「傍若無人」 (Boujakubujin)

The Slow Burn Continues:

As with the previous two episodes, this one took its time before getting to the juicy parts – and juicy they were. In a series as outlandish as this, it’s rather brave for Mayoiga to take its time, but I’m not as fussed by it as others seem to be. I’ve read that some are bored or just want things to go crazy, and I want that too, but I’m glad we’re getting to know all these characters before it goes horribly wrong. Which leads onto the other critique I’m seeing – that the characters are unlikeable. Well, duh! Almost everyone in this cast is insufferable, but that just makes the prospect of them getting tortured and killed one-by-one even more entertaining. Perhaps that’s a little sadistic, but it’s exactly what you can expect from this sort of show. In a way, Mayoiga shares similarities with Koutetsujou no Kabaneri; both are made to be entertaining, not compelling or intelligently written. So far I’m having fun with both of them.

Suddenly, Mayhem:

Thankfully, the killings have now begun, and things are getting crazier by the minute. There were so many hilarious scenes littered throughout this episode, whether intentional or not (I’m willing to bet Okada and the staff involved know exactly how ridiculous this all is, and they’re just rolling with it). Whether it’s characters talking about legs being their best features, Lovepon’s obsession with executions, or the group turning on Masaki for no good reason, it’s hard to take any of these characters seriously. I’m sure there are some decent people here, but the assholes are certainly the loudest at this stage. Until they start dropping like flies, we probably won’t know who is genuine within the group, if any.

As I predicted last week, Yottsun is the first to die (thank god for that), with his drowned body drifting by the river at the end of the episode. So who killed him? Clearly he noticed something in the woods, and Mitsumine saw a mysterious (and not so friendly) eye amidst the panic. My prediction is that there is a survivor from the previous inhabitants who perhaps has some animalistic/supernatural qualities. If the theory that the bus driver’s body was taken over last episode is true, then maybe some of the group are already out to destroy what peace remains.

I’d say Hyouketsu and Jack’s drama was probably the most interesting part of the episode. Jack’s brevity has made him a distinctive character and early favourite among viewers, so I’m glad we’re getting more of him this early. I have to admit, I thought all hell was going to be let loose when he picked up the hoe and attacked Hyouketsu, who, for the record, is one of the most insufferable characters. That leads to the group rightfully turning on Jack and locking him underground, but it appears there may be more to his backstory. Still, bullying and actually stabbing or attacking someone is a different story. My diagnosis is the boy is a bit of a psycho.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Speaking of those who aren’t quite right in the head – Lovepon! I think she might be one of my early favourite, if only because of how utterly ridiculous she is. Her obsession with executions is morbid, but I’ve laughed every time she’s forced her way into someone else’s conversation. And to top it all off, she turns on Mitsumine in the final minutes and straight up goes in for the kill. Will she be the next to be ostracized from the group? Her and Jack are perhaps the most interesting characters so far, if only because of how dangerous they appear. Yet it’s clear they’re not the true danger that awaits the group. We’re now down to 29… so who will be the next to be taken out? The couple (whose names I can’t remember nor do I care to) are a good bet. They’re not the worst, but they’re still pretty irritating. Truthfully, we’re spoiled for choice – there’s so many shitty people here whose deaths would be anything but boring. Until next week!



  1. I know I watched every episode feeling kinda angry, but I’m picking this up. I guess they made me care enough to at least see what will happen. You’re right. This show does bring out a bit of my sadistic side. >:D

  2. I predict that soon will be a massacre by the alleged creature or whoever it is to remove most of the cast. At least that’ll help Mayoiga -in what fits- since obviously is costing them carry similar number of fools.

    This is going from bad to worse, but it’ll be interesting to know who’s watching and killing them.

  3. This show is stupid and infuriating to watch but I dunno, there’s just something about watching sheer ridiculousness unfold into a sphere of pure blood. Did that make sense? Of course it didn’t, and so does this show.


    Die everyone, DIE!!!!!! SHINE SHINE SHINE!!!! 死ね死ね死ね!!!!!MWAHAHAHAAHAAHAHA!!!!

    Look at what this show has done… The madness… it’s spreading

    ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ

    Nishizawa Mihashi
  4. Let me preface this buy saying there is no way to spoiler this anime. My theory, wild rambling, utter speculation is this will play out as a ritual sacrifice that has taken place many times in the past. And if that’s not the case….well it still should be fun to watch.

