「この紅魔の娘に友人を!」 (Kono Kurenai ma no Musume ni Yuujin o!)
“A Friend For This Crimson Demon Girl!”

Pyrrhic victory, thy name is Megumin.

Behold Yunyun (Toyosaki Aki), Archwizard of the Crimson Demon clan and Megumin’s eternal rival (self-declared)! For those who watched the OVA—which I didn’t blog, because I’m terrible—you’ll have met Yunyun before, but for those who didn’t, you’re in for a treat. Apparently this episode actually predates the OVA, because in that she just sort of showed up, whereas here we see their first meeting since Kazuma’s arrival. Not that it wasn’t instantly apparent what the two girls’ relationship is like.

What I love about Yunyun—aside from her hopeless personality, cute reactions, and basically everything—is the change she inspires in Megumin. When interacting with Yunyun, Megumin becomes spiteful and dismissive, which changes her from a frequent victim of her own (Explosion-related) and/or Kazuma’s antics, and makes her the aggressor in the relationship. It’s refreshing, adding a new layer to the comedic dynamic! Plus, it’s just flat out funny.

Of course, there’s the fact that Megumin spent much of her childhood basically bullying Yunyun, which, even if it was out of desperation, isn’t a good thing to do. We can agree on that, right? It’s like Kazuma saying he fights back if he’s the victim of unjust romcom violence. We can agree that violence is generally bad, right? Including the aforementioned romcom violence. (Kazuma calling Megumin’s bluff, however, was amazing.) Everyone here is a broken, horrible person, except for Wiz and Yunyun. They’re just broken. Especially Yunyun. Which is what makes KonoSuba fun!

Fortunately the show is firmly on the side of Megumin as a horrible person, since the victory she attains in the duel with Yunyun is as pyrrhic as they come. Yunyun might be forever alone, but Megumin’s done some shit in her time. We probably shouldn’t be laughing at poverty any more than bullying, but Megumin is just so prideful most of the time that I can’t help it! (With Yunyun, we’re probably just bad people. We’d it right in with Kazuma & co, clearly.)

If that was all, this would have been a hilarious episode, but we also got a reprise of the toad incident with a bonus Sena along for the ride. Poor Sena-san, she’s going to regret being involve with Kazuma’s team.

The only part that was weird was Chomusuke showing up out of the blue. KonoSuba is a comedy, and a lot of randomness can be forgiven (and justified) in the name of comedy, but that was pretty abrupt. Probably it’ll feed into a joke later on, so it’s fine. For now, I think we can all agree that being Yunyun is suffering, being Megumin is also suffering (her fault), and that they probably should have taken turns in the bath instead of what ended up happening, even though it was funnier this way. LoliNEET, hah!

Random thoughts:

  • Warn inside the toad? Megumin, no… >_< (Doujins undoubtedly incoming, unfortunately.)
  • Chomusuke has good taste in oppai. I’d give that cat a medal, but here’s already tasted far better.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「お家に帰りたい」 (Oie ni Kaeritai) by Amamiya Sora, Takahashi Rie, Kayano Ai



  1. Pretty great episode.

    Spot on review. Although, using violence in self-defense or in defense of others is perfectly accpetable. In what degree this violence is used is another question.

    But I would shoot the face of a yandere that came at me with a knife.

    1. “But I would shoot the face of a yandere that came at me with a knife.”
      Ok, that’s a little harsh. Assuming you didn’t do anything that REALLY made you deserve the Yandere’s rage. In Takashi Nasujima’s case (Durarara!!)……..well he really deserved his fate.

      I do agree, this has been a great episode.
      Our new girl is giving a lot of good “service” as opposed to Aqua’s more funny version as she popped out of the frog. I hope to see more of her. Sena, along with Wiz and Darkness, obviously is my first place Waifu for this anime.

      Seriously though, just seeing this girl’s past makes it REALLY sad in a way. I hope she joins Kazuma’s crew. Technically, she would be the most USEFUL member if we think about how she helped everyone. Not to mention, if she joins Kazuma’s crew, she wouldn’t be suffering anymore than she is now.

