「進化/純白と漆黒」 (Shinka / Junpaku to Shikkoku)
“Evolution / Pure White and Pitch Black”

If you have ever wondered where the phrase “don’t stick your dick in crazy” came from, look no further than Lostorage this week. It’s fairly safe to say Chinatsu has now fully embraced the insanity, going all in with Bookmaker’s job and leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of additional customers. After the revelations previously, Chinatsu’s twisted, disdainful behaviour here really seems strange given that she has a palpable goal she is working towards. It’s a funny shift, not helped by Chinatsu deliberately losing battles one minute while duping wins out of conflicted acquaintances the next—I guess Chinatsu must really want the additional income Bookmaker pays her something fierce. Part of the dissociation I’m feeling likely derives from the apparent pleasure Chinatsu pulls from these fights. She all but enjoyed making our nameless woman remember her obligations, and definitely found it fun tricking Shouhei out of his coin. For someone looking to rid herself of memories, following Bookmaker’s tune is a fairly convoluted method of going about it. If Chinatsu is also stating the truth that this form is her actual self (which I seriously doubt), god help the poor suckers who end up facing this increasingly sadistic monster. Suzuko might have her work cut out for her.

Speaking of Suzuko, it seems her developments also weren’t false, as she now has the goal of protecting both hers and Chinatsu’s memories. I’m not terribly surprised Suzuko has stuck to this route, after all she still is feeling around for herself, even if having accepted Chinatsu’s current disposition. Suzuko’s battle practice with Hanna definitely indicates her fight with Chinatsu is not over yet (as if we would never have round two), but it’s up in the air how and when we get around to this penultimate showdown. Given Chinatsu’s meandering path to five coins and Suzuko stuck back at one, both will need a lot of batoru before winding up in the necessary positions to settle their friendship spat once and for all. Obviously the two girls could face off again before reaching four coins a piece, but the best suspense (for me) would be them duking it out knowing losing would have the other one win their fifth coin. You could cut that mental anguish with a knife.

While Chinatsu’s and Suzuko’s conflict resolution remains a stubborn unknown, what is clear this week is that we will be getting some vital answers very soon. Shouhei specifically confirmed the 90 day limit for all Selectors now (starting from the moment you’re chosen I’m assuming), with memory loss only possible during that timeframe. Furthermore the idea that Selectors could partner up and alternate winning and losing their way to safety is disproven—it’s confirmed you lose a coin, you/someone else loses a memory. Particularly intriguing for me, however, is that Hanna apparently knows there’s a catch to collecting five coins. I am definitely sticking with my bet that Hanna finds out this hidden secret first, especially when her LRIG is oh so obviously keeping the secret tantalizingly clear. I don’t know at all what to expect next week, but I can guess (and hope) it will be yuge. We’re just one step away from blowing the lid on this survival game.

Random Tidbits

Got a serious laugh out of the battle between Rio and Masaru. Loli versus siscon, complete with Mario-esque bullets, bipolar LRIG, and some hilarious expressions.

Either Chinatsu’s seduction skills are incredible, or poor Shouhei has gone without for so long that he cannot tell the difference. I’m betting the latter 😛

Bookmaker still brokers no competition when it comes to creepy freaks with way too much to hide.




  1. I could easily see the two girls fighting again when they’re either at four coins or one coin, one of the extremes to really put things at maximum stakes, and I’d be all for it in either scenario. Also, nothing against Chinatsu, I find it pretty cool for them to show how deceptive she can be and how far she’s willing to go to make someone sign with the Bookmaker, but it comes off as strange that after you had last episode end with Suzuko finding new resolve to fight and not wanting to back down, you see Suzuko for half the episode before she almost vanishes for the other half. It’s not bad, just feels like a slight bit of unusual pacing.

    Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first instance where you see someone bet a coin and lose, but they end up losing two coins because I saw he had three when Shouhei was battling Chinatsu. I don’t know if that’s an animation error or this is a rule that they decided to implement after the one or two other times someone who lost bet a coin, but only loses the one. It raises a few skeptical questions.

    But those things weren’t too deterring, all the little battles, seeing Chinatsu further her descent into the dark side, Suzuko’s new determination for the kind of brief moment we see it this episode, it was still a fun watch.

    Fuwa Fuwa
    1. I’m guessing the coin bit was an animation error as it seems strange to suddenly have the rules surrounding that change. Considering the coin slot physically disappears upon coin betting, I’m still betting that bet coins aren’t lost if the Selector loses (unless it’s your final coin of course).

  2. Yes, that loli v siscon batoru was funnier than it had any right to be.

    It’s getting harder to sympathize with Chinatsu with each passing episode. I know she feels betrayed by her hard-worker persona that she associates with Suzuko, but what she’s doing–being a manipulative freakjob–seems counterproductive.

    How hysterical would it be if Chinatsu won five coins and managed to delete her memories of Suzuko, and then Suzuko got five coins and made Chinatsu remember her again (since winners can alter other people’s memories.)

    1. That’s assuming Chinatsu doesn’t also wish for Suzuko to simultaneously forget about Chinatsu too, would be hard wishing for remembrance without the memories in the first place 😛
      It’s why I really want to know what the damned catch is regarding winning, it would help explain so much regarding the possibilities going forward.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Lostorage%20Incited%20WIXOSS/Lostorage%20Incited%20WIXOSS%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2026.jpg

    For some strange reason, I get turned on by Chinatsu and her seductive and sadistic ways. Again with that “Want to do it with me?”

    That tone

    That voice

    That expression…

    Pardon me while I compose myself.

    Twisted by the dark side Chinatsu has become. Redeem Chinatsu will Suzuko? As it is, clouded the future is.

    Velvet Scarlantina

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