「Chapter.7 ひな / Chapter.8 ブイエス」 (Chapter.7 Hina / Chapter.8 Buiesu)
“Chapter 7 Hina / Chapter 8 Versus”

While I wasn’t as appreciative as I should have been, I think both halves of this week’s episode succeeded with what they tried to do.

The First Half

Continuing the focus on Hina, it was rather bittersweet to see her first crush completely ignore her. I get that the whole idea was to discover that the person you set your eyes on may not look back, but man did the story have to give us another sad Hina moment so quickly? Especially with how last week’s episode focused on the loss of her mom and the pain of having to accept that outcome, it would have been nice to have some other character experience some difficulty, right?

Little gripes aside, I really did enjoy getting to see Hina grow up some more. I remember the days when I would go completely out of my way to make things for a crush and just how devastated I was when things didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted to. Which is why I called the thing a little bittersweet since reliving it through Hina hit a little closer to home than I wanted it to.

On the other hand, can we talk about how awkward Rei was at the end of all that? While I wouldn’t say it was anything crazy, it was a nice reminder that Rei also has some growing up to do himself.

The Second Half

I’m not quite sure what happened here, but boy was it interesting seeing Akari completely go crazy when she saw Harunobu. I never thought the story was going to take her love of round and shiny things so seriously, but I have to hand it to 3-gatsu for never doing things half-assed. That said, can we talk about how Harunobu is being tracked by GPS? I don’t know how bad his health condition is, but I think I’d be a little scared if my every moment was being tracked.

Looking Ahead

With this week’s episode slowing the story down a little, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the coming weeks. With Rei’s flashbacks growing longer and getting more vivid, I’m actually starting to get a little scared for when we find out just what happened to him in the past. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week! Ciao!




  1. It really bought out the old romantic in me when Rei was
    there for Hina (stopping her from discarding the lunch)
    after the baseball game.

    Completely adorable when Akari doting over Harunobu’s roundness,
    and ignoring Rei and Hina (and the cats). Which by the way,
    I really enjoy the cat interjections, they’re cute and not
    over the top.

    A pleasant watch – wanna see what happened to his parents.

  2. Um, shouldn’t you be mentioning that there’s a hint that Rei’s sister might have forced him at least once when he was younger? I think it’s the biggest issue of the episode. Especially the moment he remembered that his eyes turned hollow.


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