「ナツキ・スバルのリスタート」 (Natsuki Subaru no Resutaato)
“Natsuki Subaru’s Restart”

Just when you think you have it figured out, you don’t… because Re: Zero can be incredibly cray cray. Let’s take a step back and reevaluate Subaru’s loops. And of course, these are all my personal observations so please let me know if I’ve missed anything or if anyone has any more theories:

  • #1: I think it’s heavily suggested now that Subaru was indeed killed in his sleep and with a curse or some form of magical spell. The propitiator in this scenario points solely to the dog that bit Subaru in the first two loops even though I really don’t like that answer. This means that the dog is either a) not a dog or b) a cursed dog… and this doesn’t really confirm if Subaru was the intended target or not though.
  • #2: Still cursed and bit by the dog so my first theory still holds. But who killed Subaru? I think it’s Rem that probably ultimately did him in by crushing him – although the chopped off arm could’ve been Ram. The sounds of chains would’ve been Rem too. Still no motive here though since I think Subaru still behaved rather naïvely.
  • #3: The most obvious one where Rem reveals herself and Subaru is beginning to act more suspiciously with his stories of the Witch and bringing up fairytales. I think there’s more than meets the eye because even though we only see Rem, I think Ram is the one that chops off his leg and silts his throat. Their abilities are different and as seen later on, Ram’s powers can slice Subaru easily whereas Rem bludgeons him to death. So I think it was a duel effort driven by the fact that Subaru behaved questionably and snuck around too much.
  • #4: Subaru doesn’t die until the end where he suicides – but Rem dies instead… and that’s likely due to the dog that was cursed in the first 2 loops. So if the dog didn’t bite Subaru, it would’ve bitten Rem… which leads me to assume that maybe Rem was the intended target in the first place (or maybe Emilia?). Although Subaru makes it to the 4th day, it doesn’t mean that all is well.
  • So I laid that all out because I think it’s important to note the clues I’m using to link up what’s happening. I’ve missed a ton of signs probably so help me out if I did. I think there’s someone that obviously trying to kill the people in the household – although I don’t know who their intended target is yet and why. Probably Emilia since she’s a candidate as ruler, but I can’t think of who it might be unless it’s a character we haven’t met yet (or the Jealous Witch?). Rem, Ram and Subaru all seem to be trapped in this loop as collateral damage to the killer’s plans because they either kill each other or die in Emilia’s place. Now, maybe the intent IS to kill Subaru and in which case… it sucks to be him because even if he can live through this arc, he’s going to have a target on his back forever. I’d like to think that it’s not though and he has to find a way to save himself and those around him in order to “get a new save point” and survive.

    There’s also the case of his scent and I think it was brought up before and I probably brushed it off. People in the household are noticing that Subaru smells more and more and I’m certain that it’s because he smells more pungent every time he dies. And he smells like the Jealous Witch – which doesn’t help his case. Beatrice is the only one that mentions it to Subaru before she promises to protect him but if my theory is correct, then his “powers” are also probably a result of the Witch’s doing. Does that mean that she summoned him to this dimension? Likely but nothing concrete yet and we know too little about her to draw any certain conclusions. She could be the one trying to kill Emilia through Subaru but I also have no evidence that supports that either.

    Putting aside all the speculations going forward, a large portion of this episode was focused on Subaru and his internal struggles and emotions of having repeatedly died by the hands of someone he trusted (or so he thought). The first part of the episode was stronger than the latter half in my opinion but they were both great at showcasing what Subaru was really going through and what everything else was going through. These are all real human emotions and you can’t blame any party for the way that they felt, even if their actions may be extreme. From Subaru’s POV, you’ve had to relive the same 4 days over and over again, trying NOT to be the bad guy and yet – for some reason – the people that you thought you trusted, still repeatedly decide to kill you (because in his mind, Rem was the one killing him each time). How horrific and crazy is that? And the poor guy has done nothing wrong. From Rem and Ram’s POV though, Subaru has been acting pretty speciously throughout the past 4 days; plus he smells like the Wicked Witch of the West Jealous Witch. AND when Rem died, he didn’t even TRY and say or do anything that proved his innocence. Beatrice stepped up for him but she can only do so much if he’s going to run away. So in the end, I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault, but I can really feel that intensity in both Rem and Ram’s eyes and voices this week; they really wanted to kill him. Their seiyuus did a phenomenal job portraying their characters. Kobayashi Yuusuke did an excellent job with Subaru as well. His character really went through a change this week and it’s happening right before your eyes. The only thing that I wish they empathized a bit more was how Rem and Ram held Subaru’s hands throughout his nightmares to calm him down. I thought that was lost a bit in all the flashbacks but really solidifies how they’re genuinely good “people” and not just out to get Subaru.

