「わたしにできるすべてのこと I CHOSE this way of life.」 (Watashi ni Dekiru Subete no Koto)
“Everything I Can Do I CHOSE this way of life.”

Re:Creators can certainly be schizophrenic at times. Meandering up the garden path towards some potentially amazing events, only to apparently scrap the idea before revealing a completely unexpected twist. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and opinions, and everyone is guaranteed to have their own. Come what may, this show is certainly living up to expectations.

The contentious issue this week of course will likely be Souta. After revealing knowledge of Altair to Mamika, our self-described narrator has apparently regressed and is unable—or refuses—to tell the good guys. It’s the classic beta attitude, keeping the important plot point—or parts of it—secret because of suspense, intrigue, and all that. Good or bad, the sole reason of the move is to intensify the coming battle and inject a healthy dose of drama, the gristle holding many a meaty conflict together. Before criticizing too much, however, Souta’s silence at least has an explanation. We know he was close friends with Setsuna, and—most importantly—that he blames himself for her death. Magane’s pointed elimination of Souta’s façade confirms the obvious, while Souta’s voiced regrets answer the reasoning behind it. Somehow Souta’s jealousy of Setsuna catalyzed her descent into depression and later date with a train. Besides Souta attempting to forget those events in the name of normality, I imagine there’s also a fear of Celestia and co. learning of Altair’s raison d’etre and blaming/ostracizing him for it. It’s a reasonable possibility and would answer for Souta’s hesitancy this week, although it was by no means the only way of narratively approaching the problem. One’s opinion on this will likely centre on one’s tolerance for these types of characters. I personally have little issue with Souta’s actions this week, but that largely hinges on whether his hesitancy proves temporary or becomes a defining feature. We shall just have to wait and see.

On the other side of things is Altair, and I’d dare say she’s living up to her role. While slightly disappointing her (currently) confirmed objective is actually world destruction, it’s intriguing noting she wants destruction not just of the real world, but all worlds—including those of her so called compatriots. Revenge is already serious enough as is, but Altair is certainly testing the limits of overkill. What interests me the most though is the missing pieces. Altair specifically identified Setsuna an ally, and it sounds like both were on intimate terms (i.e. personally knew one another before Setsuna’s death). We really need the how and why on Altair’s creation because it’s likely Sestuna—and by extension Souta—directly enabled Altair’s materialization and created the method for it. The other important matter is Mamika’s role. Besides the surprise at Mamika’s likely upcoming death—you know you saw that death flag—her sacrifice will catalyze a story shift in one way or another. Hurting/killing Mamika will devastate Alice, and Altair can no longer operate under the radar. A serious confrontation is quickly approaching, with the only question being participants and aftermath. Given the cutie is dropping magical nukes though, I’m expecting the damage will be glorious.

While we may not know what Re:Creators has next in store, you can at least be sure it’s going to be grand. An Altair alliance collapse, Alice potentially going crazy, Souta finding out just what Magane blackmail really means? Lots of options for some wicked fun and games, and we are still in the show’s first half. Re:Creators may have its problems, but by hell it has a way of making me want more. Hurry up Saturday, I have an addiction to satisfy.

Random Tidbits

I’m inclined to suspect the shippers will have a field day here. No particular reason mind you, just a passing thought. It’s not like Meteora has any romantic needs after all. No, definitely not.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2026.jpg

    I was wondering why I couldnt stand Loser-kun… but that scene with Magane the Miracle Maid finally reminded me who Loser-kun reminded me off…. He reminded me of another Loser-kun named Ikari Shinji from Evangelion!

    Spineless to the point that the shit and the blood that will be spilled in the next few episodes will be on his head.


    I might be a bad person for saying this, but I find this death quite satisfying. I always did believe that the goody-two-shoes characters often gets off way too easily. Glad to see Re:Creators isnt afraid to move away from the cliches.


    And just like my all time favorite magical girl Takamachi Nanoha, the best way to get friends is to nuke the hell out of them!

    1. I don’t think he’s “simply spineless”.

      A friendship strained (perhaps broken) due to his jealousy (over artistic talent), then said friend commits suicide before he can make amends? That alone is a heavy burden, then add his guilt believing he’s responsible for her death. That’s a lot to take TBH. You can (literally or figuratively) kill yourself over something like that.


      But damn, Magane is scarily perceptive, piecing together his story like that. Then again, the nature of her power requires a keen intellect and powers of observation and inference to use effectively.

      And just like my all time favorite magical girl Takamachi Nanoha, the best way to get friends is to nuke the hell out of them!

