「誰も彼もが、正義の名のもとに -from dawn till dusk-」 (Daremokaremo ga, Seigi no Nanomotoni -from dawn till dusk-)
“Everyone, In the Name of Justice -from dawn till dusk-“

You don’t mess with a broken man who has almost nothing to lose and the strength of a god damn demi-god.

General Impressions

Before I dive into that epic punch that ended this week’s episode, let met talk a little about the episode as a whole and how I think this episode managed to keep the good will from me flowing. Starting with the episode, I loved how the show managed to reintegrate some of that slice-of-life feeling after we were bombarded with a flurry of emotions last week. Instead of focusing on the nearly impossible task of trying to save the world above the clouds, it was actually really nice to take a step back and let our characters have some fun. From getting to see our girls go sightseeing to Wilhelm unleashing a dastardly plan to catch a bunch of snobby villains under the guise of not wanting to help at all, everything after the short recap of what happened before Ctholly, Ithea, and Nephren came back was just so damn good.

That said, what I think I enjoyed even more than the fun times was how the episode (and the story) reminded us that there is much more to all of our characters than what we see on the surface. Specifically though, I think what I loved the most was how we got to truly see that Wilhelm is a broken person who is trying his best to make do with the cards he’s been dealt. Instead of living a life where all he would do is fight until collapsing from exhaustion, hearing him sincerely tell Ctholly that he’s finally found something that brings him genuine happiness was such a moving moment that I could feel the emotions swelling up inside of me. Toss in the fact that instead of getting shy or losing his momentum when Ctholly responded with that typical anime-blushed face, Wilhelm doubled down and straight up called out his embarrassing comment to reinforce the fact that he was being down right serious. All of which created such an amazing atmosphere that had anything horrible happened afterwards I probably would be unable to fault the show.

Which is kind of what happened, to an extent. I’m not sure how this show is handling the movement of time, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt that a lot of time has passed since Wilhelm first took on this job as Technical Officer and explains how he’s so close with not only Ctholly but all the other girls. But if that’s the case, it’s a damn shame we haven’t had a moment in the show that gave us a bit more about Wilhelm’s back story since I hate it when the protagonist gets pulled away for some sudden reason because its related to their past. We already know Wilhelm has issues! Why ruin such a great moment between everyone with this ploy for attention that could have waited until next week!?

At the end of the day though, I think we were given another great episode that continues to build the huge world of SukaSuka in such a way that we get to see all the different parts of it. That and hearing that satisfying punch sound after that bunny officer made an offhand joke kind of sealed the deal that this was a good episode. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!




  1. Love the episode – I think that Red-eye thing Chtholly had must be related to the “Fair bomb” / Selfdestruct phase

    I am just speculating but it looks like, how they would resign their life / or maybe it is some kind of brainwashing done before they get their swords? The type that allows them to be “Fairy Bombs”

    1. I´m not sure is related to the Fairy Gate but that child voice sure was creeppy, it made my blood freeze. Those images look like memories to me, why is that? No idea but it brings the question of whose memories she´s seen?.

  2. Wilhelm had only been their TO for 10 days before the girls were shipped out, right? Chothlly went out on her own when they first met because her death had been decided in 10 days, and when she and Ithea got back from the first fight she only had 5 left, which Whilhelm spent drilling real combat into them because he wanted them to come back. Then came the gods-awful waiting…

    I like that it hasn’t been that long since it shows more that way. Everything inside him shot to the surface, and you can tell that he’s projecting a little on the girls to make up for what he couldn’t do before.

    Like Nephren said, he needs to be watched or he’ll break himself for them.

    1. Not to mention it’s telling how quickly all the girls latched on to Wilhelm. He’s a lovable guy, but that suggests they haven’t had a good caretaker in a long, long time.

  3. The only thing I can think of is how much it must suck to be Wilhelm in a way. He has to take care of these girl who will eventually fight to the death against monsters while knowing that he’s much stronger then any of them but is unable to fight. If Wilhelm was healthy he’d be far stronger then anyone else at this point.

    1. But if he was healthy he’d just be another overpowered light novel protagonist.

      As it is, I wouldn’t have minded if he was even weaker, and let the ladies deal with things like the Annihilation Knights.

  4. If she knows what he’s capable of and knows why he can’t do what he can; while he knows she has become strong enough that he isn’t worrying about it. The moment that came out, I wondered did I miss the passing of time in this show or something? Stuff like that suggests tons of time had come and gone.

    Dorian S.
  5. Last week I was 99% sure Willhelm was in love with Ctholly, now I´m 1000% sure he´s in love with our heroine. This is wonderful for guy who lost everything the way he did but I think this story and the universe really want to torture Willhelm because as I said last week his body is in shape to battle the Beasts, so he has to sit back and watch as his new family fights an enemy he knows is the ultimate killing machine.

    If that is not enough we have the thing with the Daugther, he´s not seeing Ctholly as a replaceplent for her at all but the horrible sense of deja vu must be horrifying, making him wonder if history is repeating itself only this time he´s the one doing the waiting and his loved one the battles.

  6. It always surprises me whenever I remember that Wilhelm is 18 years old, it means he probably started to take care of kids(flashback in ep.2) before fighting the Beasts, started to fight the beasts when he was around Ctholly’s age(15), and when he was 18, get frozen for 500 years. That’s crazy.

    That girl isn’t Wilhelm’s daughter, at the official site she’s described as orphan and reside in nursery school. Probably she called Wilhelm “otou-san(pops)” because he’s the caretaker of the said nursery school imo.

    1. I know that Raxar-san, the light novel refers to that girl as The Daughter for a long while becuase her name is some sort of major spoiler, Willhelm was the one who nemed her in the first place. By the way, he was younger than Ctholly when he started fighting the Beasts, the life of that boy has been one tragedy after another.

      1. I see, sorry for that. Though I think it’s okay to say her name because Wilhelm already said her name(not full name tho) once in the third episode. But this is just an opinion from someone who haven’t read the LN haha. Thanks for the tip.

      2. I didn´t notice that part! I only read the first novel and I´m waiting to finish the anime so I could read the other 4 novels. The thing with her name was that at the end of first novel (that´s the episode the fairy girls depart to Island 15) there was an earth shattering spoiler involving her but the anime didn´t include that part, at least not yet…

    1. Well those weapons do have access to their minds. Their energy out put can be related to how much the user is willing to sacrifice. And it doesn’t seem like you can lie to those weapons.


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