「未来の時間」 (Mirai no Jikan)
“Future Time”

While I didn’t cry as hard as I did last week (probably because I’m sitting in an airport), this finale episode was amazing. Simply, amazing.

Bittersweet Goodbyes

The entire first half of the episode was a giant tearjerker. Providing closure for every major character involved and really hitting us hard in the feels with expert precision, I was trying my hardest not to become a hot mess sitting in the terminal. From the way Principal Asano ended things with a smile to Koro-sensei leaving Nagisa a downright amazing graduation gift that I’m sure none of us saw coming, everything about the episode felt like the perfect way to close a series.

Time Skip

Boy, was I happy to see a short time skip after the first half. Because if we’re being honest, I was dying to know just how everything panned out for E Class. Unsurprisingly, everyone found some sort of success in their respective fields with a couple people landing some pretty cushy gigs. Something I think we all knew was bound to happen.

And while I don’t have anything to criticize about the latter half of the episode (except for I wish it were longer), I was really hoping for a silly Koro-sensei to pop out somewhere. Because as much as it would have belittled everything that occurred throughout the latter half of the episode, I was just so god damn sad that he was gone that I would have accepted anything it we got another opportunity to hear him one more time.

And with that, let’s jump into the final impressions!


Final Impressions

With over four cours spanning a few years because of a break in-between, Assassination Classroom has been one hell of a ride. Starting out with a ridiculous premise of a octopus monster threatening to blow up the world and requesting he simply be allowed to teach a certain class of misfit students, it somehow turned into a magical story of a teacher and the love and compassion he had for his beloved students. A story that felt like a rollercoaster from episode one and never really let up right until the end. A rollercoaster that traversed the entire spectrum of emotions from an incredible amount of happiness to sadness so hard you could cry your heart out. On that rollercoaster were an unforgettable cast of characters that all had their own unique draw. Sure, some of the may have been more important or memorable than others, but no one was ever forgotten, ever. And by the end of things, they were all respected and burned into our memories as all their names were recited.

Honestly, it’s tough to hammer out a final impression of this show. It’s spanned for so long and has done so many things that it’d be nearly impossible to list them all and keep the post to a manageable size. That and I’m sure everyone who’s watched the show has found value from different things. From the characters to the story, all the way to the insane action scenes that continually got better and better, the list of things could just go and on. So instead of trying to highlight everything that appealed to me, I think it would be nice to focus on one thing that most if not all of us loved – Koro-sensei.

Ever since the beginning it’s been clear that Koro-sensei was more than just some octopus hell bent on destroying the world. He was someone who was trying to genuinely help and understand others in the way someone else did for him. Throughout the series, we got to watch him grow as both a student and a teacher as he discovered just want it meant to teach another. Teach not only in the literal sense of passing along information, but teach in the sense of being a mentor and figure that not only inspired others but was there to really “see” his students and their accomplishments. Something I think he had figured out pretty well before meeting with The Reaper but truly understood after apologizing for his mistakes in the past.

Anyways, let me close out this post before it gets too long. Thank you very much for coming along for the ride. It’s been a blast covering the show and I’ve had a lot of fun reading your comments week after week. Again, thank you very much and I’ll see you guys around next season. Ciao!


  1. One of the best anime for the last few seasons, hands down (and also, from what little I’ve read of the manga, a near 100% adaptation too).

    One of the other great things about the initial part of the ending is showing that it’s not just Class 3-E who benefited from Koro-sensei’s presence throughout the year, but the Principal (his two former pupils reuniting with him and showing that his change for the better was genuine and will be long-lasting) and even his son and lackeys. Who would’ve thought we’d see those guys EVER helping E Class in any way?

    But poor Nagisa can never completely catch a break, can he? Not only merely growing one centimeter and, physically, not becoming more “manly” over several years, but even Koro-sensei didn’t get stuck with a class full of total delinquents like out of Cromartie or something. XD

    Also, I think one of the biggest questions is…DID Kaede / Akari and Nagisa get together? It’s tricky for me to tell because, on one hand, the way Kaede talked, it seemed like they hadn’t and yet they seem to also imply that she’s pregnant with Nagisa’s child. Was the whole “not currently on his (Nagisa’s) radar” simply meaning “at that present time” since his teaching career was starting and so was focusing completely on that or something?




    That Kaede / Akari!

    That Ritsu!

    That KIRARA?!?!?! O_O <3

    1. I already posted below about the if Kayano is pregnant scenario but, I can answer your question if Kayano and Nagisa are in relationship. The answer is no since both of them aren’t thinking in a relationship at the moment. Nagisa is focusing on getting his teaching credentials and Kayano is focusing on her acting career. However, I think both of them are still contact with each other privately.