    Wow, I haven’t written this much in a long time which just tells me that I had a lot to say about this episode. It was both intense from an emotional standpoint, but also a lot of queues and hints given about who the real killer could be. Obviously, it’s not just Rem and Ram who were out there, but also someone else who’s cursing the household. Beatrice really shined this week and I love that it defined her role more. She’s not just serving Roswaal but thinks for herself. Emilia and Roswaal have really been out of the whole discussion so far of what’s happening so hopefully Subaru will try and involve them more in the investigations. I don’t think Emilia will have much to say but Roswaal… he’s still a huge mystery to me.

    Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Beatrice is so kickass, why couldn’t Subaru befriend her earlier? Love her even more than Emilia now. A doom and gloom episode this week on #ReZero. Brings a new perspective to Subaru’s situation and his “ability”.


        1. Its obvious that Roswaal might be the person behind it all. Through I had some doubt after the first development. This “Jealous Witch” part is probably important or rather why she is that hated (which seems to be enough to kill somebody).

    1. It’s kinda funny that just last week I made a comment about how unnaturally emotionally resilient Subaru is, then this episode happened. Not sure how I feel about Subaru proclaiming his love after a couple of weeks of the maids mostly verbally abusing him, but he is a NEET. He seems to feel everything really strongly, as part of his character; when he loves, he falls hard and fast.

      It’s nice that Roswaal is the kind of boss who gets ‘a little bit angry’ when his maid is killed (he says, as he summons up four different colors of magical death). I had him pegged for the villain of the arc, but obviously even if he’s behind Rem/Ram attacking Subaru there’s greater forces at work. I think Roz is going to be instrumental in uncovering the political ramifications and putting a likely name to the shaman targeting the household.

      1. Guile/ “Not sure how I feel about Subaru proclaiming his love after a couple of weeks of the maids mostly verbally abusing him, but he is a NEET.”

        In both the original novel and the anime, It is explained/strongly suggested that Subaru behaved so mainly because he has finally realized the ones were Rem & Ram who comforted him, holding his hands at the sides of the bed during his sleep.

        I’m fine with it as Subaru’s motivation for proclaiming his love for the sisters (It might not a be compelling reason, but at least very specific). But it raises another inconsistency. It’s against the fact that the sisters have secretly doubted/hated him due to his smell of the Witch throughout every loop, and they had no reason to do such a special favor to Subaru.

        In my guess, the author tried to create a more emotionally dramatic, tragic scene and beautify his Otaku hero MC at the cost of inconsistency of the story.

        1. Don’t misunderstand Rem was the one who really doubted Suabru and we can’t say she did for every loop herself either since the Witch’s scent doesn’t seem to have been strong in first loop. The in 4th loop however he must have looked like a mental patient seemed changed at least Rem’s opinion of him. Even with Witch’s scent he looked like someone who was losing all grips with reality to actually be capable of harming anyone. They probably took pity on him.

          Iron Maw
        2. Iron Maw/ “Don’t misunderstand Rem was the one who really doubted Suabru and we can’t say she did for every loop herself either since the Witch’s scent doesn’t seem to have been strong in first loop. The in 4th loop however he must have looked like a mental patient seemed changed at least Rem’s opinion of him. Even with Witch’s scent he looked like someone who was losing all grips with reality to actually be capable of harming anyone. They probably took pity on him.”

          In the 4th loop Subaru looked a (mental) patient, which seemed to change Rem’s opinion of him? (Despite of Subaru’s smell of the Witch?)

          Your answer itself reveals the weakness of the novel.

          You have to make up a speculation which is not implied at all in the novel in order to justifiy the internal inconsistency of the novel.

          As you may know, there is neither a tacit nor an explicit implication/mention/explanation in the novel that Rem changed opinion of Subaru because he looked a patient.

          If we were told in the novel that Rem was the kind of person who felt great empathy with a mental patient, then your justification is reasonable, and there is no (serious) internal inconsistency in the story.

          But unfortunately, there is nothing like that in the novel.

        3. ayami123 / “really you need that to be explain? =_= isn’t that common sense already =_=”

          What common sense do you mean? Something like the following?

          Anyone who hates any member of the Witch worship as her/his bitter enemy (because the organization murdered his/her family) will suddenly become kind to the member, only if the member looks a mental patient.

          Is this really a common sense?

    2. This really has become my favorite series this season, and I look forward to it each and and every week. It’s not often that i end being so invested in a story and its characters.

      Between this and Academia, Sundays are my favorite day for anime of the week, followed closely by Saturdays, led by Flying Witch.

