「ピュアストレージ」 (Pyuasutorēji )
“Pure Storage”

So the Krazy Kultists go out of their way to awaken what is basically an eldritch god and it doesn’t end well for them. Who saw that coming? Besides everybody? Really, what were they expecting to happen? Sure, Mimi certainly seems to be the kind of reality warper with the power to reshape the world, and it’s the kind of thing madmen lust for, I guess, but whatever convince these summoners that the summonee will either be cooperative or controllable? Okay, the madmen I can understand having a much higher opinion of themselves than is warranted because, y’know, mad, but I’m always surprised that they’re able to convince so many other people that they’ve got a good idea going.

And of course, it’s not going to end badly for just them; it ends badly for everyone, in this case because Mimi (or the divergent Pure Illusion fragment of her psyche or whatever) is one of those possessive mothers, in the most extreme way possible. I guess that’s what the optical illusion thing was about; Mimi is a being of multiple faces, and one of them is kinda creepy. At least we also find out how she got that way (sort of), and I must say I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It was all just backstory, and we already knew that it could only end in tragedy, but I was engaged nonetheless. Maybe it’s just that Salt, Mimi and Papikana were just unfairly cute, and temptingly easy to root for.

I shouldn’t be at all surprised that Flip Flappers is good, I guess because when has it not been? What did surprise me was that Salt actually survived to the end of the episode. The moment he pulled the gun I was so sure he was going to die because, really, what kind of physical god respects bullets? We even got all his backstory, too, so he was well poised to exit the stage dramatically, perhaps redeem himself with a big dad moment after having basically spurned Cocona the entire series. Instead, his sacrifice is mostly in pride, which I actually found moving in its own way (guess the enigmatic doctor was just an awkward dad at heart), but is not quite as ultimate. It’s probably good news; sure, Salt may still be called upon to give his life for the sake of drama further down the line, but the longer he lives the higher the chance that we will get a wholesome happy ending. I’d like that. It would be sad if the most stable family Cocona ever gets to know is her robot sleeper agent grandmother.

That’s thinking a bit too far ahead probably; right now we still have two episodes to go, and Flip Flappers has shown that it can do a lot in that span of time. We’ve also come to a curious juncture in the narrative. Before, we knew mostly nothing, with only a few key scraps of information to work off. Now, it feels that we know most things, save for some specific holes, namely about the true nature of Pure Illusion, and about that gap between Papika(na) jumps in after Mimi and when we first met her in episode 01. I still trust that Flip Flappers will fill in everything before the end, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Flip Flappers is in the process of tying off loose ends before the finale, but there’s still plenty of others to work with, still (like Nyunyunyunyunyu, the twins (or maybe just one of them, pending survival rate)). In the immediate future, we at least know one thing we’ll be getting: Yayaka being badass. I can look forward to that.




  1. Wonderful start to your article. I love how you described the KKK mistake. Got to remember the rules, if you can not banish it do not summon it, if you can not control it do not summon it, if your drawing and penmanship skills are not first rate find another field to work in as any error will doom you, check, check again and have others proof you work before summoning, the banish and control statements are not if’s or think so they are you 100% know so.
    (in this case your teams machinery and engineering skills must be first rate, oh forget that we can not even be sure a billion dollar space probe will work after perfection is attempted just don’t bother sci fi summoning)

    Loved, loved, loved Mimi going on a tear and trashing everything. Reality warpers on that scale, I think TV tropes level 5 at least, do not fall to any but other god like beings. And yes pointing a gun at a Reality warper might as well make it a pop gun.

    It seams way to many are missing out on this wonder, no surprise great art tends to not draw the masses. So many like to trash the animation on other shows so I hoped they would come. This from a fan of Legends of Galactic Hero’s, Ergo Proxy and others.

  2. It really did flop, sadly.
    I “hated” the way the story was told. The majority was already very well implied, didn’t have to direct confirm, and in doing so was redundant. Worse, the reasons and motivations wasn’t very well explained. Why Salt and Mimi became opponents, why? The mad father still running “KKK”, and for what purpose precisely? Mimi sheltering her daughter in a worse way than she were, like if the whole world was againt her what isn’t true.
    I’m really felling that the show isn’t conveying it’s characters struggles properly.
    Like I feared, it all comes down to the power of friendship and love.

