「穏やかな日々に・・・」 (Odayaka na Hibi ni…)
“On a Quiet Day… | An einem ruhigen Tag…”

One thing that is remarkably consistent in anime, which has survived where entire genres have not, is the breast envy gag. Empires rise and fall, but comic routines about bra-sizes is eternal. This one I genuinely do not understand. It’s always the same joke—‘Oh hey, this girl is insecure about her bust!’—yet it returns again and again with irrepressible persistence, like a telemarketer with a quota. As part of the non-mammaried community, I am not familiar with these personal concerns of the average lingerie-shopper. Is this something that actually goes on regularly in your private conversations? Yeah, male chauvinism I understand—by the way, good luck with your election, Americans—but do even females, in the safety of their herd, define themselves by their centre of gravity? I’m not privy to this secret women’s business. Perhaps you can send an envoy to enlighten me.

In any case, the purpose of such gags is obvious: to fill in time in a lighter and softer kind of episode. We are back to No Explosions in ‘On a Quiet Day’, as Shuumatsu no Izetta explores a bit more of its Pygmalion subplot. At the same time, they’re bringing Finé a bit closer to earth with a generic yet irrational weakness for sweets. Yeah, sure it looks bloody good (realise that there’s an artist in an anime studio who had to learn how to draw pastry), but I refuse to believe that the Archduchess doesn’t have one in-house chef who knows how to bake desserts, forcing incognito pie-raids. Well, somehow it all works out for her but… eh. Why all the pandering, your Highness? It’s not like you need the votes.

So, something of a calm before the storm or rather, since Elystadt’s had plenty of the sturm und drang, a brief reprieve from the rain. The only questions are when (in all likelihood, next episode) and how. Curiously, one the avenues for everything going wrong in a hurry—the completely avoidable intelligence-leak—is closed of rather quickly. Certainly, silencing him permanently is the pragmatically expedient thing to do, and it plays into the whole cynicism vs idealism thing that’s been going on. But I was hoping that it would be Finé and/or Izetta who would have had to address this moral dilemma, to add to their conflict. Instead, the spymaster allows them to keep their hands clean. Of course he’d do it, after his spiel about desperate measures for desperate times. I hope he doesn’t end up a scapegoat, to allow our protagonists to take the moral high ground freely. That would be too easy

Where would things go wrong for Izetta now? Sure, the Germanians have whatever nasty thing locked up in their basement, and their Emperor seems to have put more focus on their aeronautical programmes than Hitler did, but back at home, where it would hit the hardest, Izetta is getting rave reviews. How was this White Witch story supposed to go? I wonder if things would be more interesting if Izetta was a complete fraud, or if it would be more interesting as it is, where she’s only a bit of a fraud. Hmm. Well, we’ll see, I guess. Maybe the diplomatic mission will completely fall through. Or maybe they’ll get aid from Hogwarts. The ‘last of my kind’ thing is vastly overrated.


  1. I love how they put in the Blue Danube Waltz during Izetta’s dance lesson scene.

    I also loved how they take a more realistic approach to the war, silencing someone forever is certainly the best way to keep a secret. War knows no mercy, and I hope they will continue with their realistic outtake in it.

  2. The first scene of this episode could easily be improved. I would have had a winded Jonas mumble something about “So the white witch isn’t invincible after all…” or just “Izetta…” while panting to catch his breath. At which point someone behind him asks “Jonas?” and he turns to see his Sergeant/the spy, who enquires if something is the matter. Cue opening credits. Doing that would create tension and make Jonas look like less of an idiot.

    Other than that I found this a decent enough episode if perhaps a little slow -this series’ scope and pacing has me wondering if its actually two cours. The preview had me worried this was going to be an entire episode of ecchi hijinks but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

    1. There are 6 BD volumes for pre-order. That suggests 12 episodes. And this show is not funded by a large production house with a lot of money to burn like Aniplex. They won’t even think about a potential second season if the show doesn’t sell well, and pre-order numbers don’t look good. It’s almost guaranteed it’s gonna flop.

      1. perhaps to less Nippon, to much “western” Europe history, even if here they use fantasy names. Imagine if Strike Witches was without the Nippon branch ones… would it be an hit?

  3. I would think the pie thing was the Prior Archdukes’ opinion on a proper diet probably a part of was no sweats and thus no desert chef on staff.

    I know guys used to get into package size but that way back in early seventies where group showers were common experience. I take a bit of this as Japan is a sexist society because even though some women in particular like to get into various things about other women it is no longer politicly correct to show it except maybe on the Housewife shows.

