“When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play Mischief”

「鬼のいぬ間に悪だくみ」 (Oni no Inu Ma ni Warudakumi)

Mayoiga is Genuinely Good:

While plenty of Mayoiga’s episodes could be classed as “so bad it’s good”, this episode was great, plain and simple – it worked both as a compelling thriller and self-aware comedy. I would even go as far as saying this was one of the better episodes from this entire season (and what a season it has been). Online reactions to Mayoiga are often way more negative than I think is deserved, but when I noticed this episode was getting a positive reception, I was excited to see why that was. And now it’s obvious: because it was great! I’ll say it a third time just for good measure: this episode was great! The directing was strong and the intentions of the series are shining through; this is not a badly written anime by any means. That may seem like an utterly stupid thing to say, but after the past few weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t write something like this by accident. You can make all the Okada Mari jokes you want, but she and Mizushima are being very smart here. Every absurd or unlikeable character? Every crass line of dialogue or cheesy gag? Every laugh out loud moment when things should be taken more seriously? All intentional. Whether you’re laughing, exasperated, or downright confused, it’s becoming clear that the staff behind Mayoiga know exactly what they are doing, and they deserve way more credit than they’re getting.

The reason why this episode was a such a success was that it finally started getting serious, without taking itself serious. That’s the very important distinction here. After what could be considered too long, we’re seeing anarchy break out and some real horrific things are happening. No one is getting stabbed through the face by umbrellas or going on a murder spree, but it doesn’t feel like we’re far from it, and the build-up to that eventual chaos is oh so sweet. Not only that, but Mitsumune’s backstory was handled very well – better than any that were shown last week. It’s not surprising that he gets the extra time, since he is the main character. And finally I can see him as the lead of this ensemble cast. The history with his deceased brother was hinted in the first episode but I didn’t see anyone guess it correctly (but if you did call it, feel free to take credit).

Now that we know he basically took over the name and role of his brother after he died, all the quirks, flaws, and annoyances of his character begin to make sense. For the first time, him getting flustered over being near/talking to/holding hands with a girl made me smile rather than roll my eyes. But even with something serious backing our main character up, it doesn’t detract from the silliness that resonates in every passing scene. Though if you’re not a fan of the style of Mayoiga’s storytelling, or how little it takes itself seriously most of the time, I can’t imagine you’ll ever be pleased with what we’re getting.

The Witch Hunt:

The latter part of the episode presented us with a literal witch hunt, as our idiotic characters assumed that Masaki must be a ghost (not a monster!), that she may have psychological abilities, that even if she bleeds she is a still not a real person, and that anyone who questions the burning of this girl should just “go with the flow”. In a less self-aware show, all of this nonsense would be unbearable, yet it’s the opposite here. I was grinning through most of this scene, up until the tension started to get real, as Mitsumune showed up, proved he had some balls, and things felt as devastating as they should be. Lovepon may have been puking while preparing for her must awaited execution order, but this final scene left me shocked over how exhilarating it was. And to end on a cliffhanger once again? Gah, Mayoiga, I love you, but I also hate you sometimes. Although not in the way that many others seem to. I just want to be able to binge watch this thing in the space of a few hours rather than waiting for a new episode every week.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Easily the best episode yet. It was the funniest, more absurd, best directed, and most thrilling up until now. This feels like the true turning point of the series – the moment we’ve been slowly (very slowly) building up to. Next week’s preview gives almost nothing away, so there’s no way of guessing what Masaki is going to reveal and how that will affect the group. All I know is I cannot wait to watch the next episode, perhaps more than any other show this season.

P.S. Nanko is once again proving she is the most sensible, likeable, level-headed individual person in the cast. It doesn’t take much, mind you, but her straight forward approach to doing the correct things while everyone else is running around screaming absolute mayhem is another hilarious contrast that I can’t help but love. It’s funny that Nanko and Lovepon are probably my favourite characters, yet are the yin and yang of one another in just about every conceivable way. Look what you’ve managed, Mayoiga!



