「衝撃 デビューステージ」 (Shogeki Debyu Suteji)
“Shocking Debut Stage”

It’s been said that a candle that burns twice as bright also burns twice as fast, and if there’s one major revelation that trumps almost everything this week, it’s the apparent lifespan of the Windermeres. With an average lifespan of just 30 years, they’re literally burning away their lives in exchange for their unique abilities, and quite interesting how they’re choosing to utilize their already short lives to wage war on the New Unified Government (that was a pretty flashy declaration though).

One would think that they’re trying to make use of their innate abilities and their Vars inflicting relic while they have the chance (Heinz doesn’t seem to have much time/energy left), but given the enormity of the organization they’re trying to fight and the fact they’ll have to outlast an enemy whose lifespans are likely twice that of their own, it makes you wonder what exactly the purpose of their fight is. Is it really just for the sake of a grudge? Or could they know that their time is almost up and they’re attempting to leave their mark before they go the way of the dinosaurs? Or is it the first in a series of steps to try an obtain something that could grant them salvation from their way of life and shortened life span?

This week leaves one with a multitude of questions regarding our mysterious Kingdom of the Wind (and their fancy logo), and it must be said that for all their supposed disadvantages in regards to a prolonged war and lifespan, they do seem to have a very telling advantage for the time being. Currently, the only defense against the Windermere’s relic and the Var Syndrome lies with the Walkure and their song, and given that they have to physically be at a location to counter its effects means that they can only defend one specific place at a time. The fact they can make a locale immune (temporarily?) to the Syndrome and its effects certainly help, but they’re essentially forced to broadcast their location every time they go to a location, and it makes both them and the Delta Squadron easy targets no matter where they go. Add in the fact that 3 of the 5 members seem unable to sing without amplifiers mean that even the Walkure are heavily reliant on Mikomo and Freyja (a newcomer whose weaknesses were readily apparent this week), and things aren’t looking too great in terms of a tactical perspective, especially when you consider how strongly Messer seemed to react to the relic and its Var Syndrome effects. The latter is a disaster waiting to happen, and Jenius’ hesitation at shooting at allies when needed could prove exceptionally costly.

With that said, this was a debut concert fitting of the franchise and its history, and while you knew it was going to get interrupted at some point, what we received was the visual eye candy we’ve come to expect from more recent Macross iterations. The recycled transformation scenes and the slightly strange cuts in the songs to fit the episode lowered its impact a bit, but we had some trademark klutz moments from Freyja to set the stage, heartwarming moments between Hayate and Freyja prior to the concert, and a bunch of scenes with the VF-31 in all three modes to even things up. We even got the SV-252’s transformation to boot, and while it wasn’t the strongest of concerts (it was more reminiscent of things from AKB0048 more than anything), it gave us plenty to think about—especially the potentially depressing ending that could await Hayate and Freyja should they turn out more than just friends. What I’m personally dying to know though, is who the Earthling is that visited Windermere and led her on this path in the first place, and I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



  1. I loved the moment where Freyja recalled Minmay, Fire Bomber, Sheryl, and Ranka (but she forgot/neglected to mention Sharon Apple, LOL) – that really put a smile to my face.

    Also, what the hell is Mikumo doing, naked, doing philosophy talk, outside on cold evenings? Is she some sort of exhibitionist? XD

    Now that the Kingdom of Wind has declared war on the Pan-galactic Civilization, this puts Freyja in a tight spot, if some people put two and two together. On the warmongering Windermere-faction, she’ll be seen as a “traitor” to their cause, while some on the NUNS side may see her as a potential threat/spy/what-have-you.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Maybe the reason why Sharon Apple isn’t included is that “it” almost started a war (and there’s little about what Myung did after the Sharon Apple Incident, so she doesn’t count), while the legendary singers did stopped wars.

    2. I’ll say Mikumo’s certainly someone who goes by her own pace, haha.

      And you know, it’s a very interesting that they omitted Sharon Apple here, because they actually did include her in the roll call in the first Macross Frontier movie right after Lynn Minmay.

      Bit odd, but I guess the Earthling didn’t like Information High too much? I’d say it’d make sense if Isamu was the one who visited, but he didn’t grow up on Earth, last I remember.