      “Chomusuke has good taste ing oppai. I’d give that cat a medal, but here’s already tasted far better.”
      In regards to that black cat. I don’t suppose that he is the demon king. It does remind me of a certain cat from Fairy Tail. Anyway, next thing you know, the little guy will go under Aqua’s skirt.

      Anyway, as usual, Aqua’s suffering still continues. I can’t imagine what sort of ecchi torture the demon king would do to a goddess like Aqua. This may likely happen if Kazuma uses Aqua as a decoy or, in order to get rid of his debt, Kazuma could just side with the demons and use Aqua as a bargaining chip.

      More importantly, what sort of torture Darkness is suffering from? Obviously, from how it sounds, it doesn’t seem to be the type of torture Darkness wants.

    1. I’ve always felt that one reason most harem-protagonists are spineless saps is because that’s the only way the author can shove in a bunch of girls with outrageously unacceptable personalities and not have the guy just throw up his hands and say “I’m out” and leave them to fend for themselves(and probably die if it’s that kind of story). Any reasonable person would tell a violent tsundere to F-off or ignore a pointlessly abrasive senior, etc, which is why I love Kazuma so much. He’ll do it, then he’ll do it again.

      That’s one reason I kinda didn’t like last episode because I would’ve loved to see Kazuma go at it with the typical “overbearing girl in authority that jumps to conclusions and treats them like facts” that is Sena, without the whole kangaroo-court thing. He would’ve wrecked her if not for that and Lord Fatass, and it would’ve been glorious!

      1. Honestly, if Kazuma was smart about it he could start declaring that that lord had done such and such illegal acts. He starts denying them and then *bing!* Then it’s the lord having to play defense instead of Kazuma.

      2. That’s the problem with medieval court, though: people in power don’t have to do anything until someone bigger comes along. All Lord Fatass had to say is “I don’t have to answer” and they’re done. No liar chime, no nothing, just a few mad people that can’t do anything since he owns the guards.

        Darkness could’ve changed things if she’d revealed herself earlier, but by then it came down to damage control. Not (really) her fault, more Sena’s for buying into the Lord’s BS about possible terrorism when really he was just pissed someone blew up his house and didn’t care it was a random accident that saved the whole city.

  2. Along with not being inflicted with Western Medieval clothing values I am very glad that they still partake in Roman/Japanese bathing values on this show. More Roman than Japanese as the Roman baths were sex separate.

    I remember the huge mixed sex naked bathing pool that they showed during the 1972 Winter Olympics in Japan. I mean water park sized huge indoor. (it was at range and filmed in way you could not pick thing out as this was national TV and no freeze frame was available to the common man then to make it risky) Japan you have slid down into western values that you do not have any basis for in your traditional beliefs, throw off colonialism. 😉

    Yep the characters are so broken although Kazuma has not taken sure advantage of Darkness. Kazuma has not taken probable advantage of Aqua. I know the no panties is probably for the same reason men do not wear anything under our skirts, comfort. But Aqua just seams the type to go for sex buddy stuff when she gets horny enough. And Kazuma has not taken exploitive use of Megumin. (Megumin probably would have done it in exchange for all the explosion practice he has taken her on, Megumin’s membership in a combat guild probably means that legally she is an adult for most reasons in this world, she is on her own with no parents and no civic authority seams to care) I can understand the no Aqua, doing it with her would just open a new major can of worms, but still tempting. But poor Darkness would probably appreciate some loving.

    1. Well, taking sexual advantage of someone isn’t being broken, it’s being a soulless predator. Kazuma isn’t at that level; he still has standards, plus he’s pretty sure the fallout wouldn’t be worth it. Can’t say I’d disagree.

      Maybe if Megumin or Yunyun was older or if Wiz was alive…

      1. Yeah, in the novel Kazuma even said that he leaves girls below 14 alone. Not sure why they cut it out, seeing as it’s kinda important later to explain some changes in Kazuma’s behavior.

