「サキュバスさんはいい大人」 (Sakyubasu-san wa Iiotona)
“Succubus-san Is a Real Adult”

Things keep on chugging along strong with this third episode of Demi-chan!

The Life of a Succubus

There was something really charming about how the show handled its introduction and personalization of Satou Sakie (Hikasa Yoko). At first glance, you might think that the life of a succubus would be one of fun and luxury with their ability to charm anyone with nearly no effort, but in reality it looks like the social repercussions of having the power to cause intense sexual desire in others is nearly as bad ( or worse) than the life of a Dullahan. You can’t touch anyone of the opposite sex without worrying about them turning into deviant, you’re stuck living out in the boonies in a crummy house since you can’t live in affordable housing that has lots of people in close quarters, and the worst of it all is probably the simple fact you’re not allowed to nap anywhere for fear of causing other people to have wet dreams. Also, it looks like you’re not even allowed to wear nice (note I said nice and not even trendy) clothing for fear of attracting attention and causing problem number one from occurring over and over. And don’t even get me started on the problems you’d have with romance, especially if you’re a romantic looking for some “true” love when you have no idea whether or not someone is really into you or just into you because of your powers. Overall, the life of a Succubus sounds pretty god awful if you ask me.

Luckily, Satou-sensei manages to keep a positive outlook on life even though she’s been dealt a pretty awful hand. Toss in that adorable look of hers when she’s knocking back a nice cold beer at night and the strong face she puts up at school and you have another character who adds a ton of charm to this already charming show.

More Questions about Vampires

As energetic as Hikari is, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing her get embarrassed around Takahashi when he ends up asking her questions that involve anything male and female vampires. Something about that shared sense of embarrassment with Hikari combined with Takahashi’s straight face and honest intentions just make for a cute and adorable situation even when the show does something as stupid (but hilarious) as repeat the word sex three times.

Questions about Relationships and Looking Ahead

While Hikari and Takahashi might have something special, it looks like Satou-sensei and Kyouko might be able to give them a run for their money. Seeing two girls just discuss their aspirations for romance is cute, but the added bonus of getting to hear Satou-sensei’s very contrasting inner (and sometimes verbal) monologue is like icing on the cake I didn’t even realize we were eating.

Anyways, I’ll cut things here before the post gets too long. See you guys next week where it looks like Yuki-onna-chan is finally going to get some time to show us just what’s on her mind. See you then!




    1. what i love about this is that, while Kyouko has a reason for liking Takahashi’s arms (she likes to be carried around in the arms of someone she likes, and I guess muscular arms help)…

      …Satou is totally into the arms just cause she thinks Takahashi is hot. lmao.

  1. aahh this show just keeps getting better and better, and at this point it might surpass the manga with the way they adapt it! There’s a little difference about the succubus trait compared to the manga, but overall it’s still a great episode. The rich expression and the seiyuu’s work in demi-chan is just gold, and that conversation between Machi and Satou plus the internal monologue is hilarious.

    Can’t. wait. for. episode. 4! It’ll be awesome.

  2. Hikari-chan’s time to shine should be next episode, cemented her as my favorite of the demi girls~ Adaptation is pretty spot on, satisfied with the treatment this show’s been getting so far.

  3. Let it go, snow girl. :3

    This show just keeps getting more and more entertaining! Loved the cut to Taka-sensei’s ripped biceps and the grunt. 😀 I hope it doesn’t veer too deep into teacher-student relationships, or into a harem. … that talk between Satou-sensei and Kyouko kind of confirmed it as being one. I didn’t see Taka-sensei’s charm as a lead protagonist at first, but now I do. You go, man! Keeping all the girls wanting your beefcake!

  4. Satou-sensei! <3<3<3

    What's also nice about this is that Satou-sensei isn't like typical anime succubi that I've seen in that, usually, they tend to be able to completely control their abilities and thus allows them to still live completely normal lives and only "have fun" when they want to and usually relish in the (sexual) attention they garner, which tends to result in those succubi looking more like, pardon my French, sluts a lot of the time. Here, it's completely the opposite with Satou-sensei in that she doesn't seem to actually have any actual full-on control over said abilities and that they are completely passive, always "on", and there's nothing she can do about it, hence why she's forced to live and dress the way she does.

    Not only does this make the monster side far more unique, but it also allows for such a different kind of character too in showing that even a succubus has a very hard life rather than a life of luxury by charming rich guys and such. Instead, Satou-sensei just wants to be able to have a normal life too.

  5. This episode certainly throws a wrench into the typical mythos about Succubi. The lengths that Satou-sensei has to go through in order to avoid troubling everyone around her. Living a life of solitude physically away from everyone else (in a densely packed country like Japan no less) and having to keep herself in perfect control at all times. All that stress is going to build up though and what happens when she breaks?