  1. https://randomc.net/image/Mayoiga/Mayoiga%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    Oh cute and cuddly penguin. Why must you diss us with sad stories of crappy childhood

    I felt really bad for Mitsumune in this, and I can actually understand what he’s going through. To him, his brother was always the favourite in his mother’s eyes, and in a way the stuffed penguin served as a void for Mitsumune to fill in place for the very thing he craved for but can never get. And for her mother to make him assume the role of his brother after his death makes it worse because even if his mother showed affection to Mitsumune it wasn’t meant for him, and it’s been serving as a constant reminder of that day. He could have told his mother that he is not his deceased brother, but chose not to in fear of what would happen to her, but at the same time its eating him deeply to the point were it would break him emotionally. Making it the main reason why he’s in this trip to begin with because he can’t stand pretending to be the person he’s not anymore

    In a way, this penguin monster represents the childhood trauma he’s been trying to run away because he can’t confront his own mother about his brother’s death out of fear and guilt. He’s someone that wants his mother to love him as he is but is protecting his own mother’s sanity at the cost of his own existence. Leading him into a state of depression

    In a strange and odd way, Masaki was serving as the spark needed for Mitsumune to finally acknowledge it and break out of his shell to confront his problems head on. Whether he would be successful would be determined by his growth and how he would confront his own mother about it. And what the writers would do in this. This is a problem I think some kids do have in real life because depression is a common thing and that often leads to a somewhat a sad or tragic situation to be in because that would lead to a further mental breakdown or worse

    I must say this episode has been great because we can finally see Mitsumune as a character we should identify and give a damn about. Which leads me to this…

    All these people are retarded cluster-f**ks! Seriously! How the hell can you call someone a ghost when you tied them up to a f**king wooden pole and threw a bucket of water at them!? After last episode I now realize all these people just want to make whatever excuse just to run away and not go back to reality because they just had a crappy life and chose not to do anything about it. That makes them even more weak and stupider because no matter the situation there will be excuses for them to make

    At least we finally see Mitsumune take a stand

    And punch Speedstar to the face. Which is awesome, and he deserved it

    But seriously. F**k you cliffhangers! F**k you!

  2. This episode was amazing! 5/5

    Btw, the whole cast tweeted one or two weeks ago that they were quite shocked with something that will happen at episode 9.
    I wonder what would that twist be, at this point (the show seems crazy enough the way it looks right now, and I’m really enjoying it).

  3. The whole show had always been designed to be a B-class TV show in of itself. Indeed, all the absurdly laughable parts were just sweeteners to lower your guards so that when things get very serious, your eyes pop out! 😀

    Nishizawa Mihashi
  4. This was terrible. I’d feel bad for Mitsumune and his backstory if they didn’t make it so exploitative. So his twin brother was dumb enough to walk on a high railing (believable), then their mom comes and freaks out, causing him to to fall. It’s not that that last part isn’t believable, but coupled together it was so groan worthy.

    Then there’s Masaki’s witch trial and everyone for some unknown reason thinking she’s a ghost so easily. Occam’s Razor would dictate she ran away and and just ended up with the group, but wait, spooky song lyrics!

    Seriously, this group is so dumb you could convince them to sacrifice anyone with red hair cause red hair means they’re “insane”.

    And there were just some absurd, hilarious lines and exchanges in this one:

    “Based on the lyrics, Masaki died here and became a ghost. And now she’s trying to take everyone with her. That’s a reasonable conclusion to draw, isn’t it?” Fuck no.

    “Salt is for purification rites. You’re so uneducated.” My education sadly didn’t occur at Hogwarts, so yes?

    “Hey this is going too far! We should talk to her first”, “Koharun, you should just go with the flow.” Whaat??!!

    “Water torture! Let’s go!” (splash) “It’s fine she’s a ghost.” Ghosts don’t get wet bro.

    “Don’t Mitsumune.” Cause he just punched the guy who stabbed Masaki? lol

    “Hold him down!” and not the dude with the knife!

    But really, Okada’s been watching/reading too much Stephen King, cause the stupidity of these characters is straight out of his movies (everyone’s too dumb to live). Though seriously, for those who enjoy the ridiculousness of this show, the show Under the Dome may be for you. It’s like the live-action version of this anime. I could only watch one season before bailing.

    Bamboo Blade Cat
    1. Though you keep coming episode after episode even though you’re completely unable to enjoy this is starting to become annoying. And now you’re starting insulting people who can enjoy this? That’s low bro, it’s not amusing anymore.