        Lord Nayrael
      2. >Everyone here is a broken, horrible person, except for Wiz and Yunyun. They’re just broken. Especially Yunyun.

        Yunyun gives Wiz a run for her money in the ‘cutely bullyable’ department.

        It’s also kinda interesting that the anime brought up Megumin’s sister already, I don’t think the LN did that for a couple of volumes from now.

  3. First, is me or did the visual quality improve this time around? I though it did (at/near S1 levels which were not great, but definitely better than last episode IMO). Happy about that.

    Second, at the risk of repeating myself, this show! It knows how to do comedy. Take the toad battle. We’ve seen that before and if not in complete detail, you know what’s coming, but I’m still LMAO. Just great, and yeah Sena. She has no idea what she’s in for. LOL

    Yunyun’s a good addition. She’s kind of broken and definitely pitiful (poor girl), but not only is she a way to start getting into Megumin’s backstory, but to me she’s also an potentially interesting foil to Megumin in terms of being a mage. We’ve seen more “normal” mages before (i.e. those who don’t stubbornly focus on a single magic attack), but Yunyun’s in the forefront here for direct contrast. Don’t get me wrong, still love Megumin (how can you not), but Yunyun’s definitely a more useful party member as we saw with the frogs.

    Stilts makes a good point about ecchi devil cat (Chomusuke). The cat’s OK – had some amusing moments, but I have to wonder whether this show/series needs a comic relief mascot on top of everything else. Damn funny already.

      1. @Kerfirou: I have no idea whether the cat is plot relevant or not. Didn’t get that initial impression, but you’re absolutely right. It’s quite possible the cat is plot relevant, and if so, of course that would change things vs. only a comic relief mascot type.

    1. Yeah, the artwork of this episode is better… mainly because the episode director is different. Unfortunately, the director of ep1 (and first season’s ep9 I think) is returning next ep, so prepare for more derpy artwork.

      As for the cat, they pushed it this way because they forgot to include it in the last season. In the novels, the cat appeared in the illustrations, but didn’t really play a role in the story. Megumin actually owned the cat since even before meeting Kazuma.

      Lord Nayrael
      1. Probably would have been better to give a one-line excuse about where Chomusuke has been, but failing that, being shameless and not wasting time is probably for the best. Besides, Kazuma being mildly perplexed (and Chomusuke riding on his head) were both great.

  4. My guess is that this episode overwrote the OVA since the scene with them meeting Yunyun in the shop was basically redone here with a different magic item. I also heard that the OVA never happened in the novels which makes sense since Kazuma seemed pretty out of character the whole time.

  5. I did some light digging around after this episode, and apparently Chomusuke has been with Megumin even before the story began, it was just left out for some reason. Kind of like how they skipped Wiz’s first meeting with the main party

  6. Light novel illustrations show that Chomusuke has been around for some of the events of season 1, such as kazuma stealing megumins panties and the chess match between megumin and darkness, just never acknowledged in text.

    Kinda sad that they left out a small scene at the end of Chomusukes introduction where Kazuma gives her a small fish to eat, and she proceedes to show that shes a demon normal cat

    Side note: The party meeting wiz exists as a drama cd

  7. So yeah, episode 2 animation quality saw a boost in quality. Seriously. the first episode was so fugly but the second one was back true to form.

    However, my favorite part was Kazuma saying he’s an equal opportunist and won’t tolerate rom com violence. That he would hit back without hesitation. I stood up and clapped. Finally, FINALLY a hero that we need. Though he’s not the one we deserved.

    I feel bad for Yun Yun, like big time bad. Girl is bordering on Yandere base on her flash backs alone!

    1. Of course, half the time Kazuma says he’s all for gender equality, it’s to put a positive PR spin on dropkicking girls or stealing panties or whatever.

      So you know… it varies.