      Damn right! “I want to save you” she tells Altair, then unloads her equivalent of Starlight Breaker!!
      Then look back at the original Nanoha from Lyrical Toybox and wonder where things went wrong (or right!!). 😀

      Magnus Tancred
  2. This does bring up the question. “Do characters die when they are killed?” XD

    Although on a more serious note. Souta’s hesitancy to fess up his relation with Altair and Setsuna to Meteora (esp after fessing up Mamika) a tad annoying, I’m able to relate a bit on it ( had a similar frustrated blow-out with my best friend a few years back, also coincidentally on drawing related matter, but we made up a few minutes later so all is well).

    I can still remember the raw mix of emotions I felt back then. I can only imagine the level of confusion Souta is going thru, after having an emotional disagreement and then finding out your best friend committed suicide after that.

    Being blackmailed by Magane should ring enough alarms bells to fess up and come clean on the matter.

    1. The answer is probably characters can’t really die if they don’t die in their respective worlds endings. Interestingly they lay out the rule that an imported character is fully plot spoiled so you can assume the authors don’t kill off any of the character’s currently in the world. If they still exist in their original stories then they can always just be reality warped in.

      Although technically they could still die in real life form but the question is if an author abused death (death is cheap trope) in their stories their creations may not actually be able to die and may actually have a tendency to die in horrible ways but never stay dead.

      1. This, it doesn’t make much sense for a character’s “real world” death to suddenly erase them entirely from existence. If that happened, it would also mean any new creator changes would actually work because there is only one character. Since Celestia’s ignorance towards her world’s future events indicate multiples of each character exist though, we can be reasonably sure the death of one will not affect the rest.

      2. Since Celestia’s ignorance towards her world’s future events indicate multiples of each character exist though, we can be reasonably sure the death of one will not affect the rest.

        Ironically, Meteora’s point when talking with Selesia was the opposite: that multiple versions of each character don’t exist as long as they “fit into the original storyline”.

        Still, it could be that the characters in our world are mere avatars, projections of the character archetype (Meteora hinted at that in some of her speeches), and thus they can change and be killed for real without affecting the original template.

      3. It would make sense that as long as their stories are around the characters pulled from them are unable to die. However, maybe dying in the real world means a complete erasure of the character’s mind – Mamika might be back, but she would be back with her original ideas and thoughts. Every knowledge gained after her arrival on our world would be erased by her death.

        That being said, if they just pulled the character(s) back once and again without an after effect, such feat would lower the dramatic effect of their death/sacrifices.

    2. It’s probably like Servants in Fate.
      Heroes can be summoned from any timeline (some even from different points in their life). But only a copy is summoned, can learn all kinds of stuff and be killed, and the actual original hero remains unaffected.

  3. Why is it that when some seemingly annoying character surprises with their tremendous development, do they get potentially killed off?
    Now Mamika went from zero to hero, and… oh well, it makes for a good show is what it is.

    1. Mamika died because she was ultimately still naive in certain aspects. When you face the ultimate boss alone, with the idea of saving her from her evil ways, you might be in for a bad time.
      However, Mamika was an idealist, who believed in staying true to her character and story archetype. She believed that everyone could be saved and pulled back to the “right side”. Tragically, Altair was beyond saving, too deep in her own hatred against a world that killed her creator.
      Maybe Mamika’s death was the author’s way of telling us that the naive/idealistic values in said shows in real world would be condemned to certain failure.

      1. Maybe Mamika’s death was the author’s way of telling us that the naive/idealistic values in said shows in real world would be condemned to certain failure.

        The writers are certainly not very subtle about that message.

        In episode 2, Selesia chewed Mamika out for her simplistic worldview. The best the magical girl could do to retort was throwing another heart-shaped nuke at her. And in episode 5 Meteora and even Magane the Psycho criticized Alice openly for her narrow-mindedness. Again, the best she could do was attack, attack, attack.

        Mamika’s death here is just the last instance of that… and the most brutal.

      2. @Kiritsuge
        I think Mamika knew full well beforehand she isn’t going to make it facing Altair, but decided to go anyway.

        She was a naive idealist, but the real world knocked her out of her naivety. Still, she ultimately decided to stay true to her idealist way (without the naivety part) after much internal conflict, because that’s what she is, and I admire this character for that.