    Germans put a lot into aeronautical programs but tended to run them down rabbit holes of neat put not yet practical ideas, if Hitler had not been so stuck on a jet bomber they would have gotten jet fighters up way earlier.
    Smithsonian “The story of the rise and fall of the Luftwaffe illustrates not only the effective use of airpower and expansion of industrial output under difficult conditions, but also the effects of faulty military strategy and mismanagement of aircraft development programs. It also underscores the consequences of the German belief that advanced technology could prevent defeat in the face of overwhelming Allied numerical and material superiority.”

    1. @RedRocket: True about aeronautical research, but the “rabbit holes” for German WWII tech were by no means limited to just that. Waaaay too many programs going on at once. Also true about Hitler’s misguided priority on jet bombers vs. jet fighters (air superiority/supremacy yo~). Still, Göring’s overall command of the Luftwaffe wasn’t exactly stellar either. Technology does matter though, but as your quote noted it’s not the only factor (e.g. faulty military strategy and resource (all types) limitations).

    2. The plan supposed to reform the Luftwaffe by a group of fighter pilots appeal to Hitler for having replaced Goring for incompetent but it went died of nowhere. I dont know why.

  4. I find it refreshing to see a war drama where even supposed “good guys” sometiomes have to get hands dirty… RIP, private Jonas. Also I have found it ironic that just after that Izetta rephrased Sieg’s words about doing “whatever it takes to protect them”. She might have to get to do something drastic sometime soon…
    Meanwhile, Germanians are not resting, with Tigers and advanced fighters being prototyped, and section nine of the Imperial Research Institute – is it a more shout-out to GITS or to the Occultic Nine? – researching occult and mystic mysteries, I presume. Note that at least some of the Germanians (the young intelligence lieutnant and fighter ace pilot) seem to be painted if not as symapthetic than at least relatable characters, while the spectacled Major seems to be one of the smartest guys on their side.
    I am very much interested how the Allied powers et consortes conference will play out, because, as much as great Izetta is in combat, it will take more than her to definitely defeat Germanians. The “focus on the north” might be either Battle of Britain or operation Seeloewe, planned, but never realised in our timeline invasion of the UK.

  5. “Is this something that actually goes on regularly in your private conversations?”

    No. Not regularly, at least. On occasion? Yeah, but I think it’s individual. I have known a few women who had boob envy. But they’re in the minority; one of them had gotten her non-problem “fixed” and became even more boob obsessed (wanted everyone she met to touch them). But boob-talk usually only comes up in the context of clothes shopping or such, in my experience.

    I do not know if this is still a thing, but I had read from several sources in the past that, in Japan, it was common for women to check out another woman’s bust if it was bigger than her own. Not as a sexual thing but as a curious thing. I’m sure there is a cultural thing happening; a clash of western culture idealizing a larger bust (sexy) vs. traditional culture which idealized a woman for a “column” form (graceful but flat) when properly dressed.

    Sieg looks like a dead man walking. Not dead soon, just will have to be dead before his nation’s crisis is resolved. HIs type is never allowed the peace of victory. I found the timing on this scene to be painfully convenient with no explanation. The spy had how long to threaten the kid for the info? And he only finally does it when Sieg and his spy are both hot on their trail, not to his knowledge? Really? This played out like a children’s cartoon in that one aspect. It seems a bit strange to completely shut down this storyline by killing the kid, revealing that they knew who the spy was just an episode after it was started. The entire plot fragment had to either serve to building Sieg’s story or was just a super cheap shot for some suspense between two episodes. Also, Sieg and his people are smart enough to know who the spies are but not smart enough to keep the general from blabbing loudly. Okay then.

    The whole pie thing is cringe inducing. Tiny nation, yadda yadda, everybody knows she sneaks out and pretends they don’t, it’s very silly and feels tropey. I prefer “tomboy” princess to mean something different. Sneaking out in flimsy disguises for a slice of pie doesn’t cut it! The maid was already going to bring some home. Sure, it would look bad if Fine brought the bakers to the castle to bake her her own pie but if she has to maintain the image of “suffering” the same as her citizens, she can sacrifice a cafe-fresh pie and settle for one brought home, right? Talk about inconsistent.

    IMO, I’ll keep watching bit the series should probably flop. The “hand of creation” is too obvious. By that I mean that the creators have a story they are telling, they want it to go a certain way, and they are not going to go far enough to build credibility for the things which happen, they’re just gonna cheap-shot/god-machine it and hope you enjoy the ride anyway. It’s not enough for a show not aimed at the under-10 set.

    1. This was a characterization slow movement episode that filled in some important details as well. This type of episode works better if marathoning if one is a action all the time craver slow movement episodes do not satisfy. Yet many will complain about lack of characterization in action filled episodes. Anime makers are sort of doomed they have to show action early to hook people but that leads to lack of characterization and when characterization is attempted later the action junky can not take the off episode.