  8. I´m begining to think that the universe has something against Kazuma and his party! Aqua is a useless goddess, Kazuma was a NEET whose death was a huge joke, Megumin was broke as a child and she´s so crazy no parties want her, Darkness is a HUGE masochist and has zero combat skills! And now we have Yunyun, a Crimson Demon girl with incredible magic but ZERO friends, so desparate she was willing to sell her soul to a demon for company! That´s just so sad!!!.

  9. “Chomusuke has good taste in oppai. I’d give that cat a medal, but her’s already tasted far better.”

    The fans need a good .gif of Chomusuke playing with Wiz’s boobs… (Though Aqua struggling to get out of a giant toad’s mouth was funnier and Sena also struggling to get out of another giant toad’s mouth gave me the weirdest boner…)

    Well, I took the plunge and marathoned KonoSuba Season 1 (plus the OAV) a week or so ago, and managed to catch up to this episode…

    And Oh. My. God… I just can’t get enough of this show! (OH NO!)

    Also, while I don’t mind being necrophiliac for Wiz, Yunyun (she’s also the only sane girl alongside Kazuma) and Sena (Christmas cake, harsh exterior, dynamite bod) aren’t that bad. Not to mention the oh-so-hilarious Aqua, Darkness (who’s basically a parody of those female knights in H-anime/H-manga/H-games–you probably know where that’s going…) and last–but certainly not the least–“Megumin Bay”. (Explosions!)

  10. https://randomc.net/image/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo/Kono%20Subarashii%20Sekai%20ni%20Shukufuku%20Wo%202%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
    Enlighten me, if anyone knows, are those bugs edible at least to humans? I do suddenly feel the urge to know which insects are edible and how to cook them.

    On the side note, I hope we get to see Megumin’s sister soon. How adorable.

    Notably, it gets sad when you can tell there is an implication that there is unlikely a decent orphanage in a Fantasy setting.

    Dear me, Aqua is already starting her own cult.

    1. Most bugs are edible, unless they’re poisonous. (I guess those are edible too, but it wouldn’t be wise.) There are actually companies now that are starting to make cricket powder and other food products made from insects. Supposed to be jam packed with nutrients, just a little expensive since it’s a new thing at scale. Welcome to the future(/fantasy past).

      Also, Aqua is a god. It’s called a religion.

      1. To be fair, at least from maybe Kazuma’s view, Aqua at best would represent a “sham” of a goddess. I mean what kind of worshiper would imagine their goddess begging for money, or even be seen drinking.

    2. Actually, Megumin does have parents, and they’re still alive. It’s a complete family of four.

      It’s just that they’re so poor, that, well, you see Megumin and her imouto past….

    3. Well, in my country, street vendors would seasoned insects(grasshoppers, crickets and other non poisonous insects) with seasoning sauce and black pepper powder then fries it in a big pan full of hot oil.
      I’ve never had the courage to try it though, but my friend said it’s pretty good and buy it every time she met vendors selling these snacks. She’s actually a picky eater too.

      1. Yeah, I’ve heard similar stories. People who like roasted insects say they taste like shrimp, or nutty like mushrooms. Gusanos – those worms at the bottom of the bottle of tequila or mescal – are supposed to just taste like the alcohol but with more of an umami taste.

  11. This episode was an utter disappointment, probably the worst episode of all the episodes aired, including those of season 1.

    The directors attempted to packed in too many stories into single episode such that it felt like a quick summary version, something like AoT in 20 minutes. As a consequence, it lost the show’s unique charm mist of all, its unforced and natural commedy. In short, it stands in stark contrast with episode 1 which showed so successfully what makes the show so funny and popular. Episode 2 was full of boring, cringeworth slapstick commedy performed in a hurry.

    Second, I’m very critical of the characterization of YunYun. Personaly I dislike highly artificial high pitched voice acting. Yes, it’s matter of personal taste. But putting aside the highpitched voice, her voice of her still sucks and is akward in general. On top of that, YunYun in episode is far more mentally unstable and sounds sillier that that of the original light novel.

    This episode lowered my expectations of season 2 drastcally.


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