「雪女ちゃんは冷たい」 (Yukionna-Chan wa Tsumetai)
“Yukionna-Chan is Cold”

Even though I knew what was coming, I still really enjoyed this week’s episode. Also, KAJIKAJIKAJIKAJIKAJI.

99 Problems But…

Compared to Hikari and Kyouko, it feels like Yuki has had one hell of a time dealing with her nature as a Demi. On the surface it makes sense that she’d feel different since she’s a demi, but who would have thought all of this was stemming from the fear that she’d accidentally freeze another human being to death? And before the logical readers leap straight into thinking how dumb an idea like that is since the world would probably have a pretty heavy response to someone with powers like that, I thought it was rather fitting considering the age and environment Yuki’s in. As a freshman who’s originally from the countryside and never had to really think about her status as a Demi, it’s not all that farfetched that she’d leap to such a crazy conclusion when she really put some thought into it. I mean, if I was in a pool of hot water and knew my power was to make things cold, I’d also probably freak out if I saw ice float to the surface.

Luckily Yuki has someone like Takahashi-sensei watching over her and I don’t think she could have asked for a better sensei. Through some research of the common themes of Yukki Onna folklore and some keen perception while talking to Yuki, I was rather impressed with Takahashi’s quick thinking putting two and two together. I mean, how often do we even think about the fact that our feet actually sweat? And more so than that, who would have thought it’d be a phenomenon related not necessarily to regular sweat but from cold sweat caused by stress?

All together I thought we got a pretty good conclusion to Yuki’s situation. With the underlying cause of her fear of people solved, it looks like we’re just about ready to dive into some bigger problems with our other two girls finally getting thrown back into the mix! That said, if I had to complain about one little thing, it’d probably be how abruptly I thought Yuki’s situation came to a close. And even though I’m chalking most of that feeling up to the fact that I already knew what was going to happen, I can’t help but think about how things would have been if they extended it a wee bit longer (But to contradict myself again, when I think about it from the perspective of the arc dealing with Yuki as a whole, it feels pretty good).

Cute Moments and Good Laughs

It’s been a while since we’ve had some simple slice-of-life fun and boy was it refreshing to see everyone just shooting the breeze and having genuine fun — even if it was at Takahashi-sensei’s expense. For me personally, I nearly died from laughter when we saw how Hikari handles her urge to bite. To put it in a single word (or maybe multiple words) — kaji kaji kaji kaji kaji kaji kaji kaji.

Also, wasn’t it cute how Takahashi-sensei and Hikari have this cute teacher-student relationship that don’t go over the wrong boundaries and is about as pure as you could ask for? God, I just love it whenever something comes up because of the how friendly the two are with each other.

Looking Ahead

Man, can this show do no wrong? Nearly halfway through and I don’t think we’ve had a lackluster episode yet. Seeing how the story is at a big turning point though, hopefully things don’t start to fizzle out with whatever new problems the story has in-store for us. Luckily we have a healthy cast of characters that all have their own unique personalities and problems. In any case, I can’t wait to see what next week has for us and I’ll catch you then. See you!

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  1. That ending with the kid mistakenly getting hyped up on a date with Yuki was hilarious. Also noticed that She even managed to drag along the two gossip girls from the previous episode.

    1. I went to take a closer look and they look roughly the same. Some of girls don’t have their shirts tucked in which gives it the illusion of being shorter?

      Kyouko is also super tall which would explain why her skirt is a wee bit longer.

      1. yeah, this roll up their skirts to be shorter.. I remember an anime, where the girls put them back into normal, because some sensei told them.. but my mind forgot the name of the naime

      1. Like all great leaders I think that outstanding teachers like our Takahashi-Sensei are born rather than made. They have to have the right set of talents and those talents must be nurtured by their life experience into their full potential. Those persons are rare and their talents make them sought after in a lot of diffrent professions.

        Had an outstanding history teach in what would be junior high in US terms, she could get even som of the rougher and more trouble kids in school to pay attention and work to improve themselves in her subject. Not because they had a huge interest in history but because she cared for all of her students, even the troublesome ones. They simply didn’t want to let her down when she showed that she had faith in them. One of best and most humane leaders I’ve met.

      2. i had some of this kind, too. he really cared for his students.. perhaps i am now me because of him. self respect or in his words (“Jeder ist seines einiges Glückes schmied!”) “Everyone is forging his own happiness” with time i translate it into “stay on the bridge on your ship on a rough sea”

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Demi-chan%20wa%20Kataritai/Demi-chan%20wa%20Kataritai%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2021.jpg

    Expecting KajiKajiKaji 1 hour loops on Youtube soon… Hikari looks like a hamster Lol.

    Anyway, just wondering, why himari always wear a neck accessory with a cross on her neck even at school that it makes me think that she doesnt remove it at all. It maybe for cosmetics, but i feel it has a significance.

    1. The twins wear lots of bat and cross themed accessories, but I’m not convinced it means anything.

      I mean, Himari COULD be wearing the cross as a protest against vampire racism, but it could just as easily look to the outside viewer like she was afraid of her sister nomming on her neck. Her message, if that is what it was, is kind of muddled.

    2. Himari did say she needs Sensei to talk to their parents about her sister’s Vampire traits. It seems like there’s something that her parents fail to recognize her beloved Hikari as a vampire and as a human altogether.

      More like the parents could be treating Hikari’s vampirism as “a phase”.

      Which could explain her choker as a sign of her support for her sister.

    3. Well I just really find it odd that no matter what Himari wears she still has that cross on. I re-watched all episodes if there are parts that Himari doesnt wear that cross on her neck but No. She really has that neck accesory on her neck all the time.

      I am always on watch on those small details because it could be a significant plot related item later. Gars’ theory of “Himari is just wearing it to hide bite marks” is very possible. Hikari did say that she has history of biting a person before so who is that person? And judging on episode 4, Hikari and her parents probably have a not so good relationship which is why Himari wants Takahashi-sensei to talk to her parents. This could be potentially related to Gars’theory

      1. Something is going on behind the scenes with our genki vampire, at leas that his I interpret her sisters protective behaviour and her comments. It may not be an acute situation given that both sisters seem very normal in the glimpses we get from them at home but something has happend to cause Himari such concern and there is also the promise to Himari that Hikari mentioned when she confronted the gossip girls.

  3. The more I watch, the more I like Hikari. Especially her voice actress. She has a great genki voice and it just fits Hikari so well. I really noticed it in the scene where Sensei called her Takanashi, Hikari-chan, and then just Hikari and the different ways she responded. Her VA, Hondo Kaede, is pretty new as well. Will have to keep an ear out for her in the future.

  4. Unexpectedly, I like this series. While the underlying harem possibility kind of annoys me a bit, I feel that having a male demi would balance out the group, at least the protagonist isn’t some wishy-washy teenage kid. Takahashi, while genuinely caring for the demi, has more than just the drive of ‘being their teacher’ to look out for them. Takahashi is openly interested in what they are and make no excuse to hide it. He is unapologetically a demi-otaku, but strictly in the strictest sense of personal and scientific curiosity.


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