「再来の王都」 (Sairai no Outo)
“Return to the Capital”

After all the intensity from the past few weeks, this episode takes a step back to reintroduce us to some old familiar faces and bring the audience back to the Capital. It’s easy to forget that there’s an entire town outside the mansion when we’ve been there for almost 2 months now. I already find it hard to remember what happened to Subaru before Rem and that’s because so muchhas happened. The pace this week wasn’t as brisk but takes its time to follow Subaru around as he learns more about Emilia’s role as a candidate for the Queen. As the audience, we’re learning things on the go too and it’s actually a lot of information at once so let’s take a step back to review exactly what’s going on.

The fact that there was no blood and gore this time was a surprise! Since Subaru has been transported to this world, he’s died almost every episode trying to do something righteous and this arc, doesn’t seem to be headed that way (yet?). It actually just feels like the creators are setting up for the next big arc, but we need to have more story built-up first. Starting with the people we already know, old man Rom returns looking for Felt (still?! Well it’s only been a few days… even though it’s felt like 2 months). For those that don’t remember, Reinhard actually took Felt at the end of episode 3 so it’s no surprise to me that she shows up at the end. Felt as a candidate for Queenship?

As for the new characters, we’re first introduced to Wilhelm van Astrea (Horiuchi Kenyuu) along with Felix Argail (Horie Yui) at the mansion. They visit Emilia to tell her about the meeting in the Capital and off they go! Little is initially known about them other than their brief conversations with Subaru. We know that Wilhelm is known as “the Sword Demon” which only tells me that he’s an expert Swordsman but little else. Subuaru gets Wilhelm to talk about his wife a bit too but he talks about her in a rather sad manner so that has me thinking that something happened to her too. Felix is actually the knight for Crusch Karsten (Iguchi Yuka) – whom gets some screen time later. Felix is definitely going to be the token trap in this anime; even I was not expecting that but you never know with Re: Zero. Along with Crusch, we meet the other candidates up for Queenship and they are Priscilla Barielle (Tamura Yukari), Anatasia Hoshin (Ueda Kana) and of course, Felt. Priscilla amongst the others get the most attention this week when Subaru attempts to “save” her and only ends up hitching a ride to the castle from her. She’s quite self-centered and confident in her ability; easily making her stand out amongst the other girls in this episode. She’s definitely my type – if I had a type 😉 We’re starting to really build up that harem for Subaru now… who wouldn’t think that this is a game? Priscilla catches the eye of Emilia when she openly flirts with Subaru too (purposely to make her jealous?) and comes with her own knight, Aldebaran (Fujiwara Keiji).

So after watching this introductory episode for this arc, I just had to rewatch it to in order to catch a lot of the details I might have missed. You never know when Subaru is going to die right? One thing that I noticed was that – despite how serious this episode was, the delivery of it was all from Subaru’s POV and as a result, it feels lighthearted and easily-going even though the subject matter about the Queen’s selection is actually very serious in nature. No one else is laughing or making awkward facial expressions, everyone else knows that this is the real deal. Subaru is the only one that’s clueless and that’s reflected in the show by its tone and atmosphere. I love that and whether or not it’s intentional, I hope they continue doing it. Subaru isn’t an emo NEET that’s a downer. He’s upbeat and tries to appreciate this life he has with Emilia now and it really shows (even Wilhelm notices). Despite the show topics being detrimental in nature, the show still manages to bring out the comedy and a different mood by following Subaru. It’s certainly an interesting view while you’re watching and I would almost take it for granted since it’s anime, but there’s much more to it than that.

Author’s Note: Forgive the tardiness of my posts this past week. Bungou Stray Dogs will be a double-post tomorrow as well. I’ve been on vacation (and still am) and trying to find time has been difficult. Thanks for your patience! Season preview also eats up a lot of time =P

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: From Subaru’s POV, the story feels so lighthearted… but in reality, the topics are actually pretty serious. As we get into the politics on #ReZero, I’m actually anxious to see who will get chosen as the new leader or how they’ll decide.


