「おかしなおかし」 (Okashina Okashi)
“Trick or Treat”

Oh, I get it. So you’re actually levitating yourself and just bringing the broom with you. It all makes sense now! That said, this brings up a very important question – has Harry Potter and company been riding their brooms incorrectly this whole entire time!?

Witch Apprentice

With a lot of talk about Chinatsu becoming a witch flying around the comments last week, I wasn’t all that surprised (at first at least) when the best girl in the show suddenly asked Akane if she could become her apprentice. Something that I didn’t think was possible, but is apparently somewhat doable? The thing is, if Chinatsu does decide to become a witch, does that mean magic is something that someone can “learn”? Learn in the sense that if they know the basic principles they can actually perform spells and what not?! Because if I’m being honest here, I thought Akane was going to politely refuse Chinatsu because she was asking for the impossible. Sure there’s always the chance Akane is just being nice, but it sure doesn’t feel like it!

Genuinely Hilarious

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve laughed this hard during an anime. Seriously, can you remember the last time something was just so funny that you couldn’t help but just burst out into laughter? And the thing is, I still can’t figure out why I found the whole laughing and crying scene so darn funny. If I were to guess though, I think it was the perfect combination of timing and amount of crying/laughing that they showed. Because, whatever it was, it was perfect.

Looking Ahead

Boy, can this show get any better? After a rough (at least in my opinion) start, Flying Witch has been making leaps and strides when it comes to pushing out some fantastic episodes. Crossing the line between “healing” and entertaining, I don’t think there’s much more we could really ask for. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week when we’ll hopefully see Chinatsu do some magic!



    1. Namaewoinai
      1. @Namaewoinai
        Indeed, how could I miss the goat head drawn in this episode’s pentagram? :p

        Kidding aside, it’s true that’s basically a bastard version of a Western pentagram. My point was that some undertones (especially the most sinister ones) of the symbol will be lost for an audience familiarized with a different version of it.

  1. The thing is, if Chinatsu does decide to become a witch, does that mean magic is something that someone can “learn”?

    I think someone familiar with the source material commented last week as said that Chinatsu has latent witch genes, given her blood relationship with Makoto and Akane. Meaning that the ability to use magic is in fact genetically predetermined. The only barrier would be that as Akane said, most witches grow up in witch families where they’ve been trained virtually from birth. Kind of like the Anakin Skywalker thing- strong in the Force but “too old” for training according to typical Jedi traditions, though exceptions are always possible, especially for exceptionally talented individuals, something for which Chinatsu’s pedigree does seem to qualify, considering what we know of the witch side of her family thus far…

    1. Well, the “too old” thing in Star Wars with the Jedi wasn’t so much because of the age in of itself, but rather the fact that the person aspiring to become a Jedi has already formed attachments to things – attachments that they may not be willing to let go of and which can end up making it easier for that person to succumb to feelings of fear, jealousy, anger, hatred, etc. when it comes to those attachments and can make it easier for that person to fall to the Dark Side.

      In Anakin’s case, the attachment was his mother -(one of) his most precious attachment that he was afraid to lose (Padme being the only one higher). As Episode II showed, when Shmi died due to the injuries she had taken from the Tusken Raiders, it made Anakin just go off on an anger, hate, and vengeance-filled rampage on the entire tribe and setting him further down the path towards the Dark Side, just as the Jedi Council believed would come to pass.

      It’s also why Luke becoming a Jedi in a mere four or five years while already in his twenties is pretty much an amazing miracle.

  2. In the 1st episode, when Makoto pulled the mandrake out, apparently Nao heard the cry, because obviously she was right there, but there were some people who were supposed to be quite distant, also noticed the cry. Chinatsu, who was apparently on her way back home from school, was one of them. Interestingly, her classmate next to her didn’t hear anything.
    (By the way the rest of the characters who did were, the doggy fortune teller(witch), Chito(familiar) and a girl in sailor uniform who probably will show up real soon)
    I think that scene tells you that Chinatsu possibly has raw talent as a witch.

    1. Nah, I don’t think it’s related. The story and characters are completely different. It looks like chapter 00 was a one-shot the author made to get noticed before creating the story we have now.

  3. Trivia time!

    Actually, brooms in Harry Potter have an invisible cushion charm on them, therefore avoiding the reality check part for broom riding.

    Source: Quidditch Through the Ages.

  4. I loved:
    1. Nobody asked what the spell actually did to the candies,
        just ate them without asking;
    2. She told them their effects after they had eaten them; and
    3. The candy was just left there for poor dad to fall victim.

    1. Also notice that after Makoto ate the pocky, she first checked to see if she’d grown ears and a tail. The only previous example she had of Akane producing magical food was poor Inukai’s case, after all.

  5. The only issue I can see is that because Chinatsu wasn’t born able to use magic it’s just going to be harder for her to learn witchcraft. This would mean she’ll have to work harder to make it possible.


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