      1. My belief on this matter is they are in a relationship or have at least had sex. She’s pregnant but has decided not to tell him because he might abandon his career to be with her all the time if she did.

  2. Oh that Nakamura is teasing Nagisa one last time.

    I somewhat satisfy with the ending even though it doesn’t feel like a real ending to me. Oh, to the people who think Kaede/Akari is pregnant(the scene that shows her holding her stomach), she not pregnant since she doing her morning opera show and her own stunts. There would have been a public outcry that if she was pregnant. I don’t think her and Nagisa are in a relationship right now since both of them are focusing on their own career.

    I wish Lerche didn’t cut out the scene where a couple were holding hands at the train station. I want to know who were the couple before going they go to their own destination.

    1. I think what was implied was that the future child that she’ll have. The life that is yet to come. I also jumped into the conclusion that Kayano was pregnant when I first read the manga’s ending but came into conclusion that she really is not.

    2. I thought it obvious she was pregrant! Especially from the manga. There is some debate

      Karasuma wonders about the Students CHP 179 PAGE 16

      2 are Holding Hands / same Panel as Kayano in The Dragon FLY Poster Train Station / thern the Campus One set of hands do look like Nagisa’s

      Page 7 Kayano is praying

      Page 22 Kayno says ” I Do Have someone in mind who I hope will make good use of the BLDG ”

      W/O spoiling that person is revealed in the Extra Chapters !

      CHP 180 Page 13

      Kayano says ” Living for The Next Generation ”

      She has hands on her abdomen in a that’s not over glowing like in the anime.

      Page 16 / Kayano says “I’m just an afterthought for Nagisa’ meaning there are in touch.

      From WIKIPEDIA

      Kaede Kayano

      After Koro-Sensei’s death, she resumes her acting career, becoming even more famous than before, and it is implied that she gets into a relationship with Nagisa, seemingly pregnant with his child. However, when Sumire Hara asks Kayano how things are between her and Nagisa, she bashfully replies that he’s focused on his career at the moment.


  3. to be honest i was fearing that Koro-sensei found a way to save him out of the cage

    there where 2 possibilities

    1. His own body cells to fill in for the destroyed ones of Kaede
    2. When he need blood for Kaede he took them from the others, he could have injected some body cells here too

    to 1) but then the timeskip took to long, she would had give birth long ago. So this pregnancy is really out of love

    But it would had felled like in “Bleach” with this Boss fight that use the female vice-captain body parts of the Scientist Captain, to reproduce himself in an instant. yeah, this would be like “rape” for me, seems like i was worried for nothing

    Yes, this was a very nice ride. Thank you for this Anime and Manga

  4. The saddest thing really was how this episode showed that Koro-sensei was actually gone. Kinda like in the opening. One shot he’s standing there and the other he’s gone yet you just notice that the shot just became very empty.

    On the other side of the story. That Kirara. <3
    Good example of a ugly duckling scenario.

  5. This went pretty much the same as the source material so nothing really to complain about. Credit to the team that adapted it for being generally faithful to the source and adding and subtracting a bit here and there but keeping the spirit alive.

    If there is anything to improve on about the last 2 episodes it’s that it would probably have worked a lot better if they had scheduled a special 1 hour run instead of splitting it into 2 episodes. (which the manga did too :P)

  6. And thus ends one of the most pleasant surprises of 2015-2016. A series that made us laugh and cry in equal measure.
    Koro-sensei now lives on in Nagisa-sensei, as well as in the hearts of not just the 28 kids whom he led to the light, not just of Karasuma, Irina, and all the other characters whose lives he touched, but of all of us who joined their adventures.

    As for Nagisa×Kayano, it’s largely up in the air (it seems Matsui Yuusei isn’t too much into romance besides those of the adults, such as Karasuma×Irina and Koro-sensei×Aguri). Perhaps they are in a relationship, but are for the moment focusing on their careers (after all, they’re only 22/23 years old). Of course, clues abound, from both knowing some details about each other to teasing from Hara, who wasn’t even as ardent a shipper in the past as Karma and Nakamura.

    And because we just can’t get enough of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, here’s more.
    According to an ANN article, two theatrical anime films will be released on November 19. One is an adaptation of the Koro-sensei Q! spinoff, a Fantasy RPG-style take on the basic premise. The other is 365 Hi no Jikan (Time of 365 Days), a compilation movie with an additional original story (fingers crossed about what it is, though; it could be the four-chapter extra arc, a day in Nagisa-sensei’s life, or even a status update on Nagisa×Kayano and the other student ships).