  1. This episode starts to build a new arc (Light novel 4 if i’m not mistaken) and also expand the scale of Re:Zero story by bringing interesting new characters, new character development (especially Felt), new world elements & more questions.
    After two brilliants arcs i have no doubt White Fox will deliver once again !

  2. Finally…a new arc! With some old and familiar faces but also a ton of new ones to follow. This is really going to open up the world which Subaru has found himself in and the endless deaths that will arise.

    Corrected for you :), Cherrie.


    Sigh. I trusted in you, White Fox. Thought you gave me a Catgirl voiced by Yui Horie like another certain character http://i.imgur.com/8TU3WX0.png, but nope, it’s TRAP!


    Rem is best girl.


    The loli is finally back. All is right in the world.


    I’m actually kind of liking this girl’s “fk you, world” attitude. Her first impression doesn’t seem superficial as the other characters were concerned.


    My face when I realized Sufferabu has not died in over 3 episodes. Oh God. He’s going to die a LOT in this arc, isn’t he?

  3. It was a pretty good episode. Trouble in paradise with Subaru refusing to stay at home like a good boy because he wants to help Emilia?

    I thought the Felt reveal was a liiiittle ridiculously telegraphed. Like yes, obviously Felt is the next candidate, I knew that back in episode 3. Obviously Reinhardt stole her because of something he saw when she was handling the medallion. But I guess it’s not right to blame the characters just because the audience has an excellent view into things.

    It’s also interesting that Rem is now his little co-conspirator and enabler. ‘Aw, Subaru is being a happy idiot again, that’s so cute’ – she’s been fully converted to the dork’s side.

  4. All the pieces are falling into place, this time let’s see how things play out with a much larger cast, given the first 2 arc only involved a smaller cast. I really hope at least Rem comes around later in the arc to help out. More Rem or we riot!

    PS: Felix is just amazing. I have finally found my trap of the season to follow! 😀 Praise the lord!

    Trap Master
  5. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2015.jpg
    You know, I remember the feeling when every Pokemon Center had a Nurse Joy. Though, I can’t find the right words to describe this feeling if those guys are the only hoodlums.

    My first cat-eared trap. This is the second trap that I found impossible to be a guy. The first was another someone in the Fate franchise.

    On the side note, I felt Suburu should have done an awesome summoning pose for that hitchhiking.

  6. HalfDemonInuyasha
    1. @HalfDemonInuyasha: Had the same impression with Crusch Karsten. Can’t give a concrete reason why, but I did like her. Hard to say for sure, but she had a bit of a “baka-adorable” vibe.

  7. I’ve perhaps been watching anime too long. In the very first introduction of Felix, I was already wondering if she was a trap (and then was amused at all the people who were surprised and shocked at the reveal).

    Also nice to finally have a non-human-shaped character have some relevance in this world that otherwise seems to be about 95% anthromorph. On the other hand, that does make Felix the token ‘furry’ in an otherwise bizarrely humano-centric story (despite Ram and Rem technically being oni), as well as the token trap.

    I think the strangest thing this episode was Emilia’s cloak, with the big ears on the hood. Is it a pseudo-disguise to make people think she’s one of the animal hybrids instead of a half-elf?

    Loved the cuteness of Rem at the hotel. And while some have said that it’s a bit of a reduction in the value of her character, I suspect it’s more that she’s going to play a crucial role in Subaru’s handling of events, and she was just put in ‘cute’ mode to let people forget her a bit while all the other new characters were introduced. (On the other hand, if she does not play an important role in this arc, and instead is just left to rot in the background, I shall be very disappointed with the writers.)