    3. OK first off great episode.

      I just have to say though that while they did a great job with the ending, there is a certain level of incongruity and even sillyness about the Main Protagonist doing his heroic run into the sunset (w/ dramatic music) then jumps the cliff and dies 😛

    4. Maaaan, what an episode. The best in the series so far. Hell is clearly going loose in this household. For me, all the disgraces in Roswaal’s mansion seems to be the Witch’s deeds – after all, why would she (or at least I believe it was the Witch) place fear in Subaru’s heart to stop him from telling the truth about his origins? As I see it, she wants to destroy or at least cause (a looooot of) misfortune to the household. And Subaru seems to be some sort of tool of her in doing this – but, if all my speculation is correct, why would she need him? Subaru hasn’t done anything DIRECTLY. Why would she need him if she’s such a powerful entity?
      To cause discord? Would Subaru be some kind of golden apple of discord (making the Witch Eris, what seems kind of fitting – for me at least -, given her nickname)? Rem seemed to be acting alone when she killed him last time, but Roswaal DID had a veeeery suspect conversation with Ram after Subaru first entered the household (the first of all times). And, if that’s his purpose, why? Because she’s supporting another candidate to the throne? But, well, if that’s the case, killing Emilia, Roswaal (or, I don’t know, even Beatrice) would be a lot more efective. And, after all, if she summoned him, the Witch would be aware of the loops – that means, killing him… would be pointless.
      Yeah, I’m confused. I still believe there is something going on with Reinhard (Reinherd? Rainhard? Still can’t remember), but, now that the Witch is envolved (or at least I believe she is), maybe he isn’t the ultimate bad guy. Maybe he is one of the candidates to the throne, and maybe even the one the Witch is supporting.
      And, God, poor Subaru. At first he left me exasperated because he didn’t acted like anyone would in his situation, but that’s only because he would be broken after a litte more of time. The author was smart in doing this – in making he fall apart after all that… well, “Subaruness”, the fact that he DID fell apart seemed a lot more significant (at least to me). Maybe he was at his limit this whole time, always hiding after a smile, and only now the river overflowed (there is such a expression in English? We say it in my mother language).
      Well, Jesus. First Mayoiga, then Kuromukuro, then Boku no Hero, and now this. What happened this weekend?

      1. The appropriate english phrase would either be “the dam broke”, “the straw that broke the camel’s back” for describing a situation where something pent up finally gives way.

        1. Oh, thanks 🙂 I was looking for something like that. I knew the one about the dam (also have it in my mother language), but just couldn’t remember it in the moment.

    5. Ram and Rem are actually kind of broken, but so is Subaru. yes they are capable of being kind but genuinely good people don’t go around killing other people because he acts a little suspicious. I don’t have a clear way of explain it other than that. and subaru lack of social skills and interaction with people makes him assume is normal to be like that. it takes a special kind of person to kill someone you have eaten meals with, laugh with, and teach life skill to. The sad broken kind of special. Good luck Subaru I really really hope is worth it.

      1. Eh, I feel like it’s pretty common in this kind of setting for killing to just be a part of life. All kinds of shenanigans go down during a succession battle, and sometimes you’re just better off eliminating suspicious individuals before you end up dead in your sleep. Rem and Ram clearly serve as some form of security/counter-espionage, so I’d expect them to be willing to kill just about anyone.

    6. I don’t think Subaru is asking the right questions. He should sit down at that breakfast and starting asking the whole group who the witch is, what’s going on with the regency, everything he can. Even if he’s suspicious in that pass, at least he’d have more information going forward. The guy really doesn’t know anything at all. Also, considering the high level of magic users in the house, couldn’t one of them do something about the evil hand of death preventing him from talking? Something akin to electronic jamming?

      1. I think asking those types of questions might draw more suspicion from the others at the table. Even though Subaru “saved” Emilia’s life, he’s technically still a stranger in the household and anything that he does that might raise a few eyebrows is going to point him out as the murderer or someone questionable. Bringing up the Witch or anything like that, isn’t going to make things better unless people actually believe that he’s from another world and he has no idea what’s going on. Now he can even read their language so it makes it more unbelievable that he’s actually just trapped in this story.

        1. I meant that Subaru acknowledges one of his lives as a write-off, asks the questions knowing what the consequences would be, and then moves forward after the repeat sets in with the knowledge of the wider world everyone else is operating off of – especially knowledge surrounding the witch and the candidacy selections for the throne. It wouldn’t even be that bad if he goes the way of the cliff again – that’s probably his second-least violent death yet (after having his life-force sucked out). It’s such a long fall, it’s quick, too.