      1. Haha, no one’s making you read this, lol

        And where did I insult people who enjoy this? I merely recommended a show they could watch, because it’s very similar to this anime, a town of people trapped (Under a Dome – duh), and they end up acting really stupidly, they even have an execution/witch trial-ish scene. It’s a show based on a book by Stephen King. Honestly, check it out if you like this sort of show.

        And I guess I lied about not really gonna watch it attentively (I’m in too deep! But I did say I’d stop by to check in on it).

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      2. If you’re using “no one forced you to read this” argument I can also use the old and tested “no one forced you to watch this”. Ho, if you’re genuinely only wanted to recommend something as amusing as this one then I was the one misunderstanding your statement. Perhaps you don’t realise your wording feels condescending with implication of “my taste is way better than yours I can’t watch it till the end though if your taste is shit go watch this” to the people who read it?

      3. Hahah, oops, I upvoted you by accident, 😛

        Yeah, no one is forcing me to watch his, but that doesn’t mean I can’t come here and voice my criticism/vent.

        I always find it hilarious that people complain about negative comments, and it annoys them that they have to read them as if it’s spoiling their good time. That’s how comments sections work, you get the bad with the good. Don’t like it, don’t read it (this ain’t no safe space). It’s such a childish response to negativity.

        And no, you’re the one getting offended for no reason. This show is ridiculous, but that’s the point right? So that’s not an insult or condescending; everyone acknowledges it being ridiculous, which is why some people are entertained, while others are irritated by it. And I think everyone acknowledges this show isn’t the best. You can like something and know it’s not great, that’s how nuance works. I watch a lot of stuff that’s borderline bad (guilty pleasures, amirite?), but I like it, no harm there.

        You just have a problem that I’m criticizing the show and can’t separate my suggestion from it. This is where you need to stop being overly sensitive about it, it’s just a show. Honestly, just ignore my comments going forward (it’s not like the positive comments annoy me, so not sure why you care so much abut my comments). Anyhow, I’m not going to stop commenting, so you’re gonna have to get used to it.

        See you next week, lol

        Bamboo Blade Cat
    2. Well, just like I said and predicted, this show is B-movie grade. It’s just what it is. If you want something serious, go watch the Japanese Ju-On or something.

      On the other hand as I’ve also mentioned previously, even though these characters need the shrink in their lives, if they indeed sought treatment, I think it’ll be the shrink who ends up going crazy with no one getting better. I’m tellin’ ya’, if I do end up being a shrink, don’t expect me to take these people in, lest I myself end up having to spend money on a shrink of my own!

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. Lol.

        Def B-movie grade, but if I want something serious, horror is not the genre for that!

        Speaking of horror (and sci-fi), but I watched The Thing (1982) this past weekend. Pretty great movie that really holds up after all this time.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
    3. Oh on a positive note, I thought Lovepon became a lot more fleshed out as opposed to the one note character they’ve made her out to be. I mean she’s still crazy as heck, but at least she’s getting some present characterization (like when she was painting those kanji rites on the back of what’s his name). And people are really starting to doubt her now, which really wasn’t apparent before. I guess better late than never? Maybe not in poor Masaki’s case!

      Bamboo Blade Cat
    4. While criticism of the show is fine, I can see how people could take that last bit as a personal shot about their tastes. It kinda comes off as “this show is beneath my tastes, but if your taste is bad enough to enjoy this, go enjoy this other similar show that is also beneath me.”

      Mitsumune’s backstory is just too similar to that dude from Angel Beats, so it didn’t have the same impact for me as it could have had.

      Also, I feel like the salt discussion wasn’t about occult knowledge as much as old superstitions. It would be like someone not knowing about “knock on wood” or telling an actor to “break a leg”; certainly not stuff everyone knows, but things you’re likely to pick up at some point through cultural osmosis if your knowledge base runs wide enough.

      1. I guess you could take that last part the wrong way depending on how you interpreted “ridiculousness”, but I was under the impression that the show isn’t being shy about that aspect of itself.

        And instead of immediately being insulted maybe ask for clarification rather than assume “it’s beneath me”, cause that comes off as projecting a bit. Plus how could I be “above something” I watched for one whole season! Geez, I watch plenty of guilty pleasure/crappy stuff and don’t take offense when people call it for what it is. Fear the Walking Dead, I’m looking at you.

