「卒業の時間」 (Sotsugyou no Jikan)
“Graduation Time”

This episode was a masterpiece.

Full Circle

This week’s episode was everything I wanted and everything I didn’t want. It felt like the perfect way to end the series except we have one more episode. Overall, you could say I’m pretty confused about just what I want to say about this episode. But seeing how next week will be the finale and that’s where the final impressions come out, I’ll try my best to coherently spit out some words onto the page in hopes of expressing even a fraction of my emotions.

So, boy, I spent most of that episode crying my heart out. With flashbacks hitting us left and right and a beautiful monologue from Koro-sensei playing in the background, the physical pain of watching the end come hurt so freaking bad. With the class tearing up as they held down their beloved Sensei and Nagisa hesitating right before the critical blow, I was really hoping that something might happen that would let Koro-sensei live.

Unfortunately, dreams don’t come true and we were greeted with the most beautiful and bittersweet moment that the series could have offered. As Koro-sensei broke apart and started disappearing into the sky, I could literally feel my heart breaking in half. It was such a powerful and painful moment that would have never worked had the show not built it all up for this one huge payoff.

Looking Ahead

There isn’t much to say except I love this show. I leave you guys with a ton of screenshots and the memories that we’ve all made together with Koro-sensei and E Class since episode one.

I’ll catch you guys next week where I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m sure I’m going to cry. Also, if you’re going to Anime-Expo next week, let me know! I’ll be there too!

End Card


    1. ……….I have no words; the long journey came to an end. If I had a choice, some poetry would be nice; something that gives the same feeling to Unlimited Blade Works chant. Koro-sensei died in that hill yet he wasn’t alone in his last moments T_T
      Hope his manga gets published, otherwise those disgusting news reporters will say “it must be frightening to kill such a horrible monster by yourself.”

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%202nd%20Season%20-%2024%20-%20Large%2028.jpg
    “Sayonara, Koro-sensei…”
    Truly, this is bound to become one of the most heartbreaking anime moments of Spring 2016, if not all of 2016.
    On one hand, at the very least Koro-sensei died on his own terms: at the hands of the boys and girls whose personal demons he helped them transcend as a living legacy of his beloved Aguri, with whom I’m sure he’s finally reunited. Better them than a cold-hearted spear from the heavens, I guess.
    On the other hand, none of the kids deserve to have their hearts broken like that.
    But life goes on, and we’ll see the fruits of Class 3-E’s hard work come next week’s grand finale.

    P.S.: In a great, if heartbreaking, expansion from the manga, we actually see all 28 students (including Karasuma and Irina) grieving for the sensei who meant the world to them.

  2. Yes, when i saw this scenes in the Manga i cry a little inside my heart, too. i did not want to accidentally spoil it, so thats why i stop commenting here. Gome-ne

    1 Finale episode left

  3. Although the result of the civil war between the ‘kill’ and ‘save’ factions was ultimately meaningless in the end, the ending was beautiful. Koro-sensei got his wish to become a great teacher and can now reunite with Kayano’s sister without any regrets.

    1. It was far from meaningless as the students learned a lot from it. And in this show, where everything is about these students, that’s the only important thing (even Koro-sensei’s life and death are for them to learn from it).

      1. yeah, some kind of “If you are not with us, then you are against us!” teaching in this Civil War of the class, they learn to tolerate the other side. The world is not only Black and White

    2. After watching how the class voted, I’m sure everyone understood what they needed to. Not necessarily because they wanted to, but because of the values and relationship they created with Koro-sensei.

      While I don’t agree, I can understand why the class needed to kill him with their own hands and not let some bullshit laser do the deed.

    1. Wouldn’t you also cry if you had to lose someone who taught you valuable lessons in life, especially by your own hands? Besides, they’re only 15/16 years old. Under normal circumstances they’re not supposed to undergo this kind of trauma.
      I doubt even the most cynical of viewers wouldn’t at least choke a bit.

