャニーズWEST (Johnny’s WEST)


「はじめての逆転」 (Hajimete no Gyakuten)
“The First Turnaround”

It’s like a childhood dream come true. I feel like I’ve been the designated writer to blog all the childhood flashback/remakes lately. It’s definitely a trend and since a lot of these games/anime were such a big part of my younger years, I feel a rush of nostalgia when I’m asked to comment on them. Ace Attorney or Gyakuten Saiban was one of the few games that I was addicted to on my NDS. Actually scratch that – I was addicted to many games – but very few that had a captivating plot like Ace Attorney or Professor Layton! For those of you who haven’t played the game, I highly recommend it because the game play just adds so much more to the experience as opposed to watching it in anime form. Part of the fun of Ace Attorney was being a “lawyer” yourself and trying to spot the holes and gaps in peoples’ tales. The anime doesn’t nearly give that same experience, but it tries and it does include all the same antics and exaggerations that made the game so memorable.

The gameplay for Gyakuten Saiban is actually very simple – which makes the anime very easy to follow initially as well. It’s about a young lawyer that gets his first big case defending his good friend from murder charges. Narahodo Ryuuichi (Kaji Yuuki) (also known as Phoenix Wright) gets his chance to defend his friend, Yahari Masashi (Nara Tooru) from going to jail and does so by challenging the key witness that puts him at the scene of the crime. Our key witness, Yamano Hoshio (Takahashi Shinya) gets cross-examined by both the prosecutor and Ryuuichi – only to stumble on his own testimony. Throughout the episode, Ryuuichi continues to ask Hoshio more questions and countering all his arguments to finally – place Hoshio at the scene of the crime and point him as the murderer. The actual case is rather simple and serves to act as a “tutorial” for the game-players; hence why it’s quite direct. There were parts in the middle and especially at the end that build on the actual underlying story of Gyakuten Saiban. Things like Ryuuichi’s childhood and his relationship with Ayasato Chihiro (Nakamura Chie), whom ends up murdered at the end of the episode. We’ll see more of that next episode so I won’t go too deep into who our main heroine is.

As someone that was a huge fan of the game, I thought the anime was really refreshing to watch. It was like having someone play the game for you; but you’ll always win and there’s no scoring! The downside though – is that half the fun of Ace Attorney was playing the game and actually figuring stuff on your own. Having someone play for you isn’t as fun – plus, as an older and more mature audience member, some of this stuff may be very obvious. The cases do get harder, but keep in mind, the general audience is younger so there’s nothing that’s deeply thought-provoking or psychological. I would say that the most satisfying feeling from the game came from getting everything right in the first try and the anime doesn’t give you that gratification. It kind of just speeds by with things happening one after another.

One thing that I noticed right off the bat too, is the how the anime really shows the “age” of the Ace Attorney game. The game has been around for quite a long time and thus, the art style and character designs look dated. The first game came out in 2001! So while I can see that there might be complaints about the animation and style, this was the original look to the game and they probably didn’t want to change it. The anime has the same crazy over-exaggerations in facial expressions and actions so for anyone complaining, that’s just how the game was looked and felt. About the only thing I wish they did was pause for effect. The memorable Objection! scene went by quickly but it’s exactly like how I remembered it to be. Yes, the episode is rushed but hopefully that’s because people generally played the first part of the game quickly anyway to get to the good stuff. Seeing as the next episode is numbered, maybe the next few trials will take their time. Remember that you’re not a 20-year-old watching this… you’re a 10-year-old. That’s what I had to keep reminding myself when I was blogging Sailor Moon Crystal.

I have no intentions of blogging this show on a weekly basis, but so far, I’m enjoying this adaptation. It’s faithful to the game and even though the animation isn’t updated or as sleek-looking, I feel a lot of nostalgia just seeing the characters again. For new viewers, this might be considered a bit juvenile or dated, but that’s what I warn you that it is intended for younger audiences (it doesn’t air at midnight like most anime!). I’ll certainly be following along to see how well it does and hopefully it’ll encourage other games to be animated as well.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: ACE ATTORNEY!!! Finally gets an anime! #アニメ逆転裁判 Omg it’s like I’m actually playing! Follows the game so on-point! I love it! It’s like watching my childhood come to life


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ED: 「Message」 () by 安田レイ (Yasuda Rei)



  1. I don’t like Yuki Kaji for phoenix’s voice, i mean “Naruhodó”, sounds like a 15 years old boy trying to kill all the titans.
    The animation is sloppy and the CG is awfull…
    I loved the games, so i will continue to watch this, i hope it will get better…

  2. I hate this anime. I played the games and I could care less if it was faithful. Faithful =/= good, faithful just = faithful. The animation is extremely low-budget (especially compared to A1’s recent ERASED), Yuki Kaji is a terrible Phoenix, the jokes/comedy were extremely unfunny, and the pacing is extremely fast.
    Reminds me of Danganronpa’s horrible anime tbh. Phoenix was also wayy to confident. I loved the underdog feeling he got from the first trials — he was nervous and inexperienced but still rose above the occasion, and that characterization resonated throughout the entire first game. I didn’t get a lick of that in this episode. The music was also very disappointing. If it was not a remix, it was boring and unengaging.

