「いずれその陽は落ちるとしても -slight light, slight hope-」 (Izure Sono You wa Ochiru to Shitemo -slight light, slight hope-)
“Even if the Sun Falls -slight light, slight hope-“

While I don’t think there have been any bad episodes, this week’s episode felt like a return to form with the amount of emotions that it managed to suck out of me.

General Impressions

As cheap of a ploy as it may be, this week’s episode did a number on my heart. Even if you dislike certain characters, there’s no denying that every single one has a unique personality that adds just enough “spice” to the story to keep things interesting. Tack on the small fact that all the faeries have some terrible secret behind their existence that our good ol’ Old Sage neglected to tell Willem (and us) and can you blame me for being just as scared as Willem when Ctholly decided to bust our her wings? Honestly, if there’s anything that I can’t stand (in the sense that it kills me inside), it has to be when a character gradually loses their memories. Sure there’s an argument I could make about how dumb it is when someone completely loses their memory, but the feeling of angst and fear that appears when you know someone is slowly losing their memory and realizes it is nearly indescribable when done well. Which is why I have to give this week’s episode some major props for doing such a great job at using everything we’ve learned about these characters to really squeeze out the feels.

Changing pace for a second, the other thing I wanted to briefly talk about was just how much I would love for Ithea and Nephren to get some more screen time. As side characters, it sucks that we don’t get to see more of them since it feels like there’s a treasure trove of things we could discover just by getting a closer look at the two. Alas, with the spotlight on Ctholly and her rapidly deteriorating condition, it looks like we’ll only be getting bite sized bits of my two favorite fairies.

Overall, I think this episode was actually really good even though at a glance it looks like it as mostly a Ctholly one. The story has managed to move at a breakneck pace without actually breaking out necks and all the characters both major and minor have had an opportunity to get their fair share of air time. If I had to pick one thing I was concerned about though, it might be just how hard the story is pushing the battle between Ctholly and the soul inside of her. At this point I don’t think it’s too tough to say that the big climax will probably have something to do with Ctholly either making peace with the girl (and becoming one?) or going out in a blaze of fiery tears if it all goes to hell.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!




  1. small spoiler that i notice after someone commented on it on crunchyroll, was from EP 1 were their was the red head girl an that mit been the last episodes finally scene.

    at the part were she walking out the plane their a small fragment of blue in her hair an as she say she was happy it fades to red…

    1. Didn’t really notice the tuft of blue hair, but I did remember seeing Willem holding Nephrem while falling. So, it’s safe to assume that Ctholly’s hair will turn completely red in the future.

      After a rewatch I also noticed that her eyes are completely red too. Thought it really doesn’t give a clue if Ctholly remembers anything else, or if only her emotions remain or if she actually fuses with the red haired girl.

    1. Considering Willhem had one hell of a scare thinking he might loose Ctholly again I think he has finally dicided to drop the dense protagonist act and is finally going to ask Ctholly to marry him. I´m 100% sure that is what that hug is all about, after all, marriage has been in the mind of those two since episode 3 so I think our has finally decided that it´s time to come clean with Ctholly.

      1. I’m not sure he can while being part of the military, and if he leaves the military then he can’t stay in a restricted area like the leprechaun warehouse. To me, his attitude seemed more like ‘I’d like to, but later. We both have a lot of stuff going on right now.’

      2. I’m 90% sure those hands belong to Ithea. So, I’m not sure it’s as happy as that, but most likely just as heartwarming. Guess we see things in a slightly different view. XD

      3. With a little help frpm the Great Sage he sure can marry Ctholly, remember the Military only values the fairies becuase of their power to wield the magic sword, now that Ctholly is no longer a fairy they can turn a blind with a little incentive.

        Even if that´s Ithea in the preview I´m expecting Willhem to gather the courage to ask Ctholly to marry him, the idea has been in their minds for so long it only makes sense he asks her before the mission starts, specially considering next episode seems like a set up for the rescue mission as well.

  2. Some good use of emotional manipulation here. Argh this episode. I was trying to figure out how much of Cthully in this episode was just her coming out of her shell, and how much was mental contamination. Everything she did was plausible considering normal Cthully, but just off enough to make you wonder.

    Nepheren is a joy too. Gosh I love the contrast between her deadpan voice and her cute little actions.

  3. this story never ceases to amaze me with the depth of its characters, take Willhem for example: It was painfully obvious Willhem was in love with Ctholly since their first encounter but his conversation with Ren and Ithea reveals to us that the guy knows that from the start and has been acting like a dense fool deliberately; the sad part is that it goes to shwo how truly scared Willehm is to love someone again because he couldn´t protect his family the first time, this poor guy deserves to be happy! Put a ring on Ctholly´s finger already Willhem!.

    Nygglatho was the other star in this episode, that woman is mother at heart, just like Willhem is the father of those fairy girls (minus Ctholly, puting the happiness of her children above else is truly heartwarming, specially she most likely loves Willhem just as much as Ctholly.

  4. We’re walking closer to that ep.1’s intro. It’s getting hard to see the episode now, especially when you’ve invested a lot to a character, just to see the character slowly losing its memory. Wish Nephren get more screen time though, it’d be nice if there’s a spinoff/fanwork with her as the heroine hha.

  5. Neph and Ithea are easier to enjoy, I think, because there’s no great stakes there. They’re cute and there’s friendly feelings on both sides.

    With Chtholly, everything is a lot more tense with ‘will they, won’t they’ and all that. Romance isn’t really my jam, so she’s a lot less fun for me because of that.

  6. Ep 09 (an future):

    Seems like the manga-ka has someone he/she love, but this person has Alzheimer’s disease…

    Because these losing memories was strong in this Episode…

    Well, in this anime we know why she is losing, and some secret got out (to know, watch it yourself). But like i wrote perhaps a solution like Ichigo in Bleach with his inner Hallow, could save her

    because, seems like our Main Hero loves or have strong bond with both ones so far, he can be the Anchor both needs and respect each other “minds”

    this is just my speculation born out of experience


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