  8. I dunno if Subaru was meant to be puffed-up after last episode or what, but it’s actually a little impressive how many times he acted like a moron here. Think this should be renamed to “When Subaru Forgot What a Promise Was”. I’d say he needs to learn to read the friggen mood, but after how Emilia was treating him even before he crashed that gathering I’m thinking he’s already screwed. He almost came off as arrogant this episode, which really didn’t fit.

    And give me more happy-lovey Rem. Now! XD

  9. Someone mentioned in one of the posts that Rem is best girl, anyone know if this arc gonna explore that or we can even not get this animated? There were something about being a good support ( not physically ) for Subaru.

  10. I’m starting to get fed up with Subaru’s shit and how he constantly tries to act like a knight in shining armor with an awesome sense of humor. True, his actions do save the day in the end but not before causing all sorts of trouble to everyone in the process.

  11. Definitely a set up for the next arc with quite a few new characters introduced including the apparently requisite trap. Also a few loose ends tied up as Subaru made good on his promise to the apple seller, ran into Rom, Reinhard, and ultimately Felt. Speaking of Felt, it wasn’t a surprise (to me at least) once Reinhard said he found the last candidate who that candidate was. WHY Felt’s a candidate is another story. I hope the show gives some sort of explanation this (and please don’t use the “she’s actually a princess” cliche’).

    Requisite Subaru comment. He’s a bit unusual of a character for me because my opinion of him tends to vary more than normal, especially after 12 episodes. As I’ve mentioned before there’s “Good Subaru” who I like just fine and “Bad Subaru” (i.e. annoying) who rubs me the wrong way. I did get a LOL out of the joke about how last arc he was often simply a dog chew toy, but then Bad Subaru showed up with him rushing off to follow Emilia even after she expressly said not to do so. Dude, give the girl some space for one thing. I guess it was necessary since the story is pretty much from his POV and we need exposition here with all the new characters, but still, back to blithely unaware, just do whatever he wants without any thought to the situation & potential consequences Subaru. :/

    Frankly, I found the jealously stuff with random knight more irksome than funny. JMO and all, but right now Subaru x Rem works better than him x Emilia. I just don’t feel any real chemistry between those two. More like simple infatuation for Subaru and platonic friendship for Emilia whereas there’s definitely a deeper, more substantial connection between Subaru & Rem after last arc.

    Lastly, not sure if anyone else agrees, but I don’t fully trust Reinhard. Definitely a “game of thrones” type situation here = lots of machination behind the scenes going on, and not every character plays it straight. Total guess on my part (not an LN reader) and could be wrong, but for whatever reason, I’m not completely sold on the guy after this episode.

    1. I like Rem more as a character because we know her better at this point. However, I don’t feel a romantic connection between these two as Subaru’s friendzoning is pretty cut-and-dry. It’s pretty terrible how easily he overlooks Rem’s feelings, but it’s clear that it isn’t going anywhere, too.

      1. @Mary: I agree that Subaru is “friendzoning” Rem. Franky, both relationships are one sided in that respect. Rem clearly likes Subaru and Subaru is infatuated with Emilia. However, thanks to last arc, to me there’s a more substantial relationship overall with Subaru & Rem than with him and Emilia. Just not feeling Subaru x Emilia right now even though the show seems to be pushing it.

  12. It’s not like Emilia is perfectly in the right here either. She’s worried about Subaru so she tries to make him stay safe in his hotel room while she handles the adult stuff. But Subaru is getting used to handling his shit on his own due to the mechanics of the death loops, so he’s not so good about being told to wait in the car.

    He wants desperately to be of use to Emilia, which just makes her want to protect him more, and so they spiral around and around.

    1. I think that’s what bothered me: last arc Subaru should’ve learned that he CAN’T handle things on his own, he needs help. Here, though, he was acting like Emilia was slighting him, which is dumb since all she’s seen him do is rush into a bad situation and get saved. She probably recognizes that he does it to take some of the danger off her, but also knows that he can’t take care of himself, so of course she’ll worry.

