「トライアングル!」 (Toraiannguru!)

Sometimes, it’s okay not to be the cool kid.

Who Says You Gotta Be An Ikemen?

Following right where we left off last week, I have to hand it to Fuuka (both the character and the show) for staying true and not changing a thing three episodes in. When it comes to the awkward situations that typically come from Yuu and his amazing thought process, there’s no denying that a certain charm exists in there. Something about seeing that “awkward” character experience something so cringy you want to close your eyes but manage to salvage the situation right before it’s too late and you turn off the show has a surprisingly good feel to it. Makes you wonder if the show is hitting a little too close to home, right?

Keeping on the cringy-theme though, I hope I wasn’t the only one who had a great time watching Yuu absolutely fail at being a competent food industry worker. From his soft voice to the lack of determination behind his movements, he was the true embodiment of a teenage worker that doesn’t understand the service industry. The best part of it all was we got to see the owner chew him out a little for doing such a half-assed job — a nice little touch that really drove the point Fuuka made about Yuu’s character feel that much more sincere.

Love Triangle!

Now, I know we all saw this coming, especially with the episode title literally being triangle. But boy, when the climax hit and all the players were staring at each other, it felt like we had a true Mexican standoff. Something which I have to compliment to the story for doing a great job at building up Yuu’s relationship with Fuuka and Koyuki. More often than not, situations like this end up feeling like a destined couple with a third player being tossed in just for the sake of drama. In Fuuka’s case, it actually feels like (up to this point at least) either girl has a chance with both of them bringing their own unique draws. Hopefully things don’t breakdown from this point on, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see how all this plays out.

Looking Ahead

With three episodes out of the way, it looks like Fuuka has hit its stride and has no intentions of slowing down. With the story progressing at a healthy pace and the first big roadblock in the form of a love triangle staring us straight in the face, I can’t wait to see how things play out from this point. That and I’m still waiting for whatever happens that managed to piss off so many of the manga readers. Anyways, I’ll maybe catch you guys next week. See you \o

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  1. I am not too sure I am liking how weak willed Yuu seems, or have all the indications to be in the future, as far as love/girls goes: you wrote that both girls had a chance, but Yuu and Fuuka got involved quite deeply in these 3 eps and were definitely on their way to becoming a couple and dating. I know they only met recently and don’t have a history, but they are both obviously attracted to each other.
    Yuu blushing and giving out compliments to another girl so ‘easily’, moments after getting so hipped about their 1st kiss, felt off, no matter how much I told myself he was just being emotional for meeting a close friend of his after so long.

    I really hope he won’t turn out to be a weak willed hero who can’t make up his mind and heart, and will have a good grip on his own feelings! And if he does hesitate (this is what triangle are all about…), not for too long!

  2. Already I’ve been seeing people bash Yuu for how “weak” or “wussy” and such he is and it’s REALLY irking me.

    As someone who suffers from anxiety and is very socially awkward outside the computer, I 100% sympathize with Yuu in that situation as I also am not very good at speaking up loudly enough when surrounded by even a small number of people I don’t know (very well), and I just can’t bring myself do jobs that require me to do a lot of face-to-face interaction with strangers (waiter, cashier, front desk type duties, etc.) because the anxiety, and the stress caused by that anxiety, would literally make me physically ill and nearly shut down (hence why I prefer backroom jobs).

    Now that that’s out of the way, I’d say my own main problem with the episode was just how forced the bit between Yuu and Fuuka was with the whole sudden cramp out of nowhere. They could have at least done the typical show of, in this case, having Fuuka eating a bit and being warned about swimming too soon after doing so, but since they didn’t, the cramp itself is just plot convenience out of nowhere just to push things forwards.

    And in terms of the triangle, I feel the ending is a false alarm at the moment. Knowing Fuuka, at the start of the next episode, she will more than likely just start freaking out / fangirling over seeing Koyuki up close and personal (and shocked that Yuu knows Koyuki personally, then miffed at him not telling her that he did) rather than there being any sort of romantic misunderstanding or anything like that.

  3. it actually feels like (up to this point at least) either girl has a chance with both of them bringing their own unique draws.

    I get the feeling that the lead singer being blond (i.e. neither of the leads current hair colours) in the opening is both helping this and hiding a future plot point/twist.

    Arguably, it could be either female lead.

    1. The OP actually shows 2 different bands, the transition from one to the other happens when we see 3 singers (the blonde, Koyuki, Fuuka).
      Everything below has been mentioned in the show already. Nothing super important, but further expansion:
      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yes and No.

      Technically yes because Fuuka is the daughter of Yamato and Suzuka BUT No in the sense that the stories are actually completely independent of one another. Take out the fact that she is their daughter and there is absolutely no connection. In the Manga you will even have characters from Kimi no Iru Machi showing up from time to time

  4. Would someone be so kind as to give me a hint about what pissed off the manga readers? I don’t want to continue this if I’m going to be really upset watching it. For reference, I once watched School Days having no idea what I was getting into and it was easily the biggest mistake of my life. I’m permanently traumatized and cautious when it comes to romantic drama.

    1. It won’t be anything like Yuu turning into the complete and utter piece of shit that Makoto was, but a few hints, getting a little more specific each time. I’m intentionally trying to remain vague so I won’t use the name of the particular character involved.

      The series actually has Yuu in a committed relationship fairly quickly, unlike most of these kinds of series *cough* KNIM *cough*.
      However, Seo being Seo,
      Show Spoiler ▼

      If you’ve read Suzuka:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      If you haven’t:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      I can go into more explicit spoilers if you wish, but suffice it to say that Seo made a specific decision which seemed to serve only as a shocking plot twist. It felt like a cheap way to throw in some tragedy and drama, rather than continue along any number of plots and keep building upon what he had already established up to that point.


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