  5. I wouldn’t say ALL of the characters are unlikable as some did show more sense and understanding than others, like Nana…


    (Still one of my favorites for some reason. Is it the hat? I dunno, lol)

    …and even Maimai felt Jack’s treatment was too much. Given the way Jack reacted so surprised towards Mitsumine when he was otherwise completely apathetic to things, I’m guessing the rumor of him being heavily bullied, which ended up pushing him too far and lead to the stabbing incident, was true and that no one bothered trying to stand up for or help him before.

    While I understand members of the group wanting something done after that current incident with Jack, the fact that they now think something should be (extremely) done simply because of that past incident is already showing their hypocrisy since, if they had forgotten, this whole tour was supposed to be about “starting over” (P.S. May include dangerous bears! XD) and with the way things look at the moment, Jack is one of those people who really has a reason to want to start over in that sense. I was bullied quite a bit in later grade school and throughout high school so I know the feeling of just wanting to disappear and “become someone else” who isn’t that victim and just wanting to bury it all.

    And while I also feel bad for Valkana and what happened to him, at the same time, to try to say that he was “thrown away by SOCIETY” when it was merely the ass-covering bigwigs of the company he worked for is a bit much, and his acting like a complete asshole to everyone isn’t really warranted or helping.

  6. Nope nope this show is so bad. I think this show is a social experiment from Mari Okada who’s testing how easily you can turn a human sadistic when you present them with the worst set of characters in a loooooooooong time. Depending on who you ask this is the worst show this season or the most fun, but those who think it’s actually good rather than fun probably belongs in that village.

    “My diagnosis is that this boy is a bit of a psycho.”
    Good point.

    Personally my favorite characters is cat lady. When she called Jack furrifying it gave me life.

    1. You mean Nanko, the slightly older woman with the denim jacket who played the role of detective last week? She’s EASILY the most sane and level-headed one there. I hope she remains that way while everyone else loses their shit in the weeks to come.

      1. Something tells me that saniity id going to be a luxury in the incoming weeks, like a domino effect, all you have to do is take out one for the line to crumble. Right now I don´t it´s important who killed Yottsun, the point is that someone died and if the group was already paranoid with him just being missing just imagine what they will do with a murderer among them, can´t wait.

        P.S.: You´re right Samu-san, this show brings out the saditic bastard in me.

    2. I like her, too. So many of the others are so pitiable or weird. She hasn’t done anything strange or cruel. Of course, she said “famous detective,” so is she delusional? Or is that a for real?

  7. Great… whoever lured them here – be it doomsday sect (Jonestown…) mafia, evil corporation (Blood-C), secret services or military (Higurashi)- not excluding more exotic choices like vampirea (Shiki) and aliens – is not really needed as they started attacking each other almost immediately…
    2 attempted murders and one dead body already
    “it’s all fun and games until someone dies, then it’s getting hilarious”
    pass the popcorn, folks, let the baka games commence!

    1. Or it could be the one invited them is someone from the group and he/she instigate and provoke unrest from the inside and just LOL-ing when everyone bickering at each other?

    1. I guess because the cast is quite large and it’s early in the series? I mean they managed to flesh out maimai (initially looks like a bitch, but turns out she’s just having love trouble), this episode lovepon (they give us a hint that her “Execution!” antics have some more backstory that probably will be fleshed out later), the always angry one turns out to be a guy whose too nice to put the blame on other people so he’s the one getting the short end of stick. My only concern is that it will take too much time to flesh out the whole cast unless some of less important characters are killed off early like yottsun.

    2. They’re all one-note characters because there’s too many of them right now, and they all need that ‘something’ to make them stand out – and it works for a lot of them. As the group narrows down I’m sure a select handful of survivors will get most of the development.

  8. I thought from episode 1 that they are all dead and this is a ride to some sort of hell or testing ground for reincarnation or purgatory type thing. (I suppose it could be a reality show using nutjobs or some psychological/gov’t experiment, too). But I’m going with DEAD. That first episode had soooo many references to death and torture (even in the hippo song) that it was over the top. The girl with the assault weapon didn’t get an eye batted at her, even when she said people got mad at you for shooting them. The couple seem to me to be a lover’s suicide type thing. Lovepon seems to have been killed by some criminal who was “Helped” (psych? paroled?) in some way. Or that she helped and it turned on her.