    7. Also, what exactly did Rem mean when she said the witch caused her and Ram great misfortune? Clearly there is a lot of uncontrollable grudge involved in all this and poor Subaru is the sole victim of it so far. And just who is this infamous witch? She must be very powerful to be able to do this much carnage from behind the scenes, and if Elsa’s fight against Reinhard is anything to go by, I doubt she’ll prove to be any weaker just in case the whole world comes after her and she gets cornered. I’m guessing she is some sort of a fallen hero, or a hero whose methods were deemed too extreme to be good. Perhaps her “heroic” actions offended demons such as Rem and Ram and drove them away, likely to secure people’s peace of mind from them, hence why Rem mentioned her hate for her. She was even likely designated as a potential ruler for the kingdom, if Emilia’s eligibility to rule is anything to go by. But then a certain clan of righteous magicians rose up and outshined her, a clan Emilia maybe comes from, and aided by the public’s support, she was dethroned and no longer needed to fend off the public’s ire and rule the kingdom. She then became jealous of said clan and secluded herself, planning for the day on which she will destroy them and regain her former fame. All of this is speculation of course, but the title “jealous witch” tells of more than one possibility.

      From now on, Subaru will have to make a lot of direct confrontations in order to get out of this loop. That’s how he got out of the first one. Thing is, he needs allies to do that. Emilia is a potential one if she’s willing to risk her life along with Puck, and Beatrice really surprised me this week. And as long as Subaru has the resolve, he can die as many times as he has to to get all the information he needs to finally get out of this hell. I know that’s gonna be a ton’s worth of physical and emotional agony, but there’s just no other way for it, but it can be hastened if Subaru pays much more attention to all possible clues and ideas from now on. So yeah, no one wants to be Subaru, ever. I feel so sorry for the guy.

      1. yoloalchemist/ “Also, what exactly did Rem mean when she said the witch caused her and Ram great misfortune? ”

        Show Spoiler ▼

    8. Ignoring the story for a moment, White Fox is showing how good an adaptation can be when hearts and minds are poured into it. I cannot remember another series willing to cut both OPs and EDs from multiple episodes just to include more story meat–and meat that isn’t rehashed recap material either. If this execution is kept up throughout, Re:Zero will become the standard bearer for how to properly adapt light novels. Cannot forget the voice acting either, Subaru’s VA is putting on one pretty damn impressive performance.

      Also Subaru cliff jumping best cliffhanger so far, definitely not impersonating The Girl Who Leapt Through Time whatsoever 😛

      1. I KNOW RIGHT!
        I love so many light novels and then the adaptations come and just pick and choose the parts the animators think made it popular.

        This and Rokka No Yuusha are my favorite Light Novel Adaptations Bar None.

    9. Wow. I knew the series got dark, but wasn’t expecting quite to this degree and/or this soon. Dude was b r o k e n this episode. Good job with voicing and depiction with that. Subaru’s depression and hopelessness definitely came across IMO. Agree with Cherrie that good job with voice acting in general.

      To me the biggest revelation was the Jealous Witch’s (“JW” for short) involvement. One had a feeling she would factor into all of this with the fairy tale before and Ram warning Subaru not to mention JW to Rem. However, TBH I didn’t suspect she would be nearly as involved as she seems to be. I’m in the group that suspects JW is the one behind Subaru being warped into this world. She definitely seems to be responsible for his “reset” ability, and from Beatrice’s comments, every time he dies he “stinks” more of her since (in theory) her magic revives him.

      His “witch stench” and thus suspected connection with JW really changes things for me. Hard to overstate that. Certainly provides some missing motive for killing him – Rem for one. Previously, I didn’t think that general suspiciousness was a sufficient reason to slaughter the guy brutally, but given how JW is viewed in this world (ultimate villain I guess – like a “maou”?) and him appearing to have a connection to her, welp, motive established. Affects relationships in general, and I wonder just how many in the mansion can smell “JW’s stench” on Subaru beyond Beatrice and Rem. Have to think Ram and probably Roswaal can. Perhaps others as well.

      Early on Emelia was best best girl IMO, but I don’t know any more. I liked Beatrice from the start, and she’s making a stronger case for best girl each episode. Really liked her this episode, and right now my favorite character (no surprise – Roswaal still easily least favorite).

      I’ve been in the “Subaru can be annoying at times camp” though I didn’t outright hate the guy. I actually had some sympathy for him this episode. He’s still a mix of good & bad for me, but I’m cautiously optimistic going forward with his character.

      Sorry, but still not liking Roswaal’s clown makeup (LOL’d at Beatrice’s snarky comeback to him. Good job!), and frankly, pushing the clown image further with rainbow colored magic balls didn’t help set the right mood for that scene. Kind of hard to take that scene as seriously as one should when I kept waiting for him to start juggling them.

      As for theories, still trying to sort through all this. Might need to rewatch some episodes. Certainly, Emilia’s candidacy plays a role. However, Emelia herself doesn’t seem to be the direct target of the curse here. Instead, appears to be Roswaal as Emelia’s benefactor. As for the dog bite, it would seem to have some meaning (why show it otherwise unless it’s a diversion?). Still, I have a hard time placing much weight on that. There is the matter of how the curse is established, but if JW already has a connection with Subaru, so there’s a link there. Not sure, but it’s like if Subaru doesn’t die in 4 days, someone else takes his place? Guessing at this point LOL.