      This is also a lot different than last time they were in the capital. She’s guarded like no one’s business this time, so there’s literally nothing for Subaru to do. He can’t handle that, though, so he keeps breaking promises to make himself feel useful when all Emilia seems to want is for him to be there when she needs someone to talk to, but since he keeps breaking promises he’s just making it harder and harder for her to talk to him. They aren’t on the same page, and Subaru’s pissing me off with how outright possessive he’s being of Emilia when she’s made it clear she only sees him as a friend, and just a new friend at that. She knows what’s going on, he doesn’t and is acting like a hyper kid, so it makes sense how worried she is.

      1. I think you’re completely misunderstanding Subaru’s position and not looking at things from his POV. If not been for him several people wouldn’t not be alive right now. He says it himself: with way his ability works he can only of use when he same place as where something is happening. Because then he will have information necessary to do something about it. This fact more important remeber he can’t where his check points will land him.

        Sure he could have gone about it a better way but his point is legit.

        Iron Maw
      2. No, I understand that completely. My point is that that he needs to think more. He can’t be with Emilia all the time, it’s just not possible, so he needs to learn how to use what’s around him. In this instance, he knows Reinhard will be there so she’s going to be safe, he wasn’t needed, but he broke his promise anyway to feel useful. You can see she’s getting tired of his attitude, too, and if she kicks him out then he’s really going to be screwed. Can’t protect someone who doesn’t want you around. Happiness needs to be above protection, so unless there’s a legitimate reason to think otherwise he needs to start keeping his promises.

      3. RE: Subaru’s jealousy…

        On the one hand, he’s obviously pretty serious about pursuing Emilia, but on the other, the content of his jealousy is basically a joke. He puts on his ridiculous angry yakuza face and says ‘This is the face we make when we meet a romantic rival!’ which… nobody who’s actually that pissed would be self-aware enough to do. He’s going through the motions of the possessive jealous boyfriend, but I think they are only that: the motions.

        He’s serious about Emilia, but it’s still all a big joke.

      4. @Guile @Aex @ Iron Maw: While i agree with Aex, tbh i also think that Emilia should have brought him in the first place. While he has nothing to do with what is happening, she should have known that there was now way he wasn’t going to turn up.

        Now whether Emilia was going to be safe is actually beside the point at this point. Subaru needs to be there, i am sure there are things that happen that need to be known by him that he never would have known if he hadn’t have gone. It is interesting to note that 4 of the 5 have their own knights if i am understanding the scene correctly with Emilia being the odd one out. We also see Reinhard giving his support to Felt, which and a few other interesting things that Subaru would never have known if he hadn’t gone.

        He also got to know more about another candidate, which will probably come in handy later. So far all Subaru knows is, it is all the little information he gathers that makes it so he can get the “best” ending, even if he does have to push himself and even if he does need others help.

    2. @Guile @Aex @ Iron Maw: Have to agree with Aex here. Aex has a very valid point in that WHAT is Subaru going to do in this situation? HOW does Emilia need “help” here? He doesn’t even know what the situation is for that matter, just that she’s going off to an important meeting with Roswall who we saw last arc is more than capable of protecting her. Deus ex Roswaal did save the day last time around easily. As noted, totally different situation than the last time they were in the capital (1st arc).

      Subaru wanting to help is fine and all, but he’s not a “Swiss Army knife” protagonist that can do all and be all. What’s that guy going to do in a diplomatic situation (which this is)? Let’s face it, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and I can totally see him as the type who blurts out sensitive information that shouldn’t be revealed. That or maybe get unreasonably jealous and cause a scene. He already caused problems with Emilia by showing up with Priscilla, but “Eh, don’t worry about it. Are you jealous? That’s cute”. >_>

      By his own admission, he’s a “free spirit” who does things on whim without an iota of thought towards what might happen/consequences. It’s a part of his character which has been questioned by some viewers since the series started. Agree with with Aex. Dude needs to THINK more. Forgivable early on when he’s suddenly thrust in RPG world, but lot happened since then. That and chill out some. If he needs information, try asking questions. That worked before.