    Mitsumune is probably not Misumune (he began to weep when that named was talked about in episode one). I think his black-haired friend is imaginary (Lion girl mentioned his long monologue). No one interacts with Speedstar other than Mitsumune. No one. Not once. And Mitsumune introduced himself right before Speedstar, and I take it as Mitsumune having said those lines AS Speedstar. His flashback where he seems to have a fall from a bridge and then in the hospital in TWO beds (double personality?) says something. I think he’s dead, too. The fact that the board has both names (Speedstar and Hayato) doesn’t mean Speedstar is real. It could be that they are humoring the guy who talks to “Speedstar” like he’s real.

    Yottsun and others refer to terms about leaving their life, cutting the threads. All could mean starting over. But they could as easily refer to dying. Even the bus driver talks about leaving his life and he tries to kill everyone. Perhaps he died doing just that–driving his bus off a cliff due to the stresses of poverty and separation from family. No egg for him.

    Sick boy could have died from his illness. Jack from some wild reaction to bullying (a mass attack where adults killed him?) He mentions how adults can’t be trusted. They’re kind to you and then kill you. He didn’t say arrest or hurt. He said KILL.

    The tour guide gal who went ahead comes out of the mist all spooky singing a song about tearing out evil eyes and ripping limbs. A nursery rhyme? Yeah, sure.

    I’m convinced all these people are dead and this is some sort of afterlife thing going on. Perhaps they are being given a chance to atone or self-realize, and as soon as they do something evil (Yottsun’s attempted rape), they are taken out. One by one.

    Lovepon tried to kill Mitsumune. Let’s see if there’s a cost to that. Ditto for Jack.

    1. To put it more simply, sort of like the afterlife in Angel Beats with a bit of Death Parade, only a lot darker? lol (And that the reason the village is empty now is because the previous group either moved on and/or were sent to purgatory or something)

    2. Your theory about Speedstar is interesting, although I hope that he is not imaginative friend and has interesting motives for being so overprotective. Why would Lion ask if they’re couple? Why would she be so ‘kind’ to tolerate his double personality? Although it’s still weird that Speedstar still haven’t talked to anyone.

    3. There are a few things that argue for Speedstar being real: hi name on the board, the announcer-mic guide referring to Speedstar, and Lion asking about if they are “like that” and strange for two boys to be on the tour. (And there is a double-meaning to two guys being on the tour, especially if she means since he’s only ONE.)

      I think they can be explained away pretty easily. Lion is fascinating, because she has her eye on him all through episode 1. Sitting behind. Kicking the chair. Peeking between the chairs. Walking behind him as they file out of the bus toward the village. I think Lion is onto him. She hears him always talking to himself as if there is someone there. And I think her interrogation on the walk is part to figure out what is going on there. Does he really believe there’s another person. Notice she doesn’t say anything while Speedstar is walking beside him. She talks and Speedstar’s gone. She only addresses “Mitsumune.”

      The board as Mitsumune’s name added to the last group, next to last name. Could be he wrote Speedstar (he refers to Mitsumune/Speedstar as Speedstar on the bus). Then Mitsumune may have said add me, too. That’s one possibility.

      I could be wrong, but I kept waiting for someone to interact with Speedstar. No one but Mitsumune really does talk TO him or do something with him other than Speedstar.

  9. Oh, and as far as the floating body at the end. Yeah, Yottsu. But I think the eye in the forest was his. Koharu sang that weird song (when the bells rang and she came out of the mist to greet the bus passengers) about “tearing out” the evil eye and ripping limbs. I think Yottsu got his “evil eye” torn out. He’s floating face-down in that river. Let’s see when they turn him over. But that’s my guess about the weird eye. It’s Yottsu’s–removed and tossed into the bushes/trees. There are gonna be limbs torn off coming up if that nursery rhyme is prophetic.

  10. LOVEPON best girl! Execute everyone!!
    Valkana’s story about the software company pushing blame was so real it hurts.
    I’m actually most annoyed by Speedstar interrupting Mitsumune.

  11. 95% of the cast needs Jesus. The lady who received the email and fat detective-chan seem to be the most sane. Btw I liked angry guy’s backstory, although in the present situation there’s no reason anyone would blame him for anything.

    1. Nanko is definitely the most sane of them all, agreed. As for that backstory, I would have cared more if he didn’t imminently grab her by the neck and threaten her like that. Dude was an ass last week, and he’s even more of an ass this time around. Though I’m pretty confident he’ll be one of the few to make it to the end.

