「空前絶後の犯罪(クリミナル・アクト)」 (Kuuzenzetsugo no hanzai (kuriminaru akuto))
“Criminal Act”

Clockwork Planet is just the show that keeps on giving. Hilarity and seriousness mixed together this week into a concoction which easily showed this show’s silliness is nothing short of a bottomless pit. Yeah it’s cringing at times, the characters can certainly be a little dumb here or there, but I’ll be damned if this show is not getting better as time goes by. Who knew I’d actually start looking forward to Thursdays.

While the usual light novel fan service has been a feature of Clockwork so far, I’d dare say this episode easily took the cake. Not only has Konrad proven his manly virtues by operating a strip club, but by boldly displaying his patronage via T-shirt advertisement—guaranteed that Marie teasing a couple episodes back was not entirely tongue in cheek now. And if that wasn’t enough, we also placed our random cyborg into the body of a well-endowed blondie with a serious set of “come f*ck me” lips. Oh yes Naoto, hiding little AnchoR from those provocative titillations was the right move indeed. While disappointing Halter did not wind up with a stripper’s body—seriously, that would have been glorious—having Naoto cross dress in the name of “disguise” easily made that up, especially how sullen Marie looked throughout the experience. Who knew she’d miss papa Halter that much?

Part of what keeps me liking Clockwork though is how well the humour is now meshing with the serious aspects. What normally would be a filler fan service piece (in this case centred around AnchoR) was calibrated into some actual development, giving AnchoR a little depth while rounding out Marie. Not wanting to protect the loli automaton smile? Well that calls for some berating and a bit of regret. Slowly but surely Marie is progressing from simple tsundere into a proud AnchoR mama, buoyed of course by Naoto’s unabashed affection for his clockwork family. It’s a still a surreal situation don’t get me wrong, but the modicum of character complexity being developed continues impressing me, particularly in the case of Marie. The girl might be proud and a little stubborn, but she clearly knows when she is in the wrong and how to go about correcting it. Plus it might also help Marie has adopted Naoto’s view and thrown off the fight for justice in the name of fun and vengeful games. Yeah it’s a strange choice given the conspiracy playing out behind the scenes, but I imagine we will get that part soon enough.

Before dealing with the mysteries of tsundere ideals though, next on the agenda is a big giant robot and that looming coup by some unknown power (i.e. the old guy). Oh, and bringing Halter back to life, definitely the more important matter. The true conflict at the heart of Clockwork Planet remains stubbornly unknown, but at least we are getting close to unmasking the mystery. We should hopefully find out the problems behind Y’s clockwork world very soon and maybe something on Naoto’s hearing, but hey you never know. Still have to hold that Naoto-RyuZU marriage ceremony after all.




    1. If I am not wrong, there are not going to be a lot of fanservice oportunities from now on.
      And… That episode finished the manga material and we started with novel only material.

      I had to rewinded the episode a few times when Naoto started crossdressing and I didn’t get it until that he explained it.

      Mmmh! Am I the only one that think that Naoto has a sadistic/masochist side?

      On the other hand, I don’t think that Marie is “really” a tsundere. It isn’t as if she doesn’t have to be angry: purge a city and trying to blame her, not having seen the conspiration.

      Funny, the thing that annoyed me the most were Naoto’s hand. You can use your hands with second degree burns!!X(

      1. If Naoto turns out sadomasochistic I’ll honestly be surprised, I chalk his actions up more to inexperience, naivety, and that serious case of gear fetish he has 😛

        And yes Marie is not a true tsundere, but she has some of the traits. She’s stubborn, she is prideful, and there’s a noticeable reluctance to apologize. They are mostly there to counteract Naoto’s personality and make Marie “different”, although she has been developing out of them lately, especially this week. It’s probably why I’m coming around to her, Marie–like Naoto–hasn’t stuck to a paint by numbers script.

  1. Pancakes, one thing you didn’t touch upon is that glimpse into Naoto’s own insecurities.

    When he says things like “But when it’s time to get things done, she gets them done…unlike someone like me.”

    Then this part when they get back to Meister Konrad’s workshop:


    “Why isn’t that me? Damn it.”

    Suddenly even “silly, annoying, easygoing Naoto” has some depth in his character. :O

    Despite his ability, he can be a diagnostician at best, as he lacks technical clocksmith skills to tackle extensive repairs. Marie on the other hand is the opposite, having genius-level skill and know-how acquired through study, but lacks his exceptional hearing and intuition. In a way, he’s like a savant.

    This plays into the yin-yang dynamic I’ve mentioned before, and even extends to the two Y-series girls, whose personalities and temperaments are at extremes.

    Magnus Tancred
    1. I noticed that this week too. I’m curious seeing if we get more of it as well because it could play an important plot function. Marie and Naoto are already technically working together, but all it would take is a threat only they can solve (i.e. without RyuZU/AnchoR) for those insecurities to suddenly flare up and force them into greater cooperation. Both would have to openly accept their weaknesses and learn they cannot do everything by themselves. It would probably affect Marie more given her pride, but Naoto clearly felt his limitations here watching Marie’s repair. Definitely one way of removing the last barriers to full friendship.

      1. Well… Following the novels (spoiler). But I don’t know if we reached it in 3 more episodes. They are taking their sweet time but I think that it could be:
        10 – Prefinal Battle
        11 – Final Battle
        12 – Clímax and Postclimax.

        This could explain certain stretching in this episode.

        This is a supposition so I didn’t put it as spoiler.


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