「お宅訪問!(してないお宅もあります)」 (Otaku Houmon! (Shitenai Otakumo Arimasu))
“Home Visit! (And Homes Not Visited)”

This episode was a healthy dose of aww with just a splash of aw.

Saikawa and Georgie

I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t think I could ever get tired of Saikawa’s “I Love Kanna” face. And even though we’ve seen it a bunch of times now, there’s still something about it that just makes me want more. That said, things got awfully steamy with Kanna and Saikawa this week. With the former kabedoning the latter on the floor with the same amount of passion Kobayashi has for maids, I don’t know what we’d have done if Kanna got the chance to do whatever she was planning on doing.

Also, rest in peace Tooru for getting caught in-between Kobayashi and Georgie fangirling together. Because if you thought Takiya was bad, I’m willing to bet Georgie was probably three times as worse.

Shouta — Get It?

Boy, how blessed of a life can you live? With parents who can use magic and create anything they want plus the added benefit of being able to use magic, it really feels like Shouta couldn’t really ask for more. Toss in the fact he has Lucoa as a “familiar” (I’m using that term lightly) and you could say he’s living every young boy’s dream. It’s a shame that he can’t really enjoy all the benefits that life has given him, but then again I doubt it’d be as fun to watch Shouta take advantage of the situation instead of being the one taken advantage of. Then again, just like Kobayashi said, it is nice to see Lucoa get tripped up every now and then.

Now, if you were to ask me what I was most curious about though, my answer would be just why in the world does Shouta’s dad need to own a programming company? Especially if he’s capable of creating vast riches using something as basic as alchemy (who says that equivalent exchange exists in this world?)?!

Takiya and Fafnir

After weeks of showing up for a few minutes at most, I’m glad to see Fafnir (and by transitive property Takiya) get some well deserved screen time and character development. And instead of being a cursed dragon that’s completely focused on the destruction of all humans, it’s cool to see him also growing in his own way. Because as much as I’d like to believe he’d have a huge paradigm shift like Tooru, I think we all know he’ll probably stay true to his rather edgy ways. Luckily, he has someone as awesome as Takiya to work around his needs and it looks like that just might be enough to chop at the edges of Fafnir’s tough exterior.

Looking Ahead

With another great episode behind us, it looks like we’re about to get the ever-so-popular beach episode. Something that I have no absolutely no qualms with! So until then stay safe and stock up on some extra blood to refill after too many nose bleeds. See you then!




  1. “who says that equivalent exchange exists in this world??!” well nope our world, if souta’s dad keep spamming alchemy and making too much gold without good enough job as a cover, he will have a hell of problem when exchange it to cash money…

      1. Wouldn’t laundering require a shell company or some sort of way to create false transactions when he needs to create money without triggering the authorities? I think it makes sense that he has one, especially if he wants to hide his wealth from the world.

    1. … this may be the first time in the show we get some kind of real magic/magical science apart from the dragons. We get this kid who lives with a family that uses alchemy as real as in FMA, and it’s pretty much glanced over!

      1. Not sure about said doujinshi, but there another manga by same author, which also centers around relationship of shota and busty lady, and which reaches borderline hentai level in terms of explicitness.

  2. I imagine Shouta’s dad having a programming company is parallel with our dragons enjoying what they’re doing, which (in my opinion) reflects who they are: Tohru enjoys interacting and being with Kobayashi despite a history with bad human interactions; Kanna enjoys school and the camaraderie elementary schoolers exhibit despite being a prankster (and possibly ostracized by other dragons?); Fafnir enjoys videogames and exploring “a different world” despite originally being a recluse.

    Shouta’s dad, while he can create practically anything physical with alchemy, probably found pleasure in having things come to life via coding. Someone figured out a way to create anything (technically) without being a mage–wouldn’t that be extremely interesting to such a person?

  3. Fun Episode. Enjoyed it. 😀

    Things definitely got steamy with Kanna and Saikawa, and yeah, uh, definitely crossing over into something else if Kanna wasn’t interrupted. Though the interruption was done for obvious reasons, just Tooru being overwhelmed by two maid otakus was funny (IMO). Given how hax/op Tooru is, I do get a kick out of scenes where she gets overwhelmed by some silly-fun situation.

    The teru teru bōzu were very cute! Liked that.

    Poor Shota-kun. No, I do not feel sorry for you kid, but a few years from now I bet you look back on this situation much differently. 😉 But if Lucoa is… uh… too “dangerous” for you (yeah, let’s go with that), I’ll be happy take her in. XD No, wait. She definitely is too dangerous for you! I’ll be right over to pick her up. Uh, yeah that’s it! Totally altruistic. You can thank me for watching out for your well-being.

    Aaaaanyway, interesting to note that it’s not just the dragons coming to “RL” from fantasy RPG world. Shota-kun may talk about his family going back to RPG world, but I wonder about that. They seem to be pretty comfy & well integrated with the “RL” world. If they do go back, I bet a week or two without just the internet and they’ll start having doubts.