    Panino Manino
    1. My observations.
      Salt and Mimi, Mimi wanted to leave and Salt refused to go and remained part of organization that wanted to control and imprison her. I think that good enough reason to become opponents.
      Mad father probably became lucid after awhile and with his connections there was no reason not to put him back in charge. Mental illness that seams to be under control would not sideline for good someone they thought valuable and was getting results.
      Mimi has what seams a government sponsored organization coming against her, she really might have gone on all the worlds wanted lists, other governments would be sure to want to capture her so yes the world could be against her for all practical reasons.
      What resolution were you thinking of in a story about a relationship? A third party save the day? Another physical god beat down of Mimi?
      I loved it so clearly this a Your Millage May Vary thing.

      1. thank youuu; all of it was well explained including the parts that werent implied. I dont think it was implied that the kkk members leader was salt’s father gone deranged or that salt was doing all this for cocona and mimi’s sake, or where papika got the band over her ankle, or that salt felt like shit for blaming mimi for what happened to his dad and subsequently what sets the events of this ep into motion. This ep wasnt redundant; if anything it puts into play most of the things that have been implied since the beginning and rounds of yayaka’s character arc quite nicely while setting up a big finale for cocona’s character catharsis. When papika and yayaka dive into pure illusion, i couldnt help but smile thinking to myself “huh…the show has been hinting that these two could be compatible enough to travel to pure illusion all along”. Yayaka tells her that they dont have time for trial runs but seeing that in some ways, yayaka and papika and relate to each other due to their love for cocona, this was the proper direction for the narrative to take with their characters

      2. Salt’s father was hurt, could he leave him behind? It’s not that he didn’t cared for Mimi. He wanted her to leave, but couldn’t ran from his responsibilities as a son.

        government sponsored organization =//= people/world in general

        Where did Mimi and Papikana gone and did during that one year? The two didn’t even changed clothes lol. Couldn’t she use her powers to escape being captured? To escape with Cocona, Papikana and Salt? Why she attacked everyone there even those who were with her? Why change the whole world? Oh, “edgy hidden personality”.

        It’s all too vague.

        Panino Manino
    2. @Panino Manino
      So is Flip Flappers being too specific, or too vague? It seems to me that, although you argue both ways, it really is neither. Instead, let me suggest that Flip Flappers had very specific things to show. It wanted to show us Mimi, Salt and Papikana’s old relationship, that Salt and Mimi were not always how they are now, and that somehow Papika has always been how she is now. It is from what it shows that we must derive the answers to our questions. Not all the questions will be answered right now, of course, since there’s still two episodes to go, but I think many of the ones you pose are fairly straightforward. It seems more to me, though, that you don’t like the answers that the show is actually giving you, which is another thing altogether.

  3. Review of a lot of comment sites show by number of positive comments that most really like episode. Negative comments are way more often made so when positive outnumber negative especially here when positive greatly outnumbers negative that thing is quit popular. This does not make the Negative comments wrong though, if you do not like something you do not like it. Both positive comments and negative comments often are off the mark as one tries to put words to a feeling and I am sure if applies to myself.

    I do love how much in depth discussion this episode gets.

    If you read a lot of Anime List comments and compare them to the votes rating a episode on many anime you can often see that even when negative greatly outnumber positive something can be very popular overall. I studied positive comments vs negative comments in University and how businesses must poll customers as you can often get a distorted view from just comments.

  4. -Actually, when you think about it, no characters in this show actually die, right? Except for grandmother, but robots don’t technically die, do they? So I have high hope that we have a very happy ending.
    -Still don’t really know what roles Nyunyunyunyunyu have in this series? To do rhythm? To torture Bu-chan?
    -I’m still not convince that dr. Salt is Cocona’s father, or his father is the master cultist.
    -What is the place the gang is gathering from? Too nice a place for the runaways, huh


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