「明日の明日は今にある」 (Ashita no Ashita wa Imaniaru)
“That Day After Tomorrow is Today”

Any time you have an episode with Inukai, you just know it’ll be a good one.

Mother’s Charm

Super random, but I thought it was awfully cute and surprisingly amazing to discover Chinatsu’s mom is a professional picture book author. Seeing how she’s received quite a bit more development compared to her husband who is usually reserved for serving some comedic relief, it was cool to know that she does a lot more than just the housework. Then again, when you see a character rocking stylish glasses, I suppose it isn’t too much of a jump to assume they’re more than what we see on the surface.

Inukai-san Returns!

If you missed my post on the episode when Inukai showed up, you probably don’t know just how much I love her. Even though she’s merely a side character, she accurately sums up everything I could ever want in any character. She’s cute but assertive, has the right balance of tsun and dere, and most importantly isn’t merely a one-sided character that easily gets lost around others. Something that I wish more slice-of-life type shows would consider when making characters since a lot of them end up falling into the trap of the last point all too often.

Anyways, seeing how Inukai never managed to tell Makoto’s fortunes since she got too wrapped up in trying to find Akane, it was cool to see her magic at work. While it wasn’t as flashy as some of the other things we’ve seen, there was definitely a unique charm to her old-fashioned style. With various stones and objects and a straight up fortune telling circle, it felt like a throwback to older shows that had characters playing with Ouija boards and what not.

Also, wasn’t Al extra cute this week? From his impressive leap out of Inukai’s pocket onto the table to the way he got stuck “playing” with Chito, catching his expressions (or fear) on the side of the scene was a nice little bonus.

Nao also Returns!

After thinking about all the new characters we’ve been introduced to, I was wondering when we’d get to see Nao again. And as if the episode read my mind, the latter half of the episode was basically devoted to her! Sure, we got more of the same like Nao being concerned with her weight and getting stuck in Makoto’s pace, but you know what? I actually really enjoyed it. If anything, it was a nice breather from all the “excitement” we’ve received over the past few episodes.

Looking Ahead

With the end in sight, I’m starting to get a little sentimental. I may not have had the best impression of this show during its start, but ever since it hit its stride the show hasn’t stopped getting better each and every week. Anyways, thanks for once again coming back for the post and I’ll catch you guys next week!


  1. The large versions of every picture except number 10 are broken for me. Just clicking on them brings up nothing, and trying to open them in a new window gives me a 404.

    Anyway, poor Al! Stuck being “friends” with Chito. Life can be tough for tiny critters.

    On a different note, Makoto sounded like some sort of shadey snake-oil saleswoman trying to sell Nao on her super-drug, or something, when she was going on about all the supposed benefits of eating radishes.

  2. Watching Flying Witch inexplicably makes me hungry. I’ve never thought eating a raw turnip would be enticing, but they sound so crunchy. Same thing with the cafe sweets last episode and the fried herbs a few weeks ago.

    1. Those were radishes. Similar-looking to turnips, but a different genus and species. Also they taste different. I don’t think I would try eating a turnip raw.

  3. It certainly struck a chord with me when Inukai mentioned just how blessed the Kei-Chinatsu-Mako trio are when their biggest worries were exams (go study), what’s for dinner (go ask your mom) and can’t-think-of-anything respectively.

    I especially loved the very late punchline to their fortunes. Folly, Meaningless, Unknown… Creative, Unnecessary, Surprise, Problem… it all ends up being Akane’s souvenir for them. The sudden epiphany they had to what it all means, lol!

  4. Another great episode! Things that I liked were:

    Al-kun being constantly nervous around Chito and…

    you can’t not mention Akane’s misunderstanding and just going hey hey.

    Speaking of Chito, since it’s confirmed it’s a she, seeing her and Kenny-san beside each other is pretty cute.

  5. “Real Foxes say Bark” OH THANK YOU VERY MUCH YOU BASTARD FOX…Uh…Pardon Anyways!!

    GASP…The Witch Cat is going to smack that little mice!!! O_O
    …or is it?

    Oh no…Where is she had been this time? Hmmm, Burkina Faso, an African Country?, no wonder that she is like uh…DRUNK!? uh i dunno really!

    So Seem like Traveling the world (via Magic) is her habit after all!

  6. “Ooh, pretty Inukai!” Hahaha.

    Can’t wait for next week, hope it really is chapter 17 of the manga. Looking forward to a wonderful journey in the sky. If they do chapter 18 as well then we’ll get to meet another witch’s familiar at last!

    How many episodes is this show? I was hoping it wouldn’t end too soon…

  7. Wow. Great songs again this week Al !Katzenjammer : great to see them play the ukulele. Although last week’s video without ukes was more powerful.I agree : Zoe has to win the UU contest. Brilliant song !Clare Costa will get a mention in Ukulele and Languages for sure. This has given me an idea for a post.. Thanks :)What a voice ! Todd’s cover of King Kong… is very good.Captbaritone has a great voice too !

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