「傲慢たる堕天使」 (Goumantaru Daten-shi)
“The Proud Fallen Angel”

If you’re going to watch this, you’re gonna want to watch it uncensored. Just sayin’.

First and foremost: this be ecchi, yo! And I don’t mean in the light, teasing, occasional-panty-flash kind of way. Within the first five minutes someone’s got their tits out and then a girl she just met starts molesting her. That kind of way! I mean, just look at the ED. Though I appreciate the death metal vibe to the music. That was a good fit, so major props there.

My point is: thar be pervy stuff out thar. If you’re not down with that, turn back now. There’s nothing else for you here.

It’s hard to really dig into this show because it’s the kind of mess that’s not trying to be better, or only doing so in spurts. The angel Lucifer (Kitamura Eri) falls, and the demon Leviathan (Fujita Akane) gloms onto her and enlists her in her scheme to assault the Seven Deadly Mortal Sins because of her previous fantasies/delusions. And Lucifer goes along with it because what, she’s bored? She feels like it? Look, character-driven motivations and a plot that makes sense, or matters all that much, aren’t the draw here. It’s the ridonkulous character designs, godly seiyuu cast, and the boobs. But no bulges! Viewers will have to make due with lots of girl-on-girl action instead.

Somehow, I think many people will be fine with that. Just a guess.

The seiyuu cast is godly, though none of them are really being taxed in their roles. Itou Shizuka as Belial is about the only one who’s hamming it up to the degree that’s required, though maybe that’s just because Belial had the only character moment that momentarily escaped cliche—when she ordered the other Sins to attack, and they didn’t. An ineffectual/disrespected leader? A glimmer of character! Also, butts and stuff. More than a glimmer of that.

I appreciate the shamelessness of the intent; it’s clear what the production team is going for, and they lean into it. I do think the seeming lack of concern for character will limit it, though, preventing it from even reaching DxD levels, where it’s still undeniably an ecchi-focused show, but there’s some meat there. Here, the only meat is woman flesh. That sounded weird. I regret that sentence.

(I regret nothing.)

Let’s be honest: you already know whether you’re interested in this series. It’s very much what it seemed when I previewed it. My biggest complaint is that it’s so unclear whether Leviathan is a sin or not. She seems to introduce herself as one, after complaining that she’s not one, and then there are only six Sins at the citadel, none of which take Levi’s stated sin of Envy. And we’re using Vanity (Vainglory) for Belial? What’s the sin of the missing Sin, Acedia? (Look it up.) (Okay, I’ll link to it.) Is Levi going to become the Sin of Envy, and Lucifer the Sin of Pride, and then there will be nine of them? Madness! There must be seven! Vote some off the island already!

Like I said, you know whether you’re going to watch this. I feel like it suffers from insufficient tender love and care for the plot—even the Totsuka Maria (Toda Megumi) side(?) plot seems tacked on, though it at least provides some mystery—but no one can accuse the series of hiding what it is. If you like bouncy demon lords (and the other one), here you go. This was made for you.

Random thoughts:

  • This one does suffer from using the seven deadly sins iconography, because it’s been used to such good effect before. And I’m not just talking about the other Nanatsu no Taizai—it’s been used well plenty of times in lots of fiction, from Fullmetal Alchemist to Se7en. As have fallen angels and Christian mythology—for some reason I keep thinking of Dogma, though even Evangelion used Christian mythology to great effect. Which means a simple T&A effort suffers when it engenders such direct comparison to better works, even if its shamelessness helps—no one should be going into this expecting fine art. So the comparisons hurt, but the expectation game helps. Maybe that’s a wash.
  • Interesting how they don’t censor the eroticism, but they do with the violence. The way Belial cut off Lucifer’s wing was oddly sanitized. It was an odd choice for what seemed like should have been such a sadistic scene.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Welcome to our diabolic paradise」 by Mia REGINA



  1. I agree with your review mostly but I want to point a few things out that I noticed.

    They aren’t clear about this but when Levi says that a sin was missing when her and Lucifer walked into their chamber she was counting thrones. Since they then cut to Belial walking in from off stage it made it look like she was talking about her but Belial’s throne was there it was just empty. And Levi is a want to be sin. She is play acting her entrance when she becomes a sin to her stuffed animal thing.

  2. Well… This Angel and Demon stuff is just an excuse to show us lewd stuff, butts, boobies and Yuri

    and in the meantime, the real plot move in slow speed, because.. you know.. ecchi galore

    1. also, they should start with 6 Sins. Because with this Episode now the 7 Sins are completed…

      If you follow my link above, you learn that Pride is the strongest, and Envy come in 2nd…

      So Pride was introduced with this Episode.. But oh well.. Ecchi, is the real player here

      1. And as I said above, there’s another main character who hasn’t been introduced yet. It’s Astaroth, and she’s the Sin of Melancholy (as Mignear says below). That means we have Wrath, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Vanity, and Melancholy as part of the Seven Mortal Sins—and Envy and Pride as freelance demon lords who also happen to have a sin attached to them, but aren’t part of the club.

  3. I’m not against ecchi anime. If done “correctly”, I can really get into it (looking at you Prison School and Keijo!) But with this show, it’s not like they’re even trying. The attacks lacked any kind of impact. The main draw to this anime are the ladies (bodies) and their wild sexcapades and they already showed pretty much all of that in the first episode. Each episode should have been a sin of week with fetishes centered around their aspects. Not much reason to keep watching.

  4. I love this and right now, it sits with ID-0 as my favourite thing of the season (not counting sequels or spinoffs because they have an easier time since if I’m watching them, that means I already like the world and/or characters enough to watch the new season/spin off). Fanservice may be boring for some, but not for me and specially not with these delicious demons (Yuri makes things even better).
    I seriously can not wait for the next episode

    1. Well the design of these Bodies are like, if the sin of Lust modified for our eye. So perhaps this is all an Illusion created from the Demon Lord of Lust 🙂

      Aww well, lets see in how much there is really an Plot.. just showing us Ecchi flesh work for an booner, but not all has their brain between their legs 🙂

  5. Also… find the error

    For what did Lucifer got trow down to hell? Yes, for Pride. But for what he rebelled against God? Yes, because of the Humans, and here she gives or help an Human out of free will… Buzzz…

    Oh well..

    I bet she used her as some kind of Blood bank backup. keep her Angel blood free of influence from hell

    One of the many nails that says me.. Ecchi rulz over Plot

  6. Anime of the year. Gorgeous art and character design actually, but unfortunately the animation is not that good.

    Itou Shizuka as Belial and Chiaki Takahashi as Asmodeous…god bless.

    1. Well in this case call them ceremonial armors or decorations for the most part. But depends on fighting style if only the armored parts are the ones normally exposed to the enemy then it a choice of greater freedom of movement and evasion to protect the rest. But it probably just decoration considering how these demons fight.

  7. Stilts you forgetting Kyōkaisen-jō no Horaizon there are 8 😉

    Based on the earlier list predating the 7 list.

    Interesting designs but did not grab me. Will see how it goes.


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