  4. Like Pancakes, I also have little issues with Souta’s action this episode. I mean, he’s a freakin’ teenager, and not a particularly noble and smart one at that (just like real teenagers). What would you expect? Him cowering under pressure is the logical thing for him to do. I think confessing to someone like Mamika who is basically a stranger is easier for Souta than confessing to Selesia, Meteora or any of his allies that he knows well by now. Mix that with a bit of teenage stupidity and you got the recipe for disaster. Still, I sure do hope that he can overcome it soon for the audience’s enjoyment, but considering his secret now has become the blackmail(?) source of Magane, I expect Sota to struggle with it a bit more.

    And now that it’s revealed that MUP’s main goal is world destruction, let me quote my post back in episode 3:

    Uh, if world-destruction is her goal then why didn’t she just summoned Frieza-like characters? There’s plenty of them in anime/manga/games/LNs. She doesn’t even have to negotiate with them. Just summon them and BAM!: world destruction get 😛

    1. MUP is clearly emo like her creators and isn’t actually aware of how the world works or if it will even break/end. Her story was probably so emo and filled with world ending angst that the train suicide broke reality or something.

      It doesn’t actually mean that her plan can work or any of the other character’s assumptions are correct. For all we know for every paradox they make or violation of physics a time paradog is made.

    2. I really hope they don’t drag the secret out too much. Souta will struggle with Magane on the case, but must come clean eventually, and it’s better to do so on your own terms. Better to use Souta’s hesitancy as a springboard for further development (i.e. learns to open up and accept Setsuna’s death) than some annoying character trait IMO.

      As for the world destruction we still do not have a handle on what characters are allowed to cross over. Popularity and genre/medium to an extent are important, but even then the character choice is mostly random. Take Meteora for example, she’s an NPC, not your first choice if you can choose anyone. There’s something else limiting Altair’s options in this regard.

      1. I really hope they don’t drag the secret out too much. Souta will struggle with Magane on the case, but must come clean eventually, and it’s better to do so on your own terms. Better to use Souta’s hesitancy as a springboard for further development (i.e. learns to open up and accept Setsuna’s death) than some annoying character trait IMO.

        Yeah, I hope so too. Still, considering that Magane hops on that side-plot now, Souta’s struggle shouldn’t be boring. I expect some entertaining trolling from our resident psycho lass X)

        As for the world destruction we still do not have a handle on what characters are allowed to cross over. Popularity and genre/medium to an extent are important, but even then the character choice is mostly random. Take Meteora for example, she’s an NPC, not your first choice if you can choose anyone. There’s something else limiting Altair’s options in this regard.

        I sure hope there is. Until the show addressed it, it will remain a plot hole that I can’t stop wondering.

      2. @Oby @Pancakes
        Actually, Altair’s suprisingly limited pool of characters was discussed and offered a possible explanation in-universe. Masaaki in episode 7 points out that, theoretically, characters from movies, music videos, foreign language novels, etc. should appear, by they have only seen characters related to manga, anime and JRPG. Why?

        “Assuming that the Military Uniform Princess is at the root of everything, out of everything she is able to perceive, or everything that her creator is able to observe, maybe she is only able to summon characters that have received approval.”

        Basically, rather than the general popularity power Yuuya suggested, Altair can only summon the characters that caused a great impression on her creator, Setsuna. Masaaki himself points out that it would explain the small range of genres, and it would also explain why Altair summons characters that she can’t stand or manage.

      3. @Mistic
        “Assuming” is the key word there. I want the cold hard facts about the summoning limitation. Kinda like how I’m still waiting the show to reveal whether or not Meteora’s theory is true.

      4. Setsuna is, once more, potentially the keystone here. The Creators previously supposed that since popularity and memorableness being the sole factors to determine which Creations can come to our world doesn’t match up, something else is involved, which might be /the characters Altair’s Creator/ found memorable.

        Given Altair’s seemingly direct involvement with every Creation who has shown up, and how she addressed most of them like she knew them personally, it would fit perfectly if her targets, the Creations summoned to this world, are those that Setsuna personally found remarkable. And maybe even spoke with Altair at length about, if them having some kind of actual relationship before Setsuna committed suicide was indeed the case.

    3. I also think that Souta’s actions are understandable to a certain degree. Imagine how the conversation would go if he were to reveal that he knew who Altair was and personally knew who her Creator was, as well as possible motivations.

      At that late in the stage, one of the questions would be, “WHY THE F–K DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING EARLIER? YOU TEMPORARILY FORGOT!? HOW IS THAT EVEN…!?!?!?” Mamika is not an ally, so her reaction to Souta’s stupidity is not much of a concern for him. His allies’ reactions and feelings of betrayal? Whoooboy!