  4. An entire episode focused on goodbyes and another purely epilogue. It’s my anime dream come true.

    I didn’t cry (out loud) but man was I feeling with the students. Almost felt like when I had to put my dog down last year. You don’t want to but you still think it has to be done. You try to fight back the tears once it’s over with until a wave of emotion just ignores all defences. They really brought that out. Especially with even Karasuma having trouble to stay composed.

  5. Next episode’s an epilogue. You’ll get to see what happens to class E after they graduate, basically.

    So yeah. I don’t think I should say any more than that.

  6. I’ve watch anime for one decade at least, a lot of animes of all types, and this episode is the only that made me cry….

    And that last frame…damn you….Lerche…

      1. Buna ziruiS,ndoumal picioarelor nelinistite are o evolutie fluctuanta in timp: uneori e mai bine, alteori mai rau. E o tulburare cronica, din pacate, asa ca se prea poate sa va mai necajeasca pe viitor.Cel mai bun lucru pe care il puteti face e sa reveniti la neurolog. Fiind o tulburare in principal neurologica, el este cel care poate sfatul optim.Succes!

      2. Hei.Du merket vel nÃ¥ at det ekte hÃ¥ret hadde vokst litt siden du satte de inn? Deilig Ã¥ fikse litt pÃ¥ hÃ¥ret. Var selv hos frisøren forrige uke og klippet av 1 kg hÃ¥r. Det ble iallefall mye for jeg har sÃ¥ tjukt hÃ¥r. Forandring fryder, sies det.Fin ble du iallefall…Vi prekæs.Klem Mona C

      3. Cette loi de jrf est totalement erronée : les Allemands, par exemple, importent les mots dans leur langue (noms communs, nom propres) avec l’orthographe du pays exportateur.Maintenant, que l’on pense que la langue anglaise régit tout…

  7. I cried. I really cried for the whole 24 minuets, was I alone in this? I shed tears and even chocked on my burger wwhich should have tasted great but it tasted like pain in my chest 🙁

    I don’t know why this bittersweet ending and why I am saddened by something I was sure 99% was bound to happen while I put all my faith in the 1% I knew well won’t happen.

    I kept crying all the way, I wonder if I can finish cleaning now, I mean, I feel really empty inside..

    Thanks Takaii.


    1. No, you’re not alone!

      I felt my chest tingling during the brief joke about Kaede’s chest, but I just couldn’t hold it in once Koro-sensei pointed out just how vulnerable he was.

      I am also really sad that Koro-sensei had to go — even though I’m sure we all knew inside it was going to happen )::::

      1. when he just became his usual worrying self when he mentioned the attendance record, I had a nostalgic funny feeling and I did smile, but mostly crying like a toddler throughout lol if even Karama cried I guess it is only natural we did too, mehs, I never realized this fun ride would end this way (few hours later, and the effect is still there =.=”)..

  8. This is truly a magnificent anime. Let’s remind ourselves how absurd the premise actually is, and how much it manages to cover and unveil plots from the mundane to the most creative.

    This episode made me cry not only for the fate of the beloved teacher, but also for an end of a year following a story that went from wtf to a class in story telling (and a really dynamic one BTW). Not since the end of HunterxHunter have a series made me cry for ‘ending’. In this case, the farewell to Koro-Sensei was heartbreaking as hell, so it was a double punch.

    Rooting for a time shift for the last episode

  9. I read the last few chapters of the manga before this episode, and I must say watching those chapters animated (with background music, beautiful color etc) gives the ending that much more power *sob* It was so beautifully done and every time Koro-sensei read out a student’s name and hearing his/her response sent a chill down my spine… ;_; Voice actors did a stellar job as did the production studio!!

  10. R.I.P. Koro-sensei, good-bye! I know you are in a better place now (by looking at the end card).
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random viewer
  11. This cemented AssClass 2 as the best (if not one of the) show(s) this season. This was just poignant and heartbreaking at the same time. Even Karasuma is crying. Darn it. Le Me just got devastated the entire episode.

  12. I already knew the ending because I read the manga, but watching the anime still making me cry, I did not cry out loud but I have my tears coming out a lot, especially when the students can’t hold their tears, even that Karma ;_;

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