「王都プラスタ」 (ou miyako purasuta)
“Plasta, the Royal Capital”

Zero has not been one for theatrics so far, but even by the show’s standards this was a pretty laid back week. Besides dealing with the fallout of Zero’s and the mercenary’s split—which as expected is not finalized—we also saw firsthand the effects of the beastfallen crazies, and got potential confirmation of the Albus=female hypothesis. Was it casual? Certainly, but Zero sure knows how to make half an hour fly by.

Although we largely know how kindhearted the mercenary is by now, the events here still hit hard. Watching the tavern girl take full advantage–albeit pretty ingeniously–of the mercenary was disheartening, especially so when her regret—and the mercenary’s pain—became apparent at the end of the matter. This scene succinctly shows the stark reality of Zero’s world, people take whatever advantage they can because it’s the only way to stay above water. Many don’t seek harm for harm’s sake, it’s simply an unfortunate by-product of daily living. Of course it doesn’t take away from the satisfaction of watching a few selfish thieves get their just desserts, but it’s a defining moment in highlighting the atmosphere both men and beastfallen both must live with. What probably makes it for me too is the quip about the Church refusing to help with witch immolation. Quite ironic how the very institution invoking witch hunts won’t perform its duty unless adequately compensated. There’s a real life example or three of similar things.

The other interesting bit, however, concerns our little fur lover. Zero being harmed at the same time her fur bed avoids damage is incredibly surprising, but it does make sense if you think back to the bath scene. It’s very likely the drying spell had a secondary effect, and that Zero’s statement of “I will protect you” was more than simple bluster. I can see Zero actually performing such sorcery—which it would be here given the whole magic circle involved—because her love of the mercenary is quite evident. Zero isn’t mad at the mercenary, she’s hurt, unable to comprehend why he would have doubts, but definitely unwilling to abandon her friend considering the immeasurable rage at Thirteen. While slightly disappointing both Zero and Thirteen did not come to blows—seriously, that would be entertaining—I doubt we have long to wait on that front. Thirteen clearly thinks he can control Zero, but I think he underestimates Zero’s drive. The girl has learned enough of the real world now that simple deception and white lies will not hold her back, and if Thirteen wants a pliable puppet, he will have to prove his worth. Somehow I doubt subduing Zero will be that easy.

Before we get to further magic battles though, it seems we get to deal with Albus. The kid will probably reject Thirteen’s apprenticeship again given the whole witch murdering, but I’m not so sure he’s destined for death just yet. The mercenary’s run-in with our newly pruned wolfman and his comments about protecting Sorena’s granddaughter point heavily—at least for me—to Albus being that granddaughter. Why else stalk the mercenary with witches—who accompanies Albus—and try killing him? Yeah they could just want his head, but not with that protection remark. Furthermore is Albus’ reaction to “Him” slaughtering Zero’s cave compatriots. Yes the kid could react given it was the Sorcerers’ head who did the killing, but he could also react given “Him’s” close association with the granddaughter (i.e. Albus). We won’t know until next time, but with the mercenary heading back it’s unlikely that Albus will die, particularly if Zero pops back up to save the mercenary from Thirteen’s inevitable interference. Certainly one way of reuniting our favourite duo, wouldn’t you say?




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    zero: hmm? what’s the matter little girl? just realizing how broad his back and how big his heart is? too bad he’s mine!
    mercenary:i’m not yours!


    “it’s how it’s” an epic way to say “it can’t be helped”

    seriously it’s really hurt to see that someone nice to you…but actually hate you so much they even can’t stand the idea of eating your cooked meal, good food have no sin!

  2. Thirteen is the most complex character. You think you understand his
    motivation and “mode of operation”, then when he can completely win against
    Zero, he saves her. Is he sick, or still searching for himself – is there
    some sort of (misguided) sincerity to his actions? Will he align himself
    with Zero after seeing the error in his ways? Dunno…

    Anyway, I can’t predict what’s going to happen and I enjoy that suspense.
    Great series so far.

      1. I think so too. Thirteen seemingly values peace and order, and thinks keeping Zero in the caves and helping eliminate the Sorcerers/rogue witches will bring that about. Probably some selfish desire for power buried in there–he likes testing himself against Zero after all–but we won’t know until the grimoire is actually found.

      2. Indeed. I think Thirteen has a kind, pure heart underneath that pernicious exterior. Sure, he does some bad things, like breaking up the gang by sending the drummer to the gallows and deceiving the bandleader with mind tricks while flashing “evil smiles” behind their backs…sure…but once you break though his outer shell, you’ll see a lovely man who fights for his own ideals, ideals that have good intentions, which may…or may not include the betterment of the world (Kekekekekekekeke!). No seriously, I think it’s probably something like that. He’s obviously not all bad since he didn’t kill Zero when he got the chance. He didn’t even do naughty things to her (I would’ve…). I like characters like that.

      1. It probably is a transforming potion as advertised, but given Thirteen’s penchant for mind warping I bet there’s some hidden mental effects behind the physical change. If Thirteen wanted the mercenary dead he could easily do so anytime without the need for a poison.

    1. Bet you Wolfy finds out about it at one point, swipes it and we get to see why our dear Merc shouldn’t accept gifts from creepy men. Cue Merc running back to Zero to “get revenge on 13” (we all know he’s just being “dere dere”, though)

  3. I’d reckon the “cover allies” spell that seems to be in effect is more a byproduct of the blood pact. Blood magic is considered to be a way more binding component in the narrative already, Zero’s initial contract for example. And the number of times an image of the bloody thumb is thrust back in front of us suggests that this is supposed to be a much more meaningful exchange.

    One wonders if it works in reverse… if Zero gets slapped around… does Mercfur get a dose of the smack?

    Other things of interest to me. I get that the merc seems different than the others.. at least as far as you can tell from one small observation.. but would the girl really enlist his help considering the families past…. (whats more in the flashback… the beastfallen in question had a very striking resemblance to mr merc – coincidence maybe – as the ears are different..) and it’s not clear who’s perspective that is from… if any

    1. It could be, although the talk of Zero protecting the mercenary only popped up after the pact was made. Right now I take the focus on the thumbs to be a visual sign emphasizing the seriousness of their relationship more than actual magic. I could be wrong (easily :P), but we should at least find out the reason within an episode or two. It’s likely part of how the mercenary and Zero make up.

    1. or all this Magic from the Book of Zero will end, if he drench this Book with this Potion. All Magic Power (except Thirteen and Zero) learned through the Book will end. Perhaps this red Stones are somehow connected with this Book magic


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