    I like the frank conversation about adults between Satou and Machi. It wasn’t some kind of uplifting and idyllic speech, but rather a frank admission that there really wasn’t a whole lot of difference between most adults and high schoolers in terms of maturity. Life experience is the determining factor, not age.

    Now I’m going to play a little Devil’s Advocate here and talk about the “mean girls” at the end. While yes, what they were saying was mean I think people are overblowing it a little. Frankly, this is how normal high school girls are, they talk behind other people’s backs, they gossip, all in an attempt to feel better about themselves. They come across as evil because our main girls are so comparatively “pure”. And to be fair, Yuki has been coming off as rather anti-social which from some people’s perspective can come as being arrogant or mean.

    All in all, the worst thing about this episode is that it makes me anticipating the next one so much more!

    1. I think high school gossip hits a lot of people harder than it ought to, thanks to their own life experiences.

      I read a lot of Worm fanfiction, for example; people’s revenge fantasies aren’t about any of the villains or heroes who hurt Taylor physically, they’re about the trio of girls who made her high school life hell.

  6. Again, compelled to note the adaptation quality. The first roughly 7 minutes (excl. OP) had surprisingly good balance in terms of pacing thanks to superior execution. Granted with a twist, in large part it covers daily routine things with voice over. Not the must dynamic stuff, yet to me it never felt bogged down. Furthermore, the measured pacing combined with solid execution reinforced the monotony of her daily routine. Up early, first train, do odd jobs at school to pass time, last train and not much downtime before going to sleep. Rinse & repeat. Kind of a tricky balancing act IMO and show did a good job with it.

    Opinions may vary, but so far Hikari is best girl.

    The changing book titles to match the mood/discussion in the library was nice attention to detail.

    One odd part for me was the discussion between Satou-sensei & Machi over Takahashi-sensei. HS girl crush on a teacher is nothing new, but uh, Machi is a HS student and Takahashi-sensei is an adult/teacher. So I found it odd that Satou-sensei is giving Machi advice on how to score points with Takahashi-sensei in a romantic sense rather than a more appropriate “Well, Takahashi-sensei is a fine person so I can understand why you like him, but you’re a student and he’s an adult. That kind of relationship will have to wait until after you graduate and become an adult.” I know the show was going for cute/funny here, but still….

    1. Student-teacher crushes/relationships seem super common in Japanese media. It may be part of how the culture romanticizes high school.

      And really, it wasn’t like Satou-sensei was saying ‘Pin Taka-sensei down and do the sex with him (sex. sex. sex.)’, she spent most of that conversation commiserating or agreeing with Machi because she sees those same admirable qualities in Taka-sensei. Machi and Satou’s relationship always seemed pretty equal to me, in part because Taka-sensei is years older than both of them and Satou’s line about adults just putting on a facade of maturity, and in part because Machi tends to be serious and mature for her age (not to mention built like an adult) while Satou can be a little childish. It felt more like two girls gossiping than a proper session asking for life advice despite Machi’s intentions, maybe because Satou’s interjections were so funny?

      1. @Guile: True, such relationships do seem common in anime/manga/LN, and yeah, definitely agree HS is romanticized. So fair enough on that point. Also, no, the advice wasn’t go “pin him down & f*ck him”. I’d think that would not be Satou-sensei’s advice period. Lastly, yes, it was constructed as “girl talk”.

        Still, for me it was odd that another teacher is supporting such a relationship. Honestly, it’s weird to me that a student would confess a crush on a teacher to another teacher in the first place, but this goes the extra step. Whether mature for her age or not, Machi is both student & underage. No getting around that. I’d be surprised if much came out of this (more like unrequited) – certainly not into sex (ain’t that kind of story AFAIK), but still found the exchange odd.

      2. While I agree with daikama’s point, I have seen in real life just how intimate conversations can get between teachers and students when there isn’t a large age gap.

        Seeing how Satou-sensei is only 24 and Kyouko is probably pushing 15 or so plus the fact that they’re both demis, it doesn’t seem too implausible that topics like crushes would come up. That and Satou-sensei probably got a little excited by the opportunity to actually talk about things like that.

    1. It’s just a love triangle. And the battle between the two girls isn’t even heated. Heck, it’s non-existent.

      Hikari gave Takahashi a peck on the cheek just to see his reaction. She doesn’t have romantic feelings for him, if it wasn’t obvious enough.

  7. Isn’t a Succubus forced to sleep with men and steal their life force in order to stay alive? Don’t they die otherwise? Confused. Or maybe everything I know about succubi is wrong!

    I guess this series could just be playing with the tropes again, like they are with vampires. Sucking blood as a romance thing, I mean.

    1. Not forced to do it to stay alive, their instincts to do it are just really strong. It comes up later, when they meet Government Man; most succubi don’t have Satou-sensei’s willpower and determination.

  8. well, the real problem is with succubus traits completley mismatching Satou-sensei serious, romantic, introvert psyche.
    had she been more on the extravert, sex-open adventurous side she would made killing in the AV industry?


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