      Yes, we all know that the more time goes on not revealing what he knows, the above reaction will become exponentially worse. When Meteora told Souta of the new info they have gained about Altair, it got even more awkward to say, “Oh, about that. Turns out I knew about that and more before you guys, but didn’t tell you immediately due to a combination of memory lapse and it being awkward to bring it up after saying I had no clue. Hahaha… ha… pleasedon’tpunchme!”

      1. Well, I never said that Souta’s attitude is not annoying. In fact, I’m just as annoyed as you. His action is understandable but it’s still annoying to watch. Both sentiments can pretty much go together especially when less mature or less smart characters are involved.

  5. Souta is getting pretty annoying. Also if the government found the video it wouldn’t take much to trace the ISP connection logs to their residences or just use the account logs from the video site to get to their emails.

    Also if he falls for the easily averted word magic power who he identified for everyone he would also be mentally delayed.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2020.jpg

    and alice travel through time again… and again…. just to find mamika die again… and again…

    i think, souta was the first one who draw the concept of altair then setsuna interested on it and draw her own version which is far better. She put it on net and get insulted here and there + souta that giving her a cold shoulder made her more depressed…then in depression she write the background story of altair then suicide.

    plus i don’t think the summoned can break their own character description, example what mamika do was 100% magical girl will do in the story…talking friendship bla bla and getting stabbed(really why magical girls nowadays always die, i miss my childhood haha ) it’s the same with altair…she stick to her character it means setsuna really write her to destroy world.

    now the question is how altair born?

    1. Just add emo emotions + suicide by train + cyber bullying + fight between authors = Altair is born to try and destroy the world according to her meta emo plot.

      Apparently the fourth wall is really thin. It would be funny if they ever end or consider their world is just another story.

      It definitely seems like all the characters are following their created character descriptions but the obvious thing is what does it take to change that.

    2. It’s definitely hinted now that Souta either drew or wrote the initial concept (IMO more likely the former) for Altair, with Setsuna giving the later military twist. Considering the supposed popularity of Setsuna’s Altair though I don’t think she was insulted over it. More likely is Souta only being one of several people who ostracized her out of jealousy. Doubly so if Setsuna’s popularity financially affected them.

      1. i forgot which episode, but it shown a something like a blog getting burned presumably setsuna’s…well sometimes things getting insulted at first then getting popular later on.

    3. Each time, Madoka dies even more grisely death. MAdoka’s magic powers exponentially increases and Altair falls deeper into despair turning into Walpurgis Nacht.

      Velvet Scarlantina
  7. Well, Mamika kind of raised her own death flag when she talked to Alice. I’m sure we all knew haha.
    Now .. I wondered what will happen when a character dies in the real world. Is it just her that dies? Or will her character be erased from existence (from novels, animes and movies) from the world?

    As for Souta, I want to see the whole story before I can judge him. I have to admit though that I don’t see any way for him to improve his character at the moment. What did he do to Setsuna??

    1. Considering creations can simultaneously exist alongside their written versions (i.e. Celestia not knowing future events), I’m guessing the “real world” character’s death has no impact on their other forms. Thus if Mamika actually dies, she will still exist in her story because the materialized Mamika is only one version and has no bearing over the other Mamikas.

      1. It does beg the question doesn’t that mean sending them back is basically impossible. Unless there is an easy to accept plot to cross over the story with real life there is no way most of the characters can be re-integrated into their story worlds without diverging significantly let alone you can send someone back into a essentially static author/company guided universe.

      2. No matter if they can get back to their worlds or not I hope like hell Mamika is not dead, she has has the most character development of the story so far, follow by Meteora so it would be rally sad to see her go down like this, she has demostrated to be much mroe than just a naive magical girl.

        I hope Selesia is next for some development, she was the one that accepted the situation the best but who knows what is hidden beneath the surface.

  8. I don’t believe Souta is the only reason for Setsuna killing herself, otherwise Altair would have gone berserk on him in the first episodde and gone out of her way to kill him. Maybe instead Setsuna poured her heart and soul into her story, but it was rejected. Anyway, Souta’s dancing around the subject is going to bite him in the ass, not to mention it’s anoying to us as this is the second or third time he could have come clean (or at least we could have been privy to some exposition) if not for a change of heart (or a cliffy).

    On another, Altair is really leaning on the fourth wall at times, like that line about not forgiving ‘the merciless story that gave Setsuna a role like that’, which is actually the anime itself. Also, LOL at Mamika wanting to accept Altair’s sadness – sorry, Talk no Jutsu only works when plot says so.

