OP Sequence

OP: 「ClassicaLoid ~クラシカロイドのテーマ~」 (ClassicaLoid ~Kurashikaroido no Tēma~)

「ベトとモツと音羽館」 (Beto to Motsu to Otowakan)
“‘Beethes and Motes and Otowakan”

Hey, did you hear? Arnold Schwarzenegger actually auditioned for this show. Yeah, it’s true! He was going for a big role, too. Said he: ‘I’ll be Bach.’

Sorry, sorry. The thing is, for ClassicaLoid, I’ve got nothing. I watched the show, and the main verdict I can give is: I don’t get it. It’s not just that the jokes didn’t land for me, which is a subjective matter anyway so I won’t make an issue about it. Rather, I’m not sure if ClassicaLoid even wants to be a comedy. Sure, it’s at times hyperbolic, and colourful, and silly, but at the same time it seems to take itself awfully seriously outside of these antics. Everything about Otowa Kanae (Komatsu Mikako), professional angry person and her inner struggle about selling off her ancestral home are, I assume, supposed to be genuinely heartfelt. So, is ClassicaLoid supposed to be a drama? If it was, then it has a rather strange cast for one. Basically, nobody besides Kanae cares about a wit about what is going on. This chump (Shimazaki Nobunaga) basically had no purpose other than to be annoying. Beethoven (Sugita Tomokazu) and Mozart (Kaji Yuki) are crazy comedic sociopaths so they have any empathy to share with anyway. Frankly, my dear, they don’t give a damn so long as they can squat.

It’s a bit hard for the viewers to care as well, because ClassicaLoid is not really set up for us to care. ClassicaLoid starts in a rather weird place and in a weird way. It starts, basically, without a premise. The music mansion is basically just there. The whacko brigade is just there. And that is all we really know about the setting and the story. I suppose we’re supposed to just assume that this is near-future Japan, but it’d be nice to have a bit more context for everything. At least, zoom out a bit so that we can confirm that there are actually other people in this setting and they’re not actually all chilling on a very tiny island. It feels that ClassicaLoid, if it really wanted to play up the drama, should have better established the logic of its show first or else events seem kinda arbitrary. Normally, a story like this would move a bit slower. We would at least meet the grandmother first, indulge in a meaningful relationship, perhaps have the granddaughter watch her die, before going straight to the question of her legacy. The short flashbacks, I felt, didn’t really cut it.

But, meh, drama shrama whatever. Hell if I’d know what ClassicaLoid is going for. Maybe it really wanted to be something like Disney’s Fantasia and only do impromptu silent comedy, but someone accidentally wrote a script. Maybe with its transformation sequence it’s yet another magical girl show. Maybe it’s just an excuse for Sugita Tomokazu to rant into a microphone. Who knows? I do think, though, if it intends to be crazy, and it is, in a good way, then it can certainly afford to be crazier. And, hey, perhaps they will in the coming episodes, which I will be totally up for since there’s no point settling for half way. It does seem, though, whether ClassicaLoid will work for you will depend on taste, much like your taste for rock ruining your classical music. But at the very least, it’ll be sort of different. Look, Bach in sunglasses! What else can I say?


ED Sequence

ED: 「情熱について語るべき2、3の真実~田園より~」 (Jounetsu ni Tsuite Kataru Beki 2, 3, no Shinjitsu ~Denen yori~) by ハセガワダイスケ (Hasegawa Daisuke)



      1. I’m not questioning why he’s a guy who wears pink. I’m questioning why it’s pink because Mozart likely didn’t wear a pink wig, and everything else about his appearance made me legitimately think he was a woman. It isn’t just the wig. And you go and take the “gender activist” opinion?? Maybe I should’ve made it clear that this is coming from someone who didn’t see the show, and these screenshots are my first intro to it!

  1. I couldn’t help but enjoy this insanity … I don’t think I can even find words to express how I felt watching this show, but I do know that at least four times I caught myself with a goofy smile plastered on my face for reasons I still don’t understand~ I think I’m going to like this show!

    Vad Deasduade

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