「自分の証明」 (Jibun no Shoumei)
“Proof of Oneself”


Thinking Boruto would be beaten black and blue by gramps, I was kind of disappointed when Hanabi Hanabae stepped in to spar. Only that feeling lasted for about a second or two because Hanabae is damn gorgeous and a sassy aunt at that. She definitely knows it too… en garde!

Stellar fight sequence choreography, maybe even the best we have seen in the <i>Boruto</i> TV series so far. Contrasting from the scrappy fights that formed a part of Naruto’s underdog narrative, it was refreshing to see Boruto really think outside of the box when it came to using shadow clones. This could be seen where Boruto incorporated his clones into various taijutsu combos, rather than summoning them en mass to overwhelm opponents. Utilising shadow clones to halt aerial knockbacks and launch counterattacks from a difficult position seemed like a highly technical and really ingenuous application of the technique.

Not that Boruto ever stood a chance against Hanabae once she got serious, but seeing the taijutsu exchange between the two was an incredible treat. I feel that since the Chunin Exam Arc, the gentle fist style has been criminally underused for such a fluid fighting style that is visually pleasing to the eyes.


One thing that Boruto certainly inherited from his dad is the ability to grit his teeth and hide his pain behind a smile. I can understand Boruto’s frustration, at being unable to vindicate his Byakugan claim. And Hanabae shows exactly why she is best aunt. She senses that Boruto is feeling under the weather and seeks to reassure him during his moment of weakness and doubt.

Unfortunately, this is something I have to criticise Naruto for. I can understand that he wants to exercise caution in approaching the situation. However, I feel he should be much more open and hold a transparent line of communications with Boruto. Though credit is due, where he took the time to take Boruto to see Hiashi. But the boy is in need of something more substantial, like some proper emotional support.


Not much to talk about here. Boruto gets reaffirmation that his ocular powers are no fluke, by observing dark chakra emanating off a by-passer. Turns out this person is not so random and is actually the famous actor for Kagemasa, in the midst of suffering from an identity crisis: he’s clearly been brainwashed into thinking he’s a member of the Akamichi clan. Thus ensues the formulaic dark chakra possession of the week, where it’s Sarada’s turn to help out Boruto this time round.

There is an unspoken beauty in how Sarada views Boruto as an idiot, yet completely trusts him anyway. Quite similar to the deep emotional bond, as well as trust held between Naruto and Sasuke back in the days. Speaking of which, the Fuma Shuriken Transformation combo they used to attack Kagemasa… what a damn throwback to their fathers’ fight against Zabuza! Hahaha, maybe a throw forwards, because that’s the direction in which the shuriken is travelling. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved it. In fact, it was exactly Episode 9 in the original Naruto that the fight with Zabuza happened, making this throwback perfectly synchronised to the original series. You really couldn’t ask for more.

However, it seems incredibly unrealistic that these Ninja Academy kids are bodying all these high level shinobi like it’s nobody’s business. First Shino, and now Kagemasa. Regardless of the supposed ‘loss of control’ handicap created by the dark chakra, I think this needs to stop before more proficient ninja are shamed to the point of spoiling their legacy. I know I chucked my guts laughing when Kiba chimed in with his Hokage aspirations during the Fourth Shinobi War, during the infamous moment of insanity where it seemed everyone was suddenly called dibs on wanting to become the next Hokage. That was the day Kiba became a permanent joke character to me. If all it takes to defeat you is one smelly fart, then your Hokage claim is most likely void by default. But wouldn’t it still be annoying if the likes of Kiba or Tenten were also reduced to expendable villain fodder, even under extenuating circumstances?


Boruto’s eyes probably have something to do with the Otsutsuki clan, considering Naruto is descended from Hagoromo via Asura’s progeny of the Uzumaki clan, whereas Hinata by virtue of her Byakugan is descended from Hamura. I would go as far as saying that… possibly the infamous Hyuga Conspiracy holds some weight? If you have never heard of it, I highly recommend checking out the link I just provided. If I were to graciously opine my superior taste, it ranks up there as being one of the most entertaining reads relating to the franchise.