      1. Just in case to know, the researcher lady’s name is Koharun and fat-lady PI is Nanko
        (if I’m not mistaken).

        Well other sane-but-creepy-yet-likable characters (so far in my opinion) are Hayato, Lion, Jack, and Koharun (though she could just be a researcher and nothing more unless…)

        And for Valkana, I don’t think he’ll die that easily, and I’m guessing that if you look at ANN’s encyclopedia of this anime, the second box consists of his name, so hence he might survive until ep 11. Of course it’s hard to like him and his reasons of being like this, but so far speculating he’ll survive longer. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=18052

        As for Yottsun, I’m glad hehas “drowned” though I’m confused on why the next episode title is named “Yottsun’s Drowning”? Is it an investigation on why he drowned/ended up in that river?


        Probably his killer is someone he recognizes when he saw the killer in the woods, asking

        “Why (are you) here?”

        Richie Kim
  12. I skipped though most of the episode, pointless arguing, blah blah blah blah, one more episode of literally nothing but drama happening and I’m dropping this, i don’t need more teen drama in my anime.

  13. Valhana mentions scapegoat. That’s an interesting thing to bring up if anyone knows what a real scapegoat is. Added to all the torture devices mentioned, to death continually mentioned, to violent terms continually used, to the Twilight Zone feel of that bus ride, to the two violent songs/nursery rhymes (hippo song/eye-limb sone), to Lovepons nearly uttering “execution” with every breath. And now scapegoat. He doesn’t want to be a scapegoat again.

    Scapegoats carried the sins of a community into the wilderness, with the expectation it will die with the sins upon him.

    They are in the wilderness. They are starting to die.

    Yep. Interesting term to throw in with modern and ancient meanings, and the ancient one seems to really resonate here.

  14. I don’t really get the gripe about the characters being unlikable. I mean, they can’t all be likable AND be trying to start a new life–which is in itself just running away for most of them. I honestly don’t even think anyone is insufferable. We even see a new side of Valk in this episode to show that he’s not just an irritable dude, but clearly has developed some trust issues due to his past. Sure everyone has aspects that can tick you off, but that’s what makes it interesting to see how this volatile group of people tries to survive whatever the fuck is going on in the village.

    As far as the whole Masaki deal with Yottsun, My current hypothesis would be that he probably tried to get in her pants and she accidentally killed him. Maybe that is his eye we see in the bushes? Not sure about that yet. I’m gonna guess, since we don’t see Masaki after she just leaves during the housing situation, that she went to clean up any evidence of Yottsun’s death and we end up seeing him floating in the river because that’s the only way she could think of to dispose of him.

    1. The way she is bruised and her clothing torn argues for his doing something to her–unless she was totally a klutz running out of the forest and snagged on every bush and branch!

      However, we only have HER side of the story. I’m going to assume every single person is an unreliable narrator to a degree–low or high. Masaki admits people always say she’s strange. So, she’s probably pretty damn unreliable and how she describes the scene may be a big ole lie. Everyone’s backstory told from their POV is probably not to be wholly trusted. Too many head cases and likely murderers to trust how they describe their lives. I mean, look at how Mitsumune read his suicide letter, as if his life were happy. We know it was NOT. His memories include bullying and some strange injury/fall as if he were running away from something/someone, then split in two in the hospital.

      I’ll assume that we gotta go with unreliable narrators.

  15. I liked this episode a lot. The lunch scene was very nice. It was fun to see them warming up to each other. Valks development was also a big plus for me like him a lot more now. I do not mean his background story which was ok, but him being the one who acts while others hesitate and acting mostly in the right way.

  16. wow starting to totally love this anime, its full of crackpots psycho characters!
    that being said, while I was watching ep3 I had this feeling that probably Masaki could just be the crack-iest of them all.
    She might actually be the one that kill off the rapper dude. She gave me this vibe of a female psycho who uses her sexual charms, or innocence to catch her victims off guard.

  17. I was watching LOVE SONG (J-drama) and the translation of a song the girl was singing had the word “yottsu.” I didn’t know it meant “four.” Considering that’s the number of death (assuming all the references in manga that I’ve seen that four/yon/shi/etc is associated with death).

    Huh. Well, just thought that was interesting. If that body is Yottsu ,his name was kinda a clue in a way.


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