「消えない過去、消えていく未来 -no news was good news-」 (Kienai Kako, Kieteiku Mirai -no news was good news-)
“The Past That Doesn’t Disappear, The Future that Disappears -no news was good news-“

It feels like we’re watching an abridged anime, except we’re not. (I mean that in a good way)

General Impressions

I may be in the minority on this, but I’m actually really enjoying everything that SukaSuka has been throwing at us. Something that I’m sure you’ve picked up if you’ve been following my posts. In any case, let ‘s dive straight into this week’s post since this episode was definitely a lot different than the others.

To kick things off, can we just all take a moment and marvel at how amazing it was to see that old grandpa lose all sense of age while talking with Willem? As someone who’s lived over five hundred years as a necromancer, you’d think he’d be able to keep his composure a little better. But I guess whenever anything involves our boy Willem, it’s a recurring pattern that something out of the ordinary will happen. Random patterns aside, I really appreciated that this week’s episode finally took some time to properly explain just what’s going on in the world of SukaSuka. Filling us in on all the small details as well as fleshing out the ideas that we kind of already knew about, I loved how even with a massive dump of information you could still tell that there is a lot still hiding and waiting to be discovered. Especially when you think about why the beast known as Eboncandle that Willem sacrificed his life to slay would be helping the Great Sage. Or more specifically, why would Eboncandle use so much energy to keep the floating cities in the sky instead of regenerating his body? A question that I’m not sure if Willem asked to himself because of how focused he became on how the creation of fairies works.

Giant state secrets aside, I would personally like to know just what in the world happened to Ctholly. We got a pretty basic explanation, but seeing how she managed to come back from the brink of losing her mind, it’d be nice if the show gave us a little more than just “she probably sacrificed something pretty significant”. But I guess if I’m being truly honest, I’m pretty happy that the characters are smart enough to realize that the power of love may be strong, but there’s probably other outside forces at work.

Anyways, another great episode if you were to ask me. We got to see more of Willem’s past, there was an old grandpa who was so teretere that you’d have to question if he was really a grandpa, and Ctholly seems to be back in shape for whatever the future episodes hold. All-in-all, not too bad for a single episode wouldn’t you say? In any case I’ll catch you guys here next week where it looks some new characters are finally going to make their appearance. See you then!




  1. I liked Wilhelm and the Sage’s interaction, but felt like Eboncandle was too zany and I didn’t like the reveal of the girls’ true natures.

    So, they’re not leprechauns or faeries or whatever like we were told, they’re… human souls lost and wandering in the aether that the Sage stuffed into new bodies? Why, tho. What’s the net gain to the narrative from this reveal?

    I’m also not Ctholly’s biggest fan. I’m definitely not in this show for the waifu, and while their bond is cute I really just wish they’d expanded on Wilhelm and the faerie warehouse for a few more episodes to give us time to settle in before all this crap.

    1. Why, tho. What’s the net gain to the narrative from this reveal?

      I think it was a way to set up Chtholly’s mindbreak scenario while also making sure that the viewer (or at least the protagonist) doubts the new characters from this episode. In my opinion the reveals in this episode were rather weak considering that they were supposed to be so important. Like, the old man just casually says he (and Ebon Candle) raised the islands into the air and nobody bats an eye.

      TL;DR: Episode had some weak deliveries for otherwise important plotpoints.

  2. Maybe I’m getting it all wrong here, but the way I see it, the way the sage was acting was all for Willem’s sake. By acting the same way he did 500 years ago, Willem might think of him the same and still feel like he had a friend from back then. Willem picked up on that, and that’s why he thanked him out of nowhere when they were walking to meet Eboncandle. The sage’s demeanor changed instantly as soon as Willem was gone. That’s how I interpreted it anyway.

    1. Without going onto huge spoilers territory I can tell you the Sage left out 2 huge pieces of information for the sake of Willhelm, he did not lie but he was far from truthful.

