「星の歌い手」 (Hoshi no Utaite)
“Star Singer”

As preparations for the final battle begin, we get a few more answers to our remaining questions, and they’re generally as expected. For one, Wright is confirmed to have intentionally flown off his intended flight path in an attempt to minimize casualties, and it turns out that the dimension weapon was deployed by remote control rather than by his own hands. It won’t make a difference in the short term given that the fight will go on regardless, but it was nice to see Hayate receive some semblance of closure regarding his father, and it set up nicely for the surprise package from his mother, the revelation that Wright was the one who introduced music to Freyja as expected, and the fact that
Hayate will fittingly fly with his original plane to finish things off.

All things considered though, it’s the hint from Berger that Lady M could be Lynn Minmay after all that takes the cake, and I gotta say—all this discussion about the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 makes you realize just how hard they’re trying to link the past with the present this time around. After all, the Megaroad-01 was only briefly mentioned in the original series if I’m not mistaken, and even then it didn’t go much any details regarding its journey. Heck, I think the only thing that really had any details about it were a series of music videos from the 1980’s that included a load of footage that were planned but never animated for the original Macross, and I’m pretty sure that very few people even know about it, let alone watched it.

Either way, it’s interesting how plausible the situation could be given that the last thing we know about the SDF-2 was that it suddenly disappeared a few years into its flight with Minmay and Hikaru on board, and it makes you wonder if the final climax might not include a sudden reappearance from Minmay (of all people) to even the odds in favor of our protagonists. That’d certainly be a treat for long-time viewers, wouldn’t it?

The question is how many of our characters will even make it to the end at the current rate, and I can’t be the only one who felt that everything this week reeked of death flags. From the whole Arad + Kaname “I have a dream” dialogue to Freyja and Hayate’s moment at the episode’s culmination, almost everything hinted at at least one of each pair not making it out of this alive, and that goes doubly true for the Windermere side, which seems likely to lose at least two (if not all three) members of their big three of Heinz, Roid, and Keith. The fact that the NUNS Fleet basically nuked themselves also doesn’t bode well (even if they were likely part of hard liners that deserved it), and it looks like things are gearing for a typical whirlwind finale, which is certainly something I can’t complain about.

There is one thing that bothers me though, and in all seriousness—what is up with that bondage rope around Mikumo? I’ve avoided commenting about it for a few weeks now thinking it’d disappear or something, but it’s still there! At this rate we’ll lose half the cast and the rope will still be there! I hope they at least replaced it once or twice in the last few weeks…?


ED10 Sequence

ED10: 「愛・おぼえていますか~ORCH2067~」 Ai. Oboete Imasuka ~ORCH 2067~



    1. OK… So if Lynn Minmay is indeed Lady M, the big question now (especially to fans of the original series) is: Where was she and what was she doing during the last 50 years since her disappearance?

      That whole subplot would make for an interesting story, as well as shed some light on what exactly happened to the Megaroad-01 colony fleet helmed by Hikaru Ichijou and Misa Hayase.

  1. Part of me wishes they made final episode double length. I mean, we need that amazing space battle, we need some resolution and some happy endings to go around. I really don’t know if they can do that in just one episode, and if they can, it’ll be insane lool.

    1. Yeah that or some kind of extended episode would be ideal, but sadly it seems like Re:Zero’s the only show in recent memory that really took that to heart in terms of doing whatever it took to extend the duration of its episode to get everything in.

  2. The one thing I hate about recent Macross series is how long they drag love triangles. Such weak male leads in anime nowadays. Maybe Hataye confesses to Freiya off screen? I don’t know but seems unlikely.

  3. The story of the SDF-2 Megaroad 01 was the closing story of the original Macross series, included as an animated short with Flashback 2012 (ok, it feels weird now that 2012 is actually in the past). It depicted the first colony ship with Hikaru, Minmay, and Misa as captain departing Earth, with Minmay singing Angel’s Paint, her final concert. This was supposed to be at the end of the DYRL movie; she starts singing it but they had to cut off the animation because apparently they didn’t finish in time. So the short included with Flashback is the real final, warm fuzzy ending (Flashback actually starts where the animation cut off).

    All communication was lost with Megaroad 01, which was they’re way of saying we’re done with this story and we’re ending it on a high note.

  4. “The humanoids of the galaxy shall be free from the rule of the UN Government so we can brainwash them to turn them into obedient zombie-slaves!

    At this point, far from buying the moral that nukes are the ultimate evil, the series has made me reach the conclusion that if the NUNS had nuked Windermere on time, all the deaths, pain and suffering caused by the Imperial Japanese Space Nazis would have been avoided. Which given the WWII paralellisms is not a moral unheard of (outside Japan, that is).

  5. Starting to see where the name Macross Delta comes form. There’s Δ Squadron, delta winged variable fighters, and now δ waves. I really thought you can call it Macross Triangle, but the two probable love triangle didn’t seem to get any love from the writers. So, now I’m not so sure. But there’s the Roid-Keith-Heinz triumvirate. Still looks more like a Greek delta though.

    Even though I’m a long time Macross fan, I’m not really thrilled with the prospect of hearing Minmay again. Sure I rooted for her and am quite fond of her Do You Remember Love, but….
    Anyway, how about the prospect of Lady M being Misa and Hikaru’s daughter?


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