「夏の定番!(ぶっちゃけテコ入れ回ですね)」 (Natsu no Teiban! (Bucchakete Koirekaidesune))
“Summer’s Staples! (The Fanservice Episode, Frankly)”

I have a love-hate relationship with how this show hides the heavier stuff behind all the lighthearted fluff (plus Lucoa constantly getting wrecked).

A Maid Dragon Buffet

If there’s something that Maid Dragon can do without fail, it would be providing us some genuinely funny lighthearted humor that could sway even the grumpiest of faces. Using this week’s episode as a prime example, I absolutely loved how we were given a self-declared “fanservice” episode that did much more than just throw breasts in our faces (more on that in a second though). Specifically, I loved how we got to see all of our characters doing everything that we love watching them do. From Kanna eating everything in sight to Lucoa having to change outfits every single time we saw her, I don’t think you could have asked for more in a single episode.

But if you thought it stopped at cute or funny things, you’d be wrong. Another big hit this week had to be the way the episode handled the more somber moments between all the laughs. Slowing things down more so than usual, you could really experience the heavier moments, especially when it came to Kobayashi and Tooru. If I were going to pick a specific moment or set of moments though, my favorite would be getting to see Tooru struggle with her inner thoughts and emotions with her current reality going completely against what she’s grown used to. That and if you look at it from the perspective of this being setup for a minor character we’ll hopefully see, it really whet your “I need more feels” appetite.

Growing Up

There was one line that really stuck out to me this week — and that one line was when Kobayashi answered Tooru when she asked if she was grown up. I’ve never really thought about the idea since I was thrust into a position of relatively large responsibility early on in life, but what if I hadn’t been? And at that point, would I have been stuck facing the same struggles as Tooru? Which is probably why listening to Kobayashi calmly explain that no one really wants to be an adult but just ends up not being able to be a kid anymore resonated deeply with my soul.
Anyways, I just wanted to talk about that part for just a little since it meshed so well with me.

Looking Ahead

With things progressing smoothly, it feels like this show can do no wrong. But if things have started to grow a little stale for you — no worries! It looks like we have another perky character (dragon) joining next week and this one should involve a lot more Kobayashi. See you then!




  1. I’m loving how this show continues to bring out the laughs on top of some poignant and emotional scenes without feeling too forced. I’m sensing some drama with Tohru’s family, and I hope that they appear.


    I love how this girl seems to take the role of censoring Lucoa this episode. She appears at the beach and at the convention just to de-lewd Lucoa’s outfits.


    Now why does this frame look like Kanna is insulting Kobayashi-san…?

  2. In my opinion, this show shows loli-cuteness in the most tasteful ways possible. As opposed to other slice of life shows where loli-cute characters are onscreen all the time, this episode panned to Kanna at just the right moments.

    Lucoa acting out the typical harem scene of sunbathing oil application? Here’s Kanna and a crab!

    Adults reeling from the vastness of Summer Comiket? Here’s a shot of Kanna sleeping!

    Tohru maid-chan getting overwhelmed by the crowd? Here’s Kanna!

    The audience and Tohru has gone through a slightly emotional ride on coming of age and independence! What do we do next?
    Let’s have Kanna observe humans in their natural habitat!

    This episode struck a right balance between the adults and Kanna. By making their issues the main focus while panning to Kanna at strategic moments, the audience is kept at a right balance of “hmmm, serious” and “dawwwwww…”

    Btw, Kanna is a blue eyes white dragon. Make of that what you will.

  3. There’s definitely something to be sad about the way this show handles its somber moments. You could write it off as just using a corny joke to crack the mood (still laughing over that damn lobster/fish combo) but other shows have tried this with a lot less success. The timing needs to be good or everything just feels awkward and the audience doesn’t even appreciate the reveal/backstory/dialogue, and this show really nails that timing. It helps that Kobayashi can be counted on for some stoicism that doesn’t overpower the beat where the funny happens, too.

  4. You know it was the same lady both time who pulled away Lucoa every time and her swimsuit at the beach didn’t seem all that skimpy compared to most,
    so maybe something else happened with all dat THICCness when she dragged her offscreen 😉

    And Kanna is still the cutest thing ever. She’s everybody’s baby. Kanna is love; Kanna is life.

  5. Kanna: *does something again*


    It was only a matter of time before the topic of family was brought up. It really helped ground this beach/Comiket episode. I mean I love the bond these characters have formed with each other, and it gives me hope that others can find a place that makes them happy. Kobayashi always asks Tohru if she wants to do things in her original form whenever she sees her sad. Notice that?

    Wow. I LOVE the idea of real monsters walking around cosplayers at Comiket! I don’t see that in fiction a whole lot.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/Kobayashi-san%20Chi%20no%20Maid%20Dragon/Kobayashi-san%20Chi%20no%20Maid%20Dragon%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2022.jpg
      Kanna doing her Nightlight Thunder show “illuminate with kanna!”.. Where she use her Electric thunder to create figures.. some kind of connecting the zodiacs sign, and perhaps with an little animation.. Thunder ist faster the Fire.. Thunder is Light speed..or nearly.. Also do not exist in the Chinese Zodiacs stars an Dragon?

  6. I really can mantain this precious life she has build with Kobayashi but I´m afraid dragons like her father are not going to make it so easy, after all change is scary specially you realize that the way you have live so far was not the best and in order to be truly happy ypu have to try the unknown.


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