  3. I heard my grandpa acted in a similar (albeit less hyper) way when he met someone he knew in his old village. That was after several decades being away. So I don’t find Souwong’s reaction strange, but it was still amusing. He’s in pseudo-good health after all, something most grandpas aren’t. Especially for a 539 year old.

    Considering what was just revield to us, could this girl be Ctholly’s original form?
    He did say they were made from the ghosts of children. Since they don’t seem to remember their past life, could it be they made them with alternate personalities?

  4. If you remember in episode 2, it’s stated that only chosen Braves could use Carillons.

    Considering that we’ve now been told that the Leprechauns are ‘created beings” made by affixing wandering spirits to manufactured bodies, I think that I know what’s going on here.

    My bet is that Souwong (either knowingly or not), has been attaching the souls of those he knew, those who were compatible, to these bodies. As such, they are born compatible with the Carillons.

    Basically, all of Willem’s friends are being continuously resurrected for all eternity, forced to fight the Beasts forever, but each time with no memory of the previous times they were implanted.

  5. I´m loving this series more and more with every week, the beautiful relationship between Ctholly and Willhelm, this story plays with my heart using the tragedy of those two, you never know when any of them is going to die for real considering their circunstance and how fragile their bodies truly are. Anyhow, I am happy Ctholly dodge the bullet once more but Willhelm will surely kill himself if he thinks he lost her a third time.

  6. So much to say about this episode. And I hope I won’t get spoiled until this series ends. Long post ahead and sorry for any grammar mistake, English isn’t my native language.

    Especially when you think about why the beast known as Eboncandle that Willem sacrificed his life to slay would be helping the Great Sage

    Probably because Eboncandle can’t beat the Beast either? It’s possible the seventeen beasts is even more powerful than Eboncandle which just a ‘regular’ monster.

    Interesting point in this episode:
    1. (Faux) Fairies, they’re children’s soul(not necessarily human souls, Souwong never said that) in a new body. It’s possible they are soul of other creature, and made into fairies. Because it said children, I don’t think this is Wilhelm’s companion brought back to life for eternal fight.
    2. Fairies that can use Carillon is the one that have “Harbinger Dream”, dream which shows ‘places they’ve never been to, people they never met, etc.” And this is also what Ctholly experienced before Mental Disintegration. So, Harbinger Dream is a sign of their power awakening and also a sign that their death is coming.
    3. Soewong being a founder of the city is already hinted in ep.4, but I didn’t expect that he and Eboncandle made the islands float for 500 years, and 8/10 is thanks to Eboncandle, showing how powerful Eboncandle is and how powerful the seventeen beasts considering he also escape to the sky islands.

    1. How Ctholly come back? At what price?
    2. What is Seventeen Beasts’ true origin? Souwong doesn’t say it because he don’t want Wilhelm to hate him more than he is now.

    My answer to question 1:
    Ctholly can return because of her promise to Wilhelm. While power of love may not be wrong, the exact thing is in my opinion, something to fight for, something that one will sacrifice anything to keep it. All the fairies that fight until now fight because they’re told to do so, so they’re being a warrior is more because of self-resignation rather than fighting to protect something. Is there any price at all? I want to say that they’re none, because Ctholly got permission from Elq to come back, rather than forcing Elq to let her come back.

    My answer to question 2:
    After checking the character page for more info, Souwong Kandel, other than being a curse master, have second position(帝都賢人塔の秘蔵っ子) that I can’t understand, but he’s something/someone’s “treasured child” and it has something to do with imperial capital, we have to wait for the story to clarify what this means and what kind of imperial capital exist in the story. Maybe Souwong had access to this secret place once inhabited by ancient humans and bring the seventeen beasts come to life with his necromancy?

    1. About this episode points, you pointed 😀
      1. yes, souwong never specifically mentioning human children. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. seventeen beast is not as powerful as Eboncandle, it’s just Eboncandle already broken from the fight vs wilhelm

      Answer to your question:
      1. Will be explained in next eps, a very heavy price Show Spoiler ▼

      2. It will be a huge spoiler Show Spoiler ▼

      Show Spoiler ▼


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