    All I can say is I’ll grant it more episodes as this was a tutorial case. But that’s it.

    And Phoenix didn’t even get the toupee to the face, smh.

  3. There were three angles to the “objection” scene. I think that shows how important that catchphrase is. And unmasking the culprit while making him go bald was comedy gold.
    I didn’t think she should have accepted that clock; bad omen there, it’s cursed! D:

    random viewer
  4. My hope is that they would be able to adapt this until the trials and tribulation, because that was just the best of the trilogy, it connect the dots from it all and climaxes it.

  5. > the art style and character designs look dated.

    Well, no. It looks CHEAP, not dated. The whole thing FEELS cheap, as well. Not to mention that a straight transition from game to anime doesnt work. At all.

  6. Well, the dated argument is definitely different from what other people are saying. Honestly, I think it looks poor in quality, especially for it being A-1 pictures. Once again, an anime I am actually excited (I’m looking at you, Shinsekai Yori) for from the company gets shafted in favor for others shows, like The Asterisk War or the Sword Art movie. ~_~ Spread the wealth around, A-1!

    The budget for this show is probably really low since it has the potential to be a long running series as well…

  7. As someone who played the games recently and loved them, I’ve got to say I was really looking forward to this adaptation. I expected the sloppy animation and the juvenile opening was disappointing, but everything else felt great. I got goosebumps when I heard the “Examination” and “Objection” themes (can’t wait for “Cornered” to play).

    I think they did a good job integrating the silly comedic moments when Phoenix (actually the player) screws up (like when he said “let’s all put our heads together and find the contradiction”) with the actual serious moments.

    Bottom line, I know this will be an imperfect adaptation, but the Ace Attorney fanboy in me will keep watching.

  8. I was toing to complain that the anime changed some of these character via cut dialogue… But then realized I don’t know if said dialogue existed in the Japanese game in the first place. Anyways, I felt like especially Larry/Yahari was funnier, or at least funnier kind of annoying, in the games I played.

    Anyways, since I can’t complain about the dialogue, let me say this: I wanted to see the wig thrown at Phoenix/Naruhodo’s face.

    Anyways, seems to be kind ofl azy in terms of animationand such, but the Ace Attorney fan in me will continue watching unless that becomes physically uncomfortable.

    Incidentally, Los Angeles looks like a fun place 😛

  9. I know everyone is saying how faithful this is, but I was disappointed when I didn’t see the epic hair throw. Fans of the game will know what I’m talking about. Actually, I think the problem with this is that it’s so faithful that it loses some of what made the original great. Only some of Pheonix/Naruhodo’s earnest yet bumbling personality came through, though I blame that mostly on Kaji’s performance. Let’s hope they don’t screw up the introduction of best girl next week.

      1. They’ve got the great Yuuki Aoi voicing her. If something goes wrong that’s entirely the staff’s fault.

        The name’s familiar, hmm.

        **checks myanimelist, sees Yagyuu Jubei**

        You know, I’d also be perfectly happy if they’d just put Hyakka Ryouran’s Yagyuu Jubei in her place.

  10. The character designs of the source material are much better than what’s in the anime. If you go through the Phoenix Wright artbooks (the official artbook is HUGE, filled with assets and, well, artwork), the designs are wonderful. This anime is cheap.

    The biggest thing that’s lacking is pressing the witness for more testimony. That’s where half the fun is. My fav quote, from T&T, “the body flew through the air. WOOOSH!” It doesn’t make sense in this format for the witness to repeat the testimony just to include more dialog though. Perhaps in later episodes they’ll incorporate more back & forth in the testimony, but I didn’t feel like they had much room in this episode for more. Although if each case spans several episodes (they should!) there is potential for it.

    I’m disappointed because they’ve lost the charm in favour of a linear anime narrative, and that it’s so cheap. I’ll keep watching because I’m a fan, but right now I can’t imagine a casual viewer would find what makes the series special.

    Remember that you’re not a 20-year-old watching this… you’re a 10-year-old.

    I didn’t play this game when I was 10. I didn’t play it when I was 20 either >_>

    1. And the Layton vs Phoenix Wright then too. It’s a proper Phoenix Wright game with some new added mechanics (it feels like a 2in1). And the prequel… which may not come…

  11. This looks faithful, but it looks lazy. They didn’t even explain about the 3-day limit or how society’s changed or show the wig throw (not showing wat the fans would like to see is terrible).

    About game adaptations, the Takashi Miike’s live action film of the 1st game is really good and it has the wig throw. Just go spoil yourselves if you are not going to play it or did not enjoy this version. 😛

  12. Phoenix will be going places and looking for clues so from now on, it will take longer than one episode for each case. This one was just the tutorial, and for it to last longer than 1 episode…no thanks.

  13. One of the really good parts about this is how it’s been so long, not too many people will be spoiled by the cases anyway.

    This case was cakewalk though. I hope the succeeding cases invest more episodes, and we get one season per game for proper pacing. Looking forward to the investigation phases, especially when we see


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