「小鳥遊姉妹は争えない」 (Takanashishimai wa Arasoenai)
“The Takanashi Sisters are Undeniable”

Oh man, what a great episode. Not only did we get to see more of our favorite sisters but who would have thought their parents would have been so cool?

Hikari and Himari’s Home Life

Before I get into the hilarious antics between Himari and Hikari, let me share this small thought that came to me as I watched the first half. In Demi-chan’s world, try to imagine just how difficult things were for Demis before society officially accepted them. With rumors and folklore influencing how people viewed them, I’m sure it was far from a walk in the park. But, as hard as it probably was for them, I wonder just how difficult things were for the family and more specifically the parents of those Demi. Unable to do anything except try to empathize and be there for them, I couldn’t help but get a little sad thinking about how frustrating a situation like that would be. Luckily, things in Demi-chan’s world have progressed a fair bit and instead we get to see the happy antics of a family that’s been brought closer together because of their children.

Getting back on track, god I’d be so happy as a parent if I had kids like Himari and Hikari. As much as the two bicker and fight with one another, there’s no denying that they love each other. Something which is probably due to in part (if not mostly) with their upbringing. With supportive parents who both do their part to create a comfortable living arrangement whether that’s taking care of things in or outside the home, it was nice to see such a strong support net at the home of one of our most energetic Demis. And while I’m sure we already knew this wasn’t that type of show, it’d be something if Hikari’s personality was influenced because of a negative home environment right?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

At this point it might as well be a running joke that Himari jumps to conclusions a little too easily. Having a rather impulsive attitude when it comes to things with Hikari, it sucked a little that the impact of the whole scene involving mirrors was lost on me since I already knew what was coming. But even with the punch line already ruined, I loved watching every step that it took to get us to that point. Seeing just how stressed and worried Himari was really tugged at my chest and that tear she shed right before she found Hikari really drove the whole point home.

But as we all saw, Hikari is just a lazy negligent girl who just sometimes can’t be bothered to wake up early to get her amazing hairstyle done. Luckily that doesn’t change the fact she’s an awesome character!

Looking Ahead

With Kyouko making some progress on the Takahashi-sensei front and Takahashi-sensei himself getting closer with all of his beloved students, you’d think the story would be close to hitting a stand still. And normally you’d be right — except there are some big changes coming next week! So, without spoiling anything, let me just say that there’ll be some unexpected appearances of some new characters that’ll give us some insight into another character!

I can’t wait! See you then!




  1. The change in Yuki’s part of the OP caught me off guard. But now that she seems to be moving away from her anxiety, I suppose it makes sense for the snowglobe of her heart to bloom into springtime.

    As for the episode, I can’t begin to talk about how refreshing it is to have parents who A) exist and B) are completely there for their kids in this kind of show, let alone who network amongst themselves and help each others’ families out. The scene where Takanashi-papa came to pick Kyouko up gave me all the warm fuzzies (but then, most scenes featuring Kyouko give me warm fuzzies.)

    1. Plus she gives that smile she did when she had the ‘Of course I’m a cold woman, I’m a yuki onna!’ line. Very nice.

      Still think Yuki’s the weakest of the main cast, but it’s cute.

  2. Oh my god they’re like kittens play-fighting. The sisters love each other so much, it’s so cute. And the two seiyus are clearly enjoying the time recording- they HAVE to at least be in the same room, or ad-libbing. I also think they have a cool dad.

  3. Ginobi47
    1. It is kinda awesome that Succubus-sensei isn’t a sexual being, until suddenly she is. Like WHAM. In a normal anime, even some slice of life, the quick pan around her rack would just be the scene du jour, instead of a quick moment of almost tongue in cheek fun.

      Even if I don’t think any realistic man would be able to hold a blush at bay until she left, props to Takahashi-sensei.