Looking at the previews for next episode, I get the feeling Danzo and the upper echelons of Root have something to do with the dark chakra problems. Also seems like someone may said something to incredibly piss off Chou Chou. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that she will be the next victim to fall foul of the dark chakra? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

NOTICE: As of today, my exams are finally over. So coverage should back to normal for the rest of summer! Apologies for the slight delay in this post.



  1. I’d have to say this is easily my favorite episode so far and likely tops the Team 7 vs Zabuza fight itself (which got minus points for Sakura but plus points due to Haku and water dragons), because we got to see real fluid Gentle Fist and some very good clone choreography which led to the tactic actually being improved. Imagine if Boruto eventually learned Lightning Clone too.

    Another point that stood out for me was deflecting his own kunai into what’s normally a blind spot with ANOTHER kunai. That was dope. And while I’ve seen shuriken ricocheting other shuriken, I don’t think I’ve seen that move before.

    That being said, regardless of which generation we’re watching, Hanabi is bae af.

    It was refreshing seeing Boruto get serious too. I assumed they’d be teaching him Gentle Fist, but it turns out he’s just always been holding back–even if it seems like even without the Byakugan active, his skill is at least on the level of his mother’s during the Chuunin Exams (which makes me wonder if even before graduating, he could beat Neji since he can counter Gentle Fist and use coordinated clones).

    In a way, it’s consistent with him being more lazy than a Nara because of his talent, because it means unlike his dad who has to have constant practice, Boruto gains almost immediately.

    Which brings me to my next point: I’m glad Naruto pointed out one of the definite differences between them. “Everything comes so naturally to him that he tends to take shortcuts.” Or something like that.

    As for Boruto’s eye, I’m thinking it’s a manifestation of a true Otsutsuki bloodline. Like, there are TWO kinds of Byakugan, the imperfect and perfect forms: the ones the Hyuuga have are imperfect because they need to use chakra and it strains the nerves around their eyes. Meanwhile, Kaguya and Momoshiki had theirs without needing to do the same thing. I’m thinking Boruto’s is somewhere inbetween.

    Hyped for more 😀

    1. Zabuza v Team 7 rematch was what hit me hard.

      And wow. While the sequence with the kunai was pretty awesome, I didn’t catch onto the fact that Boruto’s combo manoeuvred the kunai into the Byakugan’s blind spot! Not sure if that’s what you meant, but that’s how I will choose to interpret it for now, and it’s entirely plausible.

      Meh, wasn’t a fan of Hanabae when she was a loli. It’s different now though.

      Reminder that Gentle Fist can only be learned when you have the Byakugan, since it relies on being able to see and pinpoint the chakra receptors. Though I agree that it was nice to see Boruto get serious. It made me realise he probably wasn’t all that serious even against Iwabe.

      To answer, Neji would have used Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation off the bat. While Boruto has shown his proficiency against the Byakugan as far as hand to hand combat goes, he hasn’t really shown any counter strategy against the palm rotation. Even Himawari tore him a new one. I think he would probably lose against a Chunin Exam Neji.

      Didn’t clarify the Tenseigan, because it was brought to my attention that not everyone follows the movies. They’ll probably establish it later, so we’ll wait and see.

      Also pretty hyped for more, provided this weekly possession clownfiesta soon draws to a close.

  2. >Another point that stood out for me was deflecting his own kunai into what’s normally a blind spot with ANOTHER kunai. That was dope. And while I’ve seen shuriken ricocheting other shuriken, I don’t think I’ve seen that move before.

    Wasn’t that Itachi’s thing? During his and Sasuke’s training flashback.

    1. I don’t remember a lot of Itachi scenes. But thanks for pointing that out.

      To compare Boruto to Itachi though should be a compliment :3

      I actually kind of wonder why Itachi never bothered to learn multiple elements in his youth like Boruto did, rather mastering a single one instead

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2016.jpg
    Wow, Boruto really knows how to attract women. Even his aunt is flirting with the kid.