      Me I find that a mix of action and slow movements much more satisfying but I’m a 54 year old viewer. I refer to great symphonies often have loud active movements mixed with slow movements to greaten the whole. Metallica the heavy medal band also mixes the slow into the heavy for same effect.

    1. Yep bothered but also a necessary evil. Necessary evils are still evil and perhaps the shooter will agree with you than he should be punished, but later when the criss is over.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Shuumatsu%20no%20Izetta/Shuumatsu%20no%20Izetta%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2018.jpg

    Let’s update the “WW2 German hardware anime debut” list. This episode we got VK 3601 mit 88mm, Tiger I, Ho 229 and He 112. Thank you Wargaming. I do suppose we can expect an Izetta x WoT collaboration soon?

    Lets talk about Workshop 9. That emblem is rather disturbing. I take it that the 2 serpents are the very same serpents that are on Caduceus. And I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into it, might be a reference to the erroneous use of it as a medical symbol instead of the Rod of Asclepius. If so, I won’t be surprised if Workshop 9 is the one that dwells on biological and human experimentation headed by an anime equivalent of Joesef Mengle.

    “Pte Jonas fell in battle while valiantly defending his country and it’s ideals. The nation of Elystadt will forever be in debt for his sacrifice”

    In retrospect, Pte Jonas is more than just the “nameless soldier”. He represents those that voluntarily took up arms to defend their country and it’s ideals and at the same time represents the very security of state secrets. Jonas was a victim of circumstance. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. One consolation we can take from Jonas is that he was truly loyal to his country to the very end. I actually teared at the scene and writing this comment as well.

    Velvet Scarlantina
    1. @Velvet Scarlantina: The Heinkel HE112 is an interesting easter egg choice IMO given that in RL it was designed at the same time as the ME109 for the Luftwaffe’s 1933 fighter contract (which the ME109 design won) and the context of the scene is “future/better aircraft” under development. Certainly a rarer, more obscure “WWII easter egg” than say an FW190, but I would think an FW190 would be more appropriate give the context. Unless I’m missing something, the anime is currently in 1940 so it’s possible for a base FW190 prototype to exist.

      1. That may be true but about Izetta’s He 112, a FaceBook friend noted that the original design calls for a 2 blade propeller but Izetta’s He 112 has 4 blades and seems to be spotting a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

        It’s not sure if the Germans reverse engineer a downed and captured Spitfire or their spies in UK stole or caught sight of its plans

        Velvet Scarlantina
      2. It just occured to me.

        Ho 229 had its first flight in 1944 but in Izetta-verse, it seems that they have been able to have a working BMW and/or reliable Jumo engines.

        So going by this logic, an Me 262 by 1941-1942 in Izetta-verse is a very possible likely.

        So where would Fw 190 fit in the picture?

        Unless the Fw 190 was already in production as the replacement for Me 109 whilst Germany’s 1st generation jet fighters are being produced.

        Velvet Scarlantina
      3. @Velvet Scarlantina:

        – The two blade prop might have been for the original/first prototype, but later designs had a three blade prop ( as show in RL vintage pictures). Not sure why a 4 blade prop here. Could be simply illustrator just drew one even if not historically accurate (such inaccuracies do happen with anime). That being said, maybe it’s “more prototype-ish” since there are a few RL WII cases of some plane designs starting with a 3 blade prop then going to a 4 blade prop with better/more powerful engines in later models.

        – As for the engine, didn’t take a close look at it, but not sure why your friend would speculate a Merlin (British) engine in a German fighter. If the original Junkers Jumo 210 was lacking, I’d think the engine upgrade would be a Daimler-Benz DB 601 or later – just like the BF 109. Don’t get me wrong, the Merlin was an outstanding WWII aircraft engine (British wisely also used a modified version later in for some tanks), but DB 60x engines were good too (had direct fuel injection for one thing). Just don’t see why they would ditch the DB for a Merlin.

        – IF (key) an Me 262 in Izetta-verse is very possibly likely as you suggest, then how does an He 112 “fit in the picture”? I see absolutely NO reason why an FW 190 (later design and clearly superior fighter) wouldn’t fit the picture as well – no, more so because again, the FW 190 is the better fighter (and later design which fits the context). IMO, FW 190 still makes sense even in conjunction with BF 109 rather the fully replace the BF 109 – just like RL WWII.