      Overall, this was probably the best episode so far IMO. Definitely kept my attention focused the entire time, and show still keeps me guessing as to the present mystery and how to solve it. However, this next life needs to be the one that works because the one downside to all these resets is overall pacing. It’s not bad, but perhaps a little on the slow side.

    10. Overall great episode, although I feel it was kind of bumpy and slightly rushed, but still a great episode. Hopefully, we can have Subaru’s name cleared in the next loop and finally have Subaru assemble his harem! >:D. In all seriousness, I really do agree with Stilts that the dog bite was probably the thing that did them in, although they could pull this in the opposite direction right at the end. Looking forward to next week! 🙂

      Also, I’m just pulling this out of my ass, but could the Jealous Witch be the Emilia he met in the very first, original loop? Afterall, during the first encounter, that “Emilia” claimed she was Stella, and maybe she set it up so Subaru will run into the real Emilia in the following loop, gain her trust and get close to her for some reason. Afterall, we still have no idea why Subaru smells like the witch, whether it’s just because of his emotions/side effect of his power, or whether the witch actually did something to Subaru. Afterall, we never see anything until Subaru wakes up in the original loop, and the potentially fake Emilia could’ve easily healed him and planted the revive power in him without him noticing. That might also be why Subaru can’t seem to talk about his power and experiences with his powers to anyone, since the witch could’ve done something to make it so he’s unable to speak about it or why there seems to be checkpoints. The witch might potentially be pulling the strings in the background and picks favourable checkpoints for Subaru to make his moves to do whatever she wants to happen. Of course, I could be just be going off on a huge tangent, and maybe in the first loop, she didn’t trust him enough to give Subaru her real name in fear that that might get her in more trouble if he finds out she’s one of the royal candidate, and just picked a name at random, but I just feel this detail is something important somehow.

      Trap Master
      1. Yeah, Emilia did say later on that she hated the “Satella” name, so you could be onto something.
        Considering that Emilia died once in the first arc, I think she’s innocent.
        And it’s Cherrie who is blogging this series. 😉

        1. Oh, I didn’t realize, sorry :(. Haven’t been keeping up with my anime watching and reading for a while, so I thought Stilts picked this one up.

          And yeah, I wouldn’t say Emilia is guilty, but I’d say there might be a connections between her and the Jealous Witch. Argh! Dammit, why can’t next week come sooner 🙁

          Trap Master
      2. Stilts blogged the show until episode 3 but I took over since then =) This is too good to pass up!
        That’s an interesting theory – although (as boingman said), Emilia also died in the first timeline so it makes it unlikely. I think there’s definitely a relationship between Emilia and the Witch though (whether it’s family related or something). We just don’t know what yet…

        1. Sorry about the mix up ( ;゚д゚).

          Also, thinking about it again, I probably went on a huge tangent here, but there definitely should be a connection between the Jealous Witch and Emilia.

          Trap Master
        1. I doesn’t really work like that. 大好き is used plenty to show romantic interest or telling your partner that you love him/her. 愛してる is a very strong word and many Japanese feel embarrassed using it. I’ve seen TV-shows where they have salary-men call up their wife and tell her that they love her (using 愛してる) and it can actually be the first they ever say it.

          Even in manga/anime you don’t usually see the girl/guy using 愛してる when confessing, but rather using 大好き.

          To sum it up. 愛してる is a very strong show of emotion and love that the Japanese don’t feel comfortable using. 大好き serves the same purpose and encompasses both romantic AND familial love.

    11. Good news, everyone (sarcasm): there’s a possibility that Re-Zero will be delayed (or, god-forbid, cancelled) because the TV channels will air the 2016 Roland-Garros French Open tennis tournament. How long, you ask? For about three weeks. This case has the potential to be another Kekkai Sensen & God Eater where we will be forced to wait some time until the later part of the cour airs.

      Read here:

      So, best-case scenario: Re-Zero’s time slot will merely be shifted. Let’s hope for that, but we should also expect the worst.

      1. Thanks for the warning, but gah! Never has my interest in the show been greater, and now potentially a 3 week delay. :< Yes, one can only hope for time-slot shift rather than outright delay.

      2. Really? A potential 3-week delay when it ended on a literal cliffhanger and probably the climax of the arc? :'( Please, don’t do this to me. One of my most looked forward to shows of this season.