        And not knowing about old superstitions (or cultural colloquialisms) isn’t exactly uneducated. Though maybe that was a translation issue? Just comes off as judgmental/arrogant on the character’s part, but I that’s her schtick.

        I barely remember Angel Beats, so that just flew over my head. Maybe it’s time for a re-watch.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
    5. Yeah, on the whole, I agree with you. Some of the interactions between characters are so unrealistic. It feels like the author is trying to excuse how unbalanced and mentally retarded the characters are by giving them past trauma; but it just doesn’t work. People don’t suffer traumatic events and then behave like Lovepon(sp), they just don’t.

      The Witch Hunt scene was was a perfect example of the stupid and unrealistic interactions. And I don’t think the anime being ‘self aware’ excuses how stupid it was. I found myself face palming multiple times.

      1. Yeah, I agree with the Lovepon assessment, I don’t see how her past resulted in her current behavior. Someone mentioned she became schizophrenic as a result, but I don’t think schizophrenia works that way. Plus she as moments of lucidness, like in this episode, that are inconsistent with her unmedicated behavior.

        And I thought if they showed the characters’ pasts much earlier, it possibly would’ve gone a long way into making them sympathetic. Coming on so late, it’s harder to turn some viewers around at this point. Lost may not have been the first show to use flashbacks, but it did so pretty successfully as a way to flesh their characters out.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      2. If you guys are still wondering, then I’d say that people like Jack, Mitsumune, the angry specs guy, Valkana, Speedstar, and the girl who saw a giant Mitsumune to be unnervingly common. The rest display preposterous, irritating, annoying or rather eccentric behavior befitting of their personalities but are otherwise debatably functional in social terms, while Lovepon is to a certain extent statistically relatively anomalous though absolutely not schizophrenic- in actual fact, Lovepon’s just extremely paranoid and vigilant of ‘bad people’, there are clear signs of black and white thinking on her part. Angry specs dude on the other hand is just a narcissistic piece of shit, while Valkana’s reactions and behavior are much more common and somewhat paranoidal, even though at times he’s incapable of controlling his anger. Now, Speedstar is almost -if not, completely- just like angry specs trash which makes him even more jeopardizing to the relative cohesiveness of the group.

        Nishizawa Mihashi
  5. “characters realise their own personal traumas are materialising”
    me: “so they are not completely stupid”
    “characters decide to make witch-hunt for Masaki”
    me: “no, after all, they are THAT stupid”
    also, Mitsumune’s flashback was top-notch, especially as it cleared the suspicion about Mitsumune himself being dead…
    And regarding Masaki – I would not be suurprised if she was really some sort of dead person (corporeal though, down to bleeding and all) , but on the other hand, you know , rather helpful than harmful one…

  6. Valkana lost some of my support after he stopped Mitsumune from stopping Speedstar (btw, a lame name suiting his lame personality). I thought Valkana is one of the few sane here.

  7. Until this episode, I just thought that Hayato/Speedstar was just overprotective and stubborn. But all that ‘you don’t need faith in yourself, you just need to do what I say’ stuff??? I’m putting up there with Lovepon as one of the most unhinged characters in the cast. The difference is, while I still continue to sort of like/feel sorry for Lovepon, my opinion on Hayato has dropped drastically.
    Regarding Mitsumune’s backstory, I’d had suspicions that there was a twin involved and that their existence was somehow ‘detrimental’ to Mitsumune, but I didn’t think it would be anything like this at all….

    1. The MC of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Futari no Elders OVA had a simmilar problem with his mother and it was disturbing to see. About Hayato, I don´t waht to think about his obssesion with Mitsumune, it could be he enjoys manipulating people or could be stalker grade crush on his friend, only time will tell.

  8. Woooh boy. Yep. The mother thing is definitely going to be a topic of conversation. This episode provides even more evidence that that in Anime Japan there is no Counselors or Psychiatrists. Anywhere. Ever. No one ever would thing that having one twin stand in for the other would be a good idea. Imagine what that does to the child. Mitsumune apparently doesn’t factor into his mother’s mind at all because she only asks about Tokimune even though she gave birth to twins. And his own sense of self is clearly all messed up. Guess we finally understand why he is the way he is now. And the witch hunt just goes to show how mass panic and mob mentality can go horribly wrong. All it takes is the wrong person to channel group unease and the right person to keep silent.

