「文化祭なら頑張ると思った?」 (Bunkasai nara Ganbaru to Omotta?)
“I Thought We Would Do Our Best at the Culture Festival?”

PvP comes to Legendary Age.

Setup For Storming the Castle

I can’t help feeling the narrative setup of this episode was a bit wonky, though maybe that’s ’cause I’m hungover and feel like death. (It’s probably that.) This episode was a bunch of setup for the battle which wasn’t even shown (also, meido Ako), so I watch it and was like “Guh. More please.” Which is better than being bored, and to the studio’s credit they axed the ED in order to have more time to finish setting up the keep attack, but we were left without much happening this episode other’n gags. Such is the curse of the 30-minute runtime. At least we’ll hit the ground running next episode.

Master Sucks at PvP

Of all the PvP gags this episode, probably my favorite was when Rusian and Ako absolutely wrecked Schew, but there was a certain amusement in seeing the uber-geared Master get repeatedly taken down ’cause she’s crap at PvP. The siege warfare reminded me of RvR in Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, which are games I don’t think about often enough I feel. Once again, Netoge is so true to (game) life—all the attackers just rush in and get torn to shreds, until they don’t. Also, a guild of combat meido. What is this, Heavy Object? Though I’d be fine with a bunch of combat meido Akos. Squishy, yum yum.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – It’s PvP time, and Master is crap at it. Lots of setup for the big battle next time #netoge 10

Random thoughts:

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  1. Indeed…those things are important for sales. ;D
    That aside, so true about guild battles….good thing playing a mage means you can stay back and launch AOE spells. XD

  2. DAOC that game I haven’t thought of in years. I remember rushing the gate of Keep with siege weapons and getting own by mage who were on top defending it. Taking Keep that were poorly defended and only holding for day was sometime the norm. I remember having PAOE mage in the attacks were crucial for taking down the defenders.

    I might need to rewatch this episode. The episode did amuse me with Mage getting own by every other class on 1v1 cause the mage was to use one shot mobs.

  3. -what autumn season means to you?
    -the guild’s reactions to the culture festival “what a nuisance”
    -Master getting pwned by not only Schew and Rusian, but also by Ako…
    -Nekohime’s fans versus Cleanup Crew aka combat meidos

    comedic gold!

    a little to big on the fanservice though, while I can understand why ako is gaming naked, why the focus shot on Nekohime-sensei (admittely very shapely) rear end?

    1. That was pure Male Gaze, and not one of the better moments. Focusing on a girl’s (or a guy’s) assets ought to only happen when it reveals character or serves some kind of vaugely plot-like purpose (see: that one episode of KonoSuba. You know which one), though obviously that’s not always (see: rarely) done. That one was just a little too far for me, but I’ve become jaded, alas.

  4. In DC Universe Online (that I have played for years), PVE (player vs enemy or environment) is completely and totally different from PVP (players vs player). Especially in the armor that you buy. A PVE-configured player will get wiped in one hit by a PVP-armored person in PVP. But PVP armor only works in PVP areas. 🙂

    So the castles are PVP areas, and none of our players have any PVP experience, let alone a set of PVP armor. If Legendary Age is anything like DCUOnline, you can’t just “buy” two sets of armor and change between them. Getting PVP armor is just as difficult as PVE armor, with different missions and coins/marks to purchase with. You can’t switch from PVE to PVP in a day. Try a month or more. And Rusian still doesn’t have his PVE armor back from the online thief.

    If I was in the after-school club, I would have gone for a cosplay cafe with the four dressing up as their characters. Ako already has her outfit. Or maybe a display of gamer companies to work for after graduation.

    1. Yeah, I would’ve figured that would be the way to go, except… They need to produce results so as to keep the club alive. So far, they haven’t shown anything and that could get them axed in front of the club committee or whatever group keeps the club alive.

      Dorian S.
    2. Was the same in World of Warcraft a few years ago when I played had to earn two different sets of gear. Like it in Guild Wars that small PVP is fought with generic stats no matter what you actually use it uses the PVP stats you set in PVP panel and everyone have can set the same stats for them, there are a few additional combinations that can be purchased but you might not need them. What I love in Guild Wars though it the huge battle maps you fight on with your PVE gear, luckily Guild Wars is mostly not pay to play excepting temporary buff items. Yes unlike the small PVP someone else may have way better gear but a huge range of gear and skills are usable and skills that are considered unbalanced and not usable in small PVP are usable in large PVP, still a major rock, paper, scissors effect is in play so no one build can rule.

      This episode reminded me of slow periods, or side areas in Guild Wars’ large battle format of people storming the castle and being burnt down it the castle is well set up and defended. I love Oil attacks, very limited but fatal to those at the gate in large numbers.

      1. That’s why I always stuck to commanding when I did large-scale PvP back in my WoW days (this was in vanilla). Then I could roll with my PvE gear and it didn’t much matter; if the enemy was getting to me, we were already fucked. Plus, my gear was balling.

        For Warhammer Online PvP was the only thing that mattered, though I built myself as a PBAoE mage with a pocket healer, which worked either hilariously well or hilariously not. Good times 😀

  5. Even Ako can beat Apricot, that I didn’t see coming. But really, seeing Kyou being terrible in something for me makes her somehow a complete character, and fun to watch. Student Council President characters are usually depicted as perfect in almost every way, so seeing this one be bad at something and actually being less enthusiastic about their school cultural festival is kind of refreshing. Kyou was the least I expected to not care about their school activities. And really I couldn’t believe she’d consider siege battles when Alley Cats is only composed of 4 guild members. Also…



    Akane’s smile is a combination of confidence and cuteness. I never get tired of seeing her smile and that “Buhi” of hers. Most of all when she calls her gaming rig her War Machine.

  6. Kyou is a Squishy Wizard (trope) in more ways than one

    Also, one of the members of the mercenary guild Kyou hired looks like a dual-wielding, Kirito expy… I know this series, Heavy Object (the aforementioned “Cleaning Crew” combat meidos) and SAO are all from the same publisher (based on all three series appearing in the game Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax), but damn!

    And there’s only one tune that came to my mind upon seeing Rusian use shield throws to stun Kyou…

    “When Captain America throws his mighty shield… All those who choose to oppose the shield must yield!”


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