        Trap Master
    12. I guess it was only a matter of time before the horror of the situation caught up to him and he couldn’t play boisterous hero through it all. He even shut out Emilia, so you know it was serious business. When the action froze in the middle of his attempted explanation of his rewinding time and those hands and the sinister noises came out and caressed his heart oh so gently, I knew he was screwed out of ever trying to explain himself. He may pretend to be a brash bad ass, but that seemed like a warning that he would die a brutal, painful, and permanent death if he opened his mouth to say what was really going on with him. Beatrice actually surprised me wiht her compassion. Didn’t think she’d take the protection thing as far as she did. Was a sweet side of her. Not the dere dere between her and Puck, but it was nice to see. This also made me question what the purpose was behind the murders. If Subaru isn’t accessible it seems that a maid is fine too. How are the staff, Subaru, and possibly the others all related in this murder mystery? That’s what I wanna know.

      The Walker
    13. Subaru does come across as a rather annoying person. His chuuni method of posing and declaring his name just screams of a lack of self-esteem. However this is part of what makes him a compelling protagonist as you see him man up and try to save people important to him. He saved Emilia, Felt and Rom-jii once with the aid of Reinhardt and now he has to try to save the people in the mansion.

      I do have to give all due credit to the seiyuu and script writers for their stellar work in the past two episodes. It is actually very believable that Subaru would break when he thinks that its the maids who have been killing him. Previously it had been Elsa, a psychopathic murderer who had always proven hostile. How do you protect people who want to gut you like a fish? If their suspicions of him triggered his death during loops 2 and 3, why did he die in loop 1? Both times he died, he mentioned oni to them which pretty much spoils the fact that the twins are oni and that no one should know this fact. Beatrice mentioning that the way he died is a curse might just be a read herring, the dog could just as easily been infected with some sort of disease. Granted a disease that can kill an oni would be pretty virulent.

      My money is on Roswaal. If anyone in the mansion has the kind of magic that can assassinate someone in their sleep and is willing to use it, it would be him. The first time might have simply had a snowball effect. I agree that each time Subaru resurrects or gets smokey heart punched, the smell of the Jealous Witch on him probably increases. After that Rem and Ram’s suspicions are roused easily since they would regard him as an unwitting pawn of the Witch at bare minimum. When Rem died it was likely collateral damage; since Subaru was hiding out in the library the curse misfired and tried to enter the room where the library’s door opens to. Since it cannot use the portals created by Beatrice, it would up in Rem’s room instead. Roswaal cannot admit to Ram that he, even accidentally, killed her sister. He cannot admit in Emilia’s presence that the spell was meant for Subaru. And Beatrice was the one who unwittingly foiled his plans which would have provoked his anger.

      As for Satella the Jealous Witch, I think the preponderance of evidence shows that she is most likely the one who summoned Subaru. Why is the question. Is he an unwitting pawn? Perhaps Satella WANTS Emilia or Felt on that throne. Perhaps Satella has a mad affection for Subaru and is using the spell to harden him into the kind of man who would accept her? Perhaps it is for the lulz as she derives entertainment from his struggles? Maybe that little prank that Emilia pulled by naming herself “Satella” attracted the witch’s attention?

      1. I thought the mention of Subaru smelling more strongly of the witch gave an interesting tension in regards to limiting the number of ‘useful’ loops Subaru has. At a certain number of loops it would become impossible for Rem and Ram to trust him and as it continues he would eventually start smelling strongly enough that the maids would start warning Roswall and Emilia about him and potentially ruining their trust. Eventually Subaru would be unable to affect change within the loops and then what would happen? Will he just be stuck looping in those four days forever while he slowly goes insane? It looks like suicide restarts loops so if he can’t prevent his death there’s no other way out.

    14. Best episode so far, but his love/dedication for the oni maids that killed him ruthlessly is a bit too unrealistic for my taste. 😀
      I was wondering why he was treated so harshly, considering that they should know how he helped Emilia before and therefore be a good person, but the witch stench on him coupled with the maid’s past horrible experiences give important background information.
      Will be interesting to see his strategy in the upcoming episode.

    15. Another possible theory: Rem might be killed in the last loop because she is holding Subaru’s hand at the night of his 4th night.

      Plus, we don’t know for sure that Subaru is the ONLY one who are dead at the first loop.

      I don’t like the dogbite theory since it’s just too silly, as it relies on someone get bitten accidentally. I think Subaru was bitten on the second loop because he was purposedly replicating his first loop, and I don’t forsee that Rem will be bitten just because Subaru was not there. Those bites were simply a red herring.

      1. Well I did mention that I don’t think Subaru and Rem are the intended targets for the dog bite. I do think it’s very random but it does show up more than once and I actually don’t think Subaru is “purposely” trying to get bit or injure himself. He admits to being better at the household chores because of the maids’ help.
        With that said, it’s likely that Rem also died in the second loop and when Subaru is walking around being all suspicious, Ram kills him. Although Rem DIDN’T get bitten by the dog – they were just both out the village. Maybe something that happens in the village curses them.