    Weird D
    1. I’m betting on Souta’s blame being entirely one sided. He was jealous sure, but there’s nothing indicative of him being the only one responsible for Setsuna’s demise. Given Altair blames the world in general it’s likely Setsuna was abandoned wholesale and Souta’s coldness was simply the straw that broke her back. We really need to learn the entire backstory.

      1. Too guilt doesn not work that way, I´m 100% sure Sota is afraid as hell of telling the truth because in his kind he might as well have killed Setsuna. As Meteora said Jelousy is very common and human, he shouldn´t responsible for her death, if giving the cold shoulder to a friend is enough to make a person commit suicide this world would be populated by ghosts!.

  9. Note 23rd August 2016 is an important date.
    It was the day Setsuna’s video was uploaded.
    The day Setsuna killed herself.
    The day the EMP surge was recorded (likely signifying Altair’s manifestation).

    Viewers also noted the following timeline:
    Aug-Nov 2016 – Altair sightings across Japan.
    10 Nov 2016 – Meteora steals weapons from a Japanese army base.
    17 Nov 2016 – Celestia is summoned.
    18 Nov 2016 – Fight between Yuuya and Blitz at the park.
    20 Nov 2016 – Alice kidnaps her creator.

    1. Ok that’s really interesting. If uploaded on the day of Setsuna’s death, who uploaded it? Was it before or after her death? Could the video’s upload have caused Altair’s materialization? Could Altair have uploaded the video? Damn now I’m going to be up far too late mulling these questions over lol.

    2. Thanks for the timeline! Very helpful, but now I have a couple of new questions:

      -If she appeared at the end of August, what was Altair doing for months? Sighseeing?

      -Now I realize that Meteora was active for a whole week before Souta and Selesia met her in episode 1. The end of episode 1 also revealed she didn’t have money or a place to stay. What was she doing, living on the street and begging for money?

  10. screen 08
    Mirokuji goes full Vader “I find your lack of faith disturbing…”
    screens 18-20
    Yuri is strong with this one…
    Yuri confirmed!
    I am shipping them mad!
    screens 24-28
    Meido Magane is Crazy Awesome
    screens 29-end
    uh-oh thats biggest, brightest death flag I have seen in long time
    noooo! Mamika dont die!
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    damn you re:creators for your cliffhangers

  11. So, here’s a question. If Altair knew Setsuna, her creator, prior to Setsuna’s death – then who is to say it wasn’t something Altair did or said that caused Setsuna to commit suicide?

    I’m really hoping for something like this. If I find out that he really did something so bad that he caused Setsuna to commit suicide, I won’t like the pro-tag (not pro-tag) anymore. I’d rather that not happen.

    1. Heh now that would be a serious twist. Would need some mental dissonance along the level of SnK’s Reiner to explain it, but that’s not too hard to get. Plus it would further screw Souta up mentally, which isn’t a bad thing 😛

  12. A theory regarding Altair’s relationship with Sota. She still has feelings for him. What if Altair didn’t materialize at first with a body but instead used possession as a split personality of sort. Altair was more braver than Setsuna so Altair did the duty on carrying out outside related tasks and met Sota. Altair fell in love with Sota but Sota’s indirect action in Setsuna’s death caused a heavy strain.

    1. Fascinating possibility. Could Altair be active before the fictiona world collision? And now that you mention “possession”, I’m wondering… what if Altair is Setsuna?

      Hear me out: everyone knows that the reason fictional characters are in our world is because Altair summoned them, and us the audience suspect that Setsuna’s death was the trigger that caused Altair to cross over and declare war on our world. But now I wonder: what if it wasn’t only the cause, but also the method that allowed Altair to appear in our world?

      It could be that Setsuna sacrificed herself to summon Altair, either knowingly or as the product of a freak chance. It could be that the body Altair is using is actually Setsuna’s, turning her into a living (or unliving?) bridge between worlds. Wild theory here, but stranger things have been seen in anime.

      1. I actually suspected this too.

        And also, like how Souta mentioned this in ep.1, that hes only a narrator: what IF all of these are actually fictional made and written by Setsuna from the beginning by merging fiction and reality by sacrificing her body as a medium. Maybe Setsuna planned this all along, that she is currently “writing” these down right after her death as she herself has transcends into a higher existence, like Drosselmeyer from Princess Tutu.

