「そのぬくもりに用がある」 (Sono Nukumori ni Yougaaru)
“I’m Here for that Warmth”

This week’s episode wasn’t nearly as impactful as the last, but still leaves a lot to be deserved with that cliffhanger. We’re introduced to two important characters this week – Ebato Sanae (Tomatsu Haruka) and Kamomebeta Noriko (Izawa Shiori) or Moka for short. Sanae is a friend of Hanabi’s (and possibly the only female friend she has) and if you’ve seen the entire episode, the cat’s out of the bag… she might have has a crush on Hanabi. Maybe “crush” is putting it simply, I think it’s closer to deep infatuation. On the other hand, Moka doesn’t try and hide her feelings by jumping straight between Hanabi and Mugi when they’re together. Moka makes her motives known by trying to drive a wedge between Hanabi and Mugi but what she doesn’t know is that they’re not in that kind of relationship anyway. While I was reading the manga, I thought Moka was a very stereotypical childhood friend with a crush on the MC that tries everything to get his attention… and if you feel the same way, I’d definitely put aside those impressions and try and keep an eye on her. While she might be annoying, I also think that she’s the most honest with herself and I give her full credit for that. She knows what she wants and goes for it (same with Sanae actually) and she’s very straightforward later on when it comes to confronting Mugi. I know that Sanae has the same straightforward approach to Hanabi, but she doesn’t exactly behave the way I think most people would.

At this point in the manga, I thought that Mugi was the hardest individual to read because his facial expressions (even in the manga) don’t say much about what he’s thinking. His seiyuu, Shimazaki Nobunaga does a great job at keeping his voice flat and indifferent too. While he likes Akane, he’s in this “relationship” with Hanabi and not receptive of Moka’s advances at all. He doesn’t straight-up turn her down either (which is something I never understood even when I was younger). If you know that someone likes you but you don’t return their feelings, why do you keep giving someone hope? Back-up potential? Having read all the manga now though, I can probably get a better sense of what Mugi is thinking but it still doesn’t excuse him of his actions. Hanabi is a lot easier to understand and read (she’s also the MC though) and I feel like her path in the story is a lot more direct. You also get a better idea of how she’s feeling and what her true intentions are as people start interacting too. Whereas Mugi… well his storyline gets a lot more twisted and his past is all sorts of interesting.

This week’s episode was relatively more tame than last week’s; which might have turned off everyone thinking that this is “hentai“. Let me help redefine the word hentai for people that might not understand. In Japanese, the word actually means “weird” or if you read Wikipedia, it means “perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act”. For some reason, in America, the meaning of the word seems to be associated with a genre or type of manga/anime which is more like pornography. Kuzu no Honkai is neither hentai in Japan OR in America because I don’t consider this word reflective of the story’s plot or meaning at all – NOR is it a genre. A better way to describe its demographic would be to label the manga as a josei or seinen because it deals with more mature topics in a relationship that adults or older teens might understand. There will obviously be more “detailed” images of kisses or implications of sex and sexual activity but that’s not the intent of the story. These scenes are created to demonstrate this side of romantic relationships; and if you’ve been in a romantic relationship, the physical interaction is indeed a part of it. It’s not like Mugi and Hanabi simply want to bang their teachers and move on so don’t misunderstand. I hope this clarifies things a bit for people that are turned off. I’m not saying it to defend Kuzu no Honkai because it’s not the greatest anime ever, but it’s a shame if people didn’t give it a shot for those reasons. I think it says a lot for people that might have been in similar situations where they feel like they’re in one-sided relationships and they may or may not be oblivious to others that like them.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: What a cliffhanger for #KuzuNoHonkai! Well obviously you can’t just have two unrequited feelings…but four now! Oh the irony is real. Two new characters- both in love with our MCs with unanswered feelings. This will surely complicate their relationships.


  1. I’m all in after that bomb that Sanae dropped. I’m not a huge yuri fan or anything, I just found that whole plot twist to be interesting and adorable. I have a weak heart, though. I love romance but love-hate romantic drama. Hopefully this one doesn’t get too painful ^^.

  2. Let’s say it’s NSFW and disturbing to me understanding the story? Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that, but still.

    I find myself yet again worrying about whether I’ll see any makeout scenes of any sort, and yes, it happened again. Bigger problem is that it makes me look away from this show even though I am interested in the story. Understanding Hanabi’s feelings and stuff about people landing in a similar romance situation as her (for herself she kind of “chose the Senpai” I guess) is intriguing, but the comic-like panels and physical scenes (I thought Moka maybe here to stop all this lol) are really getting in the way.

    One more episode before I call it quits. Going on the cliffhanger I just witnessed, it’s not making a good impression on me.

  3. Yeah… I give up.

    This is the second time I’ve tried to get into this series. I hate everyone, and can really find no redeeming value in it. It’s really forcing drama down your throat while setting up the situation to be the worst it could possibly be.

