「この戦いが終わったら -starry road to tomorrow-」 (Kono Tatakai ga Owattara -starry road to tomorrow-)
“Once This Fight is Over -starry road to tomorrow-“

Even when I think the show is going to all into the trap of being too damn cheesy for its own good, it manages to save things from the brink of no return with some great music and a smooth talking Lizardman.

General Impressions

After a huge first two episodes, I was really curious if SukaSuka would be able to keep reaching the bar after setting it so damn high. Luckily, it looks like my fears were grounded in nothing since this episode managed to do things in a completely different way while still bringing out all the feelings I expect to feel during a great episode of anime.

Starting with the beginning, I’m glad that we’re getting the opportunity to see more characters than just Chtholly (not that I have a problem with her). With last week giving us a closer look at Ithea (she’s hiding a lot behind that cherry smile of hers), this week gave us a closer look at the mysterious Nephren. As the quiet one of the trio, I wasn’t sure what to expect when she sat down with Willhem. Luckily, it looks like underneath that deadpan expression is a caring girl who can give a thumbs up that even Maes Hughes would be proud of. But what I probably liked even more than her attitude was probably the way she quietly lets Willhem do as he pleases. Instead of spending time questioning his methods or trying to extract information from him, it’s been a pleasure to see Nephren just let Willhem be Willhem.

However, as much as I enjoyed getting to see more of Nephren, this week’s true highlight had to be watching Willhem reveal just how much of a badass he is. Even with a battered and broken body that was petrified for over a century, watching him school Chtholly without even breaking a sweat was so damn awesome. The cherry on the badass cake though had to be the slight hint of arrogance he had in his voice as he subtly tried to say, “Listen to me damnit.” Because as we see in most shows that have swords, the difference between a strong warrior with bad foundation versus a weaker character with an ironclad one can be gigantic and it always feels good when the weaker character is the one standing on top.

That said, what probably bugged me the most about this week’s episode was when the story started to tread down the path of trying to justify using faeries as literal sacrifices or rather tried to build some drama involving that idea. Seeing how we’re only at episode three and haven’t had enough time to truly build a solid relationship with any character (except Willhem, Jesus I was so sad during his flashback), I was afraid I’d have to imitate yaking from how corny things were getting. Except, in typical SukaSuka fashion, its story manages to pivot right before the point of no return. And in this case that pivot came in the form of a well spoken lizardman named Limeskin. As an army officer and the person directly in charge of Chtholly, I love that he was open to the idea of changing battle styles and accepted that should Chtholly not want to become a literal bomb, he’d support whatever decision she ended up making. A move that I honestly didn’t see coming, but was so happy to see happen.

With three episodes finally up, I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you’re liking SukaSuka thus far, there’s not much I think you have to worry about. It has a good mix of character development, story, and emotional baggage that there’s no end to the supply of things each episode can pull from. Add in the spot on humor that comes along every now and then and I don’t think there’s really much else you could ask for. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!




  1. https://randomc.net/image/SukaSuka/SukaSuka%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2017.jpg

    i get that this was a serious scene, but making naigrat changing job from maid to a nurse er what happen?…well it’s okay at least she still a candy for the eyes


    the amazing thing is the action scene, the choreography really shown how experienced willem is with sword compared to chutolly that only relied on weapon and raw abilities…

    it’s also popping-up a question, is there no one from the military that teach the fairies to fight or there is no one strong enough to teach them?

      1. The only ones that can bring out the power behind the “Dug” Weapons are humans, or those that have a certain disposition toward them. Hence, even with as many of them that they have, they can’t do much with them unless the sword reacts.

  2. Have to say I have weird feelings watching this episode, something just feel off but I don’t know what. But other than that this is a great episode. Can’t help but feel Ithea harbor deep hatred to humankind, though seeing that the humans is the one creating the seventeen beast, it’s understandable.

    That maintenance scene though, I have to say I’m amazed with the design of Carillon. Looking at the preview, I won’t hope for much next week, looks like Willhem’s living hell continues.

  3. Well Takaii-san, it wasn´t a century that Willhen was sleeping with Petrefying Curse, It 500 freaking years! Imagine the madness, that all that you have ever love has been dead for over half a millenia! Even if he had slept for only a century like that Beast did it wouldn´t have matter at all because the narrator kindly told us back in episode 1 that Mankind was completely destroyed a year after Willhem set out in the Journey for the final battle, man this story sure mess with hearts of the characters and my own.

  4. Man i’m really loving this anime the most this season!
    Though, can someone explain to me kinda who the girl in Willhem’s flashback is? the one who likes cake. I can’t remember —

    Shiodome Miuna
  5. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that the (dying) wishes (Or perhaps souls?) of the previous wielders of Dug Weapons somehow got imprinted into those weapons and influenced the next set of wielders–Ctholly included.

    It can’t be a coincidence that the wish of one of the Dug Weapon wielders to eat buttercake is also similar to Willhem’s last wish right before the final battle and his subsequent petrification/suspended animation 500 years ago.

    Good to see the show’s worldbuilding and character development get better and better, even though that nagging feeling of incoming heartbreak hangs ever closer.

  6. Funny how Willhem said marriage is a no-no. He sure knows how to read Ctholly.

    Also nice seeing Limeskin being a reasonable officer. Suicide has got to be a last resort, as it wastes precious “human resources”. But that does raise the question on why he chose Ctholly to do it in the first place. Is she the weakest of the three or the one who can get the biggest explosion or both?

    1. Yes and No, ChtHolly probably is the strongest Witch-Fairy in the Warehouse amongst them all, William trained her and officially recognized her abilities. She also finally defeated William in training so if she did then she is the strongest in the Dug Weapons…..their last and only HOPE.

      Eric Brian Brewster

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