    “[W]hy in the world does Shouta’s dad need to own a programming company? Especially if he’s capable of creating vast riches using something as basic as alchemy”

    To add to souma’s post above, if you consider today’s world, it’s not such the simple solution to *poof* gold (alchemy). If this was RPG world (of course) or even say 1850 California during the gold rush, then you could sell a big bag of gold without raising too many questions. Today, have to think selling pounds/kilograms of gold (or a shopping bag full of diamonds) is going to raise a lot questions. It’s not something people normally have = suspicious. I guess you could sell it black market, but issues with that. If not, then need some sort of story – own a gold (or diamond mine, etc.) which has its own complications. Not suggesting *poof* gold isn’t viable, but that it’s not quite as simple/easy as it may first appear.

    Another thing to consider is that running a programing/computer company might be quite fascinating for someone coming from RPG world. Dude may just enjoy what he’s doing, and at the same time can make a bunch of money while perfectly fitting into “RL” society. Of course starting/running a successful business isn’t easy either, but IMO it’s a reasonable alternative to the alchemy route. Frankly, I thought the fact that he runs the same company where Kobayashi works was perhaps a bit too “small world” plot convenient.

    Takiya and Fafnir

    This might have been my favorite part of the episode. Rather than just keep Fafnir as grumpy, “kill all humans” comedy relief dragon, the series takes the time to develop him. Always good to develop characters, but for Fafnir there’s a bit more to it. Tooru’s all about Kobayashi, Kanna’s pretty laid back & opened minded, and Lucoa just wants to hang out and have some fun. But for Fafnir, adjusting to this world isn’t going to be easy. Fortunately Takiya is just the right game otaku nice guy to help Fafnir along. Liked the bit about humans being “hit or miss” for Fafnir, and the “miss” being easier to deal with because that relationship is simply one of enemies. For the “hits”, that type of relationship is more lengthy and complex – something Fafnir is not used to doing.

    Next up is another favorite chapter of mine – “Comic-Con”. OK fine, maybe two chapters. XD. Got a laugh out of the end card’s honesty (“The Fanservice Episode”). At least the show’s being upfront about it. ^^

  4. Ginobi47
  5. could it be thats Georgie VA is a new one? Her voice was kind of forced, not so natural like the other ones. I mean, she did a good job. But you can not deny that there was a difference

    1. i had done some research about her real name, and the real person behind it. It is true, he was once an Human, and this Drunk accident was the reason he left and then become an God (many sources say he become the Venus)

      But the reason that made him drunk.. how should i write it.. Hide all Mirrors, and do not play the “you are an ugly mortal” card

  6. You people are sick he’s a little boy getting molested and you think he’s “lucky”? If their genders were reversed it would be a whole different story. It’s sad that pedophilia is accepted if the woman has big tits. Smh

    1. Well, if you can’t handle it, don’t summon it, as the rule goes. He can only blame himself.

      Also, I’m pretty sure that legal concepts like definition of molestation or age of consent aren’t exactly applicable to immortal shapeshifting ex-gods with magical powers. I mean, feel free to tell her she can’t do that.

    2. Molested? Except for Lucoa’s offer of her body none of her actions involve deliberate sexual contact, let alone sexual contact intended to give her pleasure. And the offer of her body is a last resort, not her first choice.

      Does her actions cause Shouta-kun distress? Certainly but they are not driven by sexual lust or wanting to take advantage of him. When Lucoa oversteps the bounds it is because her lack of understanding current social mores.

    3. While I wouldn’t use such a strong word to describe Shouta and Lucoa’s relationship, there’s no denying that Lucoa is obviously utilizing certain characteristics of herself to a great degree.

      That said, I doubt she’d actually do anything to Shouta. It’s pretty obvious she thinks he’s just cute and all

  7. Holy shoot I NEED to crank the volume up all the way when the opening starts! KyoAni’s openings are just unskippable.

    And we immediately start with Kanna. I wonder if they want me to WATCH each episode given how I die of a heart attack anytime Kanna moves.

    1. They got most of the polarizing themes done with this episode imho. There’s only going to be one more of such an instance and it’ll probably be the last episode or second to last.

  8. What I like about this series is that is has something to say, and it’s
    direct when it needs to be, but it’s not to shock its viewers. It doesn’t
    try to “win us over” to its way of thinking with Takiya and Fafnir, it just
    show the facts of their friendship.

    And I really like that non-apologetic approach. It’s really tough (as a
    person) to accept what happens between two people (okay Fafnir is
    a non-human) when it’s outside of your comfort zone, and I think the
    episode was really about showing examples of that dynamic between
    all of its characters. But not too serious, good humanish (people are
    people) humour accents the underlying story’s principle.

    I didn’t expect the series to cover this territory – I like it.

      1. Well, for Kanna this would not be something special. But for the girl under her her wet dreams come true… 🙂

        Culture differences… being a Dragon is like from an other Culture

  9. Ep 07:

    She really like to put her weight in the name of “venus” 🙂

    As i said, to much and this Boy turn to the Yaoi side 🙂 But of course, it is the manga-ka and Directors decision (but save for TV)

    hehe, the beach episode was fun 🙂

    Also, wise coise of her, to stay in her Human form.. i was afraid she would turn in her bigger part…

    uff. i think thats enough, or i spoil it

    You like this anime? go watch it, you get your fun… especial for the little dragon fans 🙂


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