    It’s like… a soap opera where shit has to be nasty and edgy just to garner attention.

    1. Brah, it’s okay brah, it’s okay. People don’t need to be like the ones shown here. We detach from the madness and focus on how to do things right. Practical advice from a psychology student 🙂

      Nishizawa Mihashi
    2. I really don’t see what is so horrible about these people (at this point). The worst we’ve seen is the main duo and if they want to indulge in this “fake” physical relationship then let them. They can make their own decisions and if they’re okay with what they are doing then whatever.

      I actually enjoy these characters quite a bit.

      1. The show is literally called Kuzu no Honkai… Kuzu.

        These people are terrible. They use each other for their own gains and reasons while not thinking about how their actions could affect other people. They’re all generally extremely selfish people that revel in hedonistic tendencies. Like and dislike are mostly physical and rarely emotional. No one cares that their actions might hurt someone else. They never put someone ahead of themselves, except for the male teacher in this case… It’s just… gah.

        They’re so shitty. And I hate how people keep calling them human. They’re not. They exemplify traits we rarely see in anime characters, I AGREE. But just there. They don’t personify human tendencies or the even have much social skill.

      2. The person you described sounds like a young teenager. Arrogant, selfish, and uncaring of how their actions affect those around them. Sure the physical relationship MIGHT be a little more unique, but it’s not actually all that rare among young teens as crazy as it sounds.

        Yes, Kuzu. I get it, and yet I’m still waiting for the show to convince me its title is accurate. As of now I’m not seeing it. Also the only real people our main duo might be hurting (other than themselves in the long run) are those who have feelings for them. Those people would be hurt even if the main duo weren’t in this relationship because they would be rejected (most likely) all the same. Mugi has no real interest in his childhood friend and Hanabi probably has no interest in her female friend. We’ll have to see with that second one though.

      3. >the person you described sounds like a young teenager

        Wait what?

        That sounds like the nihilistic viewpoints adults have about the “modern” teenager. Teenagers are not like this… like… at all.

        You get a more accurate representation of actual teenagers from sports anime or kyo ani’s works compared to this. Hyouka has more realistic teenagers. Haikyuu has more realistic teenagers.

        This is just hard soap drama.

        And yes, I include every character not just the main duo. While they’re some of the worst Mugi being worse than Hanabi imho. The other characters generally forcing their presence on them when it’s not wanted or generally helping them perpetrate their shitty personalities for their own gains is what makes it shit.

        Also, yeah, Hanabi has no interest in her female friend. Like it’s already shown that she’s physically uncomfortable with her advances. I have no idea what you’re expecting in that regard.

      4. Okay, I was being pretty harsh on teenagers I’ll give you that. That’s not to say they don’t exist though.

        In terms of Mugi and Hanabi, I still don’t find them terrible. They are two people who are in love with someone and realize they will probably never be loved back and they are coping by using eachother. Sure you could say they need to just suck it up and move on, but this approach is more compelling. They are a lot more interesting than your typical romance protagonists who I’d say are often much more annoying especially in harem anime.

        As for the other side characters, Noriko was doing most of the forcing and while it might have been a bit annoying, I liked how Hanabi basically just told her to butt out. I find Hanabi to be one of the more refreshing characters I’ve seen in a while. What I find annoying is how in other romance anime the characters IQ’s are basically dropped just so the “plot” can play with them some more.

        Now about Hanabi’s friend’s advances, I don’t have any expectations. I don’t know what is going to happen even if I can assume nothing will come from them and that’s fine. I’m just leaving the option open that the show could surprise us in some way no matter how unlikely.

  4. Why is people are “afraid” of this anime? Its so weird XD

    I mean, first of all, thank you again Cherrie for keep on blogging this bc i personally think this anime is one of those show that deserves good discussions and opinions because it kinda challenged a lot of conventional romance tropes that rarely happen in your typical animes.

    Well, personally i kind like it when most people cannot bring themselves to watch it actually XD its like a good experiment. I dont really like harem animes but this one, its kinda refreshing. But oh well. Thats just me.

    Anyway, since i choose not to read the manga anymore after spoiling myself with Ecchan’s “sexy scenes” with Hanabi and decided to let the anime surprised me with its own directions; ehem, is it me or i feel like Mugi’s first sex was with Akane-sensei? His past and the “Akane in uniform” part really got me intrigued until i have to rewatch episode 1 and 2 twice while trying to spot hidden cues in both OP and ED XD

    Well whatever it was, i wont gonna spoil myself again this time with the manga. The final part where Ecchan suddenly gone making out with Hanabi was priceless XD i was like, wtf gurrrlll!

    Cant wait for the next episode!

    onion warrior
  5. For me, this remains a show with the most interesting characters. After the cheap good/bad classifications of most animes, it’s great to have a show which is at the same time

    1) decidedly grey with all characters
    2) at the same time very clear and self-aware due to the first-person narration

    Looking forward to the later episodes when the _real_ bombs are going to be dropped


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