  2. So I think I was right. The Macross fleet that landed on Windermere , that government was overthrown but they still payed lip service to U.N Spacy. You know, spread out for mutual defense. Obviously a lot of the human and zentradi of the Windemere Fleet feel the same. The proof was that old man that was shown.

    I think Winderemere was more an agricultural world with harsh winters and the Macross Fleet uplift them. That might have been a mistake or not, we’ll see.

    Now I think maybe the reason why the people of Windemere had a revolution was because they had those tentacles as fold receptors. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out the the Government on Windermere was performing experiment on the Windermere people. We seen frontier and 7 we know how shady these fleets can get. After the Vajra war think, talking into the fold like that seem to be a new thing that NUNS would want to examine.

    It would also make sense why Windermere attacked and declared war on them.

    AS for who I think gave Freja the song thing. Maybe Alto. IN flashback Freya appear to be clutching that recording and looking up at something massive with fire all around it. At the end of Sayanora no Tsubasa, Alto disappear with the Vajra queen as she literally folded someplace else.

    That would explains things in my opinion.

    Of course there no chance of it but hey, it’s a theory.

    On another note, anyone else thing Zentradi are the best fanboys? And that the Zentradi commander remind you of Breetai?

    1. I’m not quite sure if the Macross Fleet did land there per se. All we’ve gotten so far is confirmation that things have been in flux with the Windermeres for a while.

      Seems more like the Macross fleet avoids them more than anything.

      1. At the beginning of Episode 1 they showed the Ragna fleet and the WIndermere fleet traveling together like how Galaxy and Frontier was for a while. Then they landed on seperated planets. I am all but certain that the Windermere fleet uplifted the Windermere people.

    2. I think it’s great fun that the arch enemy here is an anime analog for Sweden (probably during the 17th century, when Sweden began its brief period of attempting to conquer Europe after its 16 year old king inherited the throne…). Other clues: the cold climate, the fact that the Windermere fighters are all based on modern Swedish designs…

  3. With Freyja introducing herself as coming from Windermere and her home suddenly declaring war, here’s hoping it won’t be the start of a hate campaign against Walkure’s newest member. And Mikumo going out alone at night wearing nothing…that just adds more to her Mysterious Venus image.

    1. I don´t know about the rest of the races in the galaxy but humans in particular have a very nasty record conserning discirmination at times of war, poor Freyja is going to have it rough from the very start.

  4. Perhaps Mikumo is related to the chick singing naked in macross zero.
    Also kind of saddening Freyja will only live to 30, although there will probably be a plot twist there.

  5. I really wonder about the Windermeres declaring war. They are basically going up against the united federation of planets from all the known systems. As advanced as they may be, that is still probably hundreds of races against one. Back during the Frontier movie, we saw part of the entire FLEET of Battle Macross that they can assemble. Not just the millions of VF fighters from every planet, but thousands of gargantuan transformable battle cruisers that can wipe out waves of enemy with one shot of the Macross cannon. The full force of that fleet can probably reduce the entire Windermere planet to dust in seconds.

    On another note, I predict that Messer will fall under the influence of the Var syndrome. Kaname will then break him free of the control, and they will finally admit their love for each other. I like the beta couples a lot too, and I would love to see Kaname get some more screen time and shine on her own.

    1. I believe you over estimate the NUNS’s military capabilities. They don’t have hundreds of races and only four known races that are in their alliance. The individual Macross fleets and colonies also are autonomous and do not answer to the NUNS. Though they have Zentradi factories at their disposal they still can’t produce that many Battle Macross class ships as they usually restricted to one per fleet. They don’t have millions of VFs either and probably several hundred thousands of them at most combined with a majority are using older and mass production models like the VF-171.

    2. I don’t think the Windermeres are technologically advanced. They are after all using an Earth designed fighter. The SV designation goes way back before the war with the Zentraedis. But they do seem to have more knowledge about fold space, and obviously the Var syndrome.

