OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「バイバイ YESTERDAY」 (Baibai Yesterday) by 3年E組 うた担 [渚&業&茅野&磯貝&前原] (Sannen E-Gumi Utatan [Nagisa & Karma & Kayano & Isogai & Maehara])

「告白の時間」 (Kokuhaku no Jikan)
“Confession Time”

After an entire cour of build up and a one week delay, AssClass has finally upped the ante and is getting serious!


Before I say anything about the girl who nearly killed Koro-sensei, can I express just how happy I was to see my one true pair actually appear? Ever since the beginning of the series, I’ve been rooting for a Nagisa x Kaede pairing. Not only are they pretty unique in comparison to the rest of the class, but I’ve always felt this special link between the two. Sure, you could say that it was all Kayano’s acting, but there’s no denying she enjoyed that kiss from Nagisa and she was blushing pretty strongly when Nagisa addressed her after their romantic moment.

Getting back on topic though, it was nice to see Kayano return to the class without any serious problems from the tentacles. She’s probably one of the few female characters who I just don’t think I could watch this show without, ya know?

Koro-sensei’s Past

After complaining episode after episode, we finally got to take a peek into Koro-sensei’s past – and boy it didn’t disappoint. Starting with the beginning, who would have thought he was the true number one assassin able to kill anyone in the world known as the Reaper? A fact that seemed a little ridiculous at first, but started to make more sense the more I thought about it. I mean, how else could have Koro-sensei managed to avoid all those assassination attempts? With speed and his personality alone, I’m sure he would have tripped up by now. But with the knowledge of a true assassin, it all really starts to come together.

That said, who would have guessed his power and speed comes from antimatter? Or I suppose the creation of antimatter and how it’s tied to his cells and how they reproduce? Honestly, it sounds a bit ridiculous (since it probably is), but there is a certain cool factor involved that makes Koro-sensei look like the coolest science project ever.

Looking Ahead

With the story finally focusing on Koro-sensei’s past, it looks like we’re about to get a good look into just what changed him from the number one assassin into the best teacher Kunugigaoka has ever seen. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where I have this odd feeling we’re going to need some tissues.

See you later!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「また君に会える日」 (Mata Kimi ni Aeru Hi) by 宮脇詩音 (Miyawaki Shion)

End Card


  1. I loved this episode so much and now for the first time I am starting to really worry for Kuro-sensei, I even love his human form =) I officially can’t see octopus-san anymore xD

    It made sense to me. As far as me reading ‘last season’ every where on the opening, I was wondering if they will ever show what the face-less assassin meant when he said ‘someone had killed his father’ but they never really show who that person was, and bam, IT WAS KURO-SENSEI WAS IT? Now I definitely have to look at that episode and find clues!

    Ty for your review!

  2. I dont think the previous cour was bad there hints / lessons and you say wow when it happens.I think it’s one of the better mangas and a very good adaptation at that To see the backstory animated was great .I am in awe / sad of Aguri such a great person, But Koro was giving her lessons in subjects.

    I am not upset with you the author is doing one of the best set ups ever! Patience will pay off

    THE OP has something interesting The lyrics of both fit the story so cool.

    Why I said this the manga ( from author Yusei Matsu ) is up for an Eisner reward for best International Print North America./ Basically Oscars for comics / print.Eisner was a comic book pioneer before Stan Lee was heard of . So somebody likes the story as only 5 get noimnated for a category.

    Oh brace yourself more is coming!

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I personally enjoyed the previous cour.

      But, after 13 episodes, I would have liked a better bone than the mini shinigami-arc, ya know?

      This new opening though, god, it’s so good.

  3. When we had the break last week, I thought that was it – the worst cliffhanger ever. Glad it was just a short break!

    I’ve also been rooting for a Nagisa x Kaede/Kayano pairing, so that kiss was perfect. Let’s see more of that, please?, Lerche.

    1. KF
  4. That kiss reminded me of the one in Prison School, with Kiyoshi and Hana. I can’t believe Nagisa he even frenched her. lol

    Looking forward to the rest of the backstory. I wasn’t expecting Koro-sensei to be that evil in the past.

    New OP is great, btw.

  5. … and I am the only one who is not that happy with how Koro-Sensei’s past is revealed and is actually happy with the episodic offerings of this series. At least, Kayano’s arc was something I liked in this series.

    Yeah, it’s about time to venture the main plot.

  6. It too bad they didn’t included Chiba and Hayami reaction to the kiss. Oh regarding identity of the hooded person next to Shiro,Show Spoiler ▼


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