    The Walker
  9. I’ve been keeping up with the series for the most part, but I saved these last 2 episodes for when my friend visited. I ended up getting in to a unique state, where I’d shout MARK ZUCKERBERG as a warning that I was about to go off the handle like a certain Game Grump after watching something. While it wasn’t the most… academic of interpretations, we did have a lot of fun and good memories. I’m enjoying the show, especially for every chance to scream ’bout Lovepon, Speedstar, and Mikage.

  10. Am really surprised this show gets so much hate. I mean yeh the characters act stupid but what planet has everyone been living on thus far?

    When people are backed into a corner they do irrational things, in fact, I would say the reactions of these kids are as close to reality as possible.

  11. The Witch Hunt reminds me of the last part of The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, Stephen King makes an amazing detailing how normal people can turn into mosters once fear and frustration devours them, they can commit the most horrifying acts that could make a real monster cry in fear.

    1. Stephen King likes to portray that scenario a lot. We see it in the Mist, Under the Dome et al., but he can go over board with it at times, making their reactions a little too over the top. Having one character go crazy and act stupid is one thing, but having a whole cast act stupid can make it unwatchable.

      Bamboo Blade Cat
      1. Well in Wizard and Glass it was a witch that convinced a whole town to go crazy and do the stuff of nightmares but all she did really was give them a little push, fear, frustration and paranoia did all the hard work there so that´s this witch hunt reminds a lot to that part of The Dark Tower; here it was a Monster/Ghost Girl but I think anything could have set this situation off, as I said, just a little push…

      2. I prefer a witch being the plot contrivance rather than a crazy religious person (the Mist), or just a town full of stupid (Under the Dome). To be fair, Under the Dome did provide for some unintentionally hilarious moments that resulted in some great catchphrases

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      3. It´s so funny that you mentioned Under the Dome and The Mist, those two stories have many direct links to The Dark Tower, many of the events of those stories are consequences of whta is happening in the plot of the Tower.

  12. I was so freaking confused by Valkana, like at first he was stopping Speedstar from stabbing Masaki, then he stopped Mitsumine from preventing Speedstar from stabbing Masaki? That kinda made no sense…but whatever.

    Also, the flashback sequence was well done, and I can finally be on board with Mitsumine being the main character. Speedstar is officially a yandere, which was a surprising twist. I thought he was a little obsessive, but not THIS obsessive. Yeah, and this show is definitely one to not take seriously at all. If you can just laugh at the absurdity of everything, it’s actually pretty enjoyable. There are still a few likable characters, and It’s interesting to see so many dysfunctional people trying to figure out what the hell they want to do.

  13. Wow, cray cray Hayato was just creepy to watch; he’s controlling like Mikage and almost as unpleasant. But I have to say, this episode was hilarious amid all the absurdity. Many of the characters like the plain misogynistic guy and hypocritical feminist are just as unlikeable as ever, but at least Mitsumune managed to show some backbone. He’s still pretty naive, though.

    Thought that the way his family dealt with Tokimune’s death and the aftermath was terrible and quite frankly, irresponsible; instead of calling Mitsumune ‘Tokimune’ they should have sent his mom for counselling or put her under supervision for some time.

  14. Just to let you guys know, psychiatric and psychological assistance in Asian, African and Pacific societies can be almost downright primitive compared to their development in ‘Western’ societies so never, ever expect too much, but at the very least, there’s some signs of progress towards acknowledging how vital such services are.

    Nishizawa Mihashi
  15. This group is unbelievable , i dont understand why would they go search for the first guy but not for the other one who fell down !! and then think that misaki is a ghost and want to kill her just for the sake of relief i guess since they dont know what or who is doing all of this ! and for God’s sake someone kill lovepon ! they suspect mitsumune and misaki even though they didnt do anything suspicious but never care about lovepon who tried to kill and talks about executing all the time .
    im just tiered of trying to figure out what’s going on are they dead or not or what, I think im gonna stop whatching till the series finish and then whatch it all .


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