「綱手島事件」 (Tsunade-jima jiken)
“The Tsunade Island Incident”

Seven episodes in and you know what’s missing? The designated beach episode! Every week which passes by seems to return MnR to the standard romcom format in form and appearance, and this episode certainly continues the trend. Masamune keeps on trying, Aki keeps on falling, but the cruel princess always stops just before giving in to our resident Casanova. I’m somewhat disappointed Aki has yet to actually break romantically towards Masamune given the fantastic buildup so far, but at least solace can be taken in the path there.

This week showcases how fun the path can be by offering up all the components which made me enjoy MnR in the first place. We have Masamune perform some hilariously perfect maneuvers, Yoshino reinforce her masterly function, and Aki continue growing into a half decent character. Yuisaki, however, was the strange inclusion I felt, mostly for her love of Aki’s male hatred and desire to see the cruel princess reach her final form. She seems a better fit for the likes of Kuzu than MnR for me, but that’s probably because Yuisaki was largely relegated to comedy relief (and fan service) here, what between the stalking and facing off against Jason Yoshino in a duel of the horrors. Plus it’s hard matching up against Futuba and Kojuurou when the BL jokes all but write themselves.

The one taking the cake for me though is Masamune with his aggressive, over the top proclamation of dating the cruel princess. Besides hilariously turning Aki into a sputtering mess, it’s also another wonderful example of pickup strategy. Masamune here embodies frame, or—in very general terms—taking the conversational initiative. By boldly declaring Aki his girlfriend, Masamune stopped Aki from defining their relationship, and therefore sets the foundation for all further interactions. Although Aki’s need for appearances synergized with Masamune’s idea, his audacious actions are what offset Aki and opened her up to further flirtation. As I’ve highlighted before, this is where Masamune functions best, when he must improvise on the fly—none of that excessive planning and overthought. Still doesn’t solve Masamune’s problems with follow through—seriously, tease the girl, don’t obey her commands!—but when secretaries and mysterious rivals keep interjecting themselves, it can be hard finding a moment.

For Masamune’s benefit though, at least he avoided Yoshino’s wrath this week. I was not expecting Yoshino to become impatient with Masamune’s progress, but this definitely throws a welcome wrench into the situation. Combine that with Neko’s growing boldness towards the Casanova and Masamune is quickly running out of time to put his plan into action. All else considered, a strict time limit might just be the thing required to get Masamune back in form. After all with lots of newly revealed risks floating around, it shouldn’t take much to break the seduction rut Masamune currently finds himself in.

Random Tidbits

Who knew that loving men was the sure fire way to increase breast size. Always trust anime to give the important life lessons.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2012.jpg
    What a hot “onee-san” that is heroine worthy; I really want to see more girls, like this especially as they wear such a seductive dress, as the heroine. Know so little T_T aside from sekirei’s Kazehana.

    Want to see this “Jason” go against another Jason (Tokyo Ghoul)

    1. Yeah, her chest size changes about 4 times within the first 3 episodes until they settle on ‘80% of her head’. I always wonder how, even with a number of different animators working at the same time, they still end up changing those things so often near the beginning of animes – ‘artistic edits’ perhaps?

      Also, as a general rule the ‘plot’ often expands heavily in beach episodes. Whether that’s intended to be based in reality due to a lack of undergarment support or purely from a fanservice perspective is hard to say.

      Why am I analyzing this?

      1. I’d say it’s both. Bikinis are basically bras and many bras are designed to “accentuate” the goods per say. Also the beach episode is fan service in of itself, so keeping things modest would defeat the purpose.

        Good example here is Neko. Notice her bra features a strap running between her breasts that acts to pull her breasts up. It simultaneously boosts her size and functions as one kinky bit of clothing.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    The M in me submits myself to the both of them. Damn the Secretary is hotter than the 3 girls combined together. Imagine the Secretary and Kojuro together… CALL THE MEDIC!

    Sorry Kojuro. You’re neither a boy nor a girl. You’re Hideyoshi. Embrace it.

    Are we sure that Fam has no role or influence in this show?

    Velvet Scarlantina
  3. https://randomc.net/image/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2010.jpg
    Deep down, Yuisaki’s actually one thirsty woman (who reminds me of Kantai Collection‘s Ashigara) seeking a good man who can take her drunk side and her singing death metal at karaoke bars… (BTW, can anyone confirm if she was voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro?)

    Kinda hard to tell if Neko was wearing a G-string (or something just as skimpy) or still “going commando” underneath that beach wrap… (Not sure if that’s the right term, and I’m not sure if “sarong” is also a correct term for such beachwear. Been a while since I went to the beach…and it’s a bit chilly where I am right now.)


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