        Onion warrior
  13. So glad that instead of seeing Sota pondering on his own he’s dragged and blackmailed by Magane, that made me feel better about this episode. Also really interested into how Magane will move the plot, she doesn’t strike me as someone that like to team up, and seems like someone that will attack both sides just for the fun of it. She could, for example spreading the truth (Souta is related to Altair) mixed with lies (like Setsuna = Souta, or other possible lies) to a select few member just to see how the Meteora Alliance cope with it.

    1. So glad that instead of seeing Sota pondering on his own he’s dragged and blackmailed by Magane, that made me feel better about this episode.

      This. I consider Souta’s inability to speak up realistic and a logical consequence of his personal trauma, but I can also see why people would be annoyed from that. But hey, here comes the cutest psycho ever in a Maid uniform, dragging him around, mockingly pointing out to him that he’s not an MC in a fluffy adventure and guessing right away what he wants to keep buried. Characters won’t hold the Idiot Ball forever for Souta’s sake… or at least not all characters.

      Magane’s lines twisted the knife:

      “How does she know?” That’s what that look on your face says. I love looking at dumb faces like that.

      Basically, Magane lampshaded the usual complaints against Souta’s character, showing that the writers aren’t unaware of the drawbacks of their approach. That makes me have more faith in their plans for Souta.

  14. I will be ROFL if Souta actually does the rigt thing, comes clean about his relation to Setsuna and her death, and then the government-creations-creators team uses the phone of the Magane to track her down and neutralise…

  15. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2023.jpg
    I don’t know about you guys but Ougims rather cute. Yes Selestia is cute but Ouginis snarky cute. For some strange reason, she’s very endearing despite being the manifestation of Cthulthu and Ougi Oshino. I’d really love to see what this chaotic beauty brings to the current apparent equilibrium in the show.

    Tomoe Mami, you’ll be missed. Apparently the Incubators feel that you know and think too much.

    Anyway, is it time to pull out the Urobutcher Bingo angain?

    Velvet Scarlantina
    1. gunservice – courtesy of Blitz
      betrayal – kinda, Mamika to Altair or is it the other way?
      lesbians – Mamika and Alice so much
      lolis – Mamika
      eldritch abominations – Magane
      suits – Kikuchikara
      corruption – possibly of multiple characters
      madness – possibly Altair, and possibly coming to Alice
      alcohol – Magane i think tried it
      early deaths – possibly Mamika
      dystopian – make it apocalyptic
      explosives – stolen by Metora
      anti-villains – possibly Magane? or Altair?

  16. Btw, I like how Kikuchihara practically just let Yuya (supposedly) beat the crap out of that a-hole creator of his. Kikuchihara is supposed to be the taskforce & government’s spokesperson who should keep the safety of the citizen, but I guess even her patience reached the limit when it comes to that Kubo Tite-wannabe (or is it Kubo Tite-expy?) XD

    1. Oh, yes, although I’m not sure she could have done something to stop him even if she wanted. A pity we couldn’t see her face at that moment (Suruga’s was a poem). That said, my favourite part of that scene was Matsubara’s reaction:

      “Mirokuji! Don’t do anything to his right hand and his head.”

      Such a nice colleague, worrying about his ability to continue working. Priorities, man XD

    2. that reminded me of the “just dont kill him” ROE Itami gave to his little berserk girl in GATE when he and japanese delegation heard about fate of Japanese enslaved in raid on Tokyo

  17. Like Pancakes, I’m disappointed that Altair wants to destroy the world. Not because she wants to, but because (as I feared), it validates Meteora’s ass-pull. And I suspect this is only the beginning in that regard.

    On the other hand, Magane is madness, Magane is love.

    That she would target Souta is something I expected. Many people were talking about Mamika’s death flags regarding Magane overhearing them in the cafe, but honestly, the powerless civilian with dark secrets is an easier target. What I didn’t expect was Meido!Magane and her wanting to exchange phone numbers. Why? Is it part of some plan of hers? If so, how does Souta fit in it?

    Magane has proven so far to be unpredictable. Honestly, seeing what Magane will do next has been my main reason to follow Re:Creators since the preview for episode 6. And she hasn’t disappointed ever since.

    1. Its possible Magane suspected that something was off with Sota and Setsuna. For Altair to come to the world of the gods first meant that Setsuna had some sort of power that make it happen. By getting close to Sota, she might get an answer what was Setsuna’s power.

    2. Like Pancakes, I’m disappointed that Altair wants to destroy the world. Not because she wants to, but because (as I feared), it validates Meteora’s ass-pull. And I suspect this is only the beginning in that regard.