    Until then…
    Walk with your heads held up high, Nagisa, Kayano, Karma, and all of Class 3-E. Rest assured, somewhere out there Koro-sensei and Aguri are cheering you on.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%202nd%20Season%20-%2025%20-%20Large%2047.jpg
    Poor Nagisa should have taught in an all girls high school, then it would be Negima all over again. The poor guy deserves a harem; seriously, considering how both he and the rest of the class tried so hard, to get the money from the start, it feels sad they never got anything very rewarding in the end. I wonder if any protagonist ever became rich in the end of an anime.

    Donations I understand but don’t give the money back to the government! If you have a relative, or a friend, that is in dire need of an expensive surgery or debt then you should keep that money as an emergency savings.

    Anyway, I hate the media for a variety of reasons in the last couple of episodes. While it is nice that the principle got ousted, a little too LATE considering all the sufferings class E had to put up with because of him.

    Height is one thing, other factors such as oppai…….well I guess one has to ask the author about the forever zero’s future.

    1. “Poor Nagisa should have taught in an all girls high school, then it would be Negima all over again. The poor guy deserves a harem; seriously, considering how both he and the rest of the class tried so hard, to get the money from the start, it feels sad they never got anything very rewarding in the end.”

      It will give more pleasure to any person to change such idiots and save them (and society) then just teach some random girls for garem instead. It will be the best reward for any teacher, any real Human.

      And Nagisa isn’t Negima. He is gentle and delicate but not a soft person.

  8. Again thanks for covering this ! I couldnt write anything better and the final shows how anime should be done

    Yusei / Lerche did an amazing job . But give Yusei credit all those episodes all have to deal with the end result Little things like Koro going to Nw York to watch the baseball player Sugino was trying to be like and gave him his own style . Many many examples of that. Yusei had a plan and it worked.

    But to Koro a question / did he redeem himself ! / Yes he killed like a 1000 people but they were probally shady to begin with.

    He changed when Aguri came along. He lived in solitude xcept for his apprentice ( who betrayed him ) and Aguri had that special skill to touch people.inckuding Koro. When she died he was going to fufill that promise no matter what!

    In fact Koro lived a full life in a year / going around the world for treats movies etc and had time to teach his students more than any educator could ! His bucket list was completed , Just think he could have gone of elsewhere but stayed and taught!

    In the end he did what he had to do / he knew the govt would bot leave him alone and the Class had to do the deed to never doubt thenmselves.

    His legacy lives on his cells will save millions of lives. The students and the guidebooks forever made them decent humans,. He does some amazing things in the 4 extra CHPS that dealt with his winter break ! Yes Koro is one of a kind

    A great anime that should had a bigger following IMO

    Now what wouls be nice if Yusei gets 1ST Place in 2016 Eisner Award Nominees (Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia) which will be rewarded at Comic-Con The equal of an Oscar

  9. This has been my go-to feel-good anime. Even though it was sad at times, it was never depressing, and when you put Koro-sensei in the mix, you are sure to have lots of fun.

    This is one of those stories that could only appear in anime/manga: an all-powerful yellow octopus wants to destroy earth, but will teach a classroom in the meantime. And that’s one of the reasons why I still watch anime up to this day, and why I will continue to do so in the future!

    Thank you for blogging this show!

  10. They’re married! I missed the wedding bells ringing. 🙂 https://randomc.net/image/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu/Ansatsu%20Kyoushitsu%202nd%20Season%20-%2025%20-%20Large%2023.jpg
    A happy ending in the making…I want to see Koro-sensei’s afterlife as an OVA instead of Nagisa’s teaching.
    My guess that everyone else whom were not mentioned to be working are living a luxurious lifestyle due to the extraordinary reward money they got.
    Keep smiling everyone! This show deserves to be re-watched over again in all the years to come.

    random viewer
  11. Thanks for blogging this wonderful series, Takaii.

    It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions. S2 especially had some whoppers. It was a series that could juggle a lot, whether there was a fun, lighthearted episode or a very serious and intense one. And in doing so always remained at its core Assassination Classroom, mostly because of Koro-sensei’s dynamic personality. I respect this series a lot. It managed to hold true to its original premise: a story about a group of kids tasked to kill their teacher. Of course, we all came to love Koro-sensei, his students included, which made the moment so tough to watch. Koro-sensei must be so proud of his students, btw. They’ve all become great people.

    I actually remember reading this series when it had just started being published. I gave up on it because I fell behind for some reason, and I’m just bad in general when it comes to keeping up with manga. I’m glad I picked up the anime. I would have missed out on a gem. Farewell, Assassination Classroom. Thanks for the memories.

    On another note, the manga author is going to be at NY Comic Con this year. I tried to get tickets, but missed out. It would definitely be awesome to meet him, so to those of you who are going, enjoy!


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