「お困りですかお嬢さん」 (Okomari Desuka Ojousan)
“Having A Problem Young Lady?”

Man this week’s episode was everywhere. Luckily, even if it wasn’t appealing to some, it was totally working for me (at least until Teru-senpai appeared in the windowsill).

Family Problems

While that heading may be a little misleading, let me start off with this — Am I the only one who was really happy that the story casually glossed over issues Minaha had at home? Giving us a serious explanation that her family was super traditional and that being a part of something as ridiculous as a “doujin” circle was an absolute no, I was afraid that this episode and the next would get caught up in trying to bring Minaha back. Luckily, it looks like we got to get all the best parts of Iino showing off her older sister side without having to suffer through all the little things. Sure, the execution may have been a bit spotty (I’m not sure how Seki managed to sway Iino into helping, but I’ll take it) and the resolution for the problem came a little out of left field, but damn it with only a few episodes left there’s just not enough time to be dabbling in side stories!

That said, even with Minaha and her family struggles being sidelined, it sure was nice to see her turn into a more humble and polite person. Sure I could do without her calling Tama by her full name every single time she addresses her, but such a stark change in her behavior was a welcome sight. Especially since I’m not sure how much more I could have taken of her being super rude to Seki. Honestly, even though she’s for the most part reformed, I still want to see that temporary mental breakdown when she realizes the girl she’s been berating is her beloved Goddess Iris.

Senpais, Comiket, and Looking Ahead

On the other hand, can we all take a moment to appreciate Teru-senpai? I get that she’s merely here for some comedic relief or to provide a shoulder for Tama to lean on, but the way she suddenly appears from nowhere and just goes at her own pace always makes me smile. That and it was surprising to see her get caught off guard while she was consoling Tama this week. Those eyes that she made when Tama brought up her dad and how much she loves him was priceless.

With more and more work being put into the game, hopefully we’ll see a more finalized version of Stardust Intenzione playing on the screen. Based off the preview though, it looks like we’re going to be headed for the infamous beach episode that nearly always appears in a show like this. Hopefully it’ll be fun to see the girls all having fun together? Anyways, see you guys next week!




  1. Very often, I am one to know more about details about characters, particularly families, but as you said, I’m pretty glad they glossed over the details with Minaha’s family troubles. Not that they couldn’t have made it interesting, but the fact that it’s a common enough staple that it doesn’t really need further explaining. They’re traditional and a tad overbearing, and that’s all you really need, it’s really the problem solving that you usually get more creative with, like a mission in Hitman, as a very loose example lol. That’s a personal perspective, but nonetheless, a rare exception where I’m glad they don’t delve overly into.

    Also another personal perspective, but it’s one thing for Tama to find within herself to find passion for drawing…technically, again, and the idea of her having her dad be a motivator was nice and pretty funny. But after the really great way they had young Tama and Yumine get together, and she knows the feeling of seeing other people enjoy what she makes, this (re?)discovery doesn’t quite hold as much weight.

    But I can still overlook that, because in all honesty, one of my favorite jokes was Tama’s “nightmare” of not answering the questions on the back page. It’s a fairly legit concern, and a little bit of a subdued joke, but something about that scene, I really enjoy how they paced it all out.

    Still good stuff, Minaha’s personality is…still a little bouncy, but it is getting better for me. Also, rather strange timing for them to save the beach episode for one of the final ones, not a commonly seen move, which should likely involve some very unusual moves, maybe? All I know is we’ll soon see. 😛

    Fuwa Fuwa
    1. Oh, I remember, it’s the sense that nightmares tend to be the worst thing you could think up. But it’s not, like, the questions are overwhelming her or she’s being ridiculed for not knowing an answer, or anything darkly exaggerated of that ill, it’s just forgetting to answer the back side. It’s kind of cute to show that’s the worst thing Tama could muster up, and goes pretty well with her character to not think up nasty things. She is quite pure, as I think Yumine may have said once or twice.

      Fuwa Fuwa
    2. I’m glad we share the same opinion! I was on the fence about how I felt about Minaha’s family troubles, but overall I’m glad they streamlined it for the most part.

      Yeah, Tama’s re-discovery of her passion didn’t hit as hard as it did a while back, but the nightmare scene was pretty funny. The pacing of it was quite good.

      For that beach scene, who knows, maybe it’ll be good!

  2. Wow, I got stuff to comment on in this episode.

    We all knew that Tama was spoiled and very doted on by her father, but considering the fact that he’s usually away for a week at a time and is his only child it’s actually understandable how he’d dote on her and make her feel so treasured to make up for all the times he can’t be with her.

    I’m also glad they didn’t dwell on Minaha’s home problems but such a traditional family is extremely stifling in an age where things change pretty much ever day though their reasons for being angry with Minaha are actually pretty justified and fairly normal since it was affecting her sleep and school grades very negatively. Hopefully, everything will work out for them in the future and I’m glad she and Honda are finally bonding now as fellow artists (and fellow rich folk :P).

    Come to think of it, even though they live in a massive house, Honda never came off as “rich” to me. I suppose it’s because they don’t really dwell on it in the show other than noting that her house is pretty big. We’ve seen this song and dance with family disapproval before so I’m glad the episode didn’t spend much time on it.

    One thing that bothered me is that the last half of the episode seemed a bit thrown together or rushed. I wish they would have taken some time to show them setting up and trying to use their (skypeish) system and learning how to use it to collaborate. It seemed more like what the show would do, based on what it’s done in the past.

    The other thing was Teru’s seemingly random appearance. It would have been acceptable in the city but she was all the way out “in the boonies” where really it’s hard to think of any reason for her to be there other than maybe seeing what Tama’s hometown looks like or perhaps someone sending her there to give Tama that shoulder to cry on she needed. Still, Tama’s little drama felt a bit half-hearted and frankly unnecessary. I feel like they could have left that out and used the extra time to flush out other scenes.

    Just my two cents and it looks like we have the required beach episode next week. I guess we’ll see how that goes. Thanks again Takaii for another great review and for continuing to blog the show.

    1. Teru’s magic, yo! Like how in the last episode, she revealed the cat ears on her head to be an actual cat, even though the ears spread a little too far to actually fit on the cat when you see it. And you don’t see the cat mass on her head. …Magic! But yeah, her appearances, even though I really like her character and what she does in the show, I think they exaggerate a little too much with what she can do and where she happens to be.

      Fuwa Fuwa
      1. Probably we should call her that if Teru appear again in next episode XD
        Quiet confused as to why she shows up from the bush and the window(what happened to college!?) but let’s just focus on Tama and the gang now.


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