「愛はたくさん」 (Ai wa Takusan)
“Lots of Love”

No matter what you may think of Kuzu, you got to admit, it never fails disappointing. Given the Moka-centric focus this week, opinions were certainly going to be divisive, particularly given the superfluity of Moka in the in the first place. This was a character seemingly serving no real purpose other than checking off the “childhood friend” box and providing Hanabi some competition—even though Akane does it better. Colour me surprised then when the bite-sized princess turned out be alright.

What drew me in regarding Moka this week wasn’t her cutesy voice or try-hard act, but her surprisingly sane thought patterns. Moka is arguably the only girl here who is willing to abandon what she wants if she cannot get it, at least until the episode’s end. Similar to Mugi’s crush on Akane, Moka understood well that Mugi never desired her, that she would never “have” him, and was fine with it so long as her fantasy could stay fantasy. Compared to Hanabi’s mental torment these past few weeks this is a breath of fresh air, a character capable of identifying impossibilities and willing—in a sense—to move on past them.

It’s Moka’s logic throughout which makes it funny—for me—that some have labelled her actions bipolar. The girl is fine having Mugi in her fantasy, but when he physically comes on to her, she rejects him? Rather than contradictory behaviour, this does actually make sense when Moka’s understanding is considered. Moka as mentioned knows she will never have Mugi, and is fine with her love remaining a fantasy. The problem is when Mugi breaks that fantasy with the kiss and attempted intercourse. By coming onto Moka, Mugi effectively gave Moka the hope that he could come to love her, even though all his actions up to then have indicated differently. Moka rejected Mugi at that point because not doing so would keep her strung along, hoping for the impossible while struggling with the pain. For Moka, loving herself (i.e. being cute) is more important than the slim chance of a forlorn love. Quite ironic that the youngest and most “naïve” girl here proved the most mature in the heat of the moment.

Besides giving depth to Moka, however, these developments also had the benefit of snapping Mugi and Hanabi out of their fantasies. I’m convinced Mugi kissed Moka out of guilt, and it was this guilt—and accompanying spike of lust—which made him question exactly what he was doing. Much like Moka, Mugi stopped himself because the veil over his fantasy had been lifted, with only the ugly reality remaining. Likewise Hanabi found sanity through Mugi’s disregard and the skillful playing of Takuya (Akane’s boy toy). Hanabi was always fledgling when it came to understanding love, but Takuya showed exactly how much by effortlessly running circles around her. He always pushed, agreed and amplified upon her statements, and sparked unconscious interest in him by simply leaving when Hanabi tried pulling back—textbook pickup artistry. Takuya’s actions here along with Mugi’s ignored phone call were what finally broke Hanabi’s fantasy by showing just how superficial her attempts at desire—and emulating Akane—ultimately were.

With Moka out of the picture (for now) and both Mugi and Hanabi committed to confessing their feelings for a proper chance with each other, it seems we have reached Kuzu’s climactic point. Although apparently obvious that both characters will be rejected by their unrequited loves, I can easily see things veering off south. Akane for example could attempt stringing Mugi along further, or Narumi could aggravatingly play dumb and refuse to recognize Hanabi’s feelings. It’s not clear where Kuzu plans on heading, but you can be sure we haven’t seen the last of the emotional struggle just yet.


    1. (left out text)

      Anyway, Moka Moka Moka…please allow me to apologies how ignorant i was to you for the past six episodes. I cant believe how i used to hate her due to the fact how trope-y she was especially her voice.

      This episode really felt different comparing to the previous ones. Maybe there was this sense of “dignity” somewhere within its context this week; maybe it was Moka. With her rejecting Mugi at the end of the episode, it just made most of the characters looked terribly pathetic especially Hanabi. Nakasenai.

      IMO, I think most of the characters here are suffering from “idolizing” their loved ones into something theyre not. Like how Pancakes mentioned above about Moka and her fantasy, how she prefer to be in love with the Mugi she idolized ever since little. And when they are getting closer with the reality, they refuse to see the person as they truly are.

      Sigh…well cant deny how disappointed i am with Hanabi this episode. Oh welp. People were right about Moka hahahha XD

      Cant wait for the next episode. Gonna armor my emotion next week since Akane will definitely coma back with Toyosaki Aki’s slutty act heh

      onion warrior
    2. I don’t think people have abandoned the show given the debate on Reddit and MAL, just no one prefers commenting on the show here.

      As for Moka I agree, her surprising development this episode really shows how sad the other characters (Hanabi, Sanae) are because she possesses an understanding they only belatedly reached. Hell it took until the end of this episode for Hanabi to even consider accepting a rejection from Narumi.

  1. Kudos to Takuya for being a extremely cheap copycat of Barney, if the chick gets hard to get GTFO. Not a good trait but this is what Hanabi needed to knock her out of her nonsense she’s been since few weeks ago

    Less and less people watch this every week 🙁

    1. The goodness of the trait depends on what you’re after 😛
      Takuya clearly desires short term flings and a rotating set of “friends” with benefits, so using this strategy is optimal for him. It’s terrible for the girls involved of course, but as Hanabi found out, walking away and finding a guy wanting something similar is a good choice.

  2. Yeah, it does seem that Moca is probably one of the more mature characters in this now, despite the impression she gives off. The character development she got in this episode was pretty impressive, and my opinion of her has definitely changed.
    As far as what happens next, while I really hope Mugi and Hanabi get their clean-cut rejections and try to move on, I somehow feel that Akane in particular will throw a spanner into the works. No way would she just let a confession go like that. As for Kanai……I don’t have a clue where he’s concerned, lol. I suspect a clean-cut rejection is more likely from him, but asides from that it strikes me that we really have not learnt much about him in comparison to the other characters in this mess. Still, either way, the next episodes will be interesting.

  3. This episode was a bit sad for me.. I know Moca really likes Mugi and wants to be with him; however, she knows from the bottom of her heart that he does not like her back. It could work for some like Hanabi who could be with someone when they don’t return the same feelings but Moca seems a bit more “strict”? on herself. I am glad it took them 7 episodes to figure out that they need to share their feelings to the real people they like and finally find a closure to all this.


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