      Eh, you really don’t need a rocket science or asspull to guess or theorize that Altair wants to destroy the world, just like I said back in episode 5:

      Bringing apocalypse (or world’s end) is like one of the most standard goals of anime/manga/novel/game boss villains who has the power to do it and filled with grudges (aside from the usual world domination). I don’t even need a deductive skill to come with a theory that MUP wants to mess with and destroy IRL world.

      That’s like one of the most obvious goals of boss villains of Japanese fictional works that has action heroes in it in various media. It’s a no-brainer.

      On the other hand, I’m still waiting for proofs of Meteora’s distortion/world balance theory.

      1. Yes, I also remember how much we disagreed about the issue in said comments 😉

        Guessing Altair was up to no good is logical; basing that guess on a mutiversal-destruction theory that has no basis so far is an ass-pull. For Meteora’s guess about Altair’s real goal wasn’t based on an analysis of her moral character, but on said destruction theory. She theorized out of thin air that bringing more and more fictional characters to life would wreck reality; ergo, if Altair keeps doing that and talks about causing a riot in the land of the gods, it surely has to mean that she wants to destroy the multiverse!

        Yeah… no, deduction doesn’t work that way. We all know, for example, that Magane is up to no good either, yet that doesn’t mean she wants to destroy the multiverse.

      2. @Mistic
        Meteora is simply right about Altair’s main goal which is easy to guess. That part is too easy a guess to be an asspull. Also, didn’t she came from a game where she assists the hero to save the world by fighting the ultimate evil or something? It’s not a stretch to assume that Meteora’s game also has something akin to an evil overlord or final boss that she’s familiar with. Now, about the finer details like world-distortion and such…well, we’ll see. It’s not proven yet.

        I said “one of the most obvious goals of boss villains”. I didn’t say every boss villain must have that same goal. Also, Magane is not boss-villain material. She’s not an evil leader who has followers doing her bidding. She’s not the one who is sitting on a dark throne and giving orders like Altair, Frieza, General Jack, Blofeld or Doctor Claw. At most, Magane is a rogue villain who likes hands-on approach as far as I can see.

    3. I would love it if Manage turned into the true villain of the show, doubly so if she’s the one who offs Altair and assumes her “dream” (i.e. the story rewrite lie)–it would mesh perfectly with her personality.

      As for Souta I think it’s strictly down to fun. Souta is suffering, let’s entertain ourselves by pushing his buttons and mentally screwing with him. Same reason she killed the bookstore clerk, it’s something to do while the Emperor plan comes together 😛

      1. Magane has another thing for her from a narrative point of view: she’s the underdog.

        Magane is alone. She doesn’t have any allies and even the Japanese Government is after her. Her reality-warping powers are cool, but their activation method is (as lampshaded by Magane herself) a pain in the ass. And she can’t fly. In a setting where it seems that almost every summoned character can move through the skies in one way or another, Magane is grounded. It was, inf act, one of the things she wanted her author to change, but it didn’t work.

        If she becomes the Final Boss, it will be by squeezing her meager resources, taking great risks, being clever and enjoying a great deal of luck. So, yeah, I’d think that would be worth watching. On the other hand, as a Wild Card I don’t rule out that she might end up helping our heroes… as long as it’s useful for her agenda.

  18. I am thinking more and more Meteora is the main character that Souta refers to when he says he is just the narrator. I will take Meteora as waifu as well. Meteora is written as the wise almost all knowing NPC of her game and it comes across here. But Meteora is also showing a more playfull side.

    Something that I keep forgetting in my comments is that in many ways a weekly review and criticism of a work that is all one tale results in wrong impressions and frustrations that would be less or missing if this was a book or you marathoned it and wrote one review. What seams to be a slow episode to some, exposition or a Souta can not talk situwation might make the story great over all the combination can turn out great or it might not but just reviewing the episodes in order in some ways can lessen the appeal. Longer anime and books can do more slow parts in order to magify the great parts in ways that sometimes cannot be done more intersetingly.

    It is my understanding that releases to the media and discriptions of show sent out are often not done by the creative team. And I understand that sometimes, what people call the promo monkeys, get it wrong. Here it Seams that Souta being “The” main character came out in a press releae even though he is only one of nine listed main characters, does a fourth wall naration that he is not the main character, and is missing from promo materals featuring the character mains and has a secondary role in the OP. I bring this up again as else where I still see comments about Souta the main charater is why they dislike the show.

  19. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2031.jpg

    There’s a theory that Altair’s wrathful nature comes from Setsuna making Altair an outlet to process her inner anger and frustations, a sort of self-insert power/revenge fantasy.