    2. but i bet, if she would had an “skin” contact with him, he will lost it… Perhaps “headless” Girl (she looks way mature, taller, older) will smack him back into reality, she has the body to have muscles

      1. They actually do have skin contact in the future. I think she drops something, he picks it up and their hands touch. He’s able to remain composed, but if I remember correctly Succubus-sensei realizes he is affected by her lol

    3. Honestly, even without her succubus powers that look would have been a pretty powerfull blow considering that Satou-sensei is a very attractive young woman in her own right.

      Of course her good looks and voluptous curves could be the result of her Succubus mutation as well?

  4. Hmm. They shuffled some chapters around, combining the chapters involving the Takanashi family into one episode. It doesn’t really affect too much, but I guess it was a good choice to avoid flipping around too much.

  5. i must admit, this females VA’s here, know how to put “emotions” into their Voice, and play with their tongue to reach emotion behond perfect. Like Magilou’s (US) Voice actor in ToB. Men, she is AAA stuff

      1. Hondo Kaede has so far done an outstanding job as Hikari, from ep1 she had me hooked with how she brought all sides of Hikari’s character to life and made her more than just a one dimensional genki girl. (Of course this is also thanks to the source material and good script writing.)

  6. Not much to add really and a lot of what I mentioned before. Still getting a very good adaptation IMO. Hikari best girl, but Satou-sensei is a pretty close second. Like the fact that the anime does keep Satou-sensei around (really entire main cast) rather than have her disappear for any length of time.

  7. Oh, and I kinda love Takahashi in the button up and tie.

    He cleans up pretty well, but this shirt does a better job of showing his shoulders than his normal lab coat. Like when he stands up to greet Hikari’s mom, he half looks like he’s going to Hulk Hogan out of his shirt.

    He looks like he should be coaching some kind of sport-ball instead of being the mild-mannered biology teacher.

  8. Another very good episode, impressed with how the staff not only stitch together diffrent parts of the manga but also embroider the story to make it even better.

    With two sisters I found myself smiling a lot this episode, either the writer(s) or the VAs must have personal experience to bring the sisters to life this way. We also got a glimpseof the Takanishi family life and despite Himari’s hints in a previous episode there does not seem anything wrong at first glance. The one thing I could detect is that the parents could possibly be overprotective of Hikari? For example the mother escorting her to the store, the father staying at home (to be available at all times?) and so on.

    I’m really looking forward to the next episode which focuses on Satou-sensei, it will be very intersting to see if they will use some of her parts which they cut when they turned earlier manga chapters into earlier episodes. Also interesting to see how the anime will show a few things which I interpreted rather darkly when I read the manga. Of all our demis Satou-sensei is they one whose power raises the most problems IMO and depending on at which age it manifests could be a very hard thing to live with.

    1. and school fest event:
      Where mindless brutes, still think into “black and white” stuff. I mean go there an insult the “Demis” and seems like the other are afraid to restrain them… Yeah, as if Yakuza bad guys go through the stands or Demi stand as if they own this School

      But this is black

      an road/school trip:
      Where the powers of this Demis will become handy.
      Hijacking with the headless girl seeing pardon write it all up. Vampire chan use her Night vision, Eis Princess to freeze a lake to build an bridge…

      But this is also black

      Looks like the anime are based on the first love feelings of this girls. Perhaps Sensei here and the girls, help them for not fall to some “scumms” that just want to use them, or other kind of exploited them. Where the girl gain the strength to chose for themselves.. Be your own Guide of Happiness

      could work

      I hope i sparked some flame

  9. Aw, what great family dynamics. At first I was getting the impression that Himari almost had to make certain sacrifices because Hikari was getting more attention in the family (for legit reasons of course), but the sisters love each other too much 🙂

    On the other hand, so excited for some more new characters and a bit of Satou’s past!

  10. ep 07:

    Be warned, this Episode is a lot of Talk. But it is more background talk, also there are some easter egg hidden there.. But you will see it for yourself. this easter egg is well known

    also, Top VA of female sensei.. her voice was really in panic mode 🙂 well played

    more and i spoil it to much for you. go watch it


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