    And, Ah, the good old days when Naruto and Sasuke did the same tactic in the past.

    Anyway, for someone who gained lots of pounds, the dude really fights well……seriously. So Kagemasa is one of those actors who don’t need a stuntman. Nice he finally got into a weight loss, if I had to guess, Kagemasa ate some diet ramen.

    1. >Rather than incestuous vibes, I got more of an impression that Hanabae is an extremely doting auntie.

      >Good old days gave me a mindgasm.

      >Or Kagemasa acquired some of the Akimichi clan’s soldier pills.

  4. It was actually episode 8 of the original series where Sasuke and Naruto used the shadow shuriken technique on Zabuza, although it was right at the very end of the episode. Still, that is an interesting coincidence, unless it was actually completely intentional.

  5. All hail Hyuga Hiashi, Master Eugenecist! Who could have thought that the Boruto series would actually give more credence to the Hyuga Conspiracy XD

    Good episode, good family scenes. That said: where was Hinata? Isn’t this supposed to be her family? Also:

    Unfortunately, this is something I have to criticise Naruto for. I can understand that he wants to exercise caution in approaching the situation. However, I feel he should be much more open and hold a transparent line of communications with Boruto.

    I agree. At first, I was happy that both Hiashi and Naruto avoided the Idiot Ball. Although they both thought at first that Boruto was only seeking attention, they managed to see beyond that and acknowledge that Boruto probably has “something”, even if it’s not the Byakugan. Himawari’s early genius moment was acknowledged yet again as evidence that magic eyes can work in unexpected ways (just according to keikaku). But once they are at that point, what stops them from telling the same to Boruto? The poor kid feels down, and although Hanabi is Best Aunt, some encouraging words from his father would do better.

    1. What of Hinata? I can understand why she might possibly want to avoid Hiashi, since he gave her a really difficult childhood while hardly acknowledging her efforts. Still, it seems strange that she was left alone at home. Perhaps this is a reflection of Japan’s working culture, where the large pressure to work leads to spouses being ignored. Not that I’m comfortable with the idea, but this seems fairly prevalent in the series so far, with Sakura also being a wife who is generally ignored by her husband.

  6. I’m having trouble figuring out where I stand on this show. I like it, but I’m trying to figure out why I like it.

    Is this a legitimately solid story that is finding its footing and slowly developing its world and newer characters, or is it a generic ‘monster-of-the-week’ shounen anime that’s wrapped in a thick, warm, comforting blanket of nostalgia? Regardless, I’ll keep watching for now.

    1. I like it because of the characters. They feel more real considering that they live in an era closer to ours. So it’s kind of like watching how a bit of us would react to ninja life.

    2. Same feeling here. I think it’s the “consistently good enough” effect mentioned by Extra Credits in one of their videos. Boruto is never truly great, but even at its worst it has all the good points covered. The promise of more nostalgia moments and the events of the movie will keep it going for a long time. Once that line is crossed, though, it will depend on how strong the current setting and characters are.

      1. IMO Naruto itself never got good until the Chuunin Exam Arc. The Tsunade Arc was good too. But, apart from Tayuya, the Sasuke Retrieval Arc was forgettable ecept for the actual Naruto vs Sasuke bit.

        It wasn’t until Shippuden that I was really invested in it.

    3. perhaps:

      – the Adult version of our “youth” Naruto heroes looks great. (Well for me) my Congratulations to the character creator

      it gives me the feeling how the Naruto family grows up. But if possible the old Geezers (Kakashi and his “favorite rival”) could had some cameo appearances.. of course if the VA’s are free. I like to see what happen to them. Just a glimpse if they doing all right.

    4. Bear in mind, Boruto isn’t just fanservice for us older fans of Naruto. It’s genuinely trying to appeal to a newer and younger set of fans, so it needs these world building episodes to familiarise Japanese youngsters without our kind of experience to the Narutoverse.

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