      Regarding Kaname, reading another post bellow, it seems to have the potential of another triangle in the making. Not shipping her with anyone yet though. XD

      1. Just because the SV-51 was designed during the Unification Wars it doesn’t mean the the SV-262 Draken III or Windemere is not advanced. As we’ve already seen they can go toe-to-toe with the VF-31 the latest model. They’re would be a lot technology for them to steal and adapt from Earth’s as they were a colony for quite a long time. The fold relics they have are probably probably excavated from Windemere left by the Protoculture which is why its transcends throughout the galaxy.

      2. @Bystander
        I didn’t really meant that they are not advanced, just not more advanced than earth. My wording was a bit off it seems. I also think those planes are legitimate models, since AFAIK most or all of the VF series didn’t come from the company that created the SV-51. I was under the assumption it went bankrupt after the war with the Zendtradi. No major orders for a few decades means a real need for cash.

    3. I wonder about that as well, in the past series the good guys were up aginst hostile races that wanted to erased their existance from the face of the galaxy but the windemer seem a bit different, they´re not a proud warrior that cannot undertand anything besides war like the Zentradi used to be, thay´re not at all like the proto devlins and comunication is not an issu as it was with the Vjira; they hate us in particular for some reason but regarless of that reason I have to say the´re quite the bastards, unleashing the Var Symdrom upon the galaxy and killing countless people from god knows how may races is pure insanity! Just imagine if they manage to use that relic to affect the entire galaxy, they could kill billons of people in minutes!.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Macross%20Delta/Macross%20Delta%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2023.jpg

    Mikumo isn’t afraid of minor inconveniences like incoming missiles and explosions. The show must go on!

    Even if you factor that humans live longer that the Windermere (also Zentradi have even LONGER lifespans than regular humans) NUNS has survived a Zentradi holocaust, the Protodevlin and swarms of Giant Space bugs. I’m going to go out of the limb to guess that prolonged war is NOT the Aerial Knights endgame because they are one planet against a galaxy spanning force.

    Speaking of the Aerial Knights, the Draken’s Batroid form is pretty sexy. I especially dig the shields with emblems.

    1. And then you realize that the shield is the unfolded tail vertical stabilizer.

      That is absolutely nuts! Without the stabilizer, the fighter mode is basically crippled in flight. Why would you put one of the most important parts of the jet as the part that is meant to take damage?!

      1. The Draken is likely a design capable of flying without the vertical stabilizer: hell, we already have flying IRL designs without them, like the B-2 Spirit (more popularly known as the Stealth Bomber), or the X-47B. The stabilizer is most likely there as a redundancy, providing aerodynamic stability when it’s there, but not something the airframe actually needs to fly.

    2. If Macross has something to boast about besides awesome music, transformable planes and love triangles is that humans are tough as hell!. The galaxy has throw all the crap that we couldn´t even imagine and we are still here!.

      What worries me is not the numbers or skill of the Wirdemeres, that´s meaningless if all the fighting force in the galaxy rains upon them and that´s what might happen now that there´s a clear connection between this bastards and the worst pandemic of the galaxy; it´s that relic what worries me, just imagine if they could unleash it´s powers in many worlds at the same time, they could erased countless civilizations.

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  7. Incidentally, from what I’ve heard, there are hints of a secondary triangle between Arad and Messer over Kaname. This episode, at the very least, has some bridge bunnies gossiping about how Arad and Kaname should just go out already. I find this kind of interesting, as the main trio doesn’t seem to have moved to a romantic angle yet (at least, not outright).

    I admit though, I kind of wish we’d get a reference to Macross 30, given how the VF-31 Siegfried is based on YF-30 Chronos (and probably named after its pilot, Leon “Siegfried 1” Sakaki), but Freyja only mentioning Minmei, Fire Bomber, Sheryl and Ranka kind of makes that seem highly unlikely.

    1. That would make sense as an ultimate contributor to Messer going bonkers, given that Kaname doesn’t seem to recognize him as a potential romantic interest at the moment. Could be the moment that clues in Kaname to everything and makes it interesting though.

      And as for a reference to Macross 30, I wonder. IIRC, there were all sorts of time travel shenanigans with that, could be tricky if they mentioned it.

  8. I still find Hayate annoying in this episode due to his insubordination (breaking formation – nearly crashing into Mirage in the process – to dance in his Valkyrie) and lack of common sense (not wearing his helmet like he’s supposed to). Hope he learns to be serious sooner than later.

