「トールの社会勉強!(本人は出来てるつもりです)」 (Tooru no Shakai Benyou! (Honnin wa Dekiterutsumoridesu))
“Tooru’s Real World Lessons! (She Thinks She Understands It Already)”

Man, this week’s episode was a huge mix of conflicting emotions with a sprinkle of intense laughter at just the right times.

Self-Reflection and Work

Seeing how I’m about to go through some big changes in my life just like Kobayashi (minus getting a kawaii baby dragon), this week’s first sketch really got my mind thinking about just how much of a difference there’ll be with the me from today compared to the me two months from now. Thinking about how the small decisions I make now will end up making huge changes down the road, it’s actually rather amazing when you think about how easily Kobayashi accepted Tooru and subsequently Kanna into her life. At the time she had no way of knowing how this would all turn out and can you imagine how bad things could have been if everything had went awry?

But I suppose that’s the upside of making big changes and facing the unknown — the possibility of a great payout that’ll enrich you both on the inside and the outside. Thinking about what kind of life Kobayashi was living before she met Tooru, it must feel really good to hear that you’re looking happier and more approachable. Especially when you consider that Kobayashi was probably close to being a hikikomori outside of work and drinking with Takiya.

Getting back on track though, it was nice to get a peek into just how difficult Kobayashi’s day job is. From jumping between projects to dealing with a boss that’s obviously abusing his power, I think it’s a miracle she has such an upbeat attitude out of work. Luckily it looks like she knows to back down and when to quietly exert some of that cunning skills of hers!

Table Breaking Comedy

If there’s one thing that’s been getting every week, it has to be the humor. There’s just a certain charm to it that I just can’t seem to pinpoint but I can tell it’s there. Whether it’s delivered deadpan through Kobayashi or from Tooru misunderstanding something about everyday life as a human, it feels like each and every moment for laughter isn’t just an attempt at throwing things at a wall and waiting for something to stick but a crafted attempt to vary things up to a certain degree to keep us on our toes.

If I had to pick one single moment from this week though, watching Tooru misunderstand the whole point of a kabedon and literally smash through that tiny table of hers made me laugh a little more than it probably should have. God, how awkward would it be if every kabedon involved rapid tapping on the wall?

Understanding Yourself & Looking Ahead

Before ending the post, I have to give my main man Fafnir a shout out. I’m glad to see him getting more screen time and how nice of Takiya to take him in. I mean, if I could host a dragon I’d probably do it even if it was the edgy one. But my strange fantasies aside, I also enjoyed that short moment Fafnir had with Tooru. I touched on the topic of Kobayashi only having a human life span somewhere in the comments last week, but watching the actual conversation go down hit a lot harder than it did in the manga. Thinking about time from a dragons perspective, 70 to 100 years is just a drop in the bucket and I can’t imagine how sad you’d get thinking about how the person you love would die much, much, much earlier than you. Luckily it looks like the show isn’t going to press the topic too hard — and neither will I!

Also, I loved how the show brought back some of those small details that people mentioned in the comments a few weeks back in the form of registration papers and official IDs. While it wasn’t a literal “poof” I’m sure our mind could put two and two together.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys again next week where it looks like we’re going to meet at least one new character. See you then!


P.P.S. I forgot, but Kanna’s a savage too. Jesus.




    1. I’m pleasantly surprised KyoAni is taking their time to bring in that character. I know other studios jump the gun and introduce characters ASAP, which usually breaks the continuity in a series.
      Sort of spoiler?
      Show Spoiler ▼

  1. Ginobi47
  2. Wow, even knowing the Maid Dragon manga inside and out, this episode had me smiling and laughing the entire time. Not to mention needing CPR after each (Hnnnnggghhhh!) Kanna scene. Thanks Riko for reviving me with your “friendship” howl. I love it when anime studios deliver high quality episodes and then drops an episode that blows the rest out of the water. Sure, I could nitpick on a few missing details, but IMO those were unnecessary details to begin with.

    Btw, you know that scene where the Riko shared her textbook with Kanna? Did anyone else expect Kanna to pick up a light bulb and light it up with her electricity? Missed opportunity for some extra humor, but then again, Kanna is hiding her dragon identity at school.

  3. This wasn’t the funniest episode (though there were funny moments IMO in the latter half), but this might have been the anime’s best all-around episode. This episode showcased some of the best, non-comedy parts of the manga, and the execution was solid throughout.

    So far there hasn’t been much on the human side of things. Kobayashi & Takiya are very much go with the flow, but even if they are both very laid back, there’s more to it than “Oh, cool. Dragons exist”. It’s important to show some personal effect beyond comedy hijinks for Kobayashi at least. Obviously Kobayahi’s changed Tooru, but the relationship and change isn’t all one-sided. Anime did a good job with adapting the source material.

    There is, of course, still the dragon’s POV, and given how they come from fantasy RPG world where humans & dragons are at war, another strong part of the manga showed up here with Fafnir asking Tooru will she be able to go back to her original world. Could she kill humans again? That is a valid question to be addressed even if the answer is “not going back”. Another very valid question was raised about the fact Kobayashi will die soon (in “dragon years”), and how will Tooru deal with the pain. Good stuff.

    Just in general, I thought this was one of the better episodes in terms of consistently matching the manga’s presentation style – specifically the comedy portions. Anime’s been close and even spot on at times, but IMO also a bit off at times. Here I thought it was pretty much spot on. The “OMG! Humans really do have super powers!” chapter in the manga is another favorite of mine and show did well with that.

    Couple minor points. Appreciated the fact that the anime did tie in previous events. The “I learned this when Kobayashi moved” was good attention to detail and gives added value to an anime-only addition. Anime also kept the “poof* documents this time around.

    All in all, good job from my perspective. Enjoyed this one. 😀

  4. If you were paying attention, you would have noted this episode that Kobayashi works for one of Jigokumeguri’s companies (the Ojojojo heroine’s family). You can see it briefly flashed on the screen in the first segment, untranslated, so you have to know your Japanese to read it. (It’s that metal sign that’s used as a transition.)

    And once again, the Cool Kyoushinja Universe is tied together with a cameo of sorts. There’s one in every anime.

    Man, I’d love an Ojojojo anime, too. That manga is also packed FULL of feels, but that’s what I love about his stuff– there’s (usually) a nice blend of humor, lewdness, and lots and lots of FEELS in there to make us all weepy.

    And of course, Maid Dragon is moving along splendidly as well. I’m totally digging this adaptation.

  5. Another delightfull episode, great to see that the quality is so steady, even when an ep doesn’t have men laughing out loud it just so relaxing to watch.

    Some extra feels thrown in this time as it turns out that Tooru is well aware that her life will be much longer than Kobayashi’s. Yet she faces it squarely determined to live the days they do get together to the fullest. Great job by her Seiyuu with just the right mix of joy, thoughtfullness and a hint of sadness.

    Is it just me or did Tooru get an art upgrade this episode? It felt like some of the close-ups was notably better than in previous episodes, particularly during her discussion with Fafnir on the way to the real estate agent.


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