    16. I don’t think the dog bite actually killed/poisoned him in the first two loops. The second time around, he was trying (and doing a poor job) to replicate the first loop. He also realized that he had died in his sleep when he saw that the wounds on his hands had disappeared; in a way, he was proud of those wounds, and I think he wanted some proof of the things he had done.

      It feels like he will have to get to know both Ram and Rem in the same loop, and hopefully they’ll open up enough to talk about whatever happened with the Witch.

      I see I’m not the only one who wanted to play with those drills lol.

    17. The way I interpreted it when watching this episode was that a confrontation between Rem and Beatrice probably happened in the middle of night. The Subaru’s last nightmare about getting attacked with Rem’s spiked ball


      but then protected with some kind of magic force field


      might be in fact a slightly distorted memory of real events. And taking her bodyguard duties quite seriously, Beatrice just killed Rem using the mana drain spell. Then Beatrice moved Rem to her room and made the whole setup look like Rem died in her sleep. Also if I understand it correctly, Subaru was originally sleeping in his room on that last night, but somehow woke up in the library? How did he move there?

      As I see it, Beatrice had the means, motive, and opportunity. And then she continued her bodyguard rampage on the next morning, taking care of any threats.

    18. At first when I saw her laying on that bed I kind of assumed Rem tried to kill Subaru again and Beatrice mana drained her to death in his defense. But no, probably just whatever shaman that got Subaru in the first timeline and made him sick up in the second changed targets.

    19. What an episode, I’m not afraid to admit I really teared up in the first half of the episode. I could really sympathize with Subaru as he finally broke down in tears and screamed his frustrations out of his chest. Major props to the voice actors for the maids and Subaru, really set the tone. The stark contrast to how happy go lucky Subaru was in the previous routes only made it hurt that much more.

      I actually thought for a second that we were going to progress into the next arc, where Subaru has to probably find new allies (maybe reunite with Reinhard or Felt), but I’m glad he gets another chance (which I believe is the very last revival for this arc). I can’t wait to see how he approaches this with everything that’s happened.

      Also Beatrice IS awesome, and I’m glad there was at least something that Subaru did right this revival (which was befriending and making a contract with Beatrice). Hopefully he can utilize Beatrice once more and get Emilia/Puck on board, then somehow befriend or convince the maids not to kill him. I’m hoping Subaru can tell the truth to someone about his powers. He’ll probably have to brush up his knowledge on the witches too, especially since the witch is probably responsible for his special power/arrival to this world.

    20. I’m having a hard time empathizing with the twins here. I think it’s really unrealistic for Subaru to care so much about them after such a brief period of time interacting aside from the whole brutal murder ordeal. I know a certain level of suspension of disbelief is necessary, but seriously?

      1. But not been that brief period for him. More important the twins have gave him a lot when he came to this world perhaps moreso than Emilia. The fact that also tended to him in his distress during the 4th loop confirmed to him that they aren’t inherently bad people, but they have serious beef anyone from the Witch Cult or related to the Witch of Envy due whatever likely traumatic experience they went through. At very least Rem does. From her point of view he’s dubious stranger emits scent similar to the equivalent of the Satan of their world.

        Iron Maw
    21. The more I watch Re: Zero, the more my dislike for Ram/Rem grows. I like the show a lot, and it has nothing to do with my gripes to the show, but why the heck is he being so kind to someone who killed him 2 times?!

      I get it, his life is cheap, but I find it extremely unreasonable that he shows so much concern for someone who so easily comes to conclusion that he needs to die. It doesn’t even make sense! If whatever faction wanted to undermine Emilia’s bid for the throne, they would just let her lose her badge Why would someone help out Emilia, in order to spy on her, in order to undermine her bid, if they could just totally ignore her and let her lose?

      At this point I can’t help but despise two sisters and their clown master. I know that this wasn’t author’s intent, but I can’t help but feel annoyed when OP is being slaughtered like a pig (in most literal of all senses) and then helps these bastrads! Whatever super-tearjerker reasons they have, I don’t care since they’ve already established themselves to be beyond moral redemption.

      1. That’s because you under the impression that Rem killed him for being a spy for other political faction without proof and this where you wrong. Rem killed for him for his connection to the Witch of Envy and Witch Cult proven by having the witch’s scent. Furthermore their perspective they only known for 4 days nor their share the memories of the times he spent with them. So Rem can kill him that way because he just a dubious stranger to her who came out of nowhere who has same mark of an being and organization that has implied have she and her sisters personal suffering. You have look at from their perspective and in context of what they know of him.

        Subaru on other hand realizes this and also realizes they aren’t bad people because that POV makes sense for them. Rem isn’t killing him just because nor did she take any pleasure from it. They under a misunderstanding he can’t prove because he knows nothing about Witch of Envy and scent he’s gotten. That’s what he got learn about while dealing with person going around inflicting the curse household.

