「首都襲撃(アタック・トゥ・マルチプルグリッド)」 (Shuto shuugeki (atakku tou maruchipuruguriddo))
“Attack the Multiple Grid”

If a loli cries out for help, is there a white knight around to save her? Sure, if you’re Clockwork Planet at least. Showing that planning and setup are for suckers, Naoto and friends skipped right through “calm before the storm” to reach the more juicy family formation denouement. It’s a rush job if there ever was one, but an entertaining one nonetheless. Quite an irony really, I was expecting a week of downtime before the big fight, but instead we got wholesome automata humour and a further hints towards this season’s big bad, all the while resolving the important lack of little sister companionship. Credit where credit is due, Clockwork certainly knows how to keep me amused.

It should be no surprise to anyone that AnchoR wound up in the Naoto family. Having our hearing freak pick up a little sister—err, daughter?—was a given, although I never anticipated the potential for some daddy issue humour. Papa Naoto as the master? Seriously, I can see the skits now. Thanks to some free will AnchoR is already asking for permission after all, just one step removed from punishment requests and the horror—and Naoto nosebleeds—it entails. Guess we should be thankful we at least avoided the contractual finger sucking this time around. The surprise for me, however, was AnchoR not ending up with Marie as the master. I honestly was expecting something like that, both for the potential relationship changeup and the looks of shock and disgust on Naoto’s and RyuZU’s faces—definitely RyuZU’s. I can settle though for Marie being an official part of the harem now with AnchoR considering her mama material. Not only will it give rise to some delicious tsundere antics, but when Marie discovers her extradimensional “sacrifice”, my sides are guaranteed to be kept busy.

Interestingly too we have some foreshadowing towards the future. Besides still having to take down the big giant robot—really, who did not see that coming?—we also have the tease of some bearded leader with grand designs. Guaranteed the guy is involved with AnchoR’s mind control, although what the true objective is remains a mystery. If the goal is legitimizing the government, keeping the defense hidden defeats the purpose, especially when a good chunk of forces were involved (i.e. the military expected to win). Honestly the plot here continues to elude me, although it certainly has bolstered my curiosity. Furthermore with AnchoR now rescued we also have the missing automata. RyuZU and AnchoR are Y-Series 1 and 4 respectively, meaning at least two other ridiculously overpowered machine girls are missing. You’d think Naoto would have sniffed (heard?) them out by now, but I guess these ones are well hidden, or simply not turned on. Given RyuZU’s/AnchoR’s power there’s no way their sisters do no play a role in this story, although considering the OP and ED only feature RyuZU and AnchoR, it’s likely we may not get to them before this season’s end. A man can dream though, I still want to see how Marie would handle being a master while RyuZU angrily plots her demise.

So with the cute and sensual AnchoR now safe, a big giant robot to blow up, and a mystery guy soon to be revealed, things are looking up for Clockwork. Plenty of time left for some more mystery solving, and maybe a bit of father-daughter bonding to go with the usual RyuZU banter. Not entirely sure what Clockwork has planned next, but it certainly won’t be disappointing.




  1. Even Service Chief Konrad is teasing Marie about her tsundere-ness.

    TBH, RyuZU using Marie as a shield is quite a dickish move, but then again it’s very in-character for her. The dialogue suggests that Marie didn’t fully grasp RyuZU’s intent, and I have to admit that the RyuZU’s disregard for her comrades’ safety (except Naoto’s of course) can be facepalm-worthy at times.

    AnchoR reminds me a bit of Clotho from the Five Star Stories, who’s the most powerful Fatima (genetically-engineered co-pilots for the series’ mecha), but abhors warfare and laments being created as a weapon. It was truly heartwarming to see her smile after Naoto tells her that she doesn’t need to destroy anymore. >_<

    Magnus Tancred
    1. I don’t think that anyone has understood RyuZU real intention.
      On the other hand her logic is clear: I am not sure that AncoR wasn’t going to attack an human, so she prefer use Marie than her Master. Anyway, it’s a dicksh very in character movement. 😀

    2. Not sure if teasing or love, frankly it could be both with the way he looks at her 😛

      And yes Marie did not know RyuZU’s intention, she was completely in the dark. I took it as her believing she would help get Naoto out of the area if RyuZU failed.

  2. What do you mean with “my sides are guaranteed to be kept busy.”

    I don’t think that anyone is going to discover Mary’s sacrificar, because the only one that could say it is RyuzU.

    On the other hand, I don’t understand how you could think that there was another episode before the action. 😛

    1. It’s a modern idiom for a funny situation/remark. “My sides” can be considered a synonym for “lol” for example. Thank the internet for all the new slang we get to keep up on 😛

      As for another episode, I meant a buildup episode devoted to planning. I was expecting the fight with AnchoR to occur simultaneously alongside that with the clockwork WMD, so I thought some more time would be given to planning and explanations.

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