    Someone quoted Stephen King that “writing is telepathy”, a way to process your innermost emotions. Now imagine if your darkest, destructive feelings was given a form and let loose into the world, in the form of say, a certain uniformed princess…


    I hear the Magane romance route is the toughest to obtain a good ending in. All other endings involve death, moral corruption, and mindbroken into a submissive slave…
    Even the good ending feels morally suspect.

  20. Kinda think that Altair wants vengeance on the creator of her creator, and the only method she can come up with is by destroying the world of her creator. Everything else is collateral. She seems to really love her creator. Makes me wonder on what her thoughts are on Souta, since he seems to be involved in her creation.

    Speaking of Souta, I can’t say I have much tolerance for his character type. But they’ve done quite a good job of explaining his situation that I find it watchable (while internally screaming at him to open up) because it is sadly understandable. Hopefully they don’t drag it too long. Though it would be quite a trick if they managed to and keep it entertaining.

    1. Souta is really annoying might be realistic but is still annoying. In my mind they have already dragged it out far too long. The government should have already arrested him for lying/omitting the truth just by looking at ISP/user records.

      Altair is just hyper emo like her two creators. It would be far more interesting for the government to try and figure out what it takes to neuter a character by rewrite. From what we have seen individual creators are not actually that important and most characters have more than one author anyways.

      If it really is a mix of emotion and public perception it is as easy as hiring a big company to take over the copyright and putting out a massive ad campaign and all media exposure (anime, light novel, movie, manga, live action, school books, …) if the world is at threat it shouldn’t be that hard to make high budget, high quality work to overwrite the character in every possible way.

    2. Not sure if it’s that convoluted, Altair’s response indicates more of a hatred for those who hurt Setsuna than anything else IMO. Her love for Setsuna is the key part, plus it might explain why she’s intrigued by Souta’s presence. Both apparently poured their love into her creation and she responded in kind. Or else she simply considers Souta beneath her notice, that’s possible too lol.

      1. Well, she could’ve gone the assaination route or at most the country destruction route. She has the means to do both with the current creations. But it seems she’s going down a more complicated path of (multiple) world destruction. That’s why I got that impression.

        Yeah, it would be fun if Souta was beneath her notice. XD


    I know this is wrong but i cannot stop but turning on me goggle:

    Meteora’s expression during this conversation really reminds of me the expressionless CG characters in games.

    Savvy move there Meteora ^^

    Wahhhhhh noooooo nooo they killed her noooo! To think that i actually closed my eyes when this happen (gawd i knew it but danggg not this soon! First blood first martyr! T,T) ahhh i dont wanna accept this! I was just starting to like Mamijou recently but god no.

    I suspected Mamika’s going to be the first to go when she said her goodbyes to Alice. But why…https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2020.jpg

    I hope they wont kill Meteora next just to satisfy the crowd right after this since shes the weakest. Wonder how they gonna react next week since the “antagonist” party starting to stab one another.

    onion warrior
    1. The discussion is living up to expectations for me, I had this one pinned as the most contentious of the season and so far it’s not disappointing. Best part too is we haven’t even hit the actual story twists just yet XD

    2. Meteora’s way of acting in general reminds of a NPC. Emotion and personality-wise not fully fleshed out like an actual main character and more focused on function.

  22. I am not going to write Mamika off just yet given the kinds of injuries people survive in magical girl shows and how the power scale of her series is translating into the creators world.

  23. So… people are pretty sure Mamika is dead or dying or has a good chance of being dead anyway. Yet as far as I can tell everyone is taking it for granted that Altair survived. I mean yes, that’s the trope, and dramatically it makes no sense to kill her here, but getting nuked like that should a hell of a lot less survivable than what happened to Mamika. And yet no watcher so much as even pauses to wonder if she’s all right. It’s all predictions about what she’s going to do in the future, how killing Mamika will affect other people’s relations to her and so on. If this show is supposed to be the result of bringing fictional characters into a “real” world, then Altair should just plain be dead. That’s it, story over.

  24. Wow, the is becoming one of the best anime of the season!
    The colorful characters reminds me of Durarara.
    The scientific logical talk of Metoera makes me think of Steins;Gate and Chaos;Child.
    The crossover is like Namco X Capcom.

    Now I wonder how it all started.
    How Altair cross over to the real world.
    Setsuna’s suicide?
    Or is there something else behind the scene?
    Some evil organisation?
    Or some magical whimsical phenomenon?

    I sure hope it will be explained.


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