      Sorry, but yeah, he comes across as possessive and insecure with his unwarranted jealously rants and “I must be with her” even when she expressly tells him to stay behind. Dude, boundaries. Emilia is summoned to a “VIP” type conference and he’s not a VIP. Happens ALL the time in business and political situations. Some lower ranks have to “wait in the car”. Rem & Ram don’t have an issue with not going to the meeting and he’s on their level (staff). In short, she has perfectly valid reasons for telling him he can’t go. She even went on a “date” with him just before the meeting. Needy, possessive guy is needy & possessive. It may not rise to literal stalker levels, but sometimes his actions give off the same vibe to me.

      Lastly, I can’t file his jealously away as a “joke”. The show might be trying to amp up the comedic element with the reaction faces, but dude’s jealousy, etc. rings true to me and is consistent with his general behavior.

  13. I feel as though Priscilla doesn’t have confidence in her abilities as much as she is extremely elf sheltered and has only had things go her way so she doesn’t ever anticipate a bad outcome in any situation.

    Jack Spicer
  14. Thank you RE: if this episode was one of the grim/dark hideous episodes from the past Game of Thrones would have killed me dead. Still episode 10 GOT is extra long so next week could do it.

    Interesting political talks. Have wondered especially for a Japanese character that knows being rude would not fly back home, and knows how much more strict, as in your head being removed if you were common and rude in Japan’s past, thinks they can be pushy and rude in a medieval fantasy world? This is not the first anime I have noticed this trend. In European past Subaru’s behavior would have quickly gotten him a trip to the dungeon so I wonder what is up.

    Wonder on how Priscilla certain things go her way? False confidence or she got a trick? No spoilers please.

  15. Subaru know’s he’s still under suspicion of being a spy. Emilia tells him “Give me a reason to trust you, stay here.” He says OK. He then proceeds to show up at the castle under the guise of being a servant to one of her rivals. Yeah, way to be a creepy ass. Better hurry up and die and fix that one.

  16. Lotta people are upset that Subaru isn’t doing what she wants. But what about he wants? And people keep thinking that there was an implied promise that he wouldn’t go but technically there wasn’t. He just kept silent. At least, that is what was showed to us. I’m not gonna say showing up with her rival was smart; Subaru has admitted he makes mistakes. I’m still gonna back his play though.

  17. Priscilla, Crusch, and Annabelle…Their personalities, at first glance, seem to be more interesting than Emilia’s , although that’s probably because she’s been surrounded by heart-eyes from Subaru for most of the episodes. I really liked Emilia in the first ep, when Subaru wasn’t yet creepily infatuated with her. She was BAMF fighting against Elsa. The way Subaru talks like she’s already his…it’s gotten worse as the series progressed and I wonder if it will be a part of the show,.

    Also, Priscilla: a part of me absolutely believes that her line about the world operating in ways that would be best for her isn’t just because she’s overconfident but actually ties in with whatever special abilities she might have.

    Ah, Felix. I’m gonna love him.

    Bring on more Else and Reinhard!

    1. Yeah I agree. Subaru having only spent so little time in the first arc was already ready to give his life for her, which is kinda weird. I honestly feel he’s a little too obessive about Emilia and seeing as how Emilia is stronger than Subaru, Subaru treats her like someone who’s weaker than him, which is quite frustrating.

      Trap Master
    2. Trap Master // “which is kinda weird. I honestly feel he’s a little too obessive about Emilia and seeing as how Emilia is stronger than Subaru, Subaru treats her like someone who’s weaker than him, which is quite frustrating.”

      I agree. It’s frustrating.

      Anyway, considering that one of selling points in Otaku literature (LN) is male chauvinistic romance (and/or sexual) fantasy and Re;zero is no exception in that respect, It’s no surprise that our MC, Subaru, behaves like that way.

