OP1.5 Sequence

OP: 「ヒトリゴト」 (Hitorigoto) by ClariS

「リア充委員長と不敵な妖精」 (Riajuuiin-chou to Futekina Yousei)
“Class Rep with a Normie Life and A Fearless Fariy”

The characters in this show are so damn good.

General Impressions

After an impressive first episode, Eromanga-sensei returns this week and pushes the bar even higher. Straying away from the deeper issues that were introduced right at the end of last week’s episode, this week’s shifted the focus to the various side characters who I hope we get to see a lot more of. Because if this episode was any indication, it looks like no one is going to really be a “side” character in this show.

Starting in order of introduction, let’s first dive into a conversation about the super high tension girl known as Jinno Megumi. Class rep for the class Sagiri would be a part of if she actually left her room, I don’t think I’ve seen a girl quite this pushy in a long time. With a cute smile that has a tiny hint of mischief hiding behind it, I was loving every second of Megumin having her way with Masamune. Leaping between two extremes be it dick jokes or feeling up Masamune in a fashion that was erotic but not dangerous enough to have the police called, it was hard not to giggle as I watched Masamune (and Sagiri by extension) get toyed with. That said, I couldn’t get the feeling that there was some ulterior motive behind all of Megumin’s toying around. While I’d like to believe that she’s doing it partially because of what type of character she is as well as because of her wanting to literally know everyone in her grade, I just couldn’t get it out of my head that something more sinister might be at work. Luckily it’s still early in the show and there’s no telling where things might be headed so I’ll tuck that fear away for now.

Moving on, let’s chat about Masamune’s amazing editor Kagurazaka Ayame and Yamada Elf-sensei, both of whom left a pretty stark impression on me after their confrontation. Starting with the former, I’m so happy to see someone who’s not afraid to call people out on their crap as well as put people in their places. Between telling Masamune all of his submissions were junk to literally kicking out an adorable loli with elf shaped ears, I can’t wait to see more of Ayame in the future. Following that, I have to say that for a rival character I’m surprised just how annoying but not without reason Elf-sensei was. Seeing how she’s obviously here to stir up some drama as well as hopefully push Masamune and Sagiri closer through “work”, I can appreciate when someone who’s successful tries to utilize some of that success in order to keep finding more success. In any case, I hope we get to see a more well rounded Elf-sensei in the future since the rival shtick can only work for so long.

Overall, I think we had a pretty successful second episode. With the story progressing along smoothly and tension slowly building on all fronts, I’m getting excited just thinking about how all of this is going to play out. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get to see a wee bit more familial bonding between Sagiri and Masamune. See you then!

P.S. No I didn’t forget about Honya-chan. I’m just waiting for the right time to talk about her :^). Also, how blessed are we with these opening and ending sequences? ClariS and TrySail? -dies-


ED Sequence

ED: 「adrenaline!!!」 by TrySail

End Card


  1. In this episode it is clear that sagiri doesn’t want a “siblings only” relationship but instead, she wants a incest relationship… Nothing is wrong with that since it is indicated that they are not related by blood. Though, sagiri’s biggest hurdle in pursuing the incest is that her brother is locked on staying as the brother only and nothing else.

    Anyway sagiri’s voice and character is fcking kawaii again in this episode

    1. I was actually a little confused about what was going on during that part.

      I don’t consider either of them moving in that direction (yet), but seeing who the author is and what happened last time anything could happen.


      1. There’s actually a third relationship between Masamune & Sagiri that needs to be considered too: colleagues. I think it’s pretty much inevitable they’ll end up working on an LN together, but having that relationship on top of the sibling/lover confusion makes things a lot more complicated.

  2. As for the LNs that made a cameo this episode:

    SAO vol 18

    SAO Progressive vol 4

    Heavy Object vol 1

    Toaru Majutsu no Index vol 4

    Spice And Wolf New Theory: Wolf and Parchment

    Circlet Girl vol 1

    Toradora vol 1

    No Game No Life vol 1

    Still, there were several that i missed.

    1. Don’t forget the giant “ASCII MEDIAWORKS” sign looming in the background at the publisher’s office. About as subtle as a sledgehammer.

      “Buy all our playsets and toys!” –Cheat Commandos.

    2. SAO vol2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. All volumes of Progressive. Index NT8. Two Mahouka volumes. I think I saw AW and Durarara as well. And while no illustration, Hataraku vols 2-9 were the one lined up next to Masamune’s books before he tried to place it in the recommendation shelf.

  3. I did not understand the part when Sagiri said that she’ll be washing her underwear. Did she heard what Masamune said at the beginning of the episode? I thought he only thought about it and didn’t say out loud. What am I missing about this part? isn’t that like the biggest coincidence or what?

    1. This one I can answer (sort of).

      IIRC from what I read to preview the show, I think it’s something along the lines of Sagiri realizing that the awkwardness of her older brother washing her underwear is much greater than the convenience of having Masamune do it.

  4. I’m probably at comment #5 in this post if not for me having to compose myself after watching the first half of the episode. I guess Masamune doesn’t have composure after all. Oh I forgot about his episode 1 reactions lol

    I felt Megumin was rather irritating but it’s funny to watch the drama unfold itself so I guess I’m gay, oh I mean, normal like Masamune and not react to this crazily cute JK in front of me than Sagiri. Second half was more interesting than I thought though; I thought Yamada Elf wouldn’t appear this early in the show. Still, she was making demands so wtf anyway haha

  5. Kinda too lazy to research but based on my observations,

    is eromanga-sensei = Anmi? Much like how Eriri is Kurehito Misaki. Also, Yamada-Elf’s illustrator is Hisasi right? lol.

    Too many cameos, too many illustrators.

  6. ep 03:

    Eromanga-sensei, the Anime passed with flying flags!!!, alone the voice and screenplay are alone wonderful. We have here an new jewel, its not a maid in a Dragon, but the atmosphere is nearly the same. Go watch it… and do not worry, its called Eromanga-sensei, but you will not find many Erotica stuff

    but, yeah. there are some fan service


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