        Iron Maw
    22. Rem says during the confrontation in the first half that she “couldn’t stand having someone associated with the person who caused her sister so much suffering encroach on their living space”. And since he smells like the Witch, I assume they both suffered under the Witch or something.

      Someone on Reddit also suggested maybe Subaru’s “save point” resets not when he completes an objective but maybe when Betty sucked his mana, thus resetting his loop-via-death curse.

    23. Webnovel readers say the connection between Subaru’s powers and the Envy Witch is an ongoing plotline that’s still being fleshed out as we speak. (Half the mystery’s been answered though.)

    24. Re:Zero is fantastic, i just enjoy how this show presents differents sides of the same character each time Subaru loops, Rem and Ram especially but also Beatrice !

      I’m with you on the dog theory Cherrie ! I also think this may not be a dog but a spirit.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Great catch! And if it’s not the dog… well then it has to be something in the village that’s causing the curse =X And probably one of the only scenes that actually show the characters leaving the castle.

    25. Am I the only one who thinks that Emilia is actually the witch… well, her “future” self to be exact. Let me explain, first in an anime/novel there’s no such thing as coincidence, so the witch and Emilia being a silver haired half elf is not a coincidence either.
      At this point the witch could be a relative to Emilia, but if I remember correctly she doesn’t have relatives.
      The last thing is only my theory, but what if Subaru’s power was originally Emilia’s and the witch is actually the insane version of her who repeated time way too many times. This way we can explain why the witch “loves” Subaru even though he’s from another world.
      To somewhat prove my point, if the black hand in this episode is the witch, then she must know about Subaru’s time repeater ability.

      1. That would be a sad revelation for me. I like Emilia. Unless that is, the Jealous witch is not all that evil as people make her to be. Although if that black hand was indeed the Witch (which I think it is), I doubt she’s a good person to say the least.

        1. Yeah, but that would be a “different” version of Emilia, if say the Jealous Witch is Emilia from the future, so the current Emilia is probably still the good/non-insane one, and Subaru will probably stop her from becoming the Jealous Witch if they decide to take this route.

          Trap Master
    26. Am I the only one creeped out by the giggly chant/bgm that plays when something weird is going on? The one that plays when subaru wakes up in the beginning and when he tries to tell Emilia about his ability. I can’t take much more of it lol.

    27. Am I meant to be upset or even care that 1 of the annoying twins is dead???

      Why does the MC love 2 people that have belittled & berated him over & over & now turns out have been killing him? Is he just daft in the head or have I missed something?

      It’s a shame time keeps resetting, I’d really love to see Emilia & Puck tear into the 2 idiot maids for murdering their guest just because he’s a foreigner who doesn’t act like them & he smells like the jealous witch (while clearly being the only one there who doesn’t have magic himself & so is clearly cursed by the witch rather than an enemy)

    28. Here is what I think. Rem placed the curse on Subaru, which caused his first death at the mansion. The second time around, Subaru awaken to during the curse and forced Rem to killed him directly. Third time was self-explanatory. The fourth time Beatrice protected him and bought him to the library during the curse. It is called a curse because unlike a spell, when the person is not there to receive it, the ball will bounce off the wall and come back to the person who sent it. In this case, Rem dies.

      Return by Death is most likely the doing of the Jealous Witch. Who is the Jealous Witch? She is famous in the fairy tale after the story about the dragon. Witches (more likely elves) are much hated in this world and are considered evil. The disappearance of the King, Emilia’s potential kingship, the arrival of Subaru are linked to the Witch. I don’t think she sent Subaru there to kill Emilia. I think she sent him there to protect Emilia. Why? No ideas.

      There is one thing that I don’t get. If everything is reset after he dies, why does everything not go the same way again? In addition, there are times when something that happened in the previous life overlap this life. For example, Subaru and Emilia saved the fruit seller’s daughter only in his first life. In the 4th life, the seller gave Subaru an apple saying that it was payment for saving his daughter, which Subaru didn’t do in the 4th life. Furthermore, Emilia received the flower from the daughter in the 4th life. There was another example of overlapping in this arc, but I can’t seem to remember.

    29. I just want to put my 2 cents in as well. I’m with Cherrie in that the dog bite has something to do with the first death and is the key to solving this arc. Subaru’s death by the twin sisters is another death flag that trigger due to him having the smell of the witch. The smell, if I remember correctly was only commented on after his first death. Therefore, I think he starts to have the smell only after Return by Death is activated and gets stronger the more it is used. This gets to the big mystery that was casually thrown at us and that is who is the Jealous Witch. Just in case I’m actually correct. Show Spoiler ▼


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