    The episode was great as always and the declaration of war in the end was a surprise. I’m eager to see what happens next.

    1. While I agree with a lot of what you say, though I like Hayate, the Walkure girls that worked on his Valkyrie said he didn’t have to wear his helmet, probably because he’d be able to hear the music and see the dancing better without it. Which apparently helps him fly better.

  9. Easy, they have short lifetime….

    So, for their do not die out. What they need the most? Show Spoiler ▼

    is this the real cause of this all? if yes. its very instinct driven and cheap then

    aka like the nature of Birds…Pretty male birds singing to get a Show Spoiler ▼

  10. I LOL-ed when our rookie Walkure fell down, and in a trope subversion it became obvious the uniform has built-in panty-shot protection…
    30 years lifespan is harsh… I assume early marriages are norm to use to the max all the fertility potential.
    I wonder what is the grudge of the Windermere governemnt (if not all citizens) against Earth-centered “Federation” and its culture?
    anyway that was one grandiose style declaration of war… if a little late…

    1. I believe it was mentioned in the manga that it was rare for a windermere to be unmarried at 14. Freyja’s a rare case. Also her fiance actually helped her escape the planet. Anyway, the music player was probably given to her by a previous character. I think Alto or possibly, Basara.

    1. What does her lifespan being common knowledge have to do with her lying?

      If anything, that she’s not going to live much longer beyond 30 makes her story more believable: others can afford waiting, but if she has a chance to leave the planet and pursue her dreams, she must take it or risk losing it forever.

  11. I’m so pleasantly surprised by how good Delta is turning out to be. Seriously, the preview had me scared, but this show has it’s shit together. Delta also does something that none of the previous series have done wich is make me root for both the love interests. Seriously, despite being in the Mirage camp, I’m loving Freya just as much. There will only be suffering in the end (and I’m afraid Freya will actually die by the end of the series because she gives all her “energy” singing in the series).

    The next couple of weeks are going to be great.

      1. To be honest I don´t Freyja is going to be the one to die at the end, it´s would too predictable after the revelation of her race´s lifespan. Mikumo in the other hand doesn´t strike as someone who going to make it all the way to the end.

        P.S.: I´m rooting for Mirage as well.

  12. https://randomc.net/image/Macross%20Delta/Macross%20Delta%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2014.jpg
    Perhaps all we see here on the picture (except the girl in the middle) are somehow mixed bloodlines Humans with windermeres. Because they where looking for this special power, some episodes ago

    Also i think, when this virus is taking its toll, then they somehow get a bit life energy from him. So in a strange why they are Space Vampires. Also a bit Aquarion vibes are here and there. “an dying world…”

    or they feed up or life from other races despair and blood lust. So peace is their enemy, they need War for living (that sound more reasonable)

    1. No. Anima Spiritia or Space-Time Resonance Ability or Fold Receptor Factor has been around since Macross 7. In the past primitive Humans had the ability till the Protoculture the precursor race of all humanoid races, nerfed that ability in most Humans with some bloodlines having them like the Nomes. With musical inclination Zentradi hybrids like Mylene and Emilia Jenius have that ability. Due to the nerfing Humans need a technological assistance with Song Energy Converters aka Fold Amps. However certain individuals such as Basara and Sara Nome don’t need it as their factor ability is so strong. Mikumo and Freyja are of similar strength in ability. Like with Basara and Mylene they can increase each others output singing together. Sheryl and Ranka has the ability due to the V-type Fold Bacillus that is inside their bodies emitting Fold Waves. Song Energy which are positive Fold Waves has been shown to heal and break mind control before.

      I can only surmise Heinz emitting negative Fold Waves allow mind control of Sub-Protoculture races but at the cost of his body’s health.

  13. Man, I can’t get behind this series. I can’t end up liking the two MCs at all. Feels like it trying its damnedest to channel AKB0048, but the idols aren’t nearly as likable or interesting. The mechs are the best part of this but the amazing flying yaoi slashfic brigade sucks any enjoyment I had from it. Ugh, don’t get me started on the derpy tentacles. Someone call the Ordo Hereticus! Enjoy guys.


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