「ハッピーバースディの時間」 (Happii Baasudei no Jikan)
“Happy Birthday Time”

This week’s episode was definitely an emotional roller coaster.

A Quick Trip up the Mountain

I doubt any of us had any doubts whether or not our beloved E Class would be able to make it passed those silly government guards. With a combination of intense assassination training and learning that mountainside better than their own homes, it felt great to see everyone take part in that fantastic infiltration mission. From trapping guards to zapping the crap out of them we actually got a good amount of different takedowns! My favorite though probably goes to Karma for his devilish use of wasabi to not only inflict some serious pain, but to use the screams to lure more guards out into the open.

One More Lesson

After that quick adrenaline trip though, I wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared for what Koro-sensei was planning at the top of the mountain. Greeting his beloved students in his typical goofy manner, I could feel the tears welling up when he revealed he’d essentially given up. But the thing is, it’s not like Koro-sensei was giving up because he was stuck in such a bad situation. It was the culmination of understanding that this attempt at his life literally took a world’s worth of effort and that when he finally saw his students, he knew he’d accomplished what he set out to do. He was able to inspire his students and light the fire in their souls to work toward being the best possible versions of themselves they could be.

And if that wasn’t enough, he even took the time to console his students with their conflicted feelings! With death staring down at him from the skies, the way he calmly addressed society and how it’s never worth hating it was indescribably perfect. Pulling from both his and his student’s experiences, the way he managed to spin it all together into a path that his students could follow with a smile on their face hit me straight in the feels.

God damnit, if Shiro didn’t obliterate the cake I probably would have lost it.

Looking Ahead & Boss Battles

Well, it took him a while, but it looks like Shiro finally decided to show up. With a disgusting Reaper 2.0 behind him and a bunch of tentacle crap inside of him, it looks like Koro-sensei has a little more to deal with before the giant laser from above comes screaming down. That said, things aren’t looking too good since both his adversaries have some serious firepower behind them. Luckily, he has his entire class backing him up and Karasuma and Irina waiting in the wings.

In any case, I can’t wait to see what ends up happening in the next few weeks. Whatever does, I’m willing to bet the show isn’t done with our emotions just yet and as unlikely as it is, I’m really hoping Koro-sensei manages to find a way out of this with his life intact.

P.S. So, I never do this, but I tried looking at the manga to get a hint of what might happen. Amazingly, it looks like the anime is tweaking what’s going on significantly. So, even though I only looked through a few pages, it looks like there’s definitely some merit for manga readers to watch what’s going on!

End Card


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%202nd%20Season%20-%2022%20-%20Large%2024.jpg
    Guy really doesn’t know when to call it quits. Anyway, I sometimes wonder why would any scientist wants to earn a degree just to participate in inhuman experimentation. Not to mention I am curious if any such scientists got arrested in real life. In this guy’s case he seems to freely walk around without getting mobbed by news reporters, unlike the Principal

    1. Not sure if this is still spoilers but… whatever.
      A minor detail from the flashback arc left out in the anime shows that Shiro/Koutarou Yanagisawa has good people skills, which may have helped him win over Aguri’s hand in marriage from her parents, though Akari/Kayano, being a trained actress, knew better than to trust someone who’s all smiles outside but absolutely vicious inside (not unlike Takaoka). Therefore it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to theorize that Shiro may have used those same skills to manipulate the government into letting him “advise” them on how to take out Koro-sensei (not unlike how he used Itona’s psychological trauma, Terasaka’s distrust, and Kayano’s misguided vendetta to further his ends) — in short, a villain with good publicity (trope).

      Back to the story…
      Just when, to paraphrase an old meme, the cake was not a lie…
      And judging from the end card, it’s gonna be one hell of an emotional rollercoaster to the very end.

  2. You are not alone in the roller coaster and thanks for covering this.

    A minor difference about what you took from the manga / not a complaint just a different take in my own way. I read the CHPS last nite just to refreash then I went back and rechecked after the episode. Everything used was Panel for Panel except they added the Grim Reaper 2 backstory while with Koro still human. And I think that was from earlier CHPS.

    Last week EP had big tweaks

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This week was straight up except THE GR 2 add,

    You have to give Lerche / The Production CMT / Yusei for staying close to the manga with tweaks here and there.

  3. Every episode the opening bums me out more and more. It’s the perfect opening showing how we’re close to the end and it all becoming a memory instead of an experience.

    I think I’ll break with the last episode.

  4. Aww they’re gonna tweak some of the ending??? Aw man. And it’s not like the manga’s ending isn’t complete either! I just KNOW it’s gonna be a climax for the ages!

  5. Is that the sniper “red eye” at the end card? Along side with still mysterious Rio, Irina and possibly Karasuma. Are they the ones helping Koro-sensei at the end? Sensei’s at huge disadvantage here right now.


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