「ただいま帰りました -home, sweet home-」 (Tadaima Kaerimashita -home, sweet home-)
“I’m Home -home, sweet home-“

After everything we’ve seen thus far, this episode was rather tame.

General Impressions

Boy, where do I even start? With so many different things going on and different storylines tip toeing around each other, it’s not that hard to get lost if you start thinking about things too much. Leprechauns, the end of the floating cities, Willem’s past, and Ctholly’s body turning more human are just a few items on this nearly endless list. That said, unlike other shows where an overload of information would cause me to lose interest, SukaSuka seems to be doing quite the opposite by drawing me deeper and deeper with each new development. Something that I thought was a little strange until I took a second to really think about what’s going on. Unlike those other shows, SukaSuka has somehow managed to keep everything it’s thrown at us somewhat relevant to the overarching story involving our main man Willem and to a lesser extent Ctholly. A feat that I have to give the story props for since this is something that’s been attempted and failed at by a lot of shows that came before it.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are definitely some issues with SukaSuka’s pacing and if you don’t adjust your expectations accordingly when it comes to the flow of time it’s pretty easy to start picking things apart from the seam. Luckily, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously and gives us ample material to find pleasure in be it in the form of laughs or adorable aww moments.

Getting back on track though, it looks like things are finally starting to ramp up when it comes to Ctholly and her return to the real world. Because as much as I’d love to believe that she’s just a regular person now who just happens to have been made from the spirit of a dead human, I’m sure (just like everything else in this show) that there’s a lot more hiding beneath the surface. If anything, it’s a damn shame that the Old Sage diadn’t provide us with more information since it’s also super obvious that he’s hiding some crucial information from Willem. That said, if it weren’t for this situation, we probably wouldn’t have got to see Willem casually address the Old Sage and confuse the heck out of Nygglatho and Limeskin (overall I’d say that was pretty worth).

So with Ctholly trying to pursue a budding romance and no clear indication on where Willem’s feelings are, I do hope that the story throws us a bone and clarifies things sooner rather than later. Because as much as I’d like to see Ctholly find true love, there are a lot of other things that we know barely anything about and I for one would love to get more information about said things.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where it looks like the action is ready to start ramping up again. See you then!




  1. Yeah, let’s just ignore everything ominous that the episode threw at us (like the episode title card going from calming blue to alarming crimson). Everything will be fine.

    1. That may verybl well simply reflect the fact that Chtholly’s hair is turning red. The implucations of that seems less than ominous, as this episode seems to imply she is turning into a human, and the flash forward in episode 1 suggests that she retains a sound mind despite the transformation.

      Incest Emblem
  2. after watching numerous tear jerking anime, i have learned that a TAME episode after a heavy one, is just like a STOPOVER on your journey to FEELADELPHIA on a FEELS TRAIN. in short, we will see suffering and lots of depression as ctholly is slowly getting erased, overwritten by some red haired woman in her visions. (we already know that she is going into some personality change of sort as hinted by first minutes of episode 1, the previous episode and now, this slow change in hair color)

    1. I don´t think she´s been overwitten by the entity that she saw last time, I think it is the other way around. I think her body is changing into that of a human, remember how a fairy is the closest entity to a human? Maybe what Ctholly sacifice to get back was her status as a Leprechaun, kinda makes sense because the unusual hair and eye color are the uniques to fairies so Ctholly´s hair is now changing into a more human like hair.

      No indication of what Willem’s feelings are? That poor boy is head over heels in love with Ctholly, he sure as hell knows but that emotional trauma of losing his first family is holding him back, it does not help the ocasional glimpse he has of Almira.

  3. Actually Takaii, for me I’m lost due because of the developments going on for this anime.
    I still do know why I’m watching this show but strangely it actually draws me on what will happen next. Kind of a torture for me right now.
    Not interesting but still making watch the next episode.

    There just so many holes to my questions:
    1.) Will there be more battle scene?
    2.) Will they reveal more past and make any sense on whats going on with the present situation?
    3.) More love & romance scene?
    4.) Who’s Elq & what is Jadeebo?

    There is just so much that I don’t know that I am wondering how they will fit 12 episodes for this anime. Plus every episode makes a new question mark on my mind.
    I still don’t know what this anime is achieving.

  4. Watching this episode makes me really want this anime to have a happy end, but it certainly won’t.

    Btw since Carillon is made for Human race in the first place, can we assume that when Ctholly’s hair is fully red (meaning Elq is integrated to her, Ctholly is fully human), Carillon will unleash its true power?
    I think that is what happens during Ctholly’s fight in Ep.6 (her eyes were red).

    Considering we’re already at seventh episode, if this is a 1-cour show, I’m pretty sure that the last(12th) episode will be right around or not far off from first episode’s intro in terms of timeline, meaning not all questions will be answered, or maybe even a cliffhanger is all we got at the last episode. Though if it’s a 2-cour we can hope for a satisfying ending.

  5. Seems like the real Point (or Drama) would be

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. my possible solution could be..

      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The first scene of the anime apears to be a flash forward. As such, you can see who survived up to that point. Of course, keep in mind that a character appearing in the scene means he or she survived until that scene, but the inverse is not true: A character not appearing in the scene does not necessarily mean he or she did not survive.

      That being said, we see in the flash forward:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Incest Emblem
  6. ep 08:

    I love this Show, the pacing is good, the feelings is good, the Mystery is good (even if my experiance spoils me), the colors are warm and bright, the surroundings is good

    In my eyes this Anime is doing Good, good job everyone

    but… i can not see in the hearts of their home country, you live there, you need to make the money there, nice compliments do not pay your bills


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