        – You’re right, the HO 229 doesn’t make sense with the timeline (Me 262 would make more sense). JMO and all, but to me this is simply a WWII “easter egg” thing. Me 262 & FW 190 are well known. The HO 229 and HE 112, not so much = rare easter eggs to drop in for those who like that sort of thing. Look at Anzio in GuP. The Carro Veloce CV-33/35 has no business being in Senshado, but it’s a rare/relatively unknown easter egg type of tank(ette), and from what I’ve read, also a favorite of the director (think he’s part of the creative/writer staff as well) so in it goes.

    2. I am having a vision of april folls mode for world of warplanes with players playing as Izetta flyiong around and shooting up various Germanian stuff…
      or maybe Halloween next year? Witch themed…

  7. If next week’s title is of any indication, the setting might take place at theNordic countries. Would we finally get to see United States of Atlanta and Britannian forces?

    Would we see Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Hipper sisters and HMS Glorious? It’ll be interesting to see if Izetta can flip a 32 000 ton battleship

    Velvet Scarlantina
  8. Finally catching up on some shows. I get the need to take a break in the action – actually, I’m perfectly fine with that, but some of the SOL/”comedy” parts, especially lately, fall flat for me. Again, not objecting to such things, but just ain’t working with me for some reason or another (and I’m not bothered by the bits of fanservice in the show so far). On the plus side, the show has kept the overall story moving, and I haven’t had any issues with pacing. Props for that.

    Random Thoughts:

    – Maybe just me, but every time Ervira shows up, I tend to sigh. Moments with her IMO tend to be the weakest part of the show. Not always, but often enough to be noticeable. Meh.

    – During the tour of the Germania aeronautical facility, after the young Germania intel officer talks about how they experiment with new technology and acquire foreign tech, the pilots comment is “So, basically you spy and do dirty work”. What an odd reply IMO. Ramping/acquiring tech is smart (occult stuff different story though we do have a witch in this world so YMMV on that). I mean, rather fly that BF109 of yours or an Arado Ar 80? Like those automatic leading edge slats, etc.? Well, technology. You’re welcome.

    – Sorry, but I cannot take “United States of Atlanta” seriously. “Germania” isn’t exactly full of creative effort in terms of a fictional name, but US of Atlanta? O.o. Was this show secretly underwritten by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce? “Atlanta! We have more than just a great airport!” (Note to anyone from Atlanta – just a friendly joke).

    – Alas poor Pvt. Jonas, we knew ye just of enough to possibly have some feels for your death. Nothing against the character per se, but glad to have an end to where this was heading. Was never a fan of the whole “Let’s reveal our secret weapon to the world”. Secrets are secrets for a reason. Of course dumbass general played a big role. Sure, just shout out Izetta’s limitations in some random location near a recent battle. Who could possibly overhear anything? Bleh. MUCH better IMO that the Germania major (dude with glasses) do some detective work and put together the pieces.

    – I did like the Germania spy (not the character, but that there are spies). That’s one thing that kind of bugs me with the Elystadt HC. They seem kind of lax IMO when it comes to this stuff. How about some spies of their own in Germania? At any rate, I’d totally keep that one spy they hired active. Dude does a good job.

    – Next episode title = The Battle of Sognefjord. So… some WWII Norwegian Campaign coming up?

    1. “I mean, rather fly that BF109 of yours or an Arado Ar 80? Like those automatic leading edge slats, etc.? Well, technology. You’re welcome.”

      The undercarriage and closed cockpit points it to being an He 112 instead of Ar 80

      “- Next episode title = The Battle of Sognefjord. So… some WWII Norwegian Campaign coming up?”
      Seems so. I wonder what goodies WG Asia x Izetta has for us

      Velvet Scarlantina
      1. @Velvet Scarlantina: Regarding your first comment. Plane ID wasn’t my point. The Arado Ar 80 was just a somewhat random example (a worse fighter than BF109). First thought was a much more extreme comparison of tech (Fokker D VII LOL) to illustrate my tech ramp point. It’s just a throwaway line (no big deal), but really did strike me as an odd comment to make (thus my comment.

        As for next episode, yep, certainly seems to be the case, but your guess is as good as mind as to what will happen. 😀

  9. I have a really bad feeling about what´s inside that basement, considering Germania is inspired on the Nazi Germany I think is safe to say that monster Emperor has done human experimentation on some innocent witches!.

  10. Wow, that was fast.
    Did Jonas tell?

    Fine has quite the wit too, switching mode so seamlessly in the pie cafe.

    Wow, fast.
    The Germanian spy is found out.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Workshop 9…
    Perhaps the restraining pod thing Izetta was kept in is from this workshop?
    Maybe Izetta was meant to be delivered to this workshop?
    Why was Izetta in the pod in the first place?
    The workshop scientists believe witches exist…cause they got good evidence?
    The mystery of the witches and their decline.

    I thought this episode is going to be a filler but things keep chugging along at a fast pace.


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