      1. Totally agree, which is surprising of Subaru, really, because every single one who’s killed him has been female. I actually enjoy the tropes, but not when the more unsavoury ones are being treated like a serious character trait that the ladies swoon over. Are we gonna see Emilia fall for Subaru’s ‘I’ll save you’ shtick even after it only brings her trouble because that’s so sweet and manly of him? I’d rather see Emilia kick ass actually. And Crusch.

      2. C-chan // “Are we gonna see Emilia fall for Subaru’s ‘I’ll save you’ shtick even after it only brings her trouble because that’s so sweet and manly of him? I’d rather see Emilia kick ass actually. And Crusch.”

        ==> Here is a spoiler, an vague outline of what will happen afterwards, concerning about your wish.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Subaru-shit (acting like a dumb puppy, his 5-years-old-kid mentality and stupidity, his unwarranted jealously rants and so on…) itself is not that annoying for me. What is really irritating is that the show (and the original novel as well) tries to present such ugly aspect of his personality in somewhat positive image.

    It’s one of reasons why I think the novel (and the anime) is an ultimate otaku pandering show, filled with LN Otaku tropes.

  19. RedPocket // Have wondered especially for a Japanese character that knows being rude would not fly back home, and knows how much more strict, as in your head being removed if you were common and rude in Japan’s past, thinks they can be pushy and rude in a medieval fantasy world? This is not the first anime I have noticed this trend.

    ==> It’s simply because the original novel is a LN.

  20. So I can see what everyone is saying about Subaru how he acts like a kid and does what he wants and is obsessive over Emilia. But IMO his feelings are sort of valid if you look at where they came from. When Subaru first meets Emilia she saves his life from those 3 bandits in the alley. Of course he feels indebted to her for this reason. Plus he has sort of childish mentality, a crush on a beautiful girl and she is the only person he knows. What else is he going to do but follow her and try to help her. After spending the day with her he releases he like her even more and truly wants to help her. And how does this day end? The girl he feels a debt to gets killed some how and he is left feeling like he let her down. During that moment when he died Subaru must have felt some intense emotions that have basically directed his actions since. It is a fact that Emilia is in some type of danger and it is also a fact that because Subaru has been around Emilia is still alive.

    Subaru is funny sometimes and annoying other times (not to me really), but he is the only one that can full protect Emilia IMO because he can change bad outcomes by learning from them and changing them upon his dead and resurrection. His obsessiveness over Emilia comes from him seeing her die right in front of his eyes twice (I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong). If you realized you had the power to protect someone’s life from ending just by being around them would you listen to them when they say, “stay here”? Subaru has died at least 7 times. If that doesn’t show some type of dedication then I don’t know what does. The fact that he is still upbeat is a miracle. And you know what makes it worse? He can’t explain his actions to Emilia because of the nature of his power. He can’t explain why he pushes himself so much, so he is misunderstood. Subaru also doesn’t know that much about the world he is in. The only one he truly trust is Emilia. Any new person he meets is a potential threat to Emilia who he has died to protect so he must always be vigilant in his mind lest he miss his chance to save her when she needs it.

    Subaru has his flaws not as a character I think but as a person. His childish mentality, Emilia-tan sayings, insecurity and jealous IMO result from this struggle he is dealing with.
    This is what makes him a good character really. If you see a person like Subaru in real life you might think, they are going thru something or have some issues because it seems like they are trying to be upbeat all the time and over the top in everything. His otaku character (seems like this is how he is being described) is just the only part of him we really see on screen. It is up to us as the viewer to put together a profile of him based on what we know about him in order to understand home more. We got to see the real Subaru when he broke down and cried on Emilia’s lap. Without the jokes and antics, just a guy trying his best to save the girl who saved him when he had no